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"Jay Park reveals he was clingy towards his first girlfriend in Korea" plus 19 more

"Jay Park reveals he was clingy towards his first girlfriend in Korea" plus 19 more

Jay Park reveals he was clingy towards his first girlfriend in Korea

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 09:04 AM PDT

Jay Park revealed that he was head-over-heels in love with his first girlfriend in Korea.

He was a guest on the April 16 episode of ‘Incarnation‘, where he revealed, “I got clingy to my girlfriend of 1 and a half years. She was the first girlfriend I had in Korea, and she took the reins of the relationship. First, we started to date because she liked me, but after a few months, I started to like her more.

He added, “Once, I went back to the United States. Since texting each other would be so expensive, we emailed back and forth and via e-mail she once asked me to break up. I felt everything break down.

But the next day, she emailed him back asking to date again, and everything was okay. He revealed, “Every time we fought, breaking up came up often. Whenever she said that, I clung onto her. I gave her the control over everything. When she said to break up, I went to her house. I sometimes waited with the food she liked.

When the MCs asked, “Was she pretty?“, he answered, “She was pretty to me. She was a source of strength to me because I had nowhere else to lean on when I first got to Korea. So I liked her more.

He added, “After that, if she didn’t reply to my texts, I’d call her to ask why. Since I got so clingy, she kept saying ‘let’s break up’. But since she led the relationship, I was the only one apologizing and telling her she changed. I think she apologized to me only about two times in all.

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Mir already in talks of leaving ‘Real Men’

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 08:31 AM PDT

Real Men‘ aired its first episode just last week, but MBLAQ‘s Mir is already in talks of leaving the show.

There were rumors that he was considering leaving the show, and MBC stated, “We’re currently have discussions. It’s true that we’re talking about his potential leave because of his back issues, but there is nothing confirmed.

J.Tune Camp said, “Originally, he was only supposed to be on the show for a short time. He decided to be on the show because he had no schedules at the time, but we had planned to talk about it again later. It’s true that the word ‘leaving’ is burdensome. He has health problems, but more than that, he’s packed with schedules because he’s preparing for MBLAQ’s album that will be released in early June. Thunder, Lee Joon, and the other members are also wrapping up their own individual activities.

Since ‘Real Men’ films consecutively for 5 nights and 6 days, it will be difficult for Mir to participate if he has album promotions.

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K-pop celebrities come forward to pray for Boston

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 08:01 AM PDT

As most of you have already heard, two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon on April 15, killing three people and injuring over 140 others. In light of the recent tragedy, several celebrities came forward to pray for Boston and asked fans to do the same.

miss A‘s Jia tweeted her grief from the tragedy along with the photo above,

Epik High‘s Tablo tweeted,

Lydia Paek retweeted Tablo’s tweet sharing,

Choice 37 tweeted,

Eric Nam tweeted,

Aziatix tweeted,

Brian Joo‘s B You Entertainment tweeted,

Brian Joo retweeted,

Yoon Mi Rae tweeted,

f(x)‘s Amber tweeted,

BLUSH‘s Victoria tweeted,

David Choi tweeted,

2PM‘s Nichkhun tweeted,

Peter & Young Sky of One Way wrote,

Jay Park wrote,

2PM‘s Taecyeon, who grew up in the greater Boston area, wrote,

EvoL‘s Say and Hayana wrote,

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragedy.

Joo Won renews his contract with outdoor brand ‘Mountia’ for the 3rd year

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Joo Won, one of the hottest actors at the moment, is also fast becoming a blue chip in the ad world. Outdoor brand Mountia has decided to renew their contract with the actor.

His agency confirmed, “Joo Won extended his contract with the outdoor brand ‘Mountia’, which he filmed his first CF for as an endorsement model. Following the past two years as the main model, he will continue with more activities for the third consecutive year.”

Mountia stated, “Joo Won, who is recognized for his sincere acting, has many charms such as his bright, friendly image on ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ and ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, which fits well with the brand.”

Joo Woon will be starring alongside actress Kim Ah Joong in the upcoming film ‘Only You‘. He’ll also be taking on the role of Sam Wheat in the musical remake of the hit film ‘Ghost‘, which premieres this November.

The Jung sisters (Krystal and Jessica) can’t deny that they look alike

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 07:04 AM PDT

The lovable Jung sisters (Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal) are back again, and this time, they have come forward as doppelgangers!

Krystal shared on her Instagram, “Can’t deny we look alike :P,” along with a selca of her and her older sister giving the same puppy face to the camera. They dressed alike as well in cream-colored chiffon dresses. Krystal also showed love for her sister on National Siblings Day, leaving fans smiling at their sisterly bond.

Fans agreed with Krystal and shared, “I can’t decide who’s prettier between them,” and “Their parents must be so proud.”

2PM Taecyeon’s “I Love U, U Love Me” ranks #1 on ‘Recochoku’ ringtone chart

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 06:39 AM PDT

2PM‘s Taecyeon recently surprised HOTTESTs with the release of his self-composed song “I Love U, U Love Me” on the 15th, and it’s topped charts immediately after its release!

“I Love U, U Love Me” grabbed the #1 spot on Recochoku‘s ringtone chart in Japan. Taecyeon, who is making a name for himself as a singer-songwriter, composed and wrote the Japanese lyrics for “I Love U, U Love Me”, which he will perform for the first time during his solo stage at 2PM’s upcoming Tokyo Dome concert.

Taecyeon shared, “The Tokyo Dome concert, which 2PM has been dreaming about ever since our Japanese debut, is finally approaching. I created ‘I Love U, U Love Me’ with an expectant heart for the 110,000 fans who will be joining us for this moment to have fun and create precious memories. I am thankful and happy to have the honor of ranking #1 on the ‘Recochoku’ chart with the great love that I received. I will do my best to prepare an even better concert.”

Get ready Japanese HOTTESTs because 2PM will be coming to a town near you for their Tokyo Dome concert on the 20th and 21st!

Congrats, Taecyeon!

Upcoming vocal group IMPACT releases member profile video

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 06:13 AM PDT

Star Empire has released a video to introduce the members of the upcoming vocal group IMPACT.

News of their debut was posted onto the Facebook page of fellow labelmate ZE:A. The post revealed, "Five boys vocal group < Impact >'s official Twitter is opening ! Van An, Sungho Kang, Junghu Seok, Jangmoon Byun and Pilrib Ryu are going to be debut in 2013 !!"

IMPACT will be making their official debut soon, so until then, check out the member profile video of Van AnSunghoJunghuJangmoon, and Phillip. below!

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Bae Doo Na to work with the Wachowskis once again

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 05:51 AM PDT

Actress Bae Doo Na will be working with the Wachowskis again for their next film project. Warner Bros. Studio announced the tag line and cast for the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending‘ on April 15th.

‘Jupiter Ascending’, planned to be a trilogy, is a science fiction movie set in a time when humans are the lowest species in the world. The Wachowski siblings are writing, directing, and producing the movie, and it will star Mila Kunis as the main character Jupiter who has a mysterious fate and Channing Tatum who is an assassin out to get her. Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, and Bae Doo Na will also feature in the film.

Bae Doo Na’s character is not yet revealed, but she will most likely play a supporting cast member like in her previous film. She was likely cast in ‘Jupiter Ascending’ because of the relationship she built with the Wachowski siblings after working with them on ‘Cloud Atlas‘.  Filming for the movie began on April 2nd in Chicago, and Bae Doo Na is currently getting ready to film her scenes.

The movie is planned for release in America on July 25th, 2014 in 3D and IMAX.

K.Will celebrates the success of “Love Blossom” with some popcorn

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 05:21 AM PDT

Singer K.Will has many reasons to celebrate this spring, and one includes the success of his latest single “Love Blossom“. He thanked fans with selcas that are sure to brighten up their day.

K.Will shared on his Twitter, “You should eat popcorn like this for it to taste the best!!! Popcorn-like petals~~ Or petal-like popcorn~he,” along with a hilarious set of snapshots of the singer gorging on a big bowl of popcorn like a boss.

Fans commented, “K.Will is so charming,” and “Whenever I listen to ‘Love Blossom’, I’ll want to eat popcorn.”

Meanwhile, K.Will’s new single “Love Blossom” has been living up to its name and receiving a lot of love on music charts.

KARA’s Seungyeon measures her head with toilet paper?

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 05:00 AM PDT

KARA‘s Seungyeon caught people’s attention with her small head once again. On the recent episode of SBS‘ ‘Animal Farm‘, the MCs measured her head size with toilet paper.

MC Kim Saeng Min stated, “A person can be said to have a small head if they can successfully wrap their head around with 5 pieces of toilet paper.” He then measured his own head in a very confident manner, but failed the task.

Then MC Shin Dong Yeob suggested measuring Seungyeon’s head instead. In the end, the MCs only had to use four and a half pieces of toilet paper to wrap the circumference of her head.

Netizens commented, “Her head is so small,” “Eyes, nose, and lips are all on that tiny face,” and “I think a small head is something you have to be born with.”

Boyfriend’s Jeongmin and Minwoo thanks fans for coming to their fan meetings

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 04:34 AM PDT

Jeongmin and Minwoo gifted their fans with two gorgeous selcas.

Minwoo posted onto Boyfriend‘s Facebook, “This Sunday, April 21st at 4PM KST, BOYFRIEND’s Asia Fan Meeting ‘JANUS’ is going to held at Taiwan International Conference Center in Taipei, Taiwan! Are you guys coming to meet your BOYFRIEND?! ^^.

Jeongmin also thanked fans for coming to the Guangzhou fanmeet on their Twitter, writing, “We had a fan meeting in China’s Guangzhou today!!!! I was so happy keuhaha! Kekeke. Please look forward to our fan meeting in Taiwan next week too! I love you, my Best Friends♥.

How do you like his presents?

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Wonder Girls’ Yubin discusses dating, makeup tips, and more on ‘Star Beauty Show’

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 04:12 AM PDT

Wonder Girls’ Yubin shared how idols date by saying, “I can’t meet a lot of guys, but I do text message a lot.”

Yubin, along with Lim, appeared on SBS E!‘s ‘Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show Season 2‘, where she discussed dating and shared the love story of her fellow member Sun. She especially got into how Sun was able to date and get married despite activities abroad.

Yubin said, “Sun dated through emails and phone calls,” and also said that she was envious of her fellow member who got married.

MC Seo In Young also mentioned, “When I was in a girl group, I dated,” surprising everyone with this honest confession.

The ladies of the Wonder Girls discussed the makeup items that they always have with them when they go overseas and other beauty tips as well as some behind-the-scenes stories from their time promoting in America.

Check out this episode later at 11PM KST!

B.A.P show off their chic airport fashion en route to China

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 03:45 AM PDT

There is always a fashion show happening when idol groups arrive at the airport, and B.A.P had fans buzzing with their chic airport fashion.

TS Entertainment shared photos on B.A.P’s official fan cafe on the 15th that show the members on their way to China for the recent ‘Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards‘.

Leader Bang Yong Guk is seen highlighting his charismatic charms in his all-black attire, while Himchan is also seen in a black outfit with a white t-shirt and sneakers. Meanwhile, Daehyun and Jongup opted for a more chic,casual look with their denim shirt and jacket. Maknae Zelo also left fans smiling with his denim overalls and flipped hat, while Youngjae went preppy with his striped top and cardigan.

BABYs commented, “They’re all handsome, and Zelo looks like a big teddy bear,” “The oldest members are oozing with charisma,” and “They look like they’re filming a pictorial.”

All six members of B.A.P recently reunited this past weekend and took home the Best New Artist award at the ‘Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards’.

Which countries are the top 10 responsible for Psy’s “Gentleman” MV’s incredible view count?

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 03:20 AM PDT

Psy is on his way to possibly breaking the record of his previous smash-hit music video for “Gangnam Style” with his latest “Gentleman” MV, and now the top 10 countries that watched the new music video have been revealed!

YG Entertainment released in a statement that the music video surpassed 24,186,249 views in just 24 hours since its release on the 13th. Psy’s music video was most popular in the United States, attracting 3,798,871 views in the country during its first day of release. Psy’s home country of South Korea also took great interest in the music video and accounted for 3,575,667 views in the first day.

The male to female ratio for the video’s total view count worldwide on its first day was also revealed to be 62.7% male and 37.3% female.

The following are the top 10 countries in which Psy’s music video was most popular.

Geography | View Count | Percentage of Total Views

United States | 3,798,871 | 15.71%

South Korea | 3,575,667 | 14.79%

Brazil | 1,411,208 | 5.84%

Mexico | 1,004,485 | 4.15%

Canada | 969,601 | 4.01%

France | 760,123 | 3.14%

United Kingdom | 724,971 | 3.00%

Taiwan | 680,251 | 2.81%

Vietnam | 659,529 | 2.73%

Malaysia | 587,584 | 2.43%


The views for Psy's "Gentleman" music video are increasing at an alarming pace, achieving 1 million views per hour. It recently surpassed 60 million views and counting.

Congrats, Psy!

Lee Seung Gi and Girls’ Generation voted as the most popular artists in Korea

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 02:54 AM PDT

Psy may be garnering a staggering number of views worldwide with his “Gentleman” MV, but he was no match for Lee Seung Gi and Girls’ Generation who were recently voted as the most popular artists in Korea.

Research firm Leespiar conducted a poll asking 1,332 men and women 13-69 years old across Korea about the most popular stars.

Among the male celebrities, Lee Seung Gi came out on top with 9.2% of the votes, while Psy trailed behind in 2nd place with 8.5%. Big Bang, Lee Seung Chul, SHINee, Kim Bum Soo, INFINITE, Sung Shi Kyung, Huh Gak, K.Will, and more also ranked high on the list. Psy previously ranked #1 while Big Bang came in at #2 on last year’s poll, but Lee Seung Gi, who ranked in third place last year, was able to rise above the successful artists.

Among the female celebrities, Girls’ Generation effortlessly maintained their #1 spot on the chart with a whopping 20.6% votes, a 1.5% increase from their previous ranking of 19.1%. Baek Ji Young, IU, SISTAR, Jang Yoon Jung, Lee Hyori, BoA, Park Jung Hyun, Ailee, and Lee Hi also made it onto the list. Unlike last year’s poll, KARA, T-ara, and the Wonder Girls were not on the list.

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Park Eun Ji thanks SHINee’s Minho for their ‘Dream Team’ win

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 02:30 AM PDT

Park Eun Ji shared a friendly picture she took with SHINee‘s Minho.

On April 14th, she tweeted, “I won first place on ‘Dream Team’ thanks to Minho^^ Thank you~,” along with the above picture.

The idol star and Park Eun Ji are sitting next to each other as they smiled for the camera. Netizens commented, “The two look good together,” “Minho is very athletic,” and “Park Eun Ji seems to be getting prettier by the day.

Park Eun Ji and Minho won first place with their amazing teamwork on the recent ‘Vietnam Couple Survival’ special of  KBS‘ ‘Dream Team‘.

Kwak Jung Wook reveals INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Hoya, and Woohyun asked him to set up blind dates

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 02:04 AM PDT

Kwak Jung Wook revealed that the INFINITE members asked him to set them up on blind dates.

He revealed the juicy details on the April 15th episode of ‘Beatles Code 2‘ by saying, “Woohyun really likes women. Even when I go film dramas, young actresses ask me if I know Woohyun. It’s happened quite a few times. When Woohyun isn’t promoting, he calls me often. Once, he asked me to set up a 3-on-3 blind date.

When Woohyun heard this, he jumped up and said, “That’s not true at all,” but Kwak Jung Wook continued, “Sunggyu, Hoya, and Woohyun were the three members who wanted to go on the blind date.” The members said, “It’s not true at all. I think he’s exaggerating things because it’s his first time on a variety show.” Sunggyu went on to say, “The three of us aren’t even that close!

Kwak Jung Wook kept his stance, responding, “It’s true that Hoya and I said we’d exaggerate things, but the 3-on-3 blind date part is true.

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‘Book of the House of Gu’ ranks #1 in ratings for its timeslot

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 01:39 AM PDT

MBC‘s ’Book of the House of Gu‘ ranked #1 in viewer ratings!

According to AGB Nielsen, the drama received 13.6% in viewership ratings for its 3rd episode, 1.4% higher than its episode last Tuesday. In the 3rd episode, Suzy‘s character had just saved Lee Seung Gi‘s character’s life.

KBS 2TV‘s ‘God of the Workplace‘ ranked at a close 2nd place with 13.4%, and SBS‘ ‘Jang Ok Jung‘ ranked in last place at 7.9%.

Which drama are you watching?

Electroboyz celebrate “Ma Boy 3″ hitting the top 5 on music charts

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 01:15 AM PDT

Electroboyz celebrated reaching the top 5 on music charts with “Ma Boy 3“!

The boys snapped a photo with Girl’s Day‘s Sojin, who performed with them during their first week of promotions. Electroboyz tweeted, “We’re the #Electroboyz who ranked in the top 5~ Thank you to Team Electroboyz and Girl’s Day’s Sojin, who made the #maboy3 stage shine~! Have an energetic week with #maboy3 ^_^.

Electroboyz managed to rank high even with the bevy of idol stars’ albums, OSTs, and audition program music released recently. The song “Ma Boy 3″ was produced by Brave Brothers and the members themselves.

Congratulations to Electroboyz!

will.i.am releases “Gettin’ Dumb” feat. 2NE1

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 12:49 AM PDT

As previously announced, will.i.am collaborated with 2NE1 for the track “Gettin’ Dumb” on his upcoming album, and he’s now released the song on his official YouTube.

2NE1, along with apl.de.ap, featured in track #6 on his ‘#Willpower‘ album, which will release on the 23rd.

Check out “Gettin’ Dumb” (Warning: Explicit) below!