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"Manly Park Yoochun for Singles Magazine!" plus 24 more

"Manly Park Yoochun for Singles Magazine!" plus 24 more

Manly Park Yoochun for Singles Magazine!

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 08:30 AM PDT

JYJ member Park Yoochun is featured in Singles Magazine April edition.

Park Yoochun is featured in another magazine and this time, it is a fashion magazine. Yoochun shows a charismatic and manly image in the photos for the said magazine. With his short hair and intimidating gaze, he portrays the concept perfectly, which is a tough detective.

Check out below his cool photos.


Which photo is your favorite?

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Happy Birthday to Hello Venus' Alice #4DAliceDay

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 08:03 AM PDT

Stage Name: Alice
Birth Name: Song Joo Hee
Birthday: March 21, 1990
Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group
Blood Type: B
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 47 kg

Kim Jang Hoon to participate at breast-cancer event in Los Angeles

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 08:00 AM PDT

Singer Kim Jang Hoon will be flying over to Los Angeles to participate in the 17th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles this March 23. The charity event aims to raise funds for breast cancer prevention and support.

After the pink ribbon marathon, Kim Jang Hoon will embark on his Miracle Tour with a first stop in Los Angeles in May at the Greek Theatre. The tour will continue to New York, Washington, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco.

The tour celebrates the partnership between the Kim Jang Hoon Foundation and The Los Angeles County Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Kim Jang Hoon will cover production costs of the shows and all the proceeds from the concert will be donated to the breast cancer organization.

G-Dragon adds Malaysia to his world tour

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Big Bang's G-Dragon has added Malaysia to his solo world tour itinerary.

The schedule for 'GD 2013 1st World Tour' was partially unveiled on Big Bang's Facebook page, and it has been confirmed that G-Dragon will be bringing his first solo concert tour in Malaysia.

G-Dragon will be opening the curtains of his 'GD 2013 1st World Tour' with two-day concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium from March 30-31. The details of the concert in Malaysia will be revealed as G-Dragon embarks on his tour.

SHINee's Onew involves in another controversy

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 08:07 AM PDT

SHINee's Onew "middle finger" controversy hasn't ended yet and now he's involved in another one.

The first controversy happened on March 18th, and it was during Younha's "Starry Night" radio when Onew was spotted flicking before the streaming started. It has become a hot topic and received mix reactions from netizens. SM later released a statement that Onew was just joking around with his member and he didn't know that it was captured on screen, he was deeply self-reflecting and promised that it won't happen in the future.

But later today another controversy was spreading. It was three days before the first incident happened, when SHINee was at Incheon airport to Thailand for 'MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok', and the thing that captured netizen was Onew's hat. It was the hat with the caption 'WELCOME MOTHERF ★ CKER", and netizesn realized that it was the same hat Girl' Generation Sunny and Seohyun wore in 'I Got A Boy' MV.

There have been many reactions towards the issue this time from netizens,"This hat causes so much trouble","It seems that SM artists love this hat","No one talked when he wore it. just because of the previous incident now they're digging it up","There are many idols who have worn clothes that have sensitive stuff why Onew is the only one who get all the bashful comments"

What do you think?

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4men to become one-day barista for the fans

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 07:00 AM PDT

4men members will become one-day baristas for their fans.

The talented trio will hold a special 'One Day Cafe' event at the Black Mug cafe in Seoul on March 24th. The members will spend their time with the fans as their baristas, serving coffee and sharing stories with them.

4men members decided to prepare the event to express their gratitude to the amazing love that the fans have shown them. They will also donate half of the profits they make on the event.

Meanwhile, 4men will be kicking off their concert tour '2013 4men Concert: I'll Let You Listen' at the Yonsei 100th Memorial Hall in Seoul on May 17th to 19th.

Lee Seung Gi shoots first action scene for ‘Book of the House of Gu’

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 06:30 AM PDT

Singer-turned-actor Lee Seung Gi surprised the fans by transforming into a fighter in his latest stills for upcoming MBC drama 'Book of the House of Gu'.

Portraying the outgoing and reckless half-man-half-beast Choi Kang Chi, Lee Seung Gi filmed his first action scene armed with punches and high kicks. It was also revealed that the actor filmed the scenes for eight hours straight but didn′t show any sign of exhaustion.

Lee Seung Gi said, "I prepared everything from the basics because the drama will have intense action scenes. This is my first historical drama and action role so I'm looking forward to the action scenes up ahead."

The drama will premiere through MBC beginning on April 8 KST.

2PM’s Jun.K becomes the new rising musical star

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 06:00 AM PDT

2PM's Jun.K recently made his musical debut with 'The Three Musketeers' and is now getting highly complimented as the new rising star.

Jun.K has been casted as the hero from the musical, 'D'Artagnan'. The 2PM member, who has a positive reputation as an idol with an outstanding musical talent, captivated the audience with his great vocal skills and impressive acting.

An official from the musical production commented, "Even though it is a musical show, Jun.K is showing great acting and professionalism. He is the new rising musical star. He always prepared himself for rehearsals, and he impressed many others with amazing efforts."

Jun.K also shared, "As it is my first musical, I'm trying to continue from the perspective of learning. It is such an honor to work with so many amazing people, and I feel very lucky."

Meanwhile, 'The Three Musketeers' will continue its shows at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul until April 21st.

Oh Yeon Seo is sexy chic for ‘Elle’ magazine

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 05:36 AM PDT

Actress Oh Yeon Seo displayed her sexy and chic charisma in her recent photo shoot with fashion magazine, 'Elle'.

Oh Yeon Seo modeled for 'Tory Burch' for the new spring and summer collection of the magazine. In the pictorial, she wore a number of different dresses, and digested different looks just perfectly to become a chic fashionista.

The brand's representative stated, "Oh Yeon Seo is a very versatile actress who can show many different looks. She showed another side of herself during the shooting, and many staffs were deeply impressed."

After School’s UEE shows her boxing skills

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 05:00 AM PDT

After School's UEE recently revealed that she's taken up boxing.

On March 19th, UEE appeared on KBS 2TV '1 VS 100' and had a quiz competition. During the show, MC Han Suk Jun asked her what she'd been up to after her drama 'Jeon Woo Chi' ended.

UEE revealed, "I'm learning boxing. I wanted to learn it so much, but I ended up hurting my wrists only after 2 weeks. I only learned the basics."

Then, the MC asked her to show some postures. UEE appeared hesitant but shyly showed some her boxing movements. As Han Suk Jun was surprised by her looks, she said, "You looks like a champion."

G-Dragon becomes first male idol to endorse red lipstick

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 04:19 AM PDT

Living up to his reputation as the K-Pop fashionista, G-Dragon put on some red lipstick on his lips for the latest endorsement for the cosmetic brand, 'The SAEM'.

The cosmetic brand recently introduced a new lipstick called 'global eco red' with their trademark red color. G-Dragon proved that lipstick isn't only meant for the ladies and became the first male idol to endorse red lipstick.

In the revealed advertisement, the idol is wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses and holding a red lipstick in his mouth. He effortlessly managed to look cool and sexy in a variety of charismatic angles as he showcase his bright red lips.

KARA’s Seungyeon shows beautiful look in Hanbok

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 03:53 AM PDT

Casting for her first acting role in the upcoming SBS TV's drama 'Jang Ok Jung', KARA's Seungyeon showed her beautiful look in a traditional Hanbok.

On March 18, Seungyeon updated her Twitter, "Before and after the press conference. I was so nervous, and I don't even remember what I said", and uploaded two photo of herself looking gorgeous in her traditional Hanbok.

Seungyeon will be casting as Kim Tae Hee's rival and royal concubine Choi. She will be vying for Yoo Ah In's love against Kim Tae Hee. 'Jang Ok Jung' will premiere on April 8th.

Girl’s Day show ant waist in new polaroid photos

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 03:28 AM PDT

Girl's Day members, who are coming back as mature ladies with "Expectation", have showcased their sexy ant waist in their recent polaroid photos.

On March 20, Yura posted the above photo on her Twitter and wrote, "Sojin unnie said we seem more and more like sisters and its like a family photo. But my arm…. Kyakya I hope you all will be happy today, as well~~♥"

In the photos, Girl's Day members are dressed in their white, stage outfits for "Expectation" promotions, and are striking their adorable poses. They are exposing their ant waists and well-proportioned body.

Credit: girlsdaydaily

Super Junior and SHINee release Google+ Hangout session

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 03:11 AM PDT

For those who didn't get to join the event, full footage of Super Junior and SHINee's recent Google+ Hangout session have been revealed through SM Entertainment official Youtube channel.

SHINee held an online fan meeting through Google+ video chat service, 'Hang Out' at CGV Incheon airport branch on March 8th. The special event was streamed live through SMTOWN's official YouTube channel and A-Pop channel.

Super Junior also held a live chat in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 10 where they interacted with the fans as well as revealed their forthcoming world tour "SUPER SHOW 5".

Check out the clips below:

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon poses cutely with "Girls' Generation remix album"

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 03:02 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon reveals an adorable selca through Instagram.

She wrote on 20th Match,"Girls' Generation's Best Selection Non Stop Mix will be released today, special thanks m-flo Taku san for the mixing".

Fans commented after seeing the photo,"So cute","Hwaiting Taeyeon" and etc.

Mighty Mouth Profile

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 02:07 AM PDT

Group name: Mighty Mouth (마이티 마우스)
Company: 101 Entertainment
Genres Hip Hop, Pop
Debut date: January 16 2008
Debut album: Energy


Stage Name: Sangchu
Birth Name : Lee Sang Chul (이상철)
Nickname: 237
Date of birth : Jan. 13, 1982
Blood Type : AB
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 82 kg

 Stage Name: Shorry J
Birth Name : So Jun Seob (소준섭)
Date of birth : Oct. 4, 1982
Blood Type : A
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 62 kg

Their debut song:

2NE1's Dara receives an interesting message from fan

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 12:27 AM PDT

On March 17, 2NE1's Dara uploaded a photo on her twitter with a message, "Thank you A+ TH!!!"

In the photo, Dara is holding a white paper written "I love Dara's younger brother"which is a message she received from her fan. 

Dara's expression in the photo seems shocked and confused about that fan's confession. However, the way she said thank you A+, MBLAQ's fanclub name is so cute and comfortable. Maybe she has to send this message to Thunder because her fan is an A+.

Written by Jenny@DKPOPNEWS

4minute is too sweet for ‘Nylon’

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 12:00 AM PDT

4minute transformed into sweet and lovely girls for the April edition photoshoot of 'Nylon' magazine.

In the fashion magazine's latest spread, 4minute members are seen eating ice pops and sharing cotton candy, enjoying the upcoming warm weather. They displayed their individual charms and styles in the shoot, which is speculated as a preview of their comeback concept.

4minute expressed their excitement for their upcoming comeback, "Whatever the direction the K-Pop is heading, we are very happy with our activities so far. We come back at least once every year and the moment we perform is probably when we look our prettiest. You should anticipate this upcoming album."

How do you like their concept?

2NE1 to appear as guest at Snoop Dogg’s concert in Seoul

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 11:30 PM PDT

2NE1 will be appearing as a special guest for Snoop Dogg's upcoming concert in South Korea.

On May 4, Snoop Dogg will hold his 'Unite All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg' concert at Seoul's Olympic Park. This will be his first solo concert in Korea since he debuted in 1992.

2NE1 has been confirmed to be one of the guest artists at Snoop Dogg's concert, and many fans are now eagerly anticipating for a possible collaboration between the two artists.

Tickets will be sold starting on March 26 via Interpark.

Jang Jae In suffering from peripheral nerve damage

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 11:00 PM PDT

Singer Jang Jae In has been struggling with peripheral nerve damage.

On March 18th, Jang Jae In wrote on his Twitter, "I'm sorry to deliver the news so late but I've been not feeling well since last fall, and it was found out that my peripheral nerve was damaged. My senses have been malfunctioning and my stamina has also dropped. The left side of my body has been affected more, and it doesn't feel like mine."

Jang Jae In plans to continue with her regular work but the hospital has said that she will need undergo intensive treatment while admitted into the hospital for some time. The singer was going to start promotion of her new digital single from March 21st, but it seems that she will not be able to carry her plans out.

Get well soon Jang Jae In!

Busker Busker re-enters charts with “Cherry Blossom Ending”

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 10:30 PM PDT

The popularity of Busker Busker's spring-themed track "Cherry Blossom Ending" is rising again!

A year after its release in March of last year, the hit song climbed back up the music charts. The song topped at 9th place on Melon Real-Time Chart as well as ranked high on Mnet and Naver Music music charts.

Busker Busker released the song last year and it became an instant hit with the public. As the spring is approaching, it ended up getting into music charts once again. Such a case very rarely happens, proving Busker Busker's rising popularity.

Meanwhile, 2AM's "One Spring Day" and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's "And One" have also received much love during the upcoming spring.

2NE1 members get matching tattoos

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 10:00 PM PDT

2NE1 members revealed their matching tattoos.

On March 19, 2NE1's leader CL posted the above photo on her Instagram along the caption, "Destiny". The photo shows four overlapped arms with different card suit symbols (diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs) marked on each wrist.

There has been no confirmation on whether the tattoo is permanent, but it is said that Big Bang's G-Dragon is the one who suggested similar tattoo designs for the members of 2NE1.

The group tend to have special sentimental ways to celebrate their anniversaries together, and they seem to be celebrating their upcoming 4th anniversary with matching tattoos.

Can you guess which arm belongs to which 2NE1 member?

Park Han Byul doesn’t see Se7en off at army

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 09:30 PM PDT

Se7en enlisted in the military to start his mandatory duties on March 19. However, many fans were surprised that his longtime girlfriend, Park Han Byul didn't escorted him off.

When asked why Park Han Byul was not present Se7en explained, "She could not come today because she is currently out of the country for a shooting. She didn't even see my short hair."

Se7en also talked about Yoo Seung Ho, who recently started his military service quietly, and he said, "I thought that was very cool of him. I feel grateful that many people made their way here and I'm sorry for creating a big fuss about my enlistment."

2NE1 to be featured in’s new album

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 09:00 PM PDT

After collaborating on "Take The World On" for Intel's Ultrabook Project, 2NE1 will be working with once again for his upcoming new album!

His label Interscope Records released a press release confirming that 2NE1 will be featured in's upcoming solo album, '#willpower', which will be released on April 22. 2NE1 will join an star-studded list of featured artists including Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus and more.

2NE1 and have already collaborated in various projects including "Take The World On" single as well as joint performance between and CL for 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards. It is said that the Brown Eyed Peas member is working on the group's US debut album.

G-Dragon rehearses for his upcoming world tour

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 08:30 PM PDT

With just a few days left to go before opening his upcoming world tour, Big Bang's G-Dragon is practicing hard to ensure a successful concert.

On March 19, G-Dragon revealed new behind-the-scenes picture of himself during his rehearsals for his concert.

G-Dragon will be opening the curtains of his 'GD 2013 1st World Tour' with two-day concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium from March 30-31. To make his tour more exciting, he promised to unveil his new single, "Michi GO" through the concert.