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"Chun Myung Hoon shares how he used to date in secret" plus 19 more

"Chun Myung Hoon shares how he used to date in secret" plus 19 more

Chun Myung Hoon shares how he used to date in secret

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 09:17 AM PDT

Chun Myung Hoon spoke about his past dating experience.

On the April 7th broadcast of SBS’s1000 Song Challenge‘, former idol group member Chun Myung Hoon appeared as a guest and said, “Back when I was in NRG I dated someone in secret. I used to date a girl group member, but if I mention who she is I think I will harm her.  She is married now.”

Host Jang Yoon Jung asked, “Are there any tricks to dating in secret?“  Chun Myung Hoon answered, “We got matching necklaces and would gaze happily at each other.  If there was a rehearsal for ‘Inkigayo‘ she would be sitting in the seats watching.  Whenever we saw each other with our couple necklaces we would be very happy.  If we saw each other at the broadcasting studios we would exchange glances.

Chun Myung Hoon then went on to demonstrate the glances he would give to his girlfriend and startled Jang Yoon Jung, causing much laughter.

Source: NEWSEN via Nate News

‘Running Man’ enters the animal kingdom in next week’s preview

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 08:40 AM PDT

There’s been a lot of jokes made about the portrayal of the ‘Running Man‘ cast members and their animal equivalents, but next week’s episode of the SBS variety program seems to take the running joke to a whole new level.

As the ‘circle of life’ twists and turns within itself, the ‘animal kingdom’ is thrown into disarray. Together with Girl’s Generation‘s Jessica and Eun Ji Won, the cast and guests find themselves within reach of becoming the new ‘king of the jungle’. Who will emerge the victor? Find out in next week’s episode.

Huh Kyung Hwan gets angry about his screen time

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 08:09 AM PDT

Comedian Huh Kyung Hwan got angry because of the amount of screen time that he received on his variety program.

On the April 6th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Qualifications of Life‘, the show had a new task for the cast members, and this time, the cast was given a mission ‘to live life without spending money.’

During the previous task of ‘living life without a car’, Huh Kyung Hwan found himself very busy due to his many schedule obligations.  The members made fun of his virtual disappearance from the show, saying, “Huh Kyung Hwan does not have much screen time.  There are times when 40 minutes go by and we don’t see him“.  Huh Kyung Hwan also seemed to have complaints about his air time.

Fed up with the joking at his expense, Huh Kyung Hwan said, “The Quiz to Change the World’ has been very entertaining these days,” bringing out much laughter.  MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World’ is a program that competes in the same time slot as ‘Qualifications of Life.’

Source: NEWSEN via Nate News

Can ‘Infinity Challenge’ pull off a ‘Pororo’ special?

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 07:35 AM PDT

Which ‘Pororo‘ characters do the ‘Infinity Challenge‘ members look like?

A photo recent uploaded to an online community showed the members of the MBC variety show ‘Infinity Challenge’ paired up with characters from ‘Pororo the Little Penguin‘, a popular children’s show in Korea.

Yoo Jae Suk, without his trademark glasses, is matched with the titular character, PororoPark Myung Soo is Crong, Noh Hong Chul is Eddy, Jung Jun Ha is paired with PobyHaHa is matched with Harry, and finally Jung Hyung Don is Loopy.

Netizens who saw the mash up commented by saying, “Wow, they really do look like each other“, “Where’s Gil?“, and “If ‘Infinity Challenge’ has a ‘Pororo’ special I will really be happy.”

Source: Money Today via Nate News

Super Junior’s Yesung takes time to relax on a rainy day

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 04:08 AM PDT

Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day… Super Junior‘s Yesung updated fans with how he spends his rainy days.

Yesung shared on his Twitter, “Depressing weather. But gain strength and energy and start your day off right. Today is a good day to walk on your own^^”, and shared a snapshot of him relaxing on a rainy day while donning a simple white t-shirt. Fans also couldn’t take their eyes off of Yesung’s V-line face and chic hairstyle.

ELF replied, “The selca highlights your innocent charms” and “I guess we all feel a little under the weather on rainy days.”

Super Junior is currently meeting fans all over the world on their ‘Super Show 5‘ world tour!


miss A’s Jia becomes Fei’s dancing partner?

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 03:14 AM PDT

miss A‘s Jia congratulated fellow member Fei for her first win on ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘ with some sisterly love.

Jia shared on her Weibo account, “Oh yeah!! Wang Fei Fei 1st place!! So awesome! She is so amazingly pretty!”, sharing a jaw-dropping snapshot of her and Fei embracing each other as pretend dance partners. Fei went backless in a gorgeous dance costume while Jia went for a casual look leaving fans smiling with their close friendship.

Fans commented, “Congrats on winning 1st place”, “I’m jealous of your figure”, and “What can’t you do?”

INFINITE wins #1 on ‘Inkigayo’ + Performances from the April 7th broadcast!

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 02:02 AM PDT

SBS's 'Inkigayo' is back once again with a new show full of exciting performances from the artists you adore, brought to you by the charismatic actor Lee Hyun Woo, alongside ZE:A's Kwanghee and IU!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, K.Will , LUNAFLY, Lee Hi, and Electroboyz held their comeback stage while PURE made their debut.

SBS has brought back a brand new ranking system suitable for 'Inkigayo'. The nominees for today's #1 award were Lee Hi, Davichi, and INFINITE, however in the end, INFINITE came out on top with "Man in Love". Congratulations to INFINITE for their fifth music show win!

Check out the clips below.

Show Line-up

Lee Hi vs. INFINITE vs. Davichi

Coming Next Week – 15&

Coming Next Week — Seo In Guk

Winning Clip + Encore


Other performances from tonight included: INFINITE, SHINee, Davichi, Double A, G.NA, Hong Jin Young, Girl’s Day, ZE:A5, and 2BIC !

Check them out below!




< Girls’ Day >


< ZE:A5 >


< G.NA >


< Davichi >


< 2BIC >

Coming Soon


< Double A>

Coming Soon


15& make their “Somebody” comeback on the ‘K-Pop Star 2′ finale

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 01:46 AM PDT

Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin, the two genius girls who form the group 15& have made their comeback on the season finale of  ’K-Pop Star 2‘ with their new track “Somebody.”

Park Ji Min, who had a successful diet, is coming back with a new healthier body. Baek Ye Rin, who has matured a bit more since her debut, returned with a brighter image. The girls already showed a teaser to their comeback music video doing a parody of the ‘K-Pop Star’ judges.  Their new look, already well known vocal skills, and teaser video had fans anxious for their return.

A staff member at JYP Entertainment told allkpop, “Park Ji Min, who won season one of ‘K-Pop Star’ and genius girl Baek Ye Rin will make their triumphant return as 15& and will stand on the stage of the ‘K-Pop Star 2′ finale.  We hope that you will love and support the song that the two loveable girls will bring.

‘Somebody’ is written by Shim Eun Ji who also wrote 15&’s debut single ‘I Dream‘ as well as Jo Kwon‘s ‘The Day I Confessed‘, and IU’sI Really Hate Him.’  It is co-composed with Ryan S. Jhun and Antwann Frost and will feature Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin’s unique groove and soulful voices.

As expected of the talented duo, their vocal talents shined, but what was more surprising was they added choreography that they didn’t have in their debut release. All and all the stage was a pleasure to watch.

What do you think of 15&’s comeback performance?

K.Will melts hearts with “Love Blossom” & “Lay Back” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 01:41 AM PDT

K.Will has returned with "Love Blossom".

This release is part of the second part of his full-length album of the same title, which features producers Kim Do HoonDuble Sidekick, and Primary.

The title track is a fun, medium beat song of the urban soul genre, and it showcases K.Will's progress as an artist as he takes on a more rhythmical song.

Check out his comeback performance below, along with a special performance of "Lay Back"!


Electroboyz return with “Ma Boy 3″ feat. After School’s Nana on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 01:17 AM PDT

Electroboyz have returned with "Ma Boy 3" featuring After School's Nana off their 1st full-length album 'In Love'!

The boys put on performances with SISTAR's Hyorin and Brave GirlsYejin for "Ma Boy 2", and now they've sought the help of the sexy Nana for a new sound and concept with "Ma Boy 3″.

Although the track features Nana, Electroboyz have chosen to perform with the talented Sojin (of Girl’s Day) in the last few performances. However, Nana fans can rejoice, because she was front and center for tonight’s performance!

Check it out down below!

Thanks to Hugh for the Youtube clip.

Lee Hi continues her ‘First Love’ promotions with “Rose” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 12:39 AM PDT

Lee Hi is following up her ‘First Love‘ album promotions with her second title song "Rose".

Part 2 of the 'monster rookie's first album 'First Love' also includes "Fool For Love", "Because", "Am I Strange", and "1,2,3,4".

"Rose" is the work of 1TYM's Teddy, who wrote the lyrics and arranged the track, and Song Baek Kyung, who composed it.

Check out her haunting performance below!

INFINITE’s Sungjong is like a ‘Man In Love’ in new handsome selca

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 11:19 PM PDT

INFINITE have been snagging awards left and right with their new single “Man In Love“. In a break from his busy schedule, member Sungjong updated fans with a handsome selca.

Sungjong updated fans on his Twitter, “Ah I’m busy! I should get some healing after watching this movie. ‘Song For You’ sounds like fun to watch”, along with a selca of him flashing his mesmerizing eyes and sculptured face on his way to the theater.

Fans commented, “I knew your eyes were pretty but I didn’t know they were this pretty”, “I also want to watch this movie”, and “You’re so handsome.”

Hon. Kevin Rudd sends birthday greeting to Super Junior’s Siwon from Australia

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 09:24 PM PDT

Super Junior‘s Siwon received a host of birthday greetings from fans all over the world, none more surprising than from former Australian Prime Minster, and current Parliament member, the Hon. Kevin Rudd.

Thanks to the gentle prodding from an ELF in Australia, and the accommodating nature of Mr. Rudd, Siwon received a very special birthday greeting earlier today.

Kevin Michael Rudd is an Australian politician who was the 26th Prime Minister of Australia from 2007 to 2010 and the Leader of the Labor Party from 2006 to 2010. He currently serves as a member of the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament.

Siwon spent his 26th birthday on vacation in Israel.

We hope he got to see this greeting and had a fabulous day.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!

Why did Cha In Pyo adopt daughters?

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 08:24 PM PDT

Cha In Pyo shared why he adopted two daughters.

Cha In Pyo was asked by Baek Ji Young on the April 5th broadcast of SBS’sThank You, “Why are both of your adopted children daughters?“  Cha In Pyo answered, “It is because my wife and I gave birth to a son.”

The humanitarian and actor said, “Since we had a son, if we could choose, we wanted to a have a daughter.  When I got my first daughter I was really happy.  So I thought, it would be nice to have another.”

He went on to say, “My older daughter said to me, “When i get older I want to go meet my birth father and mother, but I am too scared so I want to go with you and mom.  I asked why and she said, “If I go meet them, maybe I won’t be able to come back home, so I want to go with you.

The actor ended by saying, “It is her life and choice.  The duty of the parent is to open the door for them.

‘Infinity Challenge’ cast congratulate the birth of Jung Jun Ha Jr.

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 07:48 PM PDT

On the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge, MC Yoo Jae Suk opened up the show with some good news by announcing the birth of Jung Jun Ha‘s newborn son, “Jung Jun Ha Jr. is born!”

Upon hearing this, Gil added that the newborn son takes from his father in visuals revealing, “Did you look at the baby photos? Because he looks like Jung Jun Ha, his head is huge.” Jung Jun Ha jokingly defended his son sharing, “He has a lot of hair.”

Noh Hong Chul shared, “When I watched the video of the baby, at first I thought that he doesn’t look like Jung Jun Ha hyung. But once the baby began to frown and cry, he looked exactly like when Jung Jun Ha frowns”, congratulating Jung Jun Ha in his own hilarious way.

Jung Jun Ha became the father of a baby boy last month!

Defconn rarely contacts Yoo Jae Suk?

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 06:58 PM PDT

Defconn does not contact Yoo Jae Suk often.

On the April 5th broadcast of MBC’sI Live Alone‘ he had a conversation with Lee Sung Jae, who had visited his home.

The two shared something in common, which was that the two do not really contact people they know that often.

Defconn said, “I feel that if I contact someone too often they may feel burdened by me.  To be honest, I only text message Yoo Jae Suk once every two months.  Yoo Jae Suk also knows my personality so he said to me, “I will contact you so don’t worry about it.’

Also during the show, the two played a game to see who would pay for the take out chicken. They had a great time and brought tons of laughter to viewers.

Source: NEWSEN via Nate News

Suzy shows off hidden charms on her ‘Spring Date’ with ‘Entertainment Relay

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 06:15 PM PDT

Eyes are the window to the soul and miss A‘s Suzy showed her sweet soul as the ‘nation’s first love’ through her mesmerizing eyes on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay.

Suzy sat down for a ‘Spring Date’ on the set of her photo shoot and explained why she flashes her beautiful eyes to others sharing, “I feel the need to make eye contact during a conversation, and if they’re not looking at me, I think they’re not listening to me.”

Suzy also revealed IU, KARA‘s Jiyoung, f(x)‘s Sulli and Krystal to be her close friends among fellow female idol groups.

Check out the the interview below!

Find out if Seventeen found their ‘music friends’ in highlight video from ‘Seventeen TV’ season 2

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 05:29 PM PDT

The upcoming 17-member idol group Seventeen previously announced the return of their idol training program 'Seventeen TV' for a second season. In anticipation for the new season, the group just released a 9-minute highlight video from the first episode!

The new season includes the fresh segment 'Seventeen's Finding Music Friends' which will feature the boys undergoing singing and dancing lessons with members of the public. The video shows WonwooMinkyuSoonyoungJihoonHansolSamuel, Junhwee, Seungkwan, Chan, and Sukmin conducting a public audition and working together as teams.

Check out the highlight video below from the first episode, are you excited for the new season?

Tip: 4evapledis

Baek Ji Young talks candidly about her past controversy on ‘Thank You’

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 04:49 PM PDT

Baek Ji Young talked about her past controversy on ‘Thank You‘.

She was a guest on the 5th’s episode, and she brought up her old sex video incident. She said, “I had a break of 6 years half because of my own decision and half because of others’ decisions. The way I absorbed and sang music changed during that time.

When asked, “If you could go back in time, do you wish that incident could be erased?“, she answered, “I’m going to dare to answer that even though it was so hard that it was an incredibly hot pit of fire for me, but it was good fertilizer. I think because of that pain, I can still sing now. I think I was able to more sincerely touch the hearts of those who listen to my song. It’s hard to have a story like that in life. I think it was a good chance.

She discusses her scandal in the second video at ~21:15.

Lee Min Ho and Ahn Jae Hyun show their support for K.Will’s “Love Blossom”

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 04:09 PM PDT

Actor Lee Min Ho and model Ahn Jae Hyun made sure to give shout outs to K.Will‘s new single “Love Blossom” upon its release!

Lee Min Ho shared on his Twitter, “Listen to music. I am listening to K.Will hyung’s ‘Love Blossom’ right now and it feels like I’m looking at flowers~ Sweet dreams!”

Model Ahn Jae Hyun also shared, “K.Will hyung’s new single ‘Love Blossom’ has been released. Please listen to it a lot~! ^.^ Ah and Dasom.. Be Happy.. In Guk ah, let’s also go to an amusement park.”

Netizens commented, “Has K.Will’s new single become the logo song for flower boys?”, “My heart is melting from both the song and the mentions~”, and “I love K.Will’s ‘Love Blossom’.”

K.Will recently made his return with the title track “Love Blossom” from the second part of his full length album of the same title.