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"Kang Ho Dong reveals he couldn’t participate in food related CFs due to his obesity" plus 19 more

"Kang Ho Dong reveals he couldn’t participate in food related CFs due to his obesity" plus 19 more

Kang Ho Dong reveals he couldn’t participate in food related CFs due to his obesity

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 09:05 AM PDT

MC Kang Ho Dong revealed the real reason he couldn’t participate in many food-related endorsements was due to his obesity on ‘Knee Drop Guru‘.

On the April 4th broadcast, Kang Ho Dong revealed, “I’ve received endorsement offers for hamburgers over the years but I was always turned down in the final round. Because it’s a food product, they told me that they couldn’t accept me because of my obesity. For food CFs, I always make it to the final round but because of issues like that, I can’t model.”

“I think that there is a negative stigma that ‘you can’t be obese like Kang Ho Dong’. The advertisers say, ‘It’s likely to happen. Wait a little longer’, but end up saying, ‘Because of your obesity, we can’t.’”

Yoo Se Yoon responded, “Among the CFs Kang Ho Dong did so far, he fit best with the rubus coreanus berry CF”, bursting viewers into laughter.

Jay Park releases MV for “1HUNNIT” featuring Dok2

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 08:27 AM PDT

Jay Park has released the music video for “1HUNNIT” featuring Dok2!

“1HUNNIT” is part of his next single albumJOAH“. The single album will contain the title track, which is of course "JOAH", in addition to two coupling tracks, "1HUNNIT" and "Welcome" for a total of three songs that will cover the genres of R&B ballads and hip hop.

Jay Park introduced the MV by tweeting,

Check out the MV below!

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Girls’ Generation to release new Japanese single “LOVE&GIRLS” in May

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 08:08 AM PDT

The official Universal Music Japan website of Girls’ Generation has revealed that the girls will be releasing their 7th Japanese single “LOVE&GIRLS” on May 29th!

“LOVE&GIRLS” will come in two editions, Limited and Regular with the Limited edition including a DVD containing the music video for “Beep Beep“. The coupling track for both editions will also be a brand new track titled, “Lingua Franca“.

The post read,

The release of the first single for 2013 is set on May 29th! The title will be “LOVE&GIRLS.”

Even the coupling track is a new song!

1,890 yen (approximately $19.55)
2. Lingua Franca
“BEEP BEEP” Music Video

※ The cover art pattern A

1,260 yen (approximately $13.03)
2. Lingua Franca

※ The cover art pattern B

Source: Universal Music Japan Girls’ Generation page
[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

JYJ open up about being in Japan after 3 years

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 07:29 AM PDT

JYJ hadn’t been in Japan for the past three years since breaking away from Avex, but they never forgot about their Japanese fans and vice versa.

During a press conference for their ‘2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo dome – The return of the JYJ' held on the 4th, JYJ opened up about how much they missed Japan and their fans.

Junsu shared, “When we stood on the Tokyo Dome stage three year ago, it signified a new beginning for us. Through that stage, we tried to start again as JYJ, but we never dreamed that it would be our final stage. Although we were actively promoting in Korea, we felt very frustrated that we were not able to perform on any broadcasts, concerts, and do anything for that matter in Japan, which is like our home away from home and where we conducted half of our activities. But it was an opportunity for us to become more mature.

“Before, we used to think that holding a concert and going on TV was a sure thing, but through this, we became more thankful for even the small things. When we stood on this stage again two days ago, we thought of it as us starting over and became determined to work harder. Today is our final Tokyo Dome concert, so we hope that this is not the last, but only the beginning.”

JYJ made a triumphant return to Japan through their long-awaited three-day concert at the Tokyo Dome, selling out all 150,000 seats.

It’s good to see them back in Japan!

Oh Yeon Seo greets spring with a beautiful selca

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 07:05 AM PDT

Oh Yeon Seo greeted spring with a beautiful selca!

She posted the above photo on her me2day and wrote, “Did you have a good day? Hahaha~~ The weather is so nice, but I’m on set filming ㅜㅜ Have a fun night today too <3.” The actress dressed in a light blue knit, put on little make up, and let her hair down for an innocent, pretty look.

Oh Yeon Seo recently had good news with her daily drama ‘Oh Ja Ryong is Coming‘ being extended by 9 more episodes. Hopefully, the rest of the year will be lucky for her as well!

Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk returns to DSP Entertainment after 10 years

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 06:44 AM PDT

Former Click-B member Oh Jong Hyuk did something that only happens once in a blue moon in the K-pop industry by returning to his former agency DSP Entertainment after ten years.

DSP Entertainment confirmed on the 5th, “Oh Jong Hyuk joined the ‘DSP’ family in late March. Oh Jong Hyuk was signed under our agency from 1999 to 2003 during his time as a member of Click-B. We have reunited once again.”

Oh Jong Hyuk revealed his reason for signing with his old agency, sharing, “After being discharged from the army, I thought about who should be my [management] partner for my return to the entertainment industry. DSP is like my old home. In addition, I decided that this agency will be of systematic support to me in my singing and acting endeavors.”

A DSP rep commented, “For the time being, he plans to focus on his musical ‘Those Days‘. After finishing his musical, he will start his broadcast activities and prepare to release a solo album. Please anticipate his future activities.”

Welcome back, Oh Jong Hyuk!

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Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk hint at their budding romance on ‘Book of the House of Gu’

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 06:20 AM PDT

Another still cut from the highly anticipated MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ has been released. This time, it’s of actress Lee Yeon Hee and actor Choi Jin Hyuk!

In the newly released still cuts, Yoon Suh Hwa (Lee Yeon Hee) is on Jiri mountain where she meets Goo Wuhl Ryeong (Choi Jin Hyuk), who shows his affection for her with a big bouquet of flowers. He unintentionally makes Yoon Suh Hwa swoon with his adorable eye-smile. Fans predict that the two will have their own love line in the drama alongside Lee Seung Gi and Suzy‘s on-screen romance.

Park Tae Young PD commented, “Even though Lee Yeon Hee is only a special guest star, she did her best and showed her fighting spirit in each scene, touching the staff. Please look forward to the passionate acting of Lee Yeon Hee, who is a significant character in the beginning of the drama, and Choi Jin Hyuk.”

The countdown has already begun as we inch closer to the premiere of ‘Book of the House of Gu’ on the 8th!

KARA’s Hara being strongly considered for a lead role in ‘Young Blood’

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 05:55 AM PDT

KARA‘s Hara is being strongly considered for a role in the movie, ‘Young Blood‘ (‘Blood Boiling Youths‘).

According to staff members for the movie, Hara is being strongly considered to play the main character in the movie.

The movie will be set in the early ’80s and center around the laughter and emotion of the youth back then. It will also be a drama that shows the heated love and romance of the youth of the time. Lee Yeon Woo, who directed the movies ‘2424‘ and ‘The Turtle is Running‘ will be directing the film.

The movie ‘Young Blood’ is also considering Park Bo Young for another role, and people are looking forward to the chemistry the two young stars will have with one another. Fans are also excited to see the two in school uniforms.

One staff member told TV Daily, “There are still some details to work out, but we have been waiting for Park Bo Young and Goo Hara for a while. There’s a strong possibility that the two will star in the movie.”

Hara previously showed her acting chops in the drama ‘City Hunter‘.

INFINITE teach the “pop dance” for ‘NatuurPOP’ CF

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 05:29 AM PDT

INFINITE taught fans how to do the “pop dance” from their latest ‘NatuurPOP‘ CF!

The members break down their catchy “pop dance” into three steps: “Sweet Pop”, “Fresh Pop”, and “Good Feeling Pop”. The boys are then seen getting so giddy from eating their delicious ice cream that they get up and dance in the dessert store.

In other news, INFINITE is currently promotingMan In Love“.

Watch the CF below, and follow along!

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G.NA and f(x)’s Amber go ‘black and white’ in adorable selcas

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 05:04 AM PDT

It’s always nice to catch up on celebrity friendships. G.NA and f(x)‘s Amber got together recently and took some adorable selcas!

Amber shared on her Twitter,

G.NA retweeted the friendly snapshot, commenting, “It’s always nice to see you amber baby!♥,” making fans smile at their close friendship.

Fans commented, “You two are adorable,” ”And apparently grey too,” and more.

Super Junior’s Siwon says hello to Israel

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 04:39 AM PDT

Attention all of the ELF in Israel! Super Junior‘s Siwon is in a town near you! The idol star gave a shout out to fans with an update recently.

Siwon gave a peace sign and tweeted,

Fans responded, “Enjoy your day,” “Finally, we’re in the same time zone,” and more.

Let’s hope ELF in Israel can spot him!

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[Spoiler] ‘Iris 2′ takes the #1 spot in viewer ratings

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 04:15 AM PDT

After ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘ ended, KBS 2TV‘s ’Iris 2‘ managed to snag the #1 spot in the Wednesday/Thursday drama race!

According to AGB Nielsen, it rated at 11.1% on Thursday as MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and B2ST‘s Doojoon‘s characters are being investigated for spying. The drama boasts of an idol-full cast that includes SPEED‘s Saejoon and A-JAX‘s Hyeongkon as well.

However, it’s been speedily caught up by Shin Se Kyung and Song Seung Hun‘s ’When A Man Loves‘ on MBC, which rose 3.5% since its Wednesday episode to 10.1%. SBS‘ ‘Everything About My Relationship‘ drew in 7.4%.

INFINITE wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from April 5th!

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:52 AM PDT

KBS's 'Music Bank' is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

The MCs for tonight's episode were Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung and actor Lee Jang Woo.

Aside from the usual stages, PURE and GI (Global Icon) made their debut while K.Will, LUNAFLY, and Electroboyz held their comeback stages.

As for the winners, INFINITE faced off against Busker Busker for this week's 'K-Chart', but in the end, it was INFINITE who clinched the 'K-Chart' win with "Man in Love".

Congratulations to INFINITE!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< M.I.B >

< BTOB >

< Seo In Guk >


Others who performed tonight included AA, EvoL, RaNia, OFFROAD, 2BiC, The Nuts, Hong Jin Young, ZE:A5, Ladies’ Code, Heo Young Saeng, Girl’s Day, Teen Top, G.NA, Davichi, and INFINITE!

Check out the performances below:


< AA >


< EvoL >


< Gilgu Bonggu >


< The Nuts >


< 2BiC >




< RaNia >


< Hong Jin Young >


< Ladies’ Code >


< ZE:A5 >


< Heo Young Saeng >


< Girl’s Day >


< Teen Top >


< Davichi >




< G.NA ft. Teen Top’s L.Joe >


K.Will returns with “Love Blossom” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:48 AM PDT

K.Will has returned with "Love Blossom".

This release is part of the second part of his full-length album of the same title, which features producers Kim Do HoonDuble Sidekick, and Primary.

The title track is a fun, medium beat song of the urban soul genre, and it showcases K.Will's progress as an artist as he takes on a more rhythmical song.

Check out his comeback performance below, along with “Lay Back“!

Electroboyz return with “Ma Boy 3″ feat. Girl’s Day Sojin on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:42 AM PDT

Electroboyz have returned with "Ma Boy 3" featuring After School's Nana off their 1st full-length album 'In Love'!

The boys put on performances with SISTAR's Hyorin and Brave GirlsYejin for "Ma Boy 2", and now they've sought the help of the sexy Nana for a new sound and concept with "Ma Boy 3″.

Although the track originally features Nana, Electroboyz have chosen the talented Sojin (of Girl’s Day) to help with their rockin’ comeback performance.

Check it out down below!

Tomboy group GI (Global Icon) debut with “Beatles” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:37 AM PDT

GI (Global Icon) is making their debut with the release of “Beatles“!

As we've mentioned before, this rookie group is hoping to set themselves apart from the other girl groups out there with their tomboy or 'boyish girl group' concept.

Members HayeonOneKetEunji, AI, and Aram, are aiming to become 'Global Icons' with this release as they'll reveal their song not only through domestic sites but through iTunes in over 100 countries.

Having impressed us with their fierce video and track, the tomboys bring their skill to debut on ‘Music Bank‘!

Don’t miss out on it below.

Rookie group PURE debut with “I Still Love You” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:31 AM PDT

Rookie group PURE have just made their debut with “I Still Love You”!

"I Still Love You", which features a melodic piano, is PURE's debut track, and the MV teaser showcases the members' dramatic acting. The new 5-member idol group, whose members stand at an average of 180cm (~5'11″).

After a bit of a wait since we last heard from the group, they finally gave it their all on ‘Music Bank‘!

Check out their impressive debut stage below!

LUNAFLY “Fly to Love” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:24 AM PDT

LUNAFLY have made their comeback with their first full-length album 'Fly to Love'!

The title track of the same name was created by the members themselves with the help of lyricist Kim Ee Na. The upbeat song expresses the desire to break out from a mundane relationship.

Check out their comeback performance below, and let us know your thoughts on how they did!

Seo In Guk to collaborate with actress Goo Hye Sun for his new album?

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:05 AM PDT

Seo In Guk recently got friendly with the multi-talented actress Goo Hye Sun in the studio, raising fans’ eyebrows. Many are guessing that there’s a possible collaboration in the works for the singer’s comeback!

Jellyfish Entertainment tweeted the friendly snapshot of Seo In Guk with his arm around Goo Hye Sun in the studio. Fans were both jealous and curious to find out what kind of collaboration they have in store for Seo In Guk’s new album.

Netizens commented, “Seo In Guk’s naughty hands,” “I wonder why they met up,” and “I’m jealous of their friendship.”

Seo In Guk will make his grand return from his one-year hiatus with his new single album on the 11th!

Davichi members talk about their dating styles

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 02:40 AM PDT

Davichi spoke up about their past dating experiences.

After releasing their second full-length album ‘Mystic Ballad‘, Davichi appeared on KBS2‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.’

During the show, MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked, “You guys often sing ballads about women who have gone through a sad breakup. How have your real life dating experiences been?” Haeri shared, “Unlike our songs, a guy never said they wanted to break up with me first.”

She also added that she goes all in when she dates someone, so she has no regrets when they break up. On the other hand, Kang Min Kyung said, “When I am in love, I don’t really pay too much attention to the relationship. Then we end up breaking up, and I feel bad,” showing that although the two singers form one group, they have different dating styles.