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"Jinwoon, Baro, and Go Jun Hee have a love triangle on ‘Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa’" plus 19 more

"Jinwoon, Baro, and Go Jun Hee have a love triangle on ‘Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa’" plus 19 more

Jinwoon, Baro, and Go Jun Hee have a love triangle on ‘Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa’

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 10:16 AM PDT

Go Jun Hee finally got to meet the idol of her dreams!

Even though 2AM‘s Jinwoon is her on-screen husband on ‘We Got Married‘, Go Jun Hee had stated multiple times that she was a huge fan of B1A4‘s Baro.

On March 10, both Jinwoon and Go Jun Hee were guests on MBC‘s ‘Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa‘. Shindong asked Go Jun Hee, “On ‘We Got Married‘, you’re obviously a fan of Baro. Do you know how old he is?“. Go Jun Hee answered confidently and correctly, “He was born in 1992.

Jinwoon complained, “She keeps talking about other men.” Shindong asked Go Jun Hee, “You’d be more nervous meeting Baro for the first time than meeting your husband Jinwoon. YES or NO?“. Go Jun Hee immediately answered, “NO!“. However, Baro suddenly appeared in the studio right after that, startling her. Shindong repeated the question, and Go Jun Hee answered, “NO” again. However, the lie detector detected that she was lying, sending the studio into loud laughter.

Sun’s beautiful honeymoon photos featured in ‘Elle’

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 09:49 AM PDT

Sun‘s beautiful honeymoon photos have been revealed!

Celebrity photographer Oh Joong Suk had teased fans before that the leader of the Wonder Girls had a honeymoon photoshoot for ’Elle‘. The photos were finally revealed, and Sun poured affection onto her husband, abundant with kisses and hugs.

In the interview, she talked about how she’d first met her husband, and how she’d been proposed to. Currently, Sun is in Canada, spending her newlywed days in Canada with her in-laws.

Image(s): Elle
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‘Show! Music Core’ to implement ranking system

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 09:15 AM PDT

Show! Music Core‘ will be joining the rest of the music programs by implementing a ranking system!

A few months ago, ‘Inkigayo‘ had gotten rid of its ranking system, but the program had revived it, leaving ‘Show! Music Core’ to be the only main music show without a ranking system.

However, now they’ll be joining in the rest of the music shows, because starting from the first week of April, the ranking system will be back on ‘Show! Music Core’. MBC said, “‘Show! Music Core’ has decided to revive the ranking system starting from the broadcast on the first week of April.

The program had gotten rid of the rankings since January 7, 2006, so it’s been over 7 years since the show last had a ranking system.

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UEE and Pledis Entertainment lose lawsuit against cosmetics company ‘Aekyung’

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 08:48 AM PDT

According to a report from Sports Seoul, UEE and her agency Pledis Entertainment lost their lawsuit against cosmetics company ‘Aekyung‘ on the 11th.

UEE previously signed on as an endorsement model for Aekyung’s cosmetics brand ‘Point‘ in April 2010. According to UEE’s representatives, UEE was originally contracted for one year and her contract was supposed to be extended automatically for an additional year once the 1st one year contract term expired. However, Aekyung notified UEE’s agency prior to the expiration of the one year term that they no longer wish for UEE to continue as the endorsement model for the following year. UEE’s agency Pledis Entertainment then filed a lawsuit against the brand for a breach of contract.

UEE’s camp responded, “The contract was supposed to automatically extend without the need of a separate agreement. But Aekyung didn’t give out the proper payment within the fixed time frame. To compensate for damages, we ask for twice the original payment [adding up to a total of] 400 million won (~$366,000).”

At the first hearing, the court determined, “It is possible to see that the contract of this case was to be automatically extended. But after further inspection of the breach of contract and its motives, we decided to fine the defendant in damages worth 250 million won (~$230,000 USD).”

But at the second hearing, the court sided with the defendant’s side stating, “In this case, the term ‘automatic extension’ means that if both sides don’t have any special proceedings, the contract will continue on as normal. At the same time, if it fails to meet expectations, a party can also veto the extension. UEE’s side expressed their intent to reject a renewal of the contract, so the contract has ended. There is no obligation to pay the damages.”

INFINITE teases comeback by unveiling new logo

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 08:21 AM PDT

Back on March 1st, INFINITE surprised their fans when they announced that they wrapped up recording and would be releasing a new album soon.

It’s been pretty quiet since then but INFINITE’s website was recently updated featuring a new logo. The new logo changes the shape and colors of the lemniscate, introducing blue. Additionally the two N’s in INFINITE have been italicized.

No additional information such as release date has been released but a new logo usually signifies that more teasers will be coming soon.

Inspirit’s are you excited?

Source: INFINITE’s Website
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P.O releases “You Try It” and “I Believed in Me” from his mixtape

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 08:04 AM PDT

P.O has released two more songs from his mixtape, ‘Bigboi is Ready 2 Showtime‘!

He first releasedAMINO ACID“, and now he’s released “You Try It” and “I Believed In Methrough his Cyworld. He also kindly provided the lyrics to both songs.

So far out of Block B, Zico, Kyung, and P.O have released mixtapes for themselves. Do you think we can hope to see something from the other members as well?

“You Try It”

“I Believed In Me”

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Super Junior go into their moment of zen in the practice room

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 07:37 AM PDT

Super Junior‘s Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kangin each showed a unique method for handling their tiring practice schedule.

Donghae tweeted, “I just got back from Jakarta !! Have a good day !! In the middle of preparing for the concert~~ Please anticipate it!^^” The hilarious snapshots show the four of them how they appear when they’re tired. Donghae was the only one who opted to go into his moment of zen while the other members kept their eyes open.

ELFs commented, “The four of them show off their four different charms”, “What is Donghae imagining as he closes his eyes?”, and “All of their expressions are priceless.”

Super Junior’s hard work will pay off at their ‘Super Show 5‘ world tour kicking off in Seoul on the 23rd.

After School’s Lizzy shows her doll-like beauty for ‘Kiss Me’

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 06:14 AM PDT

After School‘s Lizzy showed off her cute charms in another Spring pictorial for makeup brand ‘Kiss Me‘.

Lizzy is seen going for a doll makeup concept to highlight her bright, cute, and feminine image. Her lashes look long and curly thanks to the brand’s ‘Volume and Curl’ mascara. The floral design also reminds fans that Spring is coming soon!

Lizzy is currently starring in the drama ‘Rascal Sons‘ and will continue to promote with her sub-unit Orange Caramel in Japan.

2BiC teases their “Bye Bye Love” MV

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 05:22 AM PDT

Talented vocal duo 2BiC will soon be serenading fans with new music.

In the recently released MV teaser, 2BiC laments “Baby don’t leave me alone“, hinting at the theme for "Bye Bye Love" .  ”Bye Bye Love” is the title track to their first full-length album, 'Back to Black'. The teaser shows a man walking around somewhat 
dejectedly until he puts on his headphones and begins grooving to a song, presumably, 2BiC’s track.

The song itself is described as a an R&B number showcasing the group's skills with lyrics about a man who tries to hold onto a lover.

‘Back to Black’ will be released on March 14th, until then check out the MV teaser below.

GLAM reveals second teaser for “In Front of the Mirror” comeback

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 04:21 AM PDT

GLAM has released the second video teaser for their upcoming song, "In Front of the Mirror"!

The ladies had teased with little snippets of themselves during their top-secret music video filming and the release of teaser images a few days ago. The short video shows the girls trying to transform from their normal sexy, fierce look to a clean, white outfit!

Check out the video below! Do you like this new "glam" look?

JYJ’s upcoming Tokyo Dome concert to be broadcast live in theaters across Japan

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 03:41 AM PDT

JYJ will be returning to Japan in grand style through their upcoming concert ‘2013 JYJ Concert in Toyko Dome –The Return of the JYJ-‘. But for the Japanese fans who were unable to grab tickets to JYJ’s sold out concert, don’t worry because the concert will also be broadcast live in theaters across Japan.

A representative revealed, “The 150,000 tickets for the three-day concert sold out immediately upon ticket sale opening. For those who couldn’t grab tickets to the concert due to limited seating, the final concert of the concert series has been decided to be broadcast in theaters.”

JYJ will reunite with their Japanese fans at their Tokyo Dome concert on April 2nd-4th.

Check out JYJ’s message below!

Will Jo Kwon show his ‘Kkab’ for his musical debut in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’?

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 02:30 AM PDT

Jo Kwon will be making his musical debut in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘!

Jo Kwon shared the exciting news on his Twitter, “In the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, I will play the role of Herod. As much as I am the youngest to play the role of Herod, I will show the best stage according to my style. Please anticipate a lot^^”, leaving fans wondering if by his “style”, he was referring to his ‘Kkab’ style which he might bring to the musical.

‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ will premiere on April 26th at the Charlotte Theater in Jamsil, Seoul.

EvoL releases edgy group teasers for upcoming album, ‘Second Evolution’

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 01:30 AM PDT

Following Say and Hayana‘s comeback teasersEvoL revealed the concept photos for J-DAYull, and Jucy! Now the first set of group teasers are out and it looks like it’s going to be a raucous promotions cycle for the group.

Last week, EvoL announced that they were coming back with a release on March 18th. Today, Stardom Entertainment updated fans with more details on their new release, plus two group teasers.

EvoL with release several tracks from their 2nd mini-album ‘Second Evolution’ on March 18th at noon, with the digital album release taking place on March 19th.  The offline release of the album is set for March 20th.

Stay tuned for the music video teaser, and let us know what you think about EvoL’s “angel” concept!


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JJ Project’s JB to give brotherly love to Shin Se Kyung in new drama ‘When A Man Loves’

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 12:37 AM PDT

JJ Project‘s JB will be returning to the small screen for the new MBC drama ‘When A Man Loves‘.

JB will play Seo Mi Do (played by Shin Se Kyung)’s younger brother Seo Mi Joon who is a trainee at a big agency. Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung previously turned heads for their upcoming love triangle when non other than Yeon Woo Jin was revealed to be the mystery man of the triangle. Unfortunately, JB will not be a potential suitor for Shin Se Kyung’s character, but will instead be the shoulders for Shin Se Kyung to cry on as her supportive younger brother.

‘When A Man Loves’ starring JB will premiere this April following label mate Chansung‘s drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ this April.

G.NA is all about the red, white, and blue in new teaser photo for “Oops”

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 11:10 PM PDT

There are only three days left until the return of sexy songstress G.NA on White Day (March 14th). After releasing a series of sexy teasers and album details a few days ago, Cube Entertainment has just revealed the above album jacket photo for her 4th mini-album ‘Beautiful Kisses‘.

In addition to the photo, Cube tweeted, “D-3 ‘Oops‘! 3 Jacket image release showing another side of G.NA!” “Oops” will serve as the title track to G.NA’s new min-album. The song is described as a fun dance track about an older woman’s love for a younger man.

Different from previously released teasers, this photo shows a softer, more innocent G.NA kneeling atop a couch draped in the red, white, and blue flags of the United Kingdom and the United States. Could she be hinting at possible appearances in those countries?

Kim Tae Woo & Megan Lee’s MV for “Oppa” turns into a hilarious dance-off?

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 10:20 PM PDT

Just ahead of singer Kim Tae Woo‘s White Day concert, he and  Megan Lee have released a cute music video for their duet “Oppa“.

Kim Tae Woo, who recently made his long-awaited comeback with “Cosmic Girl“, is label mates with YouTube starlet Megan Lee. The two will perform “Oppa” together at the upcoming concert.

The music video begins with a somewhat typical ‘recording in the studio’ style, but then becomes pretty hilarious with head-bobbing antics by two other oppas.  Be sure to check out the crazy outtakes at the end of the music video. Seems like everyone had a blast during filming.

Be sure to support the artists by purchasing a copy of the track from iTunes.

South American ELFs break open those piggy banks, Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 5′ is heading your way

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 09:31 PM PDT

ELFs in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru will finally be able to meet Super Junior up close and personal! As mentioned previously, Super Junior will be kicking off their world tourSuper Show 5this month and now the countries they will visit in South America have been confirmed!

SMTOWN confirmed on their official Facebook, “SUPER SHOW 5 will be held in 4 South American countries including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru for the first time! We ask for your support!” Super Junior will hold their tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 21st, Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 23rd, Santiago, Chile on the 25th, and Lima, Peru on the 27th. This will mark their first solo concert series in South America, making us all realize how patient ELFs in South America must have been!

Meanwhile, fans in Korea will get to watch the concert a little earlier on the 23rd and 24th at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

The members themselves announced the concerts during their recent Google+ Hangout Event. Check out the announcement plus more Super Junior antics in the video clip of the Hangout Event below:

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Ivy ponders “Memories of You” in MV for ‘Incarnation of Money’ OST

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 08:44 PM PDT

Songstress Ivy lends her formidable pipes in a sweeping and dramatic song for the ‘Incarnation of Money‘ OST.

Memories of You” is an emotional ballad song composed by Shim Jae Gun and Song Goon Yi, and written by Kang Eun Kyung. The song features a guitar melody and Ivy’s soft and sweet voice carries listeners on the emotional roller-coaster of the main characters lives. It expresses two people who were destined for each other meeting again after time goes by.

The music video shows scenes from the drama particularly the childhood separation of the lead characters and eventual physical transformation, Bok Jae In (played by Hwang Jung Eum), into a striking beauty. Check it out below!

Supreme Team’s Simon D and E-Sens reunited and it feels so good!

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 08:04 PM PDT

Calling all hip hop fans! Supreme Team will finally be making a comeback after a two long years away from the K-pop scene!

Their agency Amoeba Culture confirmed, “Simon D and E-Sens will finish their long hiatus and will return to the stage as Supreme Team. Supreme Team will hold their first official stage in two years at the ‘2013 Amoebahood Concert‘ at the Olympic Park Hall on March 16th and 17th. The ’2013 Amoebahood Concert’ will be a meaningful event for Supreme Team and everyone who supported and waited for Supreme Team. Supreme Team will also unveil their new single for the first time during the concert.”

Supreme Team’s E-Sens previously decided to halt activities after admitting to smoking marijuana back in November 2011 and was recently spotted working on some new music.

Supreme Team will make their long awaited comeback with a digital single alum so hold onto your seats for that release!

Are you as happy as we are for the talented due will be back together soon?

SECRET’s Hyosung contributes to record breaking sales for underwear brand ‘Yes’

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 07:04 PM PDT

SECRET‘s Hyosung has impressed the nation with her ‘bagel girl’ image in eye catching pictorials for underwear brand ‘Yes‘. So it comes as no surprise that the ‘Hyosung effect’ helped the brand to achieve record breaking sales.

‘Yes’ stated, “After Hyosung became our model starting this January, the sales for the month of February skyrocketed 40-50% higher compared to the same month last year. The products shown through the pictorials also sold six times more than other products and it seems like ‘best seller’ Hyosung will continue to contribute to the sales growth in underwear.”

A ‘Yes’ marketing representative revealed, “After Hyosung became a model, ‘Yes’ lovely and trendy image became upgraded and we noticed it easily became a hit in sales. While working with Hyosung to present the lovely ‘Yes’ products all season round, we will present the underwear styles preferred by women in their 2os.”