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"Secret Hyosung shows her cuteness four times!" plus 24 more

"Secret Hyosung shows her cuteness four times!" plus 24 more

Secret Hyosung shows her cuteness four times!

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 08:00 AM PDT

Secret Hyosung shows her cute face four times in a row by uploading four selcas at a time.

She wrote, "Peek-a-boo> _ <" and attached her selcas. On the photos, she is wearing pink inner sleeveless with a white tee on top. She looks pretty with her short wavy hair and displays cute expressions.

Fans commented, "She's so flawless.","Hyosung is so pretty!","Her little cute expressions."

Source: Hyosung's twitter
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Bom reveals pre-debut photos with Seungri and Dara!

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 07:30 AM PDT

2NE1's Bom revealed a pre-debut photos of her together with Big Bang's Seungri and fellow member Dara.

On April 28, Bom uploaded the photo with Seungri with a caption,

"Oh my god...I just found this picture with Victory.. Lookin so young. oneofmyOld memory. It was in my computer taken in an MV set just before Seungri debuted"

In the photo, Bom looks so innocent while doing a V-sign and Seungri looks cool with his facial make-up on the right side of his face.

In addition to that, Bom also revealed pre-debut photo with Dara, she wrote,

"ㅋㅋㅋㅋEveryone~~~ Park sisters!!! A photo when we were still youngㅋㅋㅋ" ㅋㅋㅋㅋFunny, there's still a lot moreㅋㅋㅋ Wait for the 2nd oneㅋㅋㅋㅋ".

What can you say?

Source: Bom's instagram
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G-Dragon, despite of injury, enjoys his show!

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 07:09 AM PDT

On April 27, G-Dragon injured his leg during one of his performances in his Osaka concert. He was advised to rest for two weeks to fully recovered his sprained ankle.

Despite of this, he assured fans that he will still continue his concerts and he did.

Today, in his latest instagram picture, he wrote,

"Gooooooood show today" attached is a photo of him. In the photo,he looks fine and there's no sign of pain. He is wearing  an all black outfit while holding a cane.

Source: G-Dragon's twitter and instagram
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Taemin and NaEun spotted dating in Myeongdong!

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 06:30 AM PDT

SHINee's Taemin and A-Pink's NaEun are spotted strolling in the streets of Myeongdong. 

Apparently, the photos are taken during a filming for We Got Married, wherein the two young idols joined in as the new and youngest couple of the reality show.

The two are wearing school uniforms and strolling in the streets smiling to the people around. They are enjoying snacks and seemed in a good mood together.

Fans who saw the two during the filming commented, "I can't believe that they'll get married on the show!","Oh they look like middle schoolers in those uniforms.","Seems like a real date." etc.

More fantaken pictures below:

Meanwhile, Taemin-NaEun couple had their first appearance on We Got Married on April 27.

Sources: sweetbulletaem,ssu0718,shineeismyeverything,Hottest,chenchenxi_
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Super Junior Yesung recommends the weather for strolling

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 06:00 AM PDT

Super Junior Yesung, who wasn't able to join other members in South America because of his military enlistment next week, is enjoying a walk near their family's cafe "Mouse Rabbit".

On twitter he uploaded photos of him enjoying outdoors, he wrote,

"Good weather for walking~!!"

In the photos, he mixed and match his clothes and appeared fashionable wearing a big sized denim coat, black pants and printed colorful cap.

Fans commented, "Yesung oppa looks like a school boy!","Can i join you?","Great weather!" and so on.

Yesung will be enlisted in the army on May 6.

Meanwhile, Super Junior just recently concluded their Super Show 5 in South America after today's concert in Peru.

Source: Yesung's twitter
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Park Bom shines even in the dark

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 05:45 AM PDT

2NE1's Park Bom reveals a selca taken in a dark studio.

On April 27, she uploaded a photo and wrote, "Bom is working hard inside Teddy oppa's studio."

In the photo, Bom is sitting comfortable why touching her head with her left hand. She closed her eyes which makes her eyelashes stand out.The photo was dark but the her overall appearance is still attractive.

Fans commented, "She looks exhausted, but still shining.","Rest well after that.","You're still pretty!" and so on.

Source: Bom's twitter
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Infinite members greet Sunggyu a 'Happy Birthday!'

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 05:08 AM PDT

Today, Infinite's leader Sunggyu is celebrating his birthday. Therefore each members prepared their own greetings for him through their respective twitter accounts.

Hoya: Gyu hyung-nim, happy birthday

Dongwoo: ㅋㅋㅋ Gyu's date of birth ~.~ We will live brightly!!! The life that is worth keeping for because it passes by euheuheu Life is like a party~!

Sungjong: Sunggyu hyung~!

Happy birthday~♥♥♥
Leader Gyu-nim who becomes my strenth~!
I love you~+_+♥♥
I'll give you my selca as a gift ㅎㅎ

Sungyeol: I want to cheer the birthday of our cute Gyu-nim who is actually 30 years old if you estimate
Now that your age became like that, let me ask something!
Even though I am grateful, sir, please avoid doing cute things from now... These are my highly favors

L: Congratulations on your half of 50 years old, see you on stage

Sunggyu who received a lot of greetings, thanks fans as he wrote, "Thanks Infinite friends! I'll always be your cutie!"

Woohyun: Thank you to fans who greeted Gyu hyung ah a happy birthday ㅋㅋ I feel grateful that I can upload a charming selca~ We are making Gyu hyung happy. ㅋ Wookkikki Haha woogelgel

Source: Infinite members' twitter
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G-Dragon: rugged or clean?

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 04:00 AM PDT

G-Dragon posted a photo on his Instagram account while he's about to eat the sushi. But the fans paid attention on something else--- G-Dragon's facial hair.
The controversial facial hair drew positive reactions from the netizens. Here are some:
"haha true!! i stared at this pic for quite some time... haha... darn.. those facial hairs... love 'em.. :)"---Hasmin
"BRACE cause GD's look is amazing
He must keep it!"
---Maria Isabel Huertas Criado
"And i love you GD!! Can i be that Sea Urchins *.*
Facial hair is trending among GDYB now ㅋㅋㅋ
Sexiness overload ❤ ❤ ❤"---PERfect VersatilitY
Which is which? rugged or clean?
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BoA's head becomes big!

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 03:30 AM PDT

BoA's 'head becomes big' is not a figurative description that will mean being boastful.
That's literal. BoA posted an edited photo that shows her with a very huge head. She said,  "BoA with BIG head!!!! Lol"
This is funny, at least it's not the other way around.

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Kara's Hara sends love and support for Gyuri

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 03:00 AM PDT

Kara's Hara expresses her love and support for her fellow member Gyuri on her press conference for 'Nail Salon Paris'.

Hara made sure that Gyuri will feel her presence through a rice wreath with a funny caption, "KARA's Hara. If you see this, text me keke. You who transformed into a boy! Let's receive an actor's award! 'Nail Salon Paris' hwaiting daebak!"

Hara posted on her twitter account the photo saying, "I tried sending a tribute rice wreath to Gyuri unni keke. I hope 'Nail Salon Paris' becomes daebak ♥"

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SOURCE: @_sweethara

Super Junior's Eunhyuk says bye bye to Chile

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 02:30 AM PDT

Super Junior's Eunhyuk posted a simple message of farewell to their fans in Chile on his twitter account. He said, 
"Bye Chile~ see ya!!!!!!!" 

The post was a message of two opposing thoughts--- a goodbye and a meeting. 

Why not? Their fans in Chile made a record for Super Junior as the K-Pop group which is able to gather the largest audience for a concert in South America.

Fans from the other South American countries, please don't jealous.
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SOURCE: Eunhyuk@AllRiseSilver

A-Prince reveals official trailer for Showcase Live In Singapore 2013

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 02:00 AM PDT

JNation Entertainment reveals the official trailer of A-Prince's Showcase Live in Singapore 2013. It features the five gorgeous guys of A-Prince, starting from SungwonSeungjunMinhyukSiyoon, to Woobin.

The showcase will be held on May 18 at 2:00 PM (SGT) at DBS Arts Centre. And after that, there will be a Meet and Greet cum Hi 5 Session on May 19 at 5:00 PM (SGT) at JCube-Level 5, JStage. For tickets, visit here.

Here's the trailer:

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A-JAX reveals official trailer for "ITS SHOWTIME" Showcase Live in Singapore

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 01:30 AM PDT

JNation Entertainment reveals the official trailer of A-Jax's 'It's Showtime' Showcase Live in Singapore. It features the seven gorgeous guys of A-Jax, starting from SungminJaehyungHyeongkonYunyoungSeungjin, Hyo Jun, to Seungyeop.

A-Jax started as DSP Boyz, but eventually changed to what they are known for now. They debuted with the song "One 4 U" in 2012. 

The show will be held on May 24 at 7:00 PM at Kallang Theater. For tickets, visit here.

Here's the trailer:

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4Minute asks "What's Your Name" on Inkigayo

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 01:06 AM PDT

4Minute is back on Inkigayo with new song "What's Your Name", check out their comeback performance below.

Uh Oh! JNation Entertainment vs. Singaporean BTOB's Melodies

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 01:00 AM PDT

JNation Entertainment posted a news on their official Facebook that all BTOB's fans won't like. 
The update is about the BTOB's Showcase Live in Singapore on June 16. Here it is:
"We would like to officially announce the cancellation of BTOB's 2nd Confession Showcase Live in Singapore which was to be held on the 16th June 2013. 
Cube Entertainment and JNation Entertainment would like you to continue supporting BTOB and their future activities. In the meantime, please look forward to our upcoming shows in Singapore. Thank you :) "
That cancellation of BTOB's show in Singapore drew a lot of negative reactions from the Singaporean BTOB's Melodies. Here are some of the comments:
Jasmine-Jas Wong was really upset and voices out that there will be trust issues regarding the cancellation. Here's the gist of her comment, "... SG's Melodies wasn't pleased...You don't know how eager are the fans... Now, it isn't the issue whether there will definitely be a next time for BTOB to come in the future, it is rather the trust fans put in you but you broke that trust..."
Gavin Yeong Wei Kiat shared, " JNation... How can you do this to us Singapore Melodies... We are so Expecting that... T__T"
"Singapore fans really disappointed and upset twith this announcements. ..cux we really looking forward to their showcase....." expresses Karen Teo Siew Hong.

Uh Oh, JNation and BTOB has to do something to calm the disappointed BTOB's melodies. 

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SOURCE: jnation-entertainment

HISTORY debuts with "Dreamer" on Inkigayo

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 12:46 AM PDT

New boys History perform their debut track "Dreamer" on Inkigayo, check out their debut stage below.

*IU is featured in their performance

4-minute shares their experinces appearing on SNL

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 12:00 AM PDT

4-minute members shares their thoughts about their appearance on SNL.

The group has received a lot of attention when they appeared on SNL on April 27.
Nam Jihyun expressed, "It makes me happy when I appear on SNL Korea, because the show always makes us excited. We will do our best and tonight will be a good night."

4-minute's maknae added, "I'm really glad to appear in this show candidly since I've just turned 20 years old."

Hyuna continued, "Since our group name is 4minute, we will use 4mins to attract one person from the audience." and gives excitement to the anticipating audience. Park Jaebeon also joined them on stage and danced with them.

Source: TV Report
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CNBlue concludes their Tokyo fanmeeting with a group photo

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 11:30 PM PDT

The members of CNBLUE gathered for a group photo as they successfully ended their Tokyo fanmeeting and Blind Love release event.

Through a tweet from FNC Music Japan's official twitter account,

"Yesterday's Tokyo Fan Meeting event today's Blind Love release event successfully ended. Thank you very much everyone. Please continue supporting CNBlue."

On April 26, CNBLUE met their fans in Tokyo for their fanmeeting and on April 27, they held Blind Love release event.

Source: @fncmusicjapan
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G-Dragon injures his leg in Osaka concert

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 11:00 PM PDT

G-Dragon injured his leg in his Osaka Concert on April 27.
Right after the concert, G-Dragon let fans know his condition through his LINE update, he wrote,

"The Osaka concert ended today.. I've been careless so I got a little injury on stage... I'm sorry I want to show a good stage. Hopefully I can meet you all tomorrow in a good condition, I'll have a good rest today..! For the people who went today and for those who were until the end, thank you very much!"

Particularly, during one of his performance, G-Dragon, in his usual energetic mood sprained his right ankle but despite the pain, he still pulled off a successful and energetic stage.

Get well soon.

Source: G-Dragon's line account
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TVXQ adds two more concerts at Nissan Stadium!

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 10:30 PM PDT

TVXQ is going to hold an additional two concerts at the Japan's biggest concert venue, Nissan Stadium.

After concluding the first of TVXQ's 5 Dome Tour on April 27th at the Saitama Super Arena, the duo will hold two more concerts at the Nissan Stadium on August 17 and 18.

For the records, TVXQ is the first non-Japanese group to conduct a 5 Dome tour. After Saitama Super Arena, they will continue their tour to Tokyo Dome, Osaka's Kyocera Dome, Fukuoka's Yahoo! Japan Dome, Sapporo Dome and Nagoya Dome.

The Nissan Stadium can hold up to 72,000 people. Many famous Japanese artists already held their concerts at the said stadium.

Source: xportsnews
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Infinite says, "It's possible to date a fan"

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 09:34 PM PDT

In a drunken interview with 'trend idols' conducted by  Ilgan Sports, Infinite members shared their stories about love.

When asked a question if it would be possible to date a fan, Woohyun answered, "Nothing's impossible as long as I love her. Besides our fans are the most beautiful." Hoya added, "There was an instance where we see pretty fans in the front. When we go back to our waiting room, we ask each other, "Did you see her?" If she catches our attention,we will go to her and sing a song."

However, Sunggyu said, "Honestly, in our current situation, it'll be hard I guess."

In addition to that, the members generously shared their first love experiences.

Firstly, Hoya shared, "I had a unrequited love for a noona who is one year older than me when I was 18. Because of her, I had decided to live in Seoul with my grandma for few months." Sunggyu relived, "During my highschool days, I think I'd become crazy running to catch her because I really wanted to see her a lot."

Sungyeol surprisingly revealed that he dated a noona who was 5 years older than him. "I was in 2nd year high school when I dated a noona who is 5 years older than me. I saw her on the streets and ran to her to get her phone number. Because of that, we gradually became close."

Sungjong admitted that he still thinks of the memories he had with a girl of the same age he dated when he was in 3rd year middle school.

Source: Excerpt from Ilgan Sports
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B2ST's Kikwang makes fun of his face

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 09:05 PM PDT

B2ST's Kikwang posted different photos showing his various facial expressions saying, "6-step transformation robot.. kekekekekeke."
Kikwang seems to like making fun of himself and not shy to show it to others. 
Sometimes a gorgeous face is not needed for the people to love you, just your wacky personality is enough. But, how lucky Kikwang is, he has the gorgeous face and has a funny personality. 
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SOURCE: @b2stgk

Lee JungYong’s son leaks B2ST's Hyunseung's phone number

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 09:00 PM PDT

On April 27th episode f SBS 'Star Junior Show BungOhBbang', actor Lee Jung Yong revealed a story, "My son Mid Eum and I are so mischievous  but I was shocked when he gave out B2ST Jang Hyunseung's personal number to a noona in the neighborhood. I don't know what to do and I scolded him alot."

His son, MidEum explained, "I told a noona in the school that I have phone numbers of ZE:A's Im Siwan and B2ST's Jang Hyunseung hyung. She said I'm good. I wanted to show off so gave Hyunseung hyung's. I didn't realized that it's bad."

The actor apologized through a video message and said that his son is young and asked for Hyunseung's understanding.

On the other hand, B2ST Hyunseung responded through a video message, "It's fine to reveal my number. Don't worry too much, in fact I'll give you my new phone number so keep it a secret."

Source: SportSeoul
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Huh Gak voices out frustrations

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 08:40 PM PDT

Huh Gak,  the winner of  'Superstar K ' 2 and is under the A-Cube Entertainment, voiced out his frustration regarding the destructive criticisms stoning to him.
He tweeted, 'Kekeke, I can only laugh because I'm so speechless… I'll not say anything, so stop please criticizing me. I guess it's not right to pay attention on it.. But this is too much. Today I realize that being honest is a crime.. Children of darkness, have a nice day…ㅡㅡ.'
He followed it with another tweet saying, ''I'm going to see a musical to get over it. 'When a Man is in Love'! It's going to be fun, right..?"
Constructive criticisms is far better than the destructive ones. 
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SOURCE: @huhgakzzang

SHINHWA greets Malaysian fans

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 08:29 PM PDT

SHINHWA recorded a video message for Malaysian fans.

SHINHWA will perform at the 2013 Asia Super Showcase on 12th May, check out their message below

Don't miss this chance to get 10% off for general public and 15% off for ticket holders of 2012 Asia Super Showcase on all tickets (except VIP) at selected TicketCharge outlets! Ticket discount ends by the end of today! 

For more ticketing information, please visit: