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"2PM to sing “Give Me Love” for Japanese TBS drama ‘Take Five’" plus 19 more

"2PM to sing “Give Me Love” for Japanese TBS drama ‘Take Five’" plus 19 more

2PM to sing “Give Me Love” for Japanese TBS drama ‘Take Five’

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 08:41 AM PDT

To make up for their two year hiatus, 2PM have a lot in store for HOTTESTs in the next couple months including the release of a drama OST!

JYP Entertainment revealed that 2PM’s new single “Give Me Love” will be unveiled as the theme song for the Japanese TBS drama ‘Take Five‘ which premieres on April 19.

A TBS producer stated, “In addition to their handsome, stylish, and powerful image, 2PM also have gentle charms. Because we thought that their image would fit well with the drama, we asked them to participate in the drama OST.”

2PM shared, “We are very happy that our song has been chosen as a drama OST. We hope that you enjoy watching the drama even more with ‘Give Me Love’ that fits with the theme of the drama. We will show a good performance that meets many people’s expectations. We are always thankful and continue to ask for your love and support.”

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G-Dragon transforms into Ultraman

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 08:07 AM PDT

The one and only G-Dragon displayed his more playful side to fans.

G-Dragon took to his Twitter to share, “I am super Ultraman”, along with the above snapshot where he resembles the saucer eyes on superhero Ultraman while putting two spoons over his sunglasses. The rapper also looked handsome in his suit and tie for ‘Seoul Fashion Week‘.

Fans commented, “You look like you’re in a good mood”, “Cute”, and “I love seeing his playful side.”

Okay, he’s not really an ultra man but he’s definitely a handsome one. Don’t you agree?

INFINITE reveal their ‘unemployed’ subunit

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 07:30 AM PDT

On the latest ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, INFINITE announced that they used to have three “unemployed” members.

The members stated, “Due to the unit group activities of INFINITE H and solo activities, an ‘unemployed’ family developed within INFINITE.

SungyeolSungjong, and Woohyun were pointed out as part of the unofficial ‘unemployed’ subunit. They explained, “This family happened naturally as certain members became busier than others. Our daily lives included eating, sleeping, practicing, and sleeping again. It’s clear that we were looking forward to this comeback.

They also revealed their competitiveness within the group: “There are seven members within INFINTE. Each member only gets 5 seconds of camera time for each song, so we try really hard on stage to stand out.

On another note, members Sungjong, Woohyun, Sungyeol, and Sunggyu showed their charms, but member L didn’t, saying, “My presence itself is enough, so it’s okay for me to stay still.

INFINITE are currently promoting their latest singleMan in Love“.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung never stops dieting?

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 07:12 AM PDT

Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung revealed the secret to her toned figure, which started with none other than the dreaded ‘d’ word – dieting.

The topic of women using the common excuse, “I’m going to start my diet tomorrow,” came up on the latest episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Full House‘, and Kang Min Kyung revealed that those words would never come out of her mouth. The singer shared, “Because I’m always dieting, I never say that I am going to start my diet tomorrow,” surprising female guests with her discipline.

Kang Min Kyung is known for her amazing figure, weighing in at 50 kg (~110 lbs.) and 167 cm (5’5.75″) tall.

She also revealed that she can control her diet, but not her drinking, “When I want to go drinking with my friends, I make an excuse about my recording schedule and come home late.”

Psy nominated for ‘Time 100′

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 06:53 AM PDT

Singer Psy has been nominated as one of Time magazine’s ‘Time 100.’

First published as a list in 1999, ‘Time 100′ is an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world by the American magazine. This year’s list has 153 nominees, and Psy is the second Korean celebrity to be nominated after Rain was elected in 2006 and 2011.

Time magazine wrote of Psy: “Sharp-dressed Korean pop star whose ‘Gangnam Style‘ sparked a worldwide phenomenon.”

Time will reveal the final list of who made the top 100 on April 18th. Though voting is open, the editors of Time make the final decision as to who makes the list.

As of now, 533 voters believe Psy should ‘absolutely’ be on the list, while 394 voted ‘no way’.

What do you all think?  Is he in the 100 or out?

Han Ga In opens up about her first love

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 06:31 AM PDT

Han Ga In opened up about her first love on ‘Power Time‘.

The actress filled in as a special DJ on ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘ on the 28th. During the broadcast, she revealed, “I married the man I have been dating since I was 22, but he is not my first love.

She continued, “The person I met in my first year of college was my first love. I still have not met him. I think it’s best not to meet.” Han Ga In also added, “I check his SNS occasionally to see if he’s living well.

On another note, Han Ga In will be the DJ for ‘Power Time’ until March 29th.

Boom and Kwanghee team up as MCs for new variety show ‘Friends Treating You To Something’

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 06:11 AM PDT

Boom and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee will be teaming up as MCs for the new 21st century variety show ‘Friends Treating You To Something‘.

The premise of the show will involve the MCs becoming friends with viewers through KakaoTalk and carrying out challenges together.

Park Sung Jae PD revealed, “In order to show a wider range of human relationships as smartphones and SNS are becoming more popular, [the hosts] and their mobile friends will have real-time exchanges as 21st century friends. We thought that it would be fun to create a program that viewers can all enjoy together as the celebrities here will no longer be just figures on TV and create a program they can all enjoy together.”

“Boom and Kwanghee were previously never friends with viewers but will become friends with them through KakaoTalk, and viewers and celebrities will become common friends who listen to each other’s requests. The concept is to treat each other. They will go directly to where the friend is and complete a challenge together. Although Boom and Kwanghee are celebrities, they have a unique friendliness and are filled with exciting energy and charms, so I though they would be perfect as MCs.”

Another staff member stated, “Within just one week since the MCs started to collect friends through KakaoTalk, 20,000 fans have already signed up, and the show is gathering a hot following before its premiere. It is planned to be a happy program that families can watch together, so please look forward to it.”

The show will premiere on tvN on April 14th at 9PM KST!

What do you think of the show’s premise?

KARA celebrate their 6th anniversary

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 05:47 AM PDT

KARA celebrated their 6th anniversary on the 29th and made sure to thank their fans for their support throughout the years.

Nicole tweetd, “Ding dong~ It’s our 6th anniversary!! Wow. Time flew by. It was a jam-packed six years, right? Like a roller coaster.. Time is passing right before my eyes more, so my determination to live each day to the fullest became stronger. We have a lot more days together, and whatever happens, let’s face it together. We are strong..^^ I love you, Kamilia~ You know how I feel, right?”

Seungyeon shared, “Uh..I just finished watching the ‘Karasia’ DVD, and it became March 29th. The times when I didn’t know we could stick together and through the low points in our career, I thank my members who strongly supported each other. I thank Kamilia who watched over both our happy and sad moments and helped us rise again.”

Jiyoung shared, “It’s our 6th anniversary. KARA is jjang!!!!! I am very thankful. I ask that you continue to show your love and support.”

Gyuri shared, “I’m just thankful. I am thankful that you supported KARA.. I am thankful that you care about a person like me. Ah, I keep going into serious mode hehe. Anyways, I am thankful that I still hold onto my dream no matter what anyone else says. I am thankful to my parents. I am thankful to everyone hehe..”

Hara shared, “Wow. I fell asleep early and woke up now. There is a big commotion on Twitter. Why? Kara’s 6th anniversary~~ Wow, so cool. I don’t need long words. KARA + KAMILIA are jjang. I will pray that you will always find happiness, joy, and love in KARA~~ I am thankful, and thank you<3 Now I have to sleep again! Bbyong, goodnight”

Happy 6th anniversary to KARA!

Go Jun Hee reveals Jo In Sung enjoys ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 05:25 AM PDT

Go Jun Hee revealed that actor Jo In Sung enjoys watching ‘We Got Married‘.

On ‘We Got Married 4′,  Go Jun Hee and Sunhwa had time for girl talk and the actress shared, “Jo In Sung watched ‘We Got Married’ and gave me a call.

Sunhwa, as well as the rest of staff, couldn’t stop smiling when they found out that the actor watches the show during his free time.

On another note, the Go Jun Hee-Jinwoon couple and Sunhwa-Kwanghee couple will enjoy a double date on the upcoming episode.

2PM’s Chansung answers questions about his acting debut on ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 05:05 AM PDT

2PM‘s Chansung answered questions about his acting debut in the MBC drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘, which aired its finale on the 28th.

Check out the interview below!

Q: “What are your thoughts on finishing your first production?”

A: “Because it is my first drama, I was very nervous and had a lot of worries. But once filming began, and with the warm encouragement from the director, writer, and sunbaenims, I learned a lot and always had a good time filming. Although there were a lot of times I filmed after little sleep due to 2PM’s overseas schedule, I am happy that I was able to show a new image as the actor Hwang Chansung in ’7th Grade Civil Servant’. I took one step forward as an actor, and I got to understand and learn more about acting and formed a greater determination. I have a lot of regrets because I think I could have done a better job.”

Q: “How did it feel to live not as Chansung but as Gong Do Ha?”

A: “It was really fun and interesting. To be honest, Do Ha and I have completely different personalities, so there were times in the drama I wasn’t able to understand Do Ha’s actions. But as time passed, I became one with the role and began to understand Do Ha. I am thankful that I got to play such a handsome character for my first drama.”

Q: “What was the relationship with your sunbaenims like?”

A: “Through ’7th Grade Civil Servant’, I was able to receive a lot of love and advice from many sunbaenims. They helped me, who was lacking a lot, with their careful advice and encouragement. I’m just grateful.”

Q: “How would you review yourself as an actor?”

A: “After the drama aired, I was very happy that contrary to what I worried about, I received more compliments than I expected. When I realized that a lot of people were watching my acting debut and supporting me, my determination to work harder grew. But I think that I still have a lot to improve before I compliment myself. As I learned more about acting, I realized more and more how much further I have to go, and my determination to learn more and work harder increased. I will work hard and improve more to become an actor with more depth.”

Q: “What are your plans for the future?”

A: “After finishing 2PM’s concert in Guangzhou at the end of March and Thailand early April, 2PM has a two-day Tokyo Dome concert starting April 20th, and we plan to come back in Korea with a new album in May. If the opportunity comes, I want to return as Chansung the actor through a good production. I want to play various characters in many productions.”

Q: “Say something to your viewers.”

A: “I thank everyone who loved and supported ’7th Grade Civil Servant’. Thanks to your immense support and love, I had fun and was happy while playing Gong Do Ha for the past three months. Thank you!”

Kahi shares hot spring fashion trends on ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 04:40 AM PDT

On the third episode of ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days‘, viewers were able to get the inside scoop on some of the hottest trends for spring.

Kahi visited her stylist Choi Han Suk‘s shop and shared tips on how to rock your outfits for the warm weather ahead. They revealed the vivid colors of this season including monaco blue, emerald green, lemon, and orange. They also introduced the handbag that actress Choi Kang Hee made popular through the drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ as well as styling tips.

Catch ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days’ every Thursday at 11 PM KST!

G.NA wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from March 29th!

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 04:18 AM PDT

KBS' 'Music Bank' is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

The MCs for tonight's episode were After School's UEE and actor Lee Jang Woo.

Aside from the usual stages, AA (Double A) and OFFROAD held their comeback stages, while ZE:A5 debuted!

As for the winners, G.NA faced off against Busker Busker for this week's 'K-Chart', but in the end, it was G.NA who clinched the 'K-Chart' win with "Oops".

Congratulations to G.NA!



[ Next Week's Teasers ]

K.Will >


[ Backstage Interviews ]


Others who performed tonight included EXCITE, 2BiC, The Nuts, D-Unit, Kim Bo Kyung, RaNia, Ladies’ Code, B.A.P, Hong Jin Young, Huh Gak, Heo Young Saeng, INFINITE, Rainbow, Girl’s Day, TEEN TOP, Davichi, U-KISS, 2AM, SHINee, and G.NA!

Check out the performances below:




2BiC >


The Nuts >


D-Unit >


Kim Bo Kyung >


RaNia >


Ladies’ Code >


B.A.P >


Hong Jin Young >


Huh Gak >


Heo Young Saeng >




Rainbow >


Girl’s Day >




Davichi >




2AM >


SHINee >


G.NA >


AA (Double A) make their “Come Back” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 03:54 AM PDT

AA (Double A) have returned with their album, appropriately titled, 'Come Back'!

This is a long-awaited comeback from the boys as they've been on a hiatus for a year and 6 months! The hiatus wasn't spent in vain though as the members poured their all into this new album, which contains 6 tracks all written, composed, arranged, and produced by member Aoora!

Finally returning to the live stage, AA put on a flawless comeback performance on ‘Music Bank‘.

Check it out below!

OFFROAD bring “Headbanging” to ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 03:50 AM PDT

Rookie group OFFROAD, who debuted last year with "BEBOP", is back with a new song called "Headbanging".

"Headbanging" has been confirmed to have been composed and written by Block B's Zico. It's also reported to have been worked on by SPEED's Taewoon and producer Daeho.

Following their successful performance on yesterday’s ‘M! Countdown‘, the boys continue today bringing fans only more “Headbanging”.

Watch it below!

ZE:A5 continue with “The Day We Broke Up” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 03:47 AM PDT

ZE:A5, the first subunit of ZE:A, have made their debut with 'Voulez Vous'!

The subunit, consisting of ZE:A members Siwan, Hyungsik, Kevin, Dongjun, and Minwoo, debuted first in Japan, and they’re getting together once again to show a new image to their Korean fans.

The mini-album, ‘Voulez Vous’, a French term meaning “Do you want/Would you like” contains 8 tracks including the title track "The Day We Broke Up" and two instrumentals. The other tracks include: "Missing You", "Fiance", "Beautiful Girl", "MISTAKE", and "Change Up". "Change Up" is a bonus track only available in the physical album.

Without further ado, check out ZE:A5′s stage below!

G-Dragon, CL, and Lee Soo Hyuk attend ‘Seoul Fashion Week’ together

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 03:40 AM PDT

Close friends G-Dragon, CL, and actor Lee Soo Hyuk were recently spotted at ‘Seoul Fashion Week‘ together.

The Big Bang member tweeted:

Like a true fashionista, G-Dragon put a twist on his suit look with a baseball hat. Sitting right beside him is CL who is showing her own charisma next to the runway. Lee Soo Hyuk is also looking like a model in his blue button-up.

Netizens commented, “Their fashion sense is daebak,” “They have chic poses,” and “CL is getting prettier.”

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Former Dal Shabet member Viki returns as a weather forecaster

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 03:20 AM PDT

Dal Shabet‘s former member Viki, who left the group to focus on her solo career last May, was recently spotted on television reporting the weather.

Viki updated fans and revealed that her grandfather is none other than well-known businessman Son Kil Seung, sharing, “My grandfather is the former president of SK Group Son Kil Seung. He is currently the SK honorary chairman. He also gives lectures at Seoul University. During that time, I made my debut through Dal Shabet, and I didn’t want everyone to know. There is no one in my family who works in the entertainment industry. I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. My former agency probably didn’t know of this either. I saw my grandfather when I was young, but I don’t get to see him often these days. He calls and emails my mother often.”

The former idol is currently the weather forecaster on JTBC‘s ‘News9‘ and opened up about her new solo career: “Starting from the 25th, I’ve been training to be a weather forecaster. Because I am the first idol-turned-weatherwoman, there is a lot of pressure, but I will work hard and show a good image as a caster.”

Congratulations to Viki on her new career!

Did MBLAQ’s G.O grow another beard?

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 03:01 AM PDT

When MBLAQ first debuted with “Oh Yeah“, many immediately noticed that member G.O had a beard, which is pretty rare among idols.

The beard gave him the nickname ‘Hair-G.O’ from his fans, but by MBLAQ’s next promotions, G.O was clean-shaven. He’d kept himself without facial hair for all consequent promotions, but when he was snapped at ‘2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week‘ on the 28th with Seungho, fans were surprised to see that he was sporting another beard!

Fans scrambled to wonder if the beard meant MBLAQ was preparing for a comeback, but G.O tweeted, “I was cosplaying Bigfoot (from the TV series ‘Bigfoot and Wildboy‘.. Sorry, my loves♥,” hinting that’s not the case.

Do you prefer G.O with a beard or without?

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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA updates fans from concert tour

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 02:42 AM PDT

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA took time out of the group’s busy concert schedule to update her fans.

On March 27th, YoonA shared the selca above on Girls’ Generation’s official page with the message, “Are you guys doing fine? I think I have written in a while. I’ve been busy these days with the arena tour. Since I saw cherry blossoms in Japan and felt spring in advance, I want spring with nice sunlight to come already. So I can listen to more good music. Well, goodbye until we meet again. Today, I’m on my way to perform once again.”

After seeing the update from her, fans commented, “Thank you so much, I was curious about YoonA’s whereabouts!! Although it’s not as great as in person, the selca is pretty too,” “YoonA is really pretty!! Girl group’s best face,” and “When she takes off her makeup, she looks just like her debut days. Girls’ Generation is forever Girls’ Generation.”

2PM model for Chinese online game ‘QQ Dance 2′

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 02:21 AM PDT

HOTTEST in China have another reason besides 2PM‘s comeback to put their hands up. 2PM have become endorsement models for the Chinese online game ‘QQ Dance 2‘.

The game company has over 200 million members with 10 million users logging in daily. 2PM will also be unveiling their music video for QQ Dance 2′s title track “Shining In the Night” through the game, and they’ll be kicking off their promotional activities for the game mid-April.

Chinese HOTTEST can catch 2PM during their Asia tour concert in Guangzhou, China on the 30th!