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"INFINITE’s “Man In Love” achieves an ‘all-kill’ on music charts" plus 19 more

"INFINITE’s “Man In Love” achieves an ‘all-kill’ on music charts" plus 19 more

INFINITE’s “Man In Love” achieves an ‘all-kill’ on music charts

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 08:33 AM PDT

INFINITE‘s newly released title track, Man In Love“, off of their ‘New Challenge mini album has successfully achieved an ‘all-kill’, sweeping the top spot on all the music charts.

The song reached #1 on all the main music charts such as Melon, Olleh, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet, Daum, Naver, Cyworld, and Monkey3. Not only so but the term ‘인피니트 (INFINITE)‘ also ranked high on the real time search queries of Nate, Naver, and Daum.

The song might be titled “Man in Love” but INSPIRITS are sure in love with INFINITE.

Congratulations to INFINITE!










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Kim Hyun Joong to make a comeback on Korean variety shows with Kang Ho Dong

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 08:03 AM PDT

Kim Hyun Joong will be making a comeback on Korean variety shows!

The singer has been active as a singer and an actor, but it’s been a while since he was featured on Korean variety shows. However, he’ll be part of the cast on the new SBS variety show with Kang Ho Dong. SBS stated, “Kang Ho Dong’s new program will start airing on April 21“.

Other than Kim Hyun Joong, the variety show will also feature Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo Se Yoon, Kim Bum Soo, and Yoon Si Yoon. The program is planning on 7 members in all, and the final member is currently being decided upon. The first filming will occur overseas, and the show will be led by Kang Ho Dong and PD Jang Hyuk Jae of ‘Family Outing‘.

SBS stated, “Currently, we haven’t confirmed the title, but the initial filming will take place overseas in the first week of April. We won’t be going overseas for every episode.

Are you looking forward to the new show?

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GLAM practice their choreography for “In Front of the Mirror”

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 07:30 AM PDT

GLAM lived up to their name 'Girls Be Ambitious' by breaking away from the typical idol group music with their new ‘trot’ song, and they’ve now released the choreography footage!

GLAM's new single "In Front of the Mirror" is a mix of trot, Euro pop, and hip hop, and expresses a woman's feeling of frustration when she looks into the mirror in a society focused on visuals.

Check out the making-of their music video if you missed it and the choreography practice footage below!

Get a BTS look at INFINITE’s “Man in Love” MV

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 07:10 AM PDT

Charismatic idol group INFINITE has released the making of the music video for “Man in Love“!

Along with the title song is their new album called 'New Challenge', which contains fresh tracks like Sunggyu's "60 sec" remade as a group version, and Woohyun's first self-composed track "Beautiful".

Check out the making-of footage as well as BTS photos below!

BoA becomes the ‘Face of Colors’ for ‘Benetton’ in Asia

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 06:46 AM PDT

BoA has become ‘The Face of Colors‘ for ‘United Colors of Benetton‘s ’2013 S/S Global Campaign’ in Asia.

The face models will share their stories of passion, creativity, and more for the theme, ‘The Face of Colors’. The clothing brand chose BoA for the significant role she plays as a Hallyu wave icon who represents female empowerment. She’s currently a judge on ‘K-Pop Star‘ where she helps people pursue their dreams.

BoA will represent the 10th color, silver, of the campaign and ‘Benetton Korea’s director Kim Chang Soo explained why. “She debuted at the early age of 13 and continued to conduct activities without rest and has become the front-runner of the K-Pop Hallyu wave. We used silver to express the magnificence of her as a mentor who dreams a vision for the future. As an Asian model who possesses both beauty and talent, BoA was chosen as an endorsement model because she fits well with the global campaign’s direction and the fundamental social responsibility of the Benetton group.”

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P.O releases “Black Vans Authentic” from his mixtape

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 06:21 AM PDT

Block B's P.O has come out with what seems to be the last track from volume 1 of his mixtape, 'Bigboi is Ready 2 Showtime'!

Black Vans Authentic” is about how P.O came about finding his ideal type of girl. The idol rapper also wrote the message: “Thank you for listening and giving [my music] interest until the end. I’ll become more hardworking! I apologize, I’m sorry, and I’m always thankful!”

The idol rapper has been revealing a new song every day for over a week. He's already released "AMINO ACID", "You Try It" and "I Believed In Me""To Bitcxx""Do It""Ball-Bo 2″"Good Morning With You" featuring Incredible"Eyeline""Fuxx the System""Shixx", and "B.I.G. boi style" through his Cyworld.

Check out his latest track below!

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Lee Byung Hun reveals his obsession with coffee

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 06:07 AM PDT

If Lee Byung Hun ever decides to quit his acting career, he might consider becoming a barista.

On the March 20th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, the actor revealed his obsession and love for coffee.

Lee Byung Hun shared, “There isn’t a day when I don’t brew coffee. As soon as I wake up, I don’t even wash my face first, but I go brew coffee. I fell in love with coffee after the movie ‘Bittersweet Life‘. I even have a barista license,” revealing how serious he is about the hot drink.

He also shared how he enjoys his coffee, “Coffee has to have a bitter taste. It is important when you use the coffee beans, and it’s good to use them right after they’re roasted.”

Do you think he makes coffee for his girlfriend Lee Min Jung often?

Wonder Girls’ Sohee puts on her poker face for ‘W Korea’

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 05:39 AM PDT

The Wonder Girls have been focusing on their solo activities lately, and Sohee recently chose to do her own thing as the fashionista that she is known to be for ‘W Korea‘.

JYP Entertainment unveiled the pictorial for April on their official Facebook page. Sohee maintains her chic image by putting on a poker face for the photo shoot, and her long, black hair was let loose to go with the fun prints and earthy colors of her spring outfits.

Check out the pictorial below!

Super Junior Ryeowook’s Twitter gets hacked?

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 05:15 AM PDT

Attentions all ELF! Just when you thought it was over, another Super Junior member’s Twitter account has been hacked. Ryeowook got struck this time.

Ryeowook announced on his Twitter, “I think I’ve been hacked~! I will get to switch my account soon… [Sigh]. I don’t know who you are, but please don’t cause any trouble ㅠㅠ,” pleading with the sneaky hackers.

Eunhyuk‘s Twitter previously got hacked as well, making fans wonder if this is a trend among Super Junior’s Twitter accounts.

In other news, Super Junior is counting down to their upcoming concertSuper Show 5‘.

Let’s hope everything gets resolved soon!

2PM, SECRET, 4minute, and more to join the list of hot comebacks this April

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 04:50 AM PDT

There’s no better way to start the new season than with comebacks from some of your favorite artists!

According to reports, SECRET, 4minute and 2PM will be joining the previously mentioned April comebacks of Psy and Shinhwa. It’s said that 4minute and SECRET will go head-to-head during the third week of April, while 2PM will also make their long-awaited return towards the end of April.

As mentioned before, legendary idol group Shinhwa will return with a new album for their 15th anniversary, and also joining the list of comebacks are well-respected artists like Jo Yong Pil and Vibe.

Which comeback are you excited for the most?

Psy spends $2.7 million on his ‘HAPPENING’ concert

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 04:25 AM PDT

Psy has spent 3 billion KRW (approximately 2.7 million USD) on his upcoming concert, ‘HAPPENING‘!

Psy has always been known for his awesome concerts, and his upcoming concert on April 13th has been creating anticipation as he’ll be revealing his new song. About 50,000 fans will be going, and to make sure everyone can see Psy, huge LED screens have been installed.

Not just that, but he’ll also be using various special effects. The visual contents team Possible Production joined Psy and brought special effects staff from USA and Japan. This team previously worked with his YG labelmates Big Bang and 2NE1 during their world tour.

Even if you can’t go to the concert, Psy will be live-streaming his concert through YouTube!

Lee Hi wins #1 + Performances from the March 21st episode of ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 04:01 AM PDT

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, INFINITEDavichi, and Lee Hi held their comeback stages.

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between Lee hi and 2AM, but in the end, it was Lee Hi who clinched the win tonight with "It’s Over"!

Congratulations to Lee Hi on her 'M! Countdown' trophy!


[Next Week's Teasers]


Performers tonight included Heo Young Saeng, SHINee, Hong Jin Young, G.NA, Girl’s Day, TEEN TOP, RaNia, 2BiC, Purplay, and Ladies’ Code.

Check out the performances below:


< Heo Young Saeng >


< SHINee >


< Hong Jin Young >


< G.NA >




< Girl’s Day >


< RaNia >


< 2BiC >


< Purplay >


< Ladies' Code >


Lee Hi comes back with “It’s Over” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 03:53 AM PDT

Superstar Lee Hi is back with "It's Over".

This is only her first title track as her album 'First Love' will be divided into two parts, and the second title track and the rest of the tracks will follow on the 28th. With this album being the work of names like Teddy, Tablo, Choice 37Masta WuLydia PaekKush, and Realmee, it should undoubtedly meet expectations once again.

Check out Lee Hi’s comeback performance below!

INFINITE return with “Man in Love” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 03:45 AM PDT

INFINITE are back after 10 months!

Along with the title track “Man In Love“ is their new album called 'New Challenge', which contains fresh tracks like Sunggyu's "60 sec" remade as a group version, and Woohyun's first self-composed track "Beautiful".

Check out their comeback performance below!

Davichi want to “Take a Drink Together” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 03:29 AM PDT

Davichi have returned with ‘Mystic Ballad 1990' and their title track "Take a Drink Together".

After beating the competition with "Turtle", the talented singing duo have been dominating with another new song from their 2nd album 'Mystic Ballad 1990'. Fans must have missed the singers as their first full-length album in five years has been doing great on music charts.

Check out their comeback performances of “Turtle” and “Take a Drink Together” below!

T-ara, Girls’ Generation, IU, TVXQ & SHINee make it onto Oricon’s Top 10

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 03:10 AM PDT

As expected of a worldwide phenomenon, some of your favorite K-pop artists, including T-ara, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, SHINee, and IU, have made it into the ‘Top 10′ of Japan’s Oricon chart

T-ara is currently the highest ranking K-pop artist on the chart as #2 on the Oricon daily single chart with their new single, “Bunny Style“, selling 40,705 copies. The group will be releasing a photo book on the 28th.

Girls’ Generation’s ‘Best Selection Non Stop Mixalbum ranked #4 on Oricon’s daily album chart, while IU‘s mini-album ‘Can You Hear Me?‘ reached #9 on the same chart.

SHINee, who recently made a comeback, ranked #5 on Oricon’s weekly single chart for the second week of March with “Fire“. TVXQ also ranked #6 on the Oricon weekly album chart with the album ‘TIME‘, which is a drop from their previous #1 ranking on the chart the previous week.

The animated version of ‘Winter Sonata‘s memorial album ranked 1st on the daily album chart as well.

Have you all been keeping up with K-pop artists promoting in Japan?

Ulala Session to help out kids with cancer every month

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 02:47 AM PDT

Ulala Session will be helping out children with cancer every month.

The group’s label announced, “The Ulala Session members are planning to donate the entire profits from one event every month to children with cancer starting in April. This is something the members and the label all agreed to.

The donation will go for the treatment and surgery of children with the life-threatening illness, and they’ll be donating about 200 million KRW (approximately 180,000 USD) per year. The group decided on the project after Lim Yoon Taek passed away. The late singer had consistently donated to the cause.

Ulala Session’s agency added, “The daughter of one of the employees is suffering from a spinal disease. She is just over 1 year old. The members will start with this child and then move onto helping others.

The group is also preparing for an album that’s planned for release at the end of April or early May.

Why did miss A’s Fei tear up on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’?

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 02:21 AM PDT

miss A‘s Fei has become the representative ‘chef idol’ on ‘Master Chef Korea‘ by winning challenge after challenge, but she seems to be having a somewhat stressful time on the competitive show.

During a recent filming of ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’, Fei began to tear up as she opened up about her desire to do her best for the show as well as ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘. She shared, “Because my cooking was not coming out the way I wanted to, I lost confidence. I am practicing cooking, dancing, and singing all at the same time these days, so I lost a lot of weight. But I really love cooking. I like both cooking and dancing equally.”

Shin Bong Sun consoled her, saying, “I understand why you’re crying,” after which all of the other contestants showed their understanding as well.

Catch this episode on the 22nd!

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Super Junior members count down to ‘Super Show 5′

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 01:56 AM PDT

Super Junior are just a few days away from kicking off their world tour ‘Super Show 5‘ on March 23rd and 24th in Seoul!

Ryeowook, Donghae, Siwon, and Yesung shared their excitement for the tour by counting down to the start date with their fans on Twitter.

Donghae tweeted: “Finished practicing for the concert~~~ Rehearsal and practice again in 2 hours. ELF… wait for SJ!! Goodnight!!”

Yesung tweeted: “SS5 D-2… Donghae & Yesung during rehearsal ^^.”

But don’t worry international ELFs because 'Super Show 5' will also be heading to a town near you in China, Japan, South America, and Europe!

U-KISS’ Kevin confesses he’s never dated anyone

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 01:30 AM PDT

Attention all fan girls! U-KISSKevin has never dated before and is currently on the prowl for that special someone.

During a recent recording of ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, U-KISS featured as guests to promote their latest songStanding Still“ and opened up about their love lives.

When asked if he normally shows his girlfriends aegyo, Kevin shared, “I’ve honestly never dated before. My kiss scene with my female co-star during a musical was my first kiss.” He also revealed that after his kiss scene, his female co-star told him, “It was like kissing a fish,” embarrassing Kevin.

Catch more of the juicy details about Kevin’s love life…or lack thereof on the 22nd at 12:20AM KST!