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"Handsome Boyfriend on Japan Magazine Vol.9" plus 24 more

"Handsome Boyfriend on Japan Magazine Vol.9" plus 24 more

Handsome Boyfriend on Japan Magazine Vol.9

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 08:30 AM PDT

Boyfriend on Japan Magazine Vol.9.

The handsome members of Boyfriend are featured on Japan Magazine. Boyfriend looks cool and charming with their attire. 

Check out more pictures of Boyfriend below.

Who is the most handsome with that attire?

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SHINee won triple crown on MBC Show Champion

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 08:03 AM PDT

SHINee shared a funny photo after winning MBC Show Champion.

On March 13th, SHINee made their 3rd comeback stage on MBC Show Champion with Dream Girl. As usual, the boys performed a perfect and flawless performance. They won 1st place again this week and it's their third time consecutively. Right after the show , SHINee's Key shared fans a photo of them posing along with the trophy.

The photo was shared through Key's instagram, Key was hiding his face in the trophy while Minho was holding it, Jonghyun and Taemin were making ridiculous faces, leader Onew was spotted looking somewhere else with a funny frown on his face.

Fans commented on the photo,"Congratulation SHINee!!","They're so funny","They all look good in red outfits", and so on.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

Busker Busker’s Bradley to host English-language radio show

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 08:00 AM PDT

Busker Busker's American drummer Bradley Moore will host a radio show.

On March 13, TBS eFM, an all-English-language radio channel, announced that Bradley will host a radio program called 'Moonlit Tracks' from 3 to 5 AM six days per week starting on Tuesday.

The show will play foreign pop music and movie soundtracks. TBS eFM is available in Seoul and other cities such as Busan, Gwangju and Yeosu.

Bradley formed Busker Busker with his students in 2011 while working as an English lecturer at Sangmyung University and drew attention after appearing in the popular audition show 'Superstar K.' As the band's debut album was a big hit last year, the members enjoyed much popularity.

Bradley also married his girlfriend of six years in Korea last September.


Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung renews contract with agency

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung renewed his contract with his current agency Liveworks Company, showing his loyalty for the label. He first signed with his agency back in 2009 and held many activities and promotions in both Korea and abroad.

Shin Hye Sung commented, "I thank the agency for showing its full support for my activities as Shin Hye Sung and as the main vocalist of Shinhwa. I will continue to work hard and become a better singer."

Liveworks Company's CEO Lee Jang Eon also stated, "I've known Shin Hye Sung for about 10 years and we've seen his true passion for music. I'm thankful he made the decision to stay with the agency and we will show our full support so that he can develop more in both his solo and Shinhwa activities."

Gaon Chart releases rankings for March 3 – March 9

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 07:00 AM PDT

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts.

[Rankings for Week March 3, 2013 – March 9, 2013]

Weekly Singles Chart

1. Davichi : "Turtle"

2. Gummy : "Snowflake"

3. 2AM : "One Spring Day"

4. Lee Hi : "It's Over"

5. The One : "A Winter Story"

6. SISTAR19 : "Gone Not Around Any Longer"

7. SHINee : "Dream Girl"

8. Teen Top : "Miss Right"

9. Huh Gak ft. Yoo Seung Woo : "Monodrama"

10. 4Men ft. Yoon Ho : "My Angel"


Weekly Album Chart

1. SHINee : "Dream Girl" [3rd Album]

2. Teen Top : "No.1" [1st Album]

3. 2AM : "One Spring Day" [2nd Album]

4. Kim Jaejoong : "Y" [1st Repackaged Album]

5. B.A.P : "One Shot" [2nd Mini Album]

6. VIXX : "On and On" [3rd Single]

7. Super Junior-M : "Break Down" [2nd Album]

8. Various Artists : "Flower Boys Next Door" [Soundtrack]

9. EXO-K : "Mama" : [1st Mini Album]

10. Various Artists : "7th Grade Civil Servant" [Soundtrack]

< Last week's rankings

SHINee Japanese single ‘Fire’ debuts #3 on Oricon

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 06:30 AM PDT

Currently dominating the local music charts, SHINee also scored success in Japan with their latest single.

On March 13th, SHINee released their seventh Japanese single 'Fire' in Japan. The single immediately nabbed the #3 spot of the Oricon's Daily Singles chart after selling a total of 28,861 units on the first day.

'Fire' is currently garnering attention as it has gathered the greatest creators -- Junji Ishiwatari (lyrics), BACHLOGIC (track maker), SHIKATA (songwriter), ERIK LIDBOM (songwriter), D.O.I (mixer) and Akihiro Shiba (mastering).

You can check out 'Fire' MV here.

2PM’s Japanese album ‘Legend of 2PM’ goes on sale in Korea

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 06:00 AM PDT

Due to overflowing requests from fans, 2PM released its second Japanese album in Korea.

2PM's second Japanese studio album 'Legend of 2PM' officially went on sale in South Korea on March 13th. The album contains a total of 13 tracks including "Beautiful" and "Masquerade", which sold over 100,000 copies each as well as Junho's self-composed songs "This Is Love", "If You Are Here", and "Forever".

In February, 'Legend of 2PM' claimed a triple crown by topping Japanese weekly charts of the Oricon, Tower Records, and HMV after just a week since its release.

Nam Bora transforms into sexy dancer for ‘Dancing With The Star 3’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 05:30 AM PDT

Actress Nam Bora will be showcasing her sexy moves through the world of dance sports!

Nam Bora will be joining a talented pack of celebrities in the third season for MBC's 'Dancing with the Stars'. MBC recently revealed the official poster of the actress donning her new dance costume.

In the poster, Nam Bora, who has been showing more of her lovely looks, is showing a totally new kind of charisma, and many fans are showing great interests.

'Dancing with the Stars 3' also include celebrity paticipants; miss A's Fei, Oh Mi hee, Lee Jong won, Kim Wan sun, Kim Kyung ho, MBLAQ's Seungho, and athletes Woo Ji won, magician Lee Eun kyul, announcer Kim Dae ho, and model Hye Park.

TEEN TOP shows their close friendship with Indonesian idol group, S4

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 05:15 AM PDT

Recently, a photo of TEEN TOP taken with S4, an Indonesian idol group has been uploaded online, drawing much attention.

In the photo, the members show close friendship and exchanged albums.

This photo was taken at the backstage of KBS's "Music bank in Jakarta" in which they have chance to collaborate together. In the show, TEEN TOP sang S4's "She Is My Girl" while S4 performed TEEN TOP's "Perfume No More On You" receiving so many good responds.

Ricky shared, "Indonesian group S4 and TEEN TOP's special performances were so beautiful. The views will certainly high!". S4 also complimented TEEN TOP, "TEEN TOP is so nice and friendly. We think that we have become fans of TEEN TOP. They have a lot of talents. They performed "She Is My Girl" perfectly. I want to collaborate with TEEN TOP again."

'Music Bank in Jakarta' will be aired on March 19, at 11:10 pm.

Written by Jenny@DKPOPNEWS

Lee Min Ho to transform into singer and start tour in May

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 05:00 AM PDT

Popular actor Lee Min Ho will be releasing his first album and kick off a 10-city tour around Asia.

On March 14, Lee Min Ho's agency, Starhaus Entertainment, announced, "Lee Min Ho's special album will be released worldwide. He will kick off his live tour late May in Korea."

"This album release is not in interest of becoming a singer but for fan service. This is like a respond to national and international fans who have supported him until now. He plans on visiting ten cities in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and more for the tour."

Lee Min Ho shared, "My goal is to only become an outstanding actor so becoming a singer is out of my concerns. This is a present I've prepared for my fans and I am coming back with a new project as soon as possible. Thank you for the support and love."

LEDApple sends fans some candies for White Day

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 04:30 AM PDT

The boys of LEDApple recorded a special video for their fans to celebrate White Day!

On March 14, the LEDApple members addressed fans with bags of candy. They give their own White Day greetings and thank fans for their love and support.

Check out the video below:

INFINITE releases teaser poster of Sungjong

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 04:15 AM PDT

Reuniting soon after each member spent some time on individual acts, INFINITE is finally gearing for a music comeback!

After releasing a teaser video earlier, they have revealed their D-7 teaser poster featuring member Sungjong. While the video features a bright and cute concept, Sungjong's poster shows manly and charismatic look.

The group's comeback album is titled, 'Man In Love'. Their agency stated, "We wanted to make INFINITE's return as a festival. Just wait to see what kind of love stories they will show."

The Ultimate K-Pop Fan Gathering in Malaysia is Back!

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:53 AM PDT

Organized by the Universal Music Malaysia, the "Universal K-Pop Crazy Party" is back again after its first successful run in February 2012! The "Universal K-Pop Crazy Party 2013" will be bringing all the K-Pop Fans gather and crazy one whole day again! This is the second time Universal Music organizing K-Pop fan-gathering. This invite-only event will be held on the 24rd of March 2013 (Sunday) from 2pm onwards at Bentley Music Auditorium in Mutiara Damansara. 

In order to let more K-pop fans to join this gathering, the organizer has decided to postpone Universal K-pop Crazy Party which was originally set to be held on 23rd of March to the next day, 24th of March, due to the clash with another concert on the same day. Time and venue for this event are remained unchanged.
Activities of the events included K-Pop dance competition, Best Dressed Awards, quiz and Fun-games session and Lucky Draw which will give away great prizes like Fly Away K-Pop Concert package and Girls Generation's individual standees!  On that day, for Girls Generation or SHINee's fans, prepare your speech to your lovely idol as there may have video record your words to Girls Generation and SHINee! If you have something to tell them, here is the chance!

The headline competition will be the Universal K-pop Crazy Party Cover Dance Competition, open to groups of five to nine after purchasing one of the Universal K-pop Artist albums or caller ringtones. There will be two categories for the dance crew to participate: SHINee and Girls Generation. 3 dance crew will be chosen for each category and they will be invited to Universal K-pop Crazy Party 2013 and compete for the champion on that day. The winners will be able win cash prize!! For those who are interested in participate the dance competition, what you need to do is just video record your dance performance that is not exceed 5 minutes and upload it to YouTube! After that you just need to email the link of YouTube to! (Please refer the Facebook page of Universal Music Malaysia or Universal Music Malaysia's Official website for further information.)
There will also be booths where fans can buy their favourite artist's merchandise, a Universal Music stand selling your favourite artists' albums and food booth from Korean local restaurants.  You can also take some camwhore photos with all the Korean artists Standee while waiting for the opening.

Highlighting new and current K-pop stars under the Universal Music belt, which includes artists from CUBE Entertainment (Beast, 4Minute, G.Na, Troublemaker), SM Entertainment (TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation, f(x)) and JYP (2AM) and many more, this event will definitely be a fun-filled day for fans of the Kpop music genre.

If you are the K-Pop Fans, don't miss it!! There are three ways for you to get the invitation to the Party:
·         Purchase any of the Universal K-Pop Albums, or
·         Download any Universal K-pop caller ringtone, or
·         Participate in media's contest!

For more information,stay tune to or visit Universal Music Malaysia Chinese Facebook or call to 03-79587433 (Ext. 205/119).

G.Na reveals making of “Oops!” music video

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:43 AM PDT

Following the release of her fourth mini album 'Beautiful Kisses' and "Oops" music video, G.Na unveiled the making of her latest MV as a special White Day gift for the fans.

The making-of video contains the behind-the-scene footage from the music video itself. It also features actor Lee Do Young, who played the male lead in the MV, as well as BTOB's Jung Il Hoon, who raps for the song.

Check out the clip below:

130314 SHINee wins triple crown on ‘M! Countdown’ + Other Performances

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:25 AM PDT

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back this week full of amazing performances!

The March 14th episode of the show features comeback performances from 2AM, G.Na, Girl's Day, Heo Young Saeng, RaNia and GLAM. In addition, Korean- Chinese group M4M kicked off their debut.

Other performers tonight included SHINee, Teen Top, Rainbow, Huh Gak, Nine Muses, SPEED, Ladies' Code and The Nuts.

And for the highlight of the show, SHINee achieved a triple crown on this week's chart with their comeback title track, "Dream Girl"!

Congratulations SHINee!

Winning moment + Encore


Tonight's Performances:


Teen Top


Huh Gak

Nine Muses


Ladies' Code

The Nuts


Watch tonight's comeback/debut stages below:

2AM - "One Spring Day"
G.Na - "Oops"
Girl's Day - "Expectation"
Heo Young Saeng - "The Art of Seduction"
RaNia - "Just Go"
GLAM - "In Front of the Mirror"
M4M - "Sadness"

2AM is back with “One Spring Day” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:20 AM PDT

Breaking out from a year-long hiatus, 2AM has finally returned to the local music scene with second studio album, 'One Spring Day' featuring the title track of the same name.

'One Spring Day' includes a total of nine tracks and instrumental. The new album, which features the works of pianist Yiruma and Epitome Project, is also significant to 2AM as it has been nearly five years since the group's debut.

On March 14th, the power ballad group delivered a romantic comeback performance on 'M! Countdown'. Their new title track is nothing but a beautiful masterpiece that captures the hearts through its soothing, spring-like sound.

Check out their performance below!

G.Na says “Oops” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:13 AM PDT

Finally ready to make another explosive comeback, G.Na kicked off her first "Oops" stage on this week's episode of 'M! Countdown' showing off her cute and sexy charms.

"Oops" is described to be a fun dance track which includes a special feature by BTOB's Jung Il Hoon. The song was co-produced by composers Lim Sang Hyuk and Son Young Jin, and sings of loving a younger man.

Check out her performance below:

Heo Young Saeng shows the “The Art of Seduction” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:10 AM PDT

SS501's Heo Young Saeng has returned with the release of his third mini album 'Life' on White Day (March 14th) as a special treat for all his awaiting fans. He dove straight to 'M! Countdown' and delivered her anticipated comeback stage.

Heo Young saeng showcases new looks and sounds for the new album. His new title track "The Art of Seduction" is known as retro dance number which features an upbeat sound different from his previous releases.

According to B2M Entertaiment, "The fans will have to forget about the images that Heo Young Saeng showed until now. They will meet a totally different person."

Check out his performance below:

RaNia makes a comeback with “Just Go” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:06 AM PDT

Breaking their six-month hiatus since "Style" promotions, the ladies of RaNia have now returned with their 1st studio album and latest title track, "Just Go"!

"Just Go" is a pop song with elements of swing music which will showcase RaNia's strong feminine image. The song was created by hitmaker KNS, who have worked with superstars like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. The album mixing was done by Steve George who has worked with R.Kelly on "I Believe I can Fly."

On March 14th, RaNia hit the stage of this week's 'M! Countdown' and delivered another amazing comeback performance.

Check out their performance below:

Girl’s Day makes a sexy comeback with “Expectation” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 02:56 AM PDT

The lovely ladies of Girl's Day have finally returned to the music scene with "Expectation", showing off a more mature charm. They are swapping their signature cute image for a more sleek and sexy style for 'M! Countdown' comeback.

On March 14th, the group unveiled their first full-length album of the same title. It contains a total of 14 tracks, including six new tracks and six previously released singles.

The album's title track "Expectation" was composed by Nam Kisang and expresses a girl's wish to make a playboy settle down with her. It is armed with a hybrid of analog and electronic sounds, and features the members' fresh and enchanting vocals.

M4M debuts with “Sadness” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 02:53 AM PDT

After releasing their first single "Sadness", rookie idol group M4M finally kicked off their much-awaited debut performance on the March 14th episode of 'M! Countdown'.

M4M (Mystical Formula) is a collaboration project between Korea's Cube Entertainment and China's Xing Tian. The members are said to have put together after passing rigorous audition rounds in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Cube Entertainment took charge in training the group for a total of 1,460 days.

Check out their debut performance below:

GLAM is back with “In Front of the Mirror” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 02:51 AM PDT

Girl group GLAM is finally making a comeback on 'M! Countdown' stage with their latest single titled, "In Front of the Mirror". Shedding off their fierce and powerful image, they return with innocent and feminine concept.

"In Front of the Mirror" features a trot, euro-pop and hip-hop sound. It talks about the lack of self-confidence in the girls' beauty and how they believe it affects their relationships.

Check out their performance below:

TOUCH Profile

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 01:56 AM PDT

Group name: TOUCH (터치)
Name meaning:  The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme
Company: YYJ entertainment
Debut date: October 21st 2010
Debut song: "Me"


Stage Name: Younghun
Birth Name: Cha Young Hoon
Position: Rapper
Birthday: November 27, 1990
Blood Type: B
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Stage Name: Junyong
Birth Name: Jeon Joon Yong
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: September 25, 1991
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 60 kg
 Stage Name: Sunwoong
Birth Name: Kim Sun Woong
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: November 1, 1991
Blood Type: B
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 63 kg
 Stage Name: Sungyong
Birth Name: Park Seong Yong
Position: Vocalist, Leader
Birthday: December 23, 1989
Blood Type: A
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 kg
 Stage Name: Jaewook
Education: Joongbu University – Applied Music
 Stage Name: Hanjun
Birth NameChris Meng Han Jun
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: January 30, 1990
Blood Type: B
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Stage Name: Dabin
Birth Name: Choi Da Bin
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: March 12, 1992
Blood Type: B
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 67 kg

Stage Name: Minsuk
Birth Name: Kim Min Seok
Position: Rapper
Birthday: August 15, 1990
Blood Type: B
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Debut song (as 5-member group)

SHINee's Key checks his mobile phone during live performance?

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 12:40 AM PDT

SHINee's Key clarifies the controversy about him checking his phone while performing on stage.

SBS's "Midnight TV" which was aired on March 14th, the show visited and had an interview with SHINee in the waiting room. When it was mentioned that there was one member using his phone on stage, Key said,"Who did such an absurd thing?", then a photo was shown to the members and Key immediately said,"Oh it's me".

Key then cleared up by saying,"My mic pack fell off and it was dangling, and I was winding it up to put it in my pocket then this picture was taken", and concluded that it was his mic pack not his phone.

He also added,"If one person is panicked on stage then everyone will be panicked as well, so it's better to act like nothing happened", showed his professional attitude.

Check out the video below

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

Big Bang’s G-Dragon to kick off his world tour with the best crew

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Big Bang's G-Dragon will be carrying his world tour out with the best team ever.

G-Dragon will be opening the curtains of his 'GD 2013 1st World Tour' with two-day concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium from March 30-31. The concert is the singer's first in four years since his 2009 concert 'Shine a Light'.

YG Entertainment announced that the Big Bang leader has invited globally renowned concert directors to contribute their talents. Travis Payne, who is now one of the most influential creative director, and Stacy Walker will be co-directing the entire tour. Payne produced Michael Jackson's world tour "This Is It" with Walker as an assistant director.

A great number of session men who participated in Big Bang's '2012 BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR' will also join the tour this year. Under the direction of musical director Gil Smith II, the same bands and staffs that participated in Big Bang's world tour stood up to join G-Dragon this year.

Stage design will be taken over by Michael Cotten, who has decorated the stages of the Super Bowl, the Olympics and Michael Jackson's world tour. Also, visual aids for the concert will be directed by Los Angeles-based Possible Productions.