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"Legendary 1st Generation idols choose the current groups they would most want to join" plus 19 more

"Legendary 1st Generation idols choose the current groups they would most want to join" plus 19 more

Legendary 1st Generation idols choose the current groups they would most want to join

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 02:15 PM PDT

The legendary 1st generation idols who paved the way for current idols, chose the idol groups from the current generation that they would most like to be a part of.

On the March 13th episode of ‘Radio Star‘, g.o.d‘s Danny Ahn, Sechskies‘ Kim Jae Duk, NRG‘s Chun Myung Hoon, and H.O.T‘s Lee Jae Won were asked to choose a current generation idol group they would like to join.

Danny Ahn chose INFINITE because he reasoned, “Their choreography is very definite. When INFINITE first debuted, I saw an article where they said they wanted to become singers like g.o.d. I think that’s why they remain more in my mind than the others.

Lee Jae Won selected Super Junior and stated, “I want to be a part of Super Junior. To be honest, you can sort of ride the coattails of the other members. There are so many members, so you don’t have to be burdened.” At this, MC Yoon Jong Shin joked, “It won’t seem apparent even if you slack off a little.” Lee Jae Won agreed and continued, “Since there are a lot of unique members, you just have to ride on their backs.

When Yoon Jong Shin said, “Are you trying to say that they’re a little lacking?“, he replied, “No, I’m just saying that there are a lot of members“. Kyuhyun jokingly admitted, “We are a little laid back“, to which Lee Jae Won said, “If I go in there and do the dance, I don’t think people will notice.” Kyuhyun joked again, “That might actually happen.

Sechskies’ Kim Jae Duk chose Big Bang, stating, “I want to join my favorite group Big Bang. They’re very good at their music, and they’re so cool on stage.” He had brought along Jang Soo Won as a special guest, who said, “I want to be part of Super Junior, too. There are a lot of units where you can make money from.” When MC Kim Kuk Jin joked, “There are also a lot of members you can borrow money from“, and he replied coolly, “You’re right.” Kyuhyun revealed that he was close with Kangin, and Jang Soo Won joked, “Kangin can leave and I’ll take his place. I don’t think I can go after him in terms of conversation skills, but I think I can fill his part on stage.

2PM reveals their full Google+ Hangout video chat

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 01:44 PM PDT

2PM recently held their highly anticipated Google+ Hangout video chat on the 13th.

The Hangout was held with the theme ‘If 2PM was your boyfriend.. What would your dream date be like?’. A few lucky fans were chosen to videochat with 2PM live. During the Hangout, the boys were cheerful and joking like always. They also spoke in some hilarious English.

For those who didn’t get to see the hangout, JYP Entertainment uploaded it on YouTube for fans, check it out below!

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Girl’s Day’ Yura reveals two flawless new selcas

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 01:15 PM PDT

Just in time for their comeback, Girl’s Day‘s Yura revealed two gorgeous new selcas through her Twitter account.

On March 13, she shared the gorgeous photos above and wrote, “Our music video will be revealed tomorrow at noon. Please watch it!

The photos appear they were taken while on the set of a photo shoot, she shows off her shoulder and legs, flaunting both her cute and sexy charms.

Netziens commented on the photos, “I will watch it!“, “She’s so pretty“, “She looks so innocent“, and “The picture is so pretty.”

Are you excited for Girl’s Day’s comeback?

U-KISS and Yurisangja to star on upcoming ‘Immortal Song 2′ special!

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 12:47 PM PDT

Earlier this year in our prediction article, we’d hoped that U-KISS would get a chance to appear on ‘Immortal Song 2‘. Well, that hope has turned into reality as the boys will be starring on an upcoming special.

Both U-KISS and Yurisangja will be featured guests on the upcoming ‘Women Generation Special’.

A representative from ‘Immortal Song 2′ stated, “U-KISS and Yurisangja will be guesting for the first time on the ‘Immortal Song’ Women Generation Special filming that will occur on the 18th. Their performance is a one-time special performance. Davichi, Narsha, and Yoon Hyung Ryul will also be featured on the show. The show will be centered around trot songs that the women of this generation like.

Even though it’s not a permanent spot for them, hopefully this is a step in the right direction! The episode will be airing on the 30th.

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T-ara’s Eunjung reveals a story of being left behind at a rest stop in Japan

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 12:14 PM PDT

Eunjung recently revealed a funny story about the time she got left behind in a rest stop in Japan.

Eunjung and the other members of T-ara are currently in Japan promoting their “Bunny Style” in 15 different cities across Japan traversing both urban and rural areas.

After taking a pitstop at one of the service stations with the T-ara members and staff, they realized that they had left Eunjung behind around 15 minutes after leaving. Eunjung stayed at the rest stop for an hour, waiting for the car to return, but instead of being angry she stated that she found it to be a nice rest during their hectic and busy schedule. While she was waiting, she also experienced over 3 meters of snow that fell, a rare sight in Korea.

She even took the above picture in the snow to commemorate the funny story.

In related news, T-ara will be completing a month of promotions in Japan and will be heading to Thailand on March 14.

CNBLUE gifts their fans with roses and candy for ‘White Day’!

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 11:45 AM PDT

The CNBLUE boys had White Day gifts for fans!

Even though the members couldn’t exactly give all of their fans a present, they instead opted to present all their fans with a photo of themselves with roses and candy. Jonghyun was sitting in front of a computer in what looks like a recording studio, smiling softly with arose. Maknae Minhyuk cutely posed with a big lollipop, as did Jungshin.

Leader Yonghwa tweeted a photo of himself spelling out ‘BOICE ♥‘ with candy and wrote, “Everyone, hi, it’s Yonghwa! keke. We prepared this for our fans. How is it? Dehe;..;. Make good memories on White Day, and have a good day! Please support CNBLUE’s world tour, too! Thank you!“.

How do you like their White Day presents?

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Taeyeon shocks herself after accidentally hitting fan with a baseball

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 11:17 AM PDT

Taeyeon surprised herself because of an accident she had during the Hiroshima concert of the ‘2013 Girls’ Generation Arena Tour‘!

During the “Girls & Peace” stage, all the girls went around the stage tossing baseballs to the audience. Taeyeon danced cutely along to the song, and then hurled the rubber ball as hard as she could, aiming for fans in the seats further away from the stage. However, she misjudged the angle and the ball instead went straight down, hitting a fan. She couldn’t hide her surprise and embarrassment and ran away to the center of the stage, hiding behind the ball case.

The other girls gathered when they realized something was wrong, and the music was muted as Taeyeon explained herself and asked the fan if they were OK.

Check out her cute mistake below!

Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans donate $10,460 USD to scholarship fund

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 10:45 AM PDT

Kim Hyun Joong‘s Japanese fans have donated 11,493,145 KRW (approximately $10,460 USD) to a scholarship fund!

A Korean fanclub had founded the ‘Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship‘ fund, and Japanese fans donated the money to the scholarship. Since Kim Hyun Joong and his fans always donate and help those in need, the Japanese fans also reportedly wanted to help those in need.

The ‘Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship’ was founded in 2010, and is the first scholarship fund founded by fans under a celebrity’s name. In the past three years, a total of 198,000,000 KRW (approximately $180,000 USD) has been donated, helping a total of 14 college students.

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DMTN’s Daniel steps down as an MC on ‘Pops in Seoul’

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 10:16 AM PDT

DMTN‘s Daniel will be stepping down as an MC on Arirang TV‘s ‘Pops in Seoul‘.

He’s been recently swept up in a marijuana scandal and his label said, “He is currently reflecting on his actions, he will be leaving ‘Pops in Seoul’, which he has been with for over a year.

Following Daniel’s initial police investigation, DMTN’s label had commented, "We have not yet received the final ruling on Daniel's involvement. However, Daniel wants to pay the consequences and carry out the punishment dealt to him for his wrongdoing… For the time being, we are currently looking for individual activities the members can carry out without Daniel. For the members who are currently already carrying out activities, they will be continuing with them."

Taeyeon sweeps charts with “And One”

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 09:46 AM PDT

It hasn’t even been a day since Taeyeon released her OST for ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘, but “And One” has already swept the charts!

She’s ranked at the top on the charts of Melon, Bugs, Cyworld, Monkey3, Naver, Daum, Olleh, and Soribada, proving that she really is the upcoming queen of OSTs. "And One" expresses the painful feelings of a star-crossed love and will soothe the hearts of listeners with its soft melody and Taeyeon's beautiful voice.

Kangta, who also acted as the composer for Yesung's "Gray Paper", wrote and composed the song for Taeyeon to sing, making this a collaborative effort by the labelmates.

Red Bull Korea gifts U-KISS’s Eli with an epic birthday cake!

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 09:16 AM PDT

One of Red Bull Korea‘s top customers received a special birthday gift on March 13 (KST). It was none other than U-KISS member Eli!

The company wished Eli a happy birthday by posting the cake below captioned with, “3/13, today is U-KISS Eli’s birthday! Happy Birthday to our friend @u_kisseli^^! We always give you wiiings!

Happy birthday to the one and only Eli!

SHINee celebrate their 3rd straight victory on ‘Show Champion’

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 08:44 AM PDT

SHINee snagged their third straight ‘Show Champion‘ win with “Dream Girl“!

To celebrate, Key posted a photo of all five members onto his new Instagram account with the caption, “YEAH!!!!!“. All five members are making crazy faces at the camera, starting from Onew‘s unsatisfied face on the left all the way to Key burying his face in the huge trophy.

The members took a more normal photo for the show’s Twitter account, tweeting, “Which song was the ‘Champion Song’ for March 13th’s ‘Show Champion’? It was the shining SHInee~ SHINee won the Champion Song trophy for 3 weeks in a row~ Did you like the no-cut encore stage? How many push ups can Minho do? Congratulations again on your 1st place!“.

Check out their performance and winning stage below!

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INFINITE reveals Sungjong’s teaser for ‘Man In Love’

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 08:16 AM PDT

After releasing a few teaser images, INFINITE has revealed a video teaser featuring member Sungjong!

In addition to the teaser, it’s been revealed that their comeback album is titled ‘Man In Love‘. In the teaser, Sungjong plays around with an adorable cat. The teaser sounds and looks like INFINITE is opting for a bright, happy image this time around instead of their usual charismatic, intense song.

Check out the teaser below!

B.A.P wish their fans a happy White Day!

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 08:05 AM PDT

B.A.P gave wishes to their fans for a happy White Day!

In Korea, girls give boys chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and in response, boys give girls candy on White Day. In the video, Bang Yong Guk explained why the boys had gathered together, and Daehyun explained what White Day was to fans who were unfamiliar with the concept.

Youngjae and Jongup thanked BABYs for always being there for them, and Zelo was the only one who took advantage of the candy in his hand.

Sadly, Himchan is still missing in action in the video. Check it out below!

Happy White Day!

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miss A’s Fei lunges for ‘Dancing With the Stars 3′

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Dancing With the Stars 3‘ recently unveiled its promotional posters for the new season, and the Fei-Kim Soo Ro pair has definitely caught the eyes of fans, especially because of the miss A member‘s impressive flexibility.

Celebrity contestants, including idol stars MBLAQ's Seungho and miss A's Fei, 'Korea's Madonna' Kim Wan Sun, singer Kim Kyung Ho, actor Lee Jong Won, actress Nam Bora, basketball athlete Woo Ji Won, pool champion Jeanette Lee, and magician Lee Eun Kyul, also channeled their chemistry with their partners in the posters, leaving viewers eager to watch them all perform!

Catch ‘Dancing With the Stars 3′ on the 15th at 9:55PM KST on MBC.

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[Spoilers] Brave Brothers makes a cameo as himself in ‘A Bit of Love’

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 07:15 AM PDT

Hit-making producer Brave Brothers has been everywhere in the K-pop scene as a producer, MC, and judge, and he’s now made his entrance into dramas on KBS 2TV‘s ’A Bit of Love‘.

Brave Brothers appeared as himself on the show, and he’s introduced in the story line as having been inspired to become a producer after meeting Kim Sun Mi’s (Jun Mi Sun) mother (played by Kwon Ki Sun), who talks faster than any rapper’s he’s seen.

Did you catch his cameo on the show?

P.O releases “Do It” from his mixtape

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 06:46 AM PDT

P.O has released the 5th track from volume 1 of his mixtape, 'Bigboi is Ready 2 Showtime'!

Do It” is about living his own life despite what others may say about it. He’s already released "AMINO ACID", "You Try It" and "I Believed In Me", and “To Bitcxx through his Cyworld.

So far out of Block BZicoKyung, and P.O have released mixtapes for themselves. What do you think about P.O’s Simpons‘ theme?

Lee Hi discusses her YG family and new apartment

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 06:35 AM PDT

Moving day is almost here for Lee Hi! She’ll be moving into her own apartment from YG Entertainment to celebrate the release of her first album.

The monster rookie will be living close to the YG Entertainment headquarters in Hapjeongdong, Seoul. Because Lee Hi is still only 16 years old, her mother will be moving in with her as well.

Lee Hi shared, “I’m very excited. My mother especially likes it. I plan to move in soon. Since my mom likes it a lot, I feel good too. To be honest, my mom had a lot of worries about me debuting as a singer, but she treats me very well these days. She also makes me [face masks] mixed with wheat flour, apples, honey, and more as well as egg white packs.”

Yang Hyun Suk treats me really well, and I feel like he’s becoming more like a father figure every day. In my agency, Tablo oppa, and everyone treat me really well, so I have no complaints.”

Lee Hi recently made her highly anticipated comeback with her new single "It's Over", which has been sweeping music charts. Stay tuned for the release of her 2nd title track “Rose” on the 21st!

Source + image: OSEN via Nate

SHINee’s Key goes cross-eyed on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 06:07 AM PDT

Shawols already know that SHINee‘s Key can sing and dance along to girl groups’ choreography, but did you know that he could go cross-eyed?

On the March 11th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Key showed off his hidden talent sharing, “I have a talent that I’ve developed. I bet none of the other guests can do this. I can make my eye pupils move in opposite directions.” He then shocked all of the guests by effortlessly moving his eyes in different directions. Although viewers thought he was doing this for years judging by how good he is, Key revealed, “I recently learned that I mastered this talent.”

Fellow member Onew was also able to imitate Key by going cross-eyed, leaving fans wondering if all of the SHINee members have this hidden talent.

Check out a clip below!

TVXQ’s Yunho looks back on ‘Queen of Ambition’

Posted: 13 Mar 2013 05:40 AM PDT

TVXQ‘s Yunho delivered a dramatic farewell on the latest episode of the SBS drama ‘Queen of Ambition‘ and reflected on his short but memorable experience acting in the series.

Yunho shared, “Through this production, I was able to realize the preciousness of trust. I did my best so that this can become a stepping stone for my limited acting experience. Trust has three meanings. The trust towards my castmates and fellow staff members who I suffered with during the cold weather and tight schedule, the trust in the real family love shown between my mother Do Kyung (Kim Sung Ryung) and wife Da Hae (Soo Ae) in the drama, and the gratitude towards the viewers who encouraged and had faith in me.”

A ‘Queen of Ambition’ rep commented, “Yunho sought the advice of his seniors and willingly did extra work as a maknae on set, showing his humble character.”

Yunho proved that hard work pays off by showing an improvement in his acting as the drama progressed and even receiving praise from his labelmate BoA.