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"‘We Got Married: Global Edition’ to start airing on April 7" plus 19 more

"‘We Got Married: Global Edition’ to start airing on April 7" plus 19 more

‘We Got Married: Global Edition’ to start airing on April 7

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 09:33 AM PDT

We Got Married: Global Edition‘ will start airing on April 7 through MBC Every1!

Many fans have been eagerly waiting for the series featuring the Taecyeon-Gui Gui and the Hongki-Fujii Mina couples since they were confirmed in February.

The ‘We Got Married: Global Edition’ is a global project that will be broadcast to 21 different nations under a contract with Singapore’s Sony Pictures Television Networks Asia. These countries include Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more.

Some Korean audience members should be familiar with Japanese actress Fujii Mina as she had previously appeared on the SBS drama ‘The Lord of the Drama‘. She also studied Korean in college, so it’s reported she had no difficulties communicating with Hongki.

Taiwanese singer / actress Gui Gui is fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese, so she conversed in English with Taecyeon, who grew up in Boston.

The two couples will have 15 episodes in all and the first episode will air at 11:30 KST on April 7.

After news of pregnancy, JYP Entertainment confirms Sun won’t be leaving the Wonder Girls

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 09:02 AM PDT

JYP Entertainment refuted all rumors that Sun would be leaving the Wonder Girls.

She had announced the amazing news through her Twitter that she was pregnant, but news of her pregnancy fueled some rumors that she would be leaving the group.

However, a rep from JYP talked to Newsen and stated, “Sun will still be promoting as a member of the Wonder Girls even after her pregnancy. It’s not that she left the Wonder Girls, but that she’s taking a temporary break. Rumors that the girls will be breaking up are all false. They’re baseless. Sun’s pregnancy is something that should be sincerely congratulated.

Sun is currently living in Canada with her husband and her in-laws.

Girls’ Generation to release music video for “Beep Beep” on April 5th

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 08:29 AM PDT

It’s been revealed that Girls’ Generation will be releasing the music video for their Japanese track, “Beep Beep” on April 5th!

The official Universal Music Japan website for Girls’ Generation was updated earlier today with news stating that the music video for “Beep Beep” would be released on April 5 at 8 (presumably 8am because a lot of news releases in Japan use the 24-hour clock notation).

The news was also announced during their concert in Saitama earlier today where a brief preview of the music video was shown.

Taeyeon also confirmed the news through her Instagram where she shared the photo below and wrote, “Tomorrow!! Beep! Beep!

“Beep Beep” was the B-sided track on their sixth Japanese single, “Flower Power“.

Source: Universal Music Japan Girls’ Generation Website

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Robert Downey Jr. reveals his love for Korea + MFBTY perform at ‘Iron Man 3′ press conference

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 08:06 AM PDT

On April 4, Robert Downey Jr. celebrated his 48th birthday in Korea as he kicked off the world promotional tour for his Hollywood blockbuster ‘Iron Man 3‘.

Robert Downey Jr. attended the press conference for the movie at the Yeouido Conrad Hotel in Seoul and revealed, “I requested that we first go to Seoul. Korea is the first stop of the ‘Iron Man 3′ world tour. I requested that I go to Korea first so here I am. Thank you for the warm welcome and support you’ve given me.”

“I am the type of person who watches movies with a critical eye. But even in my eyes, I think that ‘Iron Man 3′ is a movie that is worth buying a ticket for and watching.”

A red carpet event was also held at the Yeongdeung-po Times Square where Robert Downey Jr. briefly performed his own version of Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” dance during the photo op.

For the special stage, MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae Bizzy) were invited to perform and their son Jordan was also in attendance.

‘Iron Man 3′ will premiere in Korea on the 25th.

Jordan & Robert Downey Jr. cutting birthday cake:

Image: OSEN

Actor Park Hae Jin’s immense popularity brings chaos in China

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Actor Park Hae Jin‘s immense popularity brought chaos to an event in China.

Recently, Park Hae Jin was in China to shoot an advertisement and a pictorial, and afterwards, he attended a fan meeting and fashion show on March 30th.

His immense popularity was obvious when 2,500 fans showed up to the fashion show and fan meeting in Zhuzhou despite a 500-person limit. Due to the sheer size of the crowd, the runway collapsed, causing the event to be delayed twice. It was hectic to the point that fans were not even able to take photos as they were all jostled by the massive crowd.

When Park Hae Jin was filming his advertisement, so many fans showed up that the shoot had to come to a halt, and after many twists and turns, the filming was finally continued after 14 hours.

On April 1st, his Chinese fans also presented him with a seven-layer cake for his seventh year anniversary as well as a special video collection of his past works.

On another note, after starring in the hit drama ‘My Daughter Seo Young‘, Park Hae Jin will be a part of the Chinese drama ‘A Love Far Away‘ until July of this year.

KARA’s Gyuri goes all natural in recent selcas

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 07:14 AM PDT

KARA‘s Gyuri showed her confidence in her natural beauty by going without makeup.

Gyuri shared on her Twitter, “I should go to sleep… (´~`). I did everything I could possibly do.. Finallyㅜㅜ Before I turn off the lights. hehe Goodnight, everyone.” She looked ready to go to bed with no makeup on.

The KARA members are currently in Japan to promote their 8th Japanese single "Bye Bye Happy Days".

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Yoo Ah In was flustered by Kim Tae Hee’s beauty?

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 06:54 AM PDT

Even Yoo Ah In was flustered by Kim Tae Hee‘s beauty.

On the April 3rd broadcast of SBS’One Night of TV Entertainment‘, the actor commented on his co-star who he plays opposite of in the new SBS drama, ‘Jang Ok Jung‘.

Yoo Ah In said, “To be honest, while acting, I would let my guard down and steal glances at her. I mean she is Kim Tae Hee,” sharing how he too was captivated by the actress’ beauty.

Kim Tae Hee waved her hands and said, “What are you talking about? While acting with Yoo Ah In, I forgot my lines because of his intense eyes.”

‘Jang Ok Jung’ airs its first episode on April 8th.

How do celebrities deal with 1 meal a day?

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 06:30 AM PDT

How do celebrities deal with their 1-meal-a-day diets? Well, apparently by eating a huge meal for their ’1 meal’!

Hong Jin Young tweeted a photo of herself eating and wrote, “The bad example of a 1-meal-a-day diet.. kekekekekekekeke;;.” Her ’1 meal’ included 2 giant bowls of bibimbap, 2 tonkatsu plates, and 3 huge bowls of side dishes.

Gil also tweeted a photo with the message, “Lately, the 1-meal-a-day is a trend, right..? So I started, too… A big revelation of Gil’s diet~.” Gil’s meal consisted of 3 huge bowls along with 3 side dish plates.

Does their version of the ’1 meal a day’ diet sound good to you?

How would you feel trying out their 1-meal-a-day diet?

Park Min Ha gets friendly with K.Will, INFINITE’s L, and SISTAR’s Dasom on the set of “Love Blossom” MV

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 06:05 AM PDT

Child actress Park Min Ha made fans a little jelly by sharing adorable photos of her getting friendly with K.Will, INFINITE‘s L, and SISTAR‘s Dasom on the set of K.Will’s “Love Blossom” MV.

Park Min Ha shared on her Twitter, “The filming day of K.Will uncle’s MV~ I rode a seal with uncle during the break time ^^ The seal didn’t stop, so Min Ha and uncle rode it three times…Min Ha is excited~^^. Min Ha, who really likes Dasom unni, and Dasom unni, who took good care of Minha~♥. I met INFINITE oppa on the set of K.Will uncle’s MV~ He is the very very handsome L oppa who said to Minha ‘Eunbyul ah~^^’ and called me sweetly~♥.” It looks like she had a fun time with the idol stars. She even kissed L on the cheek!

Check out K.Will’s “Love Blossom” MV if you haven’t done so already!

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Stardom Entertainment’s upcoming group TOPP DOGG releases “TOP” from mixtape

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 05:39 AM PDT

Stardom Entertainment‘s upcoming group TOPP DOGG has released “TOP” from volume 1 of their mixtape.

Little is known about TOPP DOGG as of now, but they first appeared on EvoL‘s real variety show on MBC Music. Judging by their mixtape, the group is focusing on the hip hop and rap genres.

Check out “TOP” as well as their previous release “Bang” below!



Han Ga In and husband Yeon Jung Hun want to have a baby next year?

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 05:15 AM PDT

Actress Han Ga In has been happily married to her husband Yeon Jung Hun for eight years, and she’s revealed her plans to have a baby in the year of the horse.

On the April 3rd broadcast of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, Han Ga In revealed that having a baby is not so easy. She shared, “[He] always plans for a baby and then changes his mind. But just because you plan to have a baby doesn’t mean it’s going to work according to plan.”

Yeon Jung Hun previously announced, “I want to conceive a baby in 2013 who will be born later in 2014. I want to have a child who is also born in the year of the horse like me,” responding to curiosity about why the couple have yet to become parents.

Actor Uhm Tae Woong also gave his advice, saying, “You should have at least two kids.”

Lee Hi continues with “Rose” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 04:53 AM PDT

Lee Hi is following up with her second title song "Rose".

Part 2 of the 'monster rookie's first album 'First Love' also includes "Fool For Love", "Because", "Am I Strange", and "1,2,3,4".

"Rose" is the work of 1TYM's Teddy, who wrote the lyrics and arranged the track, and Song Baek Kyung, who composed it.

Check out her performance below!

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun donates 3 tons of rice to charity

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 04:51 AM PDT

ELF all know that underneath Super Junior Kyuhyun‘s rough image on ‘Radio Star‘, the idol star has a heart of gold.

Kyuhyun will be donating 2750kg (~6062 lbs) of rice to charity in the neighborhood of Nowon, where he used to live, on the 6th. The rice, which will feed 275 families, was presented by fans to congratulate him for being cast in the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can‘.

Thirty-three lucky fans from the ‘Korea Cultural Experience’ organization in Taiwan who came to support Kyuhyun’s musical ‘Three Musketeers‘ will also attend the donation ceremony on behalf of ELF worldwide.

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Actress Lee Yeon Hee in uniform revealed

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 04:26 AM PDT

Past photos of a much younger Lee Yeon Hee have been making their rounds on the internet recently.

The photos of the actress in her school uniform have netizens saying that she always stood out from the crowd. Fans couldn’t help but point out her naturally milky skin and beautiful visuals during her childhood and teenage years.

Netizens commented, “Lee Yeon Hee was born to be an actress,” and “She’s a natural beauty.”

Lee Yeon Hee is starring in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘, which premieres on the 8th!

INFINITE win #1 on ‘M! Countdown’ + Performances from April 4th!

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 04:02 AM PDT

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances.

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, Electroboyz, K.Will, and LUNAFLY made their comebacks, while DELIGHT debuted and Lee Hi followed up with “Rose“.

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between INFINITE and Davichi, but in the end, it was INFINITE who clinched the win tonight with "Man in Love"!

Congratulations to INFINITE on their 'M! Countdown' trophy!


[Next Week's Teasers]

< M.I.B >

< BTOB >

< Seo In Guk >


Performers tonight included Heo Young Saeng, Davichi, INFINITE, G.NA, Girl’s Day, TEEN TOP, Ami, ZE:A5, Pure,  and Gil9Bong9.

Check out the performances below:


< Heo Young Saeng >


< Davichi >




< G.NA >


< Girl’s Day >




< Ami >


< ZE:A5 >


< Gil9Bong9 >


< Pure >


DELIGHT debut with “Mega Yak” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 03:50 AM PDT

Rookie girl group DELIGHT has debuted with “Mega Yak“.

Their title song features a rap by Block B's P.O, and their mini-album of the same name contains different versions of “Mega Yak” as well as 3 other tracks.

Check out DELIGHT’s debut performance below!

K.Will returns with “Love Blossom” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 03:24 AM PDT

K.Will has returned with "Love Blossom".

This release is part of the second part of his full-length album of the same title, which features producers Kim Do HoonDuble Sidekick, and Primary.

The title track is a fun, medium beat song of the urban soul genre, and it showcases K.Will's progress as an artist as he takes on a more rhythmical song.

Check out his comeback performance below!

LUNAFLY “Fly to Love” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 03:13 AM PDT

LUNAFLY have made their comeback with their first full-length album 'Fly to Love'!

The title track of the same name was created by the members themselves with the help of lyricist Kim Ee Na. The upbeat song expresses the desire to break out from a mundane relationship.

Check out their comeback performance below!

Electroboyz return with “Ma Boy 3″ feat. After School’s Nana on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 03:02 AM PDT

Electroboyz have returned with "Ma Boy 3" featuring After School's Nana off their 1st full-length album 'In Love'!

The boys put on performances with SISTAR's Hyorin and Brave GirlsYejin for "Ma Boy 2", and now they've sought the help of the sexy Nana for a new sound and concept with "Ma Boy 3″.

Check out their comeback performance below!

Song Hye Kyo shares her thoughts on the finale of ‘Wind Blows In Winter’

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 02:45 AM PDT

Actress Song Hye Kyo opened up in an interview about her mega successful drama ‘Wind Blows In Winter‘, which aired its finale on the 3rd.

Q: “During filming for ‘Wind Blows In Winter’, which was the most difficult scene to act in?”

A: “Oh Young’s palace-like house. It was so cold there during the mornings and nights because there were a lot of scenes where I would look out the window. The scene that I fall into the river in the beginning of the drama was the worst.”

Q: “What do you remember as your most difficult moment?”

A: “The 13th episode when I would come out of the lodge. During the scene, I was in a tender emotional state and my feelings gradually exploded. A plane once flew by during the scene and my emotional state was disrupted, so I tried to get back into it but it was difficult.”

Q: “Which character in ‘Wind Blows In Winter’ do you want to protect the most?”

A: Oh Soo? No. It’s ‘Secretary Wang’ (Bae Jong Ok) who my character always treated sensitively. Even a biological mother wouldn’t be able to be so dedicated to a visually impaired daughter.”

Q: “Were you ever sorry to Jo In Sung during filming?”

A: “[I felt bad about] being carried by In Sung. Why did they keep adding those scenes… I’m sorry.”

Q: “The best line by Oh Young?”

A: “Breaking up with Oh Soo. “You lied to me…” In this scene I actually thought I became Oh Young. My heart was so sad. Other than that, my conversations with Oh Soo on the rooftop and I also like Oh Soo’s narrations.”

Q: “Did you know you look like INFINITE‘s Sungjong?”

A: “I was worried that fans might not like this. I saw the article too, and we really do look alike.”

Q: “What are you true thoughts about Oh Young?”

A: “Oh Young is a very pitiful character. I think to myself that what is the point of having a lot of money. I think that Oh Soo’s background is better. People tell me, ‘You’re going to see Oh Soo tomorrow, so you’re lucky!’ and don’t think of me as a celebrity.”

Source + image: The Star via

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