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"Yang Hyun Suk to donate $922,000 USD to help children in need" plus 19 more

"Yang Hyun Suk to donate $922,000 USD to help children in need" plus 19 more

Yang Hyun Suk to donate $922,000 USD to help children in need

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 09:10 AM PST

It’s been revealed that YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk will be donating around 1 billion KRW (approximately $922,000 USD) to help children in need.

As YG Entertainment had a very fruitful 2012, the company decided to pay dividends to its stockholders at around 300 won per share (approximately $0.28). As Yang Hyun Suk is the largest stockholder of YG Entertainment, holding around 3.6 million shares, the dividend of 300 won per share amounts to nearly 1 billion KRW.

A representative from YG Entertainment revealed, “From the start, CEO Yang Hyun Suk had been planning to donate the money he made from stocks. He thinks of it as the result of people showing love to YG Entertainment and its artists, so he’ll keep donating. With the donations, he’s going to help children that need surgery but don’t have the money. He hasn’t decided on any specifics, but he’s personally looking through people who need help, and he’s going to hand the money himself instead of giving it to a charity.

Looks like making music isn’t the only thing the CEO is good at.

SHINee snag their second consecutive win on ‘Show Champion’

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 08:44 AM PST

SHINee snagged their second consecutive win on ‘Show Champion‘ with “Dream Girl“.

Just like last week, the show tweeted a picture of the boys and wrote, “Which song is the ‘Champion Song’ for the March 6th episode of Show Champion? It’s the shining SHINee~ SHINee got the ‘Champion Song’ for 2 weeks in a row ^^. Did you listen well to the no-cut encore song? Here’s cute SHINee as a proof shot~ Sincerely congratulate you again!!!

Congratulations to SHINee, check out their performance and encore below.

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TVXQ’s ‘TIME’ debuts at #1 on Oricon chart, sells over 160,000 copies

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 08:11 AM PST

TVXQ has set a new personal record in Japan for first day studio album sales as their sixth Japanese studio album ‘TIME‘ sold 160,719 copies on the first day.

This was good enough to place first on the Oricon Daily Album Chart. TVXQ’s previous highest sales for a studio album on the first day was back in 2011 with ‘TONE‘ which sold 105,484 copies on the first day. For reference, their best ever first day sales for an album in Japan was their compilation album, ‘Best Selection 2010‘ which sold 228,542 copies on the first day.

It’s only a matter of time before TVXQ achieves the platinum certification from RIAJ.

Source: Oricon
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Actress Kang Hye Jung curses on television?

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 07:30 AM PST

Actress Kang Hye Jung revealed her own unique way of avoiding fights in public.

Her method was so unique that it made the entire set of ‘Incarnation‘ burst into laughter – in fact, most of her method had to be completely beeped out because she was spitting out curse words left and right.

Kang Hye Jung explained, “A few years ago while I was filming a movie, the staff and the actors were having dinner. A drunk man came over and started to pick a fight. Since everyone was already tipsy, their emotions got out of hand, and I figured if I left everything alone, there would be trouble. So my manager and I made a plan.

She continued, “I apologized to my manager first, and then I cursed in the worst way I knew how to my manager to gain attention. I kept saying things you shouldn’t say as an actress, so everyone stared at me. Because of that, everyone stopped thinking about fighting, but tried to calm me down instead. The drunk man looked at me like I was crazy and left.

She repeated what she told her manager, and every single word had to be censored out, so all viewers heard was a very long ‘beeeeeeep’.

f(x)’s Amber thinks she and Super Junior’s Donghae look a lot alike

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 07:04 AM PST

Something must be in the water that the artists drink at SM Entertainment because f(x)‘s Amber and Super Junior‘s Donghae seem to have grown to look more alike as time goes on.

Amber tweeted,

The photo shows Donghae and Amber making the same “hella” adorable facial expression, making fans agree with Amber about their striking resemblance.

Fans who noticed the SM artists’ visual similarities commented, “Amber and Donghae look like siblings,” and “SM Entertainment has a lot of artists with similar images and visuals.”

Dal Shabet’s Ahyoung is a ’4-D fashionista’ in ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek’

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 06:39 AM PST

Don’t know what 4-D fashion looks like? Well, Dal Shabet‘s Ahyoung does a pretty good job defining that style on the KBS 2TV drama ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek‘.

Ahyoung has been charming her way into viewers’ hearts with the 4-D personality of her character Gong Sun Hye otherwise known as Miss Gong in the drama. Unlike other actresses who focus on just their acting, Ahyoung took her character to another level by also using fashion to get her 4-D personality across to viewers. Every time Ahyoung appears on screen, she never fails to wear a bold combination of colors and patterns that are cute and chic and has now been labeled by fans as ’4-D fashion’.

Dal Shabet’s stylist Choi In Ra commented, “In order to express the 4-D personality of Miss Gong, we are using items that mainly have primary colors and a unique style. I also received inspiration from Japanese street fashion for the styling.”

Check out what kind of fashion statement Ahyoung will make next in ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek’ every Monday and Tuesday!

Yoon Si Yoon is the hottest boy on ‘CeCi CAMPUS’

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 06:15 AM PST

Actor Yoon Si Yoon graced the cover of March’s ‘CeCi CAMPUS‘ with his dazzling smile.

It’s hard to believe that the actor is 27 because he made a perfect transformation into a college student for the magazine. Yoon Si Yoon playfully posed in preppy styles from the 2013 spring/summer KELBURN collection. It doesn’t matter whether he posed with an apple, comic books, a telephone, a backpack, a fridge, a Coca-Cola bottle, or even just bubble gum – Yoon Si Yoon makes it look good.

Check out his pictorial below!

BIKINY’s Haei will teach you English!

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 05:51 AM PST

BIKINY‘s Haei will be teaching English for a day!

She was previously chosen as a model for an English learning program, and she’s now partnered up with the education contents specialization firm Tempos to teach everyone English for a day.

Haei’s preparing for the lecture based on her own experience learning English. The lecture should be interesting as Haei is the ‘brains’ of her group with a genius level IQ of over 150. In fact, she’s got such an affinity for learning languages that she was recognized by Korea as a prodigy.

SHINee’s Onew spins a laptop on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 05:26 AM PST

Onew showed off a surprising hidden talent.

SHINee guest starred on the March 4th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ where they revealed Onew had the unique talent of being able to spin any object. They further revealed that Onew was the only member who could pull off certain spinning moves for the “Dream Girl” choreography.

Onew then showed off his talent by spinning various objects, and Minho suggested, “Spin a laptop.”

A staff member handed him a laptop, while worriedly looking on. However, despite everyone’s concerns and his Onew condition, Onew succeeded in spinning the laptop with just one finger with a calm look on his face and received applause from the panel.

Check out the episode below!

Which idols are the biggest fans?

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 05:02 AM PST

This week on MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, idols were asked “Which idols are the biggest fans of other celebrities?

Since idols are people themselves, they also have their own favorite artists. The survey revealed just who was a fan of which celebrity.

The nominees for the top 7 list included TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe, who is a big fan of G-Dragon, 2NE1‘s Dara, who flew from the Philippines to Korea to see Lee Hyori, and SHINee‘s Key, who is an official BoA fan club member.

However, the #1 spot went to INFINITE‘s Sunggyu. You may think that he got on the list because of his love for HyunA, but he actually ranked on top because of his love of the band Nell. Not only does Sunggyu admit he’s Nell’s #1 fan, they even work for the same company and Nell worked on producing Sunggyu’s solo album.

Check out a clip of 1st place below!

f(x)’s Krystal voted the most popular college freshman

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 04:38 AM PST

f(x)‘s Krystal will be entering college this year, and netizens have predicted the idol star will be the most popular college freshman of the entering class of 2013.

DC Inside conducted a poll from February 5th-12th asking netizens, “Who do you think will be the most popular female star of the freshman class of ’13 at college orientation?”

After a total of 947 votes, Krystal came in 1st with 39.8% (377 votes). Krystal recently graduated from Hanlim Performing Arts High School and entered as a freshman at SungKyunKwan University. KARA‘s Jiyoung came in 2nd with 30.5% (289 votes), and Olympic gymnast Son Yeon Jae came in 3rd with 12.7% (120 votes).

SISTAR‘s Dasom, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, and Dal Shabet‘s Subin also ranked high in the poll.

Who would be on your list?

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ZE:A’s Dongjun reveals he drank 13 bottles of cucumber soju with actor So Ji Sub

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 04:12 AM PST

ZE:A‘s Dongjun discussed the time he drank 13 bottles of cucumber soju with actor So Ji Sub.

Dongjun guest starred on the March 5th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside‘ where he shared, “I don’t drink often with So Ji Sub, but when we do, we drink for a long time. We once drank from 10 pm to 7 am.”

He continued, “I usually like drinking more than going to clubs. I met him when he already had 2 to 3 bottles of cucumber soju, but we drank 10 more bottles before parting ways.” Dongjun added, “I remember him telling me, ‘Don’t try to become a star.’ He advised me, ‘You need to do acting, singing, and dancing because you like it. Don’t get caught up on what you appear to be on the outside.’”

Dongjun, who has been active in movies and musicals, expressed, “Going to the set feels like going to receive acting lessons. After my filming is done, I try to monitor the senior actors’ acting.

Lady Jane shows why she is the ‘Hongdae goddess’

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 03:44 AM PST

Lady Jane showed fans why she is considered the ‘Hongdae goddess’ with a beautiful selca.

The singer, who recently releasedHello“, belatedly followed the trend by tweeting, “I know how to take a selca too.” The photo she attached left fans taken aback by her beauty and milky skin. Unfortunately for some, Lady Jane and her beau Simon D have been dating for over 5 years.

Lady Jane is currently co-hosting MBC QueeN‘s ‘Talk Concert Queen‘.

EvoL comeback in 12 days + Say & Hayana’s teaser images

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 03:19 AM PST


EvoL will be making a comeback in less than 12 days!

EvoL announced on Twitter:

Stardom Entertainment also released teaser photos of Say and Hayana, giving fans a hint about their upcoming concept.

What do you think?


TEEN TOP’s stage outfits come right off the runway?

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 03:09 AM PST

TEEN TOP made sure to wear the best of the best to attract their “Miss Right“!

TEEN TOP’s stage outfits have been revealed to have come right off the runways of Seoul ,Paris, and London for the 2013 S/S collection of men’s fashion brand Topman. The members were also seen wearing designer Park Seung Gun‘s collection for their showcase last month.

The idol group has been continuing to catch the eyes of fans with the vivid colors and printed patterns of their “Miss Right” stage outfits as well as their popular ‘shake dance’.

How are you liking TEEN TOP’s style?

Wonder Girls’ Lim watches Yenny perform in ‘Three Musketeers’ musical

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 02:45 AM PST

The Wonder Girls have been busy with their solo activities these days, so fans were left smiling when two of the members, Lim and Yenny, got together again at the musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘.

Lim showed her support for Yenny by tweeting, “Went to see Yenny’s musical today! She was amazing!!!♥ Yenny unni is the best!!!*^^*,” expressing that she also agrees that Yenny makes a great Constance.

Wonderfuls commented, “It’s nice to see the Wonder Girls’ friendship,” “I will come to support the musical,” and “Lim became prettier.”

Hopefully, fans can get a snapshot of all of the Wonder Girls together next time!

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Huh Gak goes “Gangnam Style” with ‘Little Psy’ Hwang Min Woo

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 02:22 AM PST

Huh Gak went “Gangnam Style” with ’Little PsyHwang Min Woo. After spotting the very recognizable child star from Psy‘s MV in the dressing room, the singer wasted no time getting a photo op.

He revealed how he met up with the child star, tweeting, “At the ‘ Open Concert‘ I met up with ‘Little Psy’ Hwang Min Woo. kekekeke Please give a lot of love to Min Woo who has now become a singer. kekeke.”

Huh Gak also took the opportunity to do the “Gangnam Style” ending pose with Hwang Min Woo. Netizens noticed their resemblance, commenting, “Minwoo is so cute,” and “Huh Gak and Min Woo look alike.”

Hwang Min Woo will be making his debut as a singer with his debut single album ‘Show+Time‘ this March!

Dal Shabet bare their abs for ‘V2O’

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 01:57 AM PST

The girls of Dal Shabet bared their abs for V20.

With the release of V20′s latest advertisement, fans are saying that Dal Shabet’s healthy bodies and bright concept are a perfect fit for the vitamin water brand. The group is looking perky for spring in white t-shirts and colorful skinny jeans.

Netizens commented, “Dal Shabet perfectly pull off the colorful skinny jeans,” “The pictorial highlights their charms,” and “They seem to be doing well these days.”

Who’s thirsty?

Which song did J.Y. Park like the most from 2AM’s ‘One Spring Day’?

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 01:32 AM PST

2AM have been sweeping music charts with their new albumOne Spring Day‘. Among the many music lovers who are enjoying the album, 2AM’s producer J.Y. Park listened and revealed his favorite song from the release.

Jo Kwon made sure to tell his mentor J.Y. Park, tweeting, “Hyung! Our album came out today! Did you listen to it?? How is it~??^^.” J.Y.Park gave his thumbs up in approval by replying, “Of course, I really like it. I like it even more after listening to the completed product. I really like ‘Reading You‘. It still sounds like 2AM, but it also has a new style. I’m proud. You worked hard~!♥.”

“Reading You” is a song for spring with a romantic vibe composed by Epitone Project with the help of 2AM.

Listen to J.Y. Park’s pick “Reading You” below! What’s your favorite song on ‘One Spring Day’?

2NE1, Se7en, and Sean to help those in need at the ’2013 Severance Love Sharing Concert’

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 01:05 AM PST

YG Entertainment artists 2NE1, Se7en, and Jinusean‘s Sean will share the love for those in need by performing at the ‘2013 Severance Love Sharing Concert‘, which will be held at Yonsei University on the 7th.

The Severance Hospital has been working to spread the culture of sharing and societal contributions. To bring awareness to their public fundraising campaign ‘Let’s Make Forest‘, the hospital will be holding a concert featuring fellow contributors from YG Entertainment. 2NE1 and Se7en will be doing their part to make the world a better place by performing a congratulatory stage, while Sean will share his lecture ‘Singer Sean’s Sharing Story’ with fans.

YG Entertainment has been helping those in need with the start of its ‘YG WITH‘ campaign through which a portion of the agency’s revenue gets donated to charity organizations as well as for the use of artist’s individual charity projects. The campaign entered into a joint agreement with the Severance Hospital in 2011, and the agency artists have also been spotted visiting the children at the hospital.

Ha Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, married couple Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra, and Yoon Hyung Joo will also be attending the concert.