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"A Pink celebrates their second anniversary" plus 19 more

"A Pink celebrates their second anniversary" plus 19 more

A Pink celebrates their second anniversary

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 09:07 AM PDT

The ladies of A Pink recently celebrated a milestone with the passing of their second year together as a group!

The girls celebrated the special day with a highlight reel of their past two years. Released on A Cube‘s official YouTube channel, the reel looks back at 730 days (and counting) of happiness, thanking their fans for a long and successful journey.

Releasing their first mini album in 2011 with ‘Seven Springs of A Pink‘, the girls have come a long way since their debut, amassing fans both foreign and abroad as well as extending their reach into the acting arena with Eunji‘s breakout hit, ‘Reply 1997‘.

Congrats to the girls – here’s hoping for many more years!

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Yoo In Na becomes a ‘popping girl’ for ‘Cosmopolitan’

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 08:36 AM PDT

Yoo In Na became a ‘popping girl’ for ‘Cosmopolitan‘!

She posed with actual popcorn and emphasized her feminine looks in one photo, and wore a bright blue, flower print top to be a popping Spring girl in another. During the interview she had with the magazine, she talked about her radio show, KBS 2FM‘s ‘Turn Up the Volume‘.

She revealed that becoming a radio DJ was her dream, and she said, “Coming across listeners’ difficult situation stories is harder than broadcasting live. When they tell me they gain strength from my voice, I’m very happy.

‘Running Man’ releases preview with Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim In Kwon, and Ryu Hyun Kyung

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 08:06 AM PDT

SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ released a rollickng teaser of next week’s continuing shenanigans.

Inviting legendary variety MC Lee Kyung Kyu as well as actors Kim In Kwon and Ryu Hyun Kyung, the preview showed off the latest round in the ‘superpower’ series – superpowered karaoke!

With viewers anxiously awaiting the banter between the two kings of Korean variety – Lee Kyung Kyu and Yoo Jae Suk – it looks like this episode is another one you shouldn’t miss out on.

Check out the preview below!

Eye Candy: Short & Cute

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 07:31 AM PDT

Following the last 'Eye Candy: Short & Sweet' selected by a few of our staff members, our 'Eye Candy' series continues with a few of the cute shorties in K-pop.

We had an eye candy with tall boys, one with tall girls, and one with short boys. Now it’s time to focus our attention on the short and adorable female idols! Here are some of the shorter members in girl groups, although they might be short in stature they’re just as charming as their fellow taller members.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

f(x)‘s Luna

miss A‘s Min

SISTAR’s Hyorin

After School‘s Raina

SECRET‘s Hyosung

2NE1‘s Dara

KARA‘s Seungyeon

T-ara‘s Boram

AOA‘s Jimin

Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung

Girl’s Day‘s Minah

4minute‘s Sohyun

A Pink‘s Chorong

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In


Who else are your favorite short stars?

Psy wins #1 on ‘Inkigayo’ + Performances from April 21st!

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 12:50 AM PDT

SBS's 'Inkigayo' is back once again with a new show full of exciting performances from the artists you adore, brought to you by the charismatic actor Lee Hyun Woo, alongside ZE:A's Kwanghee and IU!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, C-CLOWN held their comeback stage.

SBS has brought back a brand new ranking system suitable for 'Inkigayo'. The nominees for today's #1 award were Davichi, K.Will, and Psy, however in the end, Psy came out on top with "Gentleman". Congratulations to Psy for the win!


[ MC Cuts ]


[ Public Service Announcement ]

This week's PSA from 'Inkigayo' guest-featured INFINITE, who helped promote awareness on the importance of traffic safety!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< Juniel >

< 4minute >


Other performances from tonight included: INFINITE, K.Will, Geeks, Jay Park, Seo In Guk, Davichi, Lee Hi, 15&, ZE:A5, Girl’s Day, Gavy NJ, BtoB, Ladies’ Code, OFFROAD, and D-Unit!

Check them out below!


< BtoB >

< Davichi >


< ZE:A5 >


< Ladies’ Code >


< Jay Park >


< Seo In Guk >


< Girl’s Day >


< Lee Hi >




< K.Will >


C-CLOWN bring their “Shaking Heart” to ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 12:15 AM PDT

C-CLOWN have returned with "Shaking Heart".

The boys use their hats for the 'suit and tie' concept like in the music video feat. Girl's Day's Hyeri. This is the title track off of the group's new mini album of the same name, which contains 4 other tracks, including "Far Far Away" ("Go Away"), "It Was Like That Then(ft. ALi)" (pre-released, check it out here), "So Pretty", and "Hell Yeah (Intro)".

The boys have always provided us with impressive performances, and their appearance during 'Inkigayo' was no different.

Check it out below!

‘Laws of the Jungle’ is still going strong as the most watched show in its time slot

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 10:44 PM PDT

Laws of the Jungle‘ has proven that they are the ‘king of the jungle’ in the land of Friday variety shows.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the April 19th broadcast achieved a 14.1% viewer rating which was a 1.7% decrease from its previous viewer rating of 15.8%. Although ‘Laws of the Jungle’ has been seeing ups and downs in its viewer ratings, the show still managed to soar above their competitors’ single-digit ratings.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV‘s ‘VJ Special Forces‘ and MBC‘s ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘ garnered a 8.0% and 7.6% viewer rating, respectively.

Super Junior soak up the Brazilian sun showing off their muscular arms and abs in the process

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 09:38 PM PDT

Super Junior is having a blast in Brazil ahead of their sold out concert there today. The members have been keeping fans updated with periodic updates of their zany South American antics.

Donghae began with a tweet from Los Angeles, together with this baby photo/present day two shot, while other members also tweeted anticipation for their arrival in Brazil.

Eunhyuk, on the other hand, tried his hand at some Spanish Portuguese tweeting, “Hello!!!!!! Please wait!!!!! Brasil fans~~~~“.

Even before Donghae disembarked, he was tweeting more goodies for rabid fans, this time bringing Siwon on for the ride, in set of wacky selcas.

The long flight did not dampen thier zest to get out and soak up the famed Brazilian sun.

What’s a holiday in Brazil without a bit of topless fun at the pool?

Looks like they are having so much fun, wish we were there.

After their concert in Brazil, Super Junior will be heading to Argentina, Chile, and Peru!

Psy’s Youtube channel is now home to over 4,000,000+ subscribers

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 08:18 PM PDT

Earlier today, Psy, propelled by his latest hit “Gentleman“, crossed another landmark. Psy’s Youtube channel has just gained over 4,000,000+ subscribers.

This makes his channel the 28th Most Subscribed Youtube channel in the world and the #1 Most Subscribed channel in South Korea. The SMTOWN Youtube Channel clocks in a distant second with 2.5 million subscribers. With the rate he is gaining subscribers he could very well jump into the Top 10 in no time…could No. 1 be far off?

In other Psy news, the singer is heading to America today to begin overseas promotions for “Gentleman”.

Yoon Eun Hye shows off her perfectly plump lips in orange lipstick for ‘MAC’

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 07:15 PM PDT

Yoon Eun Hye continued to highlight her perfectly plump lips with ‘MAC‘s new orange makeup collection for spring!

Yoon Eun Hye opted for a bold look with her orange lipstick and being the fashion icon that she is, it seems women across Korea will also follow this colorful lipstick trend.

Yoon Eun Hye shared, “The orange shade is one color that I like to wear in my everyday life. Although I’m not the type to wear a lot of makeup, whenever I put on orange lipstick when going out, it feels like my look instantly changes. This is a color that will especially suit the skin tone of Korean women.”

Check out the BTS footage from her photo shoot with ‘Elle‘ below!


Gayoon asks “What’s Your Name?” in 2nd video teaser for 4minute’s return

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 06:11 PM PDT

Although 4minute's comeback delay put a damper on fans’ mood, the girls have treated us yet another video teaser today, this time featuring Gayoon!

Similar to their debut concepts, 4minute looks to be be going with the spunky and trendy image depicted in the third set of teaser images.

As mentioned previously "What's Your Name?" is the work of none other than Brave Brothers, and its genre is described to be 'Fantasy Hip Hop', which will apparently go along perfectly with the girl's powerful and charismatic image they'll be showcasing. According to Cube, the song is an electronic hip hop song with a unique sound and the repeating lines "What's Your Name?" will be hard to forget once you hear it.

It’s scheduled for release on 26th, so check out Gayoon’s teaser while we await and if you missed it you can watch HyunA‘s teaser here.

Songstress Chaeyeon to become the Chinese BoA?

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 05:33 PM PDT

Chaeyeon will be a judge for a Chinese dance audition show, paving the way for comparisons between her and another singer-turned-judge ‘K-Pop Star’s BoA!

A Chinese media outlet announced that Chaeyeon had been chosen as a judge for ‘Dancing China Season 2‘. She was also at the press conference the show held in Beijing on the 18th.

During the press conference, she had a dance battle with the MC Liu Yan, who is also known for being sexy. Currently, Chaeyeon is active in China, but hopefully fans can see her back in Korea soon.

You can check out the announcement and her sexy dance below:

Taecyeon and Gui Gui share an adorable snapshot in their pajamas

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 04:27 PM PDT

'We Got Married (World)‘ couple 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Gui Gui are back again with another couple shot to make fans pout in envy.

Gui Gui shared on her Weibo, “Our pajamas, aren’t we cute?“. The adorable selca of her and her ‘husband’ Taecyeon in matching pajamas of ‘Little Green Men‘ from the hit film ‘Toy Story‘ was overflowing with cuteness.

The two have been showing their chemistry while doing activities that couples typically do. The pair’s dates has left viewers wishing they could also marry Taecyeon or Gui Gui.

Fans commented, “You two look good together”, “Who prepared those pajamas?”, and “They look like a real couple.”

4minute’s Jihyun updates fans with a gorgeous selca ahead of comeback

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 03:20 PM PDT

4minute will be making their grand return and leader Jihyun gave more reasons to look forward for their comeback through a gorgeous selca.

Jihyun updated fans on her Twitter, “I will upload my photo first^^”, and treated fans to a selca of her pursing her lips to the camera and looking like a goddess with her long, flowing hairstyle, leaving fans mesmerized by her beauty.

Fans commented, “She became a lot prettier”, “She is cute and lovely”, and “She seems to have been doing well during her hiatus.”

4minute will be making a comeback on the 26th and will reveal their individual video teasers in the days to come starting with HyunA‘s teaser.

‘Infinity Challenge’ cast calls Psy and brings in hilarious cameo from English actress Daisy Donovan

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 02:17 PM PDT

On the April 20th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘, England’s very own Daisy Donovan from Channel 4‘s ‘The Greatest Shows on Earth‘ was a featured guest and she met the cast of one of ‘the greatest shows on earth’, ‘Infinity Challenge’.

Daisy Donovan and ‘The Greatest Shows on Earth’ team travel around the globe featuring some of the most popular television shows around the world.

For the ‘Myung Soo is 12 years old’ special, the ‘Infinity Challenge’ team went back in time to the 1980s as elementary school students. The members surprised Daisy Donovan with their comedic antics and introduced themselves as the ones who were featured in Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” music video. Daisy Donovan then immediately recognized the comedians and revealed herself to be a fan of Psy. Afterwards, Yoo Jae Suk called up the world star Psy who seemed to have just woken up from his busy schedule. Yoo Jae Suk asked Psy if he could speak with Daisy and he replied, “(chuckling) Yes, Hyung“. Daisy then spoke with Psy on the phone in English and Psy praised ‘Infinity (Unlimited) Challenge’ while the members laughed along, pretending to understand Psy’s conversation. Daisy also mentioned that she was very lucky to be on the program.

Actor Kim Kwang Kyu and child actress Kim Yoo Jung also made hilarious cameos on the episode.

2NE1′s CL bares her shoulders in a fierce selca

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 01:31 PM PDT

2NE1‘s CL recently gave a shout out to fashion designer Rick Owens and surprised fans by showing a little skin.

CL shared on her Instagram, “Happy 3rd Anniversary Rick Owens Seoul #limitededitionvisorbabe”, and became a ‘visor babe’ by baring her shoulder while showing off her swag as she rocked a black visor. She also melted the camera with her blazing charisma in another fierce selca, mesmerizing fans with her sexy charms.

Blackjacks commented, “CL is sexy”, “I’m jealous of her collarbone”, and “I love her style.”

Jo Jung Chi meets his ideal type Kang Ye Bin on ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 12:45 PM PDT

Jo Jung Chi met Kang Ye Bin on the latest ‘We Got Married‘. Though the musician was definitely ecstatic about meeting his ideal type, his long-time girlfriend Jung In didn’t seem as excited.

The Jo Jung Chi-Jung In couple held a housewarming party on the April 20th episode of the show and invited comedians Song Eun Ee and Kim Sook, who called Kang Ye Bin over as a guest. When she arrived, both Jo Jung Chi and Jung In couldn’t hold back their surprise.

Jo Jung Chi stated, “It’s like someone from a different planet came than when [you two noonas] came over,” while Jung In smiled awkwardly.

Jung In also prepared a “special” meal of natto, tomato, rice, and cheese soup for her guests.

Go Jun Hee and Jinwoon decide on their pet names on ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 12:03 PM PDT

Go Jun Hee and 2AM‘s Jinwoon decided on their pet names for each other on ‘We Got Married‘.

On the April 20th show, the couple finally settled into their home in the ‘We Got Married’ village. Viewers were surprised to see that Go Jun Hee started calling Jinwoon “dearest.” The idol was surprised as well, and she responded, “‘Dearest’ is too embarrassing,” and suggested “honey” instead. The idol started practicing the new nickname right away.

On the same episode, the couple made themselves some bibimbap and worked on their neighborhood garden.

Kwanghee and Sunhwa open up to each other on their last ‘We Got Married’ episode

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 11:11 AM PDT

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee and SECRET‘s Sunhwa opened up to each other about their true feelings on their last episode of ‘We Got Married 4‘.

Much like their initial meeting, it was ZE:A’s Siwan who first appeared for their final meeting. Siwan stated to Sunhwa that Kwanghee couldn’t make it but, “He wanted me to give you this letter“.

After receiving the letter, Sunhwa stated to Siwan, “When I saw you come up the stairs on the first meeting, I was so happy. But when I saw you come up today, I was so sad.

Before long, Kwanghee made his surprise appearance to which Sunhwa jokingly said, “Go away“.

Sunhwa also presented Kwanghee with a painting that contained a letter. The couple showed a rare serious side to their relationship. Kwanghee read, “It wasn’t a real marriage, but I don’t know what to say now that our on-screen marriage is ending. Still, it’s a relief because it’s a warm spring. Your hands and feet are usually cold, but spring is warm.”

He went on, “Always be bright and happy. I’ll always be cheering you on. I like you. A lot,” confessing his feelings for her. Sunhwa stated, “I don’t know why, but I felt guilty.” The idol couple then expressed the feelings they held back for the past 8 months.  In the end, both of them revealed to the producers that they’d like to have a private discussion and that they’ll continue to stay in touch.

Kwanghee and Sunhwa started their run as a ‘We Got Married’ couple on September 1st of 2012. SHINee‘s Taemin and A Pink‘s Na Eun will be the next couple to join the show starting on April 27.

Are you going to miss the Sunhwa-Kwanghee couple? What were some of your favorite moments from their 8-month run?

Yenny performs “You’re In Me” with Monni

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 10:20 AM PDT

Wonder GirlsYenny performed her self-composed song “You’re In Me” with indie band Monni.

The two talented artists came together for their special project show ‘Sound Scenery‘ which aired on April 20 through MBC Music.

The song talks about the love between a man and a woman, and it’s the first duet song Yenny’s ever made.

They put on a wonderful performance, check it out below!

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