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"KARA’s Seungyeon bursts into tears at Tokyo Dome concert" plus 19 more

"KARA’s Seungyeon bursts into tears at Tokyo Dome concert" plus 19 more

KARA’s Seungyeon bursts into tears at Tokyo Dome concert

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 09:01 AM PDT

KARA‘s Seungyeon was recently shown bursting into tears leading her Kamilias to also get a little emotional at the heartwarming scene.

The concert DVD of KARA’s recent Tokyo Dome concert was released and fans were able to watch Seungyeon bursting into tears backstage after the concert. Seungyeon was seen showing her gratitude to the staff stating, “You did a good job”, and began to tear up as she said those words. Gyuri comforted her and when Seungyeon noticed the cameras, her tears were changed into smiles.

Fans commented, “The way she cries is adorable”, “I am getting a little teary eyed just by looking at her”, and “She must have been very touched.”

Back in January, KARA had the honor of being the first Korean female group to hold a solo concert at the prestigious Tokyo Dome. KARA also recently celebrated their 6th anniversary.

U-KISS perform for the 1st time on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 08:15 AM PDT

U-KISS did not disappoint with their first performance on ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

On the March 30th episode, the boys (Kevin, Dongho and Soohyun) covered the well-known trot song “Ddeng Bbul” into an R&B melody, and their rendition won them the round over WAX.

U-KISS commented, “WAX is such a veteran sunbae, and she sings very well. We never even thought we could beat her.”

Though they won the round against WAX, it was Davichi who took the final win.

Check out U-KISS’ performance below!

Clazziquai’s Horan gets married!

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 07:29 AM PDT

Clazziquai‘s Horan (34) has tied the knot!

Horan held her wedding ceremony at the Renaissance Hotel located in Gangnam on the 30th. Horan and her fiancé, who first started dating in college, reunited after eleven years of separation, and they’ve now tied the knot as husband and wife.

Her fellow Clazziquai member Alex, Kim Jang HoonDanny JungDaybreak, and Kim Chang Wan also sang their congratulations at her wedding.

The newlywed couple’s honeymoon will be postponed until August due to Clazziquai’s promotional activities with “Love Recipe“.

Check out photos from the wedding below!

Chaeyeon overcomes her fear of water on ‘China Star Jump’

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 07:05 AM PDT

Singer Chaeyeon cried up a storm on a Chinese diving survival program because of her fear of water.

According to Chinese media, a diving survival program called ‘China Star Jump‘ will premiere on April 6th, and Chaeyeon shed tears while training during the first filming.

She learned how to swim for the first time for this program and came to the training session fully prepared. However, her fear of water could not be overcome so easily, so she ran down from the diving board with her coach.

However, on March 29th, the homepage of ‘China Star Jump’ revealed a photo of a more confident Chaeyeon posing confidently on top of the diving board.

It looks like she’s managed to curb her fear for the most part. Congrats, Chaeyeon.

TEEN TOP’s Changjo joins Twitter!

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 06:42 AM PDT

Following L.Joe and Chunji, Changjo is the next TEEN TOP member to join Twitter.

Changjo shared his first tweet to fans, “First thing in the morning!! I started Twitter keke,” along with the photo above.

Follow Changjo @whdgus1004!

Are you hoping the rest of the members create their individual Twitter accounts too?

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SPICA’s Jiwon comments on riding Noh Hong Chul’s taxi cab

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 06:10 AM PDT

Girl group SPICA‘s Jiwon commented on the time she got into Noh Hong Chul‘s cab and answered questions about whether the incident was planned.

Jiwon appeared on the March 28th broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘ and spoke up about how she ended up on MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘ when the members spent the day driving taxis.

She stated, “This is the first time I’ve been on television since my surprise appearance on ‘Infinity Challenge’.  It became big news when I got in Noh Hong Chul’s taxi, but to be honest, it was all coincidence. A lot of people have said that it was staged, but that is not true.”

Netizens who heard her story responded, “So it really was coincidence. The world is so small,” and “She must’ve wanted to explain the situation.”

Rookie group Pure’s Jimin is actor Kim Soo Hyun’s doppelganger?

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 05:44 AM PDT

Three-second Kim Soo Hyun‘ is gaining a lot of attention on the internet.

A recent post on an online community board shared the above picture with the caption, “Appearance of 3-second Kim Soo Hyun!

The handsome guy in the picture turned out to be Jimin, a member of rookie idol group Pure.

Jimin looks a lot like actor Kim Soo Hyun with his small face and sharp features. He is one of the most highly anticipated members to make a debut due to his visuals and equally amazing talent.

Pure is a 5-member idol group with the goal of ‘becoming romanticist idols for their fans.’ They will be making their debut on April 4th through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.

Kim Soo Hyun

Han Ga In reveals how she and her husband make up after a fight

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 05:14 AM PDT

Han Ga In and her husband revealed how they make up after a fight.

On March 29th’s airing of ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time“, temporary DJ Han Ga In called her husband Yeon Jung Hoon on air.

The couple shared why they fight, how they make up, and their pet names for each other.

Han Ga In said to her husband, “There are times when we fight too, but when do we fight?” Her husband honestly replied, “When I come home late after drinking.

Her husband then brought laughs as he explained how he makes up with his wife, saying, “When I talk about these things, I use a formal tone of speech. I even got on my knees multiple times.” Han Ga In then explained, “When he comes home late, he self-consciously heads toward the living room. When I tell him, ‘Oppa get on your knees,’ he does it right away.

YG Entertainment fast-tracks Lee Hi’s Japanese advancement

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 04:44 AM PDT

After her stunning success as one of the ‘monster rookies’ of the past few months, soloist Lee Hi is becoming more important in YG Entertainment‘s future plans.

According to a YG representative, CEO Yang Hyun Suk has personally directed Lee Hi to become fluent in Japanese within three months. This is in preparation for her upcoming Japanese debut, which will be held in conjunction with Avex.

As one of the top record labels in Japan, Avex has previously partnered up with YG Entertainment for 2NE1 and Big Bang‘s Japanese debuts.

The ‘K-Pop Star‘ rookie’s overseas debut is slated to take place within this year.

‘Let’s Go! Dream Team’ gets awarded from the ’2013 Visit Korea Campaign’

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 04:14 AM PDT

The cast of the ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team‘ was awarded by the ‘2013 Visit Korea Campaign‘!

The Korean Tourism Organization gave an award of gratitude to the team because they actively helped the campaign from the 17th to the 22nd. MC Lee Chang Myung, Son Ho Young, Park Jae Min, and T-ara‘s Eunjung and Hyomin received the gratitude award.

For this event, the Hallyu stars went on on the streets of Vietnam themselves and shouted “Visit Korea” as they distributed various promotional items, and even held a mini fan signing event. They talked to their fans and introduced them to Korea. SHINee‘s Minho, ZE:A‘s Dongjun, miss A‘s Jia, Mighty Mouth‘s Shorry J, NS Yoon-G, and others also attended the event.

The special Hanoi episodes will air from April 7th to April 28th.

Park Shin Hye’s flawless profile draws attention

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 03:41 AM PDT

Actress Park Shin Hye‘s flawless profile has been drawing attention.

On March 29th, she uploaded the photo above onto her personal Twitter with the message, “I had a poster photo shoot for ‘Rock Paper Scissors of Love‘. Turns out that this guy was the hero!

The “guy” that she mentioned turned out to be the adorable puppy that she took the photo with. Even though her post was about the puppy, her natural beauty was what was noticed by fans. Her sharp nose and flawless face made her profile image look stunning and beautiful.

Fans commented, “Her profile is so beautiful,” “I’m looking forward to her new film,” and “She seems to get prettier by the day.”

‘Laws of the Jungle’ team discovers Pororo in the jungle

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 03:12 AM PDT

Team Kim Byung Man found Pororo in the jungle!

On March 29th’s airing of ‘Laws of the Jungle‘, No Woo Jin discovered a nest after an animal created a strange noise. Kim Byung Man commented, “I think it’s a penguin.”

The team came back at night and found an adorable blue penguin. Kim Byung Man said, “It really does look like Pororo,” while Park Bo Young asked, “Do penguins usually stand like this?

Answering Park Bo Young’s question, he joked, “It’s a very respectful penguin.

The penguin got into an attack position due to feeling threatened by team Byung Man, so he explained, “Let’s not get too close and look at it from afar.

Yoo Seung Ho’s final ‘U&B’ endorsement photos taken before his enlistment revealed

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 02:40 AM PDT

Yoo Seung Ho‘s final endorsement photos before his enlistment have been revealed.

Beauty brand U&B partnered up with the city of Incheon, and Yoo Seung Ho has been representing the city and U&B since January of 2012.

The actor brought his masculine beauty to the ads in a half-buttoned white shirt and red rose.

A representative from U&B said, “Yoo Seung Ho has become a rising global star… he will be a good model to help publicize the brand worldwide. He also has the looks and will be the best to convey the message of the product.

In related news, Yoo Seung Ho left for the army on March 5th.

Don’t you think U&B definitely made the right choice of endorsement model?

Jung Hye Young gracefully plays the drums on ‘Book of the House of Gu’

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 02:10 AM PDT

Fans got a taste of the action scenes and romance to come in the upcoming historical drama on MBC,Book of the House of Gu‘. New still cuts released show the drum scenes featuring actress Jung Hye Young.

Jung Hye Young is seen gracefully performing the ‘Ohgomu’ (‘Five Drum Dance’) and looking elegant in her hanbok. Although she may look like a pro in these still cuts, the actress took lessons for 2 months for the scene, which took 6 hours to film.

Park Tae Young PD commented, “Jung Hye Young, who’s returned to the small screen after two and a half years, is showing a special zeal for her role of Chun Soo Ryun. She did her best to learn the difficult Ohgomu and after repeated practice, she was able to pull off a marvelous scene.”

‘Book of the House of Gu’ will premiere on April 8th at 9:55PM KST!

NU’EST’s Aron, ZE:A’s Kevin, & LUNAFLY’s Sam are the new ‘Arirang’ radio DJs

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 01:41 AM PDT

NU’EST‘s Aron, ZE:A‘s Kevin, and LUNAFLY‘s Sam have been cast as the new ‘Arirang‘ radio DJs!

The boys introduced their new radio shows on Twitter:

Are you looking forward to how Aron, Kevin, and Sam will do as radio hosts?

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Clazziquai’s Alex, Kim Jang Hoon, and more to perform at Horan’s wedding

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 01:17 AM PDT

Clazziquai‘s Horan is getting married today!

Horan will be marrying her fiancé on March 30th at 6PM KST at the Renaissance Hotel located in Gangnam.

Her reception will be private, but she will be holding a press conference before the wedding to express her thoughts on her wedding. On another note, her fellow Clazziquai member Alex will be singing at her wedding. Kim Jang HoonDanny Jung, Daybreak, and singer and actor Kim Chang Wan will also sing their congratulations at her wedding.

Horan and her fiancé, who first started dating in college, reunited after eleven years of separation, and they’re now tying the knot as husband and wife.

Congratulations to Horan and her soon-to-be husband!

[Spoiler] miss A’s Fei fights for her team on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 12:51 AM PDT

miss A‘s Fei fought against the odds on the latest ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘.

On the March 29th broadcast of the Olive TV show, Fei beat out Son Ho Young, Hwayobi, and Shin Eun Jung to win the ‘Party Finger Food’ competition with her teammate Shin Bong Sun.

The top five contestants were split into two teams, red and blue, and were given the mission to prepare food for 150 people within 2 hours. They were then judged by 47 women in their twenties and thirties. The red team, Shin Bong Sun and Fei, made chicken schnitzel, lobster salad, and beef tartar, receiving 24 points in all. They easily beat out the blue team who received 18 points for their octopus salad and camembert cheese roll.

With Shin Bong Sun, Fei helped lead the red team to victory. She stated, “It feels really good.”

Have you been keeping up with the show and Fei’s amazing cooking skills?

What kind of neighbor is YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk?

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 12:25 AM PDT

On the March 28th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, MC Park Soo Hong revealed what it’s like living next to YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

Park Soo Hong shared, “Yang Hyun Suk lives in the apartment above us. It’s satisfying to know that a celebrity lives next to me. Yang Hyun Suk’s place was once under construction, and [there was a leak] so the floors of our house and those downstairs became flooded with water. The marble floor was all ruined. The ahjummas complained loudly.”

“At the time, Yang Hyun Suk told us, ‘Whatever I can fix with money, I will do,’ and apologized in a civilized manner. He then covered the costs of repair for all of the houses. They were old houses, but he replaced all of the floors with marble. It was so nice. As expected from YG.”

Why did SISTAR’s Hyorin and Seo In Guk meet up in the middle of the night?

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 12:00 AM PDT

SISTAR‘s Hyorin and singer Seo In Guk had a surprise rendezvous in the middle of the night.

The two got together for a night trail run to film an advertisement, centered around the theme ‘overcoming your own limitations,’ for outdoor sports brand Nepa ISENBERG. Both stars brought out their athletic side and received compliments from the staff for the professionalism they showed despite the brisk weather.

What stood out the most was the two stars’ outdoor wear in the darkness.

Check out the commercial below!

IU wows in purple through still cuts from ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 11:36 PM PDT

Still cuts from the KBS 2TV drama ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘ were released on the 29th and wowed fans with IU‘s beautiful transformation into a budding star in the drama.

For those who don’t keep up with the show, a CEO of an agency takes on the challenge of transforming IU, or Lee Soon Shin, who plays your average girl. Despite thinking that she doesn’t have much potential, as part of a challenged offered to him, the CEO makes it his goal to make IU into a star.

In the latest still cuts released, we can see IU going through that transformation, ditching her loose sweaters and jeans for a purple chiffon dress instead. The contrast between the vibrant color and her milky skin, further emphasized by the one shoulder style dress, mesmerized fans.

A representative revealed, “Starting this week, Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk) will begin his project to make Lee Soon Shin (IU) a star and the two characters’ chemistry will make it even more exciting. Please anticipate the continuing transformation of IU.”

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