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"LC9 release teaser for “Mama Beat”" plus 19 more

"LC9 release teaser for “Mama Beat”" plus 19 more

LC9 release teaser for “Mama Beat”

Posted: 06 May 2013 09:03 AM PDT

LC9 has released their teaser for “Mama Beat“!

The group, previously nicknamed 'Brown Eyed Boys', is going by the official name of 'League of Competition #9', which is abbreviated as LC9. We’ve currently been introduced to six of the members: J-HyoRASAKingAO, Jun, and E.Den.

The boys are now here with a video teaser featuring the lovely vocals of Brown Eyed GirlsGa In. Sadly, we don’t get to hear the boys at all, but hopefully we’ll be hearing more of them before their upcoming debut! The teaser gives a glimpse of the backstreet urban feel they’re aiming for.

LC9 will be making their debut on May 9, so stay tuned for more details to come, and check out the teaser below.

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T-ara speak up about their bullying scandal for the first time, Jiyeon apologizes to Hwayoung

Posted: 06 May 2013 08:33 AM PDT

The members of T-ara N4 talked about their bullying scandal and various other rumors for the first time on broadcast.

The girls were guests on the May 6 episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘. Hyomin was the first to speak up, and she said, “There were rumors that I was a thug when I went to school. I just hung out with kids who weren’t the nicest kids, but that was it. There are also rumors that I was forced to move schools because I had hit another student. I never hit anyone. I’d rather someone come out and say that I hit them.” Hyomin revealed that she had moved schools, but it wasn’t because she had hit someone. She explained, “My mom decided that I should switch schools because she wanted to pursue a better education for me. It’s not related to violence at all. The reason why I didn’t say anything back then was because I didn’t want people to look down on my friends because of me.

The girls also admitted that they had an argument with Hwayoung during the SNS controversy. However, Eunjung asserted that there was no bullying, saying, “People might think so if you just read everything that’s online. But even I was rumored to being bullied. To be honest, we had an argument with Hwayoung for about 2 days during the incident. But it was wrong of us to publicly make statements through Twitter. It was wrong to write about the topic, period. The more we stayed silent, the rumors and misunderstandings kept growing. It was so bad that even we were getting confused. I thought I’d lived without any regrets, but I was pained because I felt I’d become a bad person.

On all the hate comments they received, Eunjung said, “Whenever articles about us come out, we get a ton of hate comments. At first, I just read it out of curiosity… but I can’t read it anymore because the more I read, the more energy I lose.

Hyomin added, “The worst one was when Soyeon unni got into a car accident, and someone wrote, ‘she should have just died’. There were others who said the entire accident was made up. It was such a bad accident that she got tossed out of the car.

On their ‘Music Bank‘ controversy, Hyomin spoke up to say, “After we argued in Japan, we had a ‘Music Bank’ schedule right away. It was so awkward. After we came back to Korea, we had a conversation with Hwayoung for about 40 minutes. I didn’t want to have fights when it was a stage we were dreaming of. After Hwayoung left, we had an official schedule, but we couldn’t say anything because of the circumstances. We wanted to say something so badly that it even came out in our dreams. I just wanted to say two things: ‘I’m sorry, and I’ll work harder’. But if we tried to explain ourselves back then, the situation would have just gotten worse. But we really wanted to. We wanted to admit the parts that were true, that they weren’t false, and then take time off to self reflect. But in the end, we just became the kids who didn’t care.

Jiyeon also apologized to Hwayoung and said, “We had been together for over 3 years, so Hwayoung might have had difficulties being with us. She probably had a hard time adjusting. If we truly hated her, we wouldn’t have even argued. But we disappointed her and made her feel lonely. No matter the reason, we’re sorry and also apologize to have created a disturbance as public figures.

Source: TV Report

Sohee becomes the muse for ’8seconds’

Posted: 06 May 2013 08:03 AM PDT

Wonder GirlsSohee became the sexy muse for Cheil‘s fashion label, ‘8seconds‘!

Sohee will be the model for the clothing brand’s summer line, and she looks nothing short of stunning in bright-colored summer clothes. Sohee’s hair is her natural jet black and she let it down for a naturally messy look. She accentuated her whole look with bright red lipstick.

She’ll be mainly modeling their short shorts for the summer, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to show off her dazzling legs! Check out some of the pictures below

Tip: Ferdz Evans

YG Family is ‘forever fresh’ with Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Posted: 06 May 2013 07:34 AM PDT

2NE1‘s CL has been meeting up a lot of foreign stars lately, and the next up was none other than Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith!

She posted 2 photos onto her Instagram with the Smith family. The first one was a solo cut of herself and the two Smiths, and she wrote, “foreverfresh!!!“, alluding to Will Smith’s famous role from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘.

The second photo shows Big Bang members such as T.O.P and Taeyang, along with YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk. She wrote, “familyfamilyfamily” onto her Instagram along with the photo.

All of them seem to be at a recording studio. Do you think they could have been recording something for the movie ‘After Earth‘ like Jay Park did?

Tip: Marianne

[Spoiler] Who is the most popular member of ‘Dad, Where Are We Going’?

Posted: 06 May 2013 04:00 AM PDT

The dads of the father-son (and daughter) variety program, ‘Dad, Where Are We Going‘ went through a popularity contest on the show’s latest episode.

Although the vote would’ve been harrowing in the first place, it was made even more so by the fact that the kids were the ones who would be voting. Although one might think that each child would vote for his or her own father, the results didn’t live up to expectations.

The most popular father was Yoon Min Soo with a total of four votes, while the least popular was Kim Sung Joo, with an embarrassing grand total of zero. The loss was especially disheartening, as all fathers who scored less than two votes had to suffer a punishment by going out on the sea before dawn.

However, there was a surprise twist: Yoon Hoo and Sung Joon were revealed to have rigged (?) the voting beforehand by agreeing to pick each others’ fathers. Therefore, one vote each was removed from the total – which led to all of the fathers except Yoon Min Soo having to undergo the pre-dawn punishment.

Check out the full episode below (segment starts towards the end of the first video)!

JYP Nation shows up to support 15&’s goodbye stage

Posted: 06 May 2013 03:00 AM PDT

The ballad duo 15& recently had their final stage for their latest comeback track, “Somebody“, and their fellow JYP labelmates showed up to support one of the newest members of JYP Nation!

“Thank you for your support for 15&’s “Somebody”!!♥” they posted to JYP Nation’s official Twitter earlier today. The photo shows the happy group clustered around Baek Ye Rin and Park Ji Min, including Wonder GirlsYenny and other members of JYP Entertainment!

What does Kim Soo Hyun miss the most on the set of his new movie?

Posted: 06 May 2013 02:00 AM PDT

Popular actor Kim Soo Hyun dished on something he missed during his time on the set of his new film, ‘Secretly and Greatly‘.

Appearing on MBC‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ with his co-stars Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo, he revealed that the lack of female presence on the set kept spirits down among the all-male cast.

“When we went on location for filming, the location always felt cold,” he said. “When male actors film together, it’s full of energy, but our hearts were always empty.”


Psy reveals he is already hard at work on his next album

Posted: 06 May 2013 01:00 AM PDT

World star Psy revealed that he was already hard at work on his follow-up album to “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman“.

During his guest appearance on the American online talk show ‘Saturday Night Online Live With Romeo‘, Psy announced parts of his future plans. “After “Gentleman” promotions, I’m planning on making a new album,” he revealed. “It will be the seventh album in Korea, and my debut album in America. I’m hoping for a summer season release.”

He also mentioned that the new album would incorporate many collaborations. “I’m not thinking of any particular artists at the moment, but if I can think of someone after I finish the track I’ll make some proposals.”

When asked to pick his personal favorite track from his work, he selected “It’s Art” from his fifth album, and also noted that the Brown Eyed Girls were the inspiration behind the “Gentleman” dance.


Lena Park contributes “My Everything” to the ‘We Got Married’ OST

Posted: 05 May 2013 11:19 PM PDT

Following the release of B1A4‘s contribution to the ‘We Got Married: Global Edition‘ OST is none other than songstress Lena Park with “My Everything“.

‘We Got Married: Global Edition’ is a global project that will be broadcast to 21 different nations under a contract with Singapore’s Sony Pictures Television Networks Asia. These countries include Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more. It stars 2PM‘s Taecyeon and F.T. Island‘s Hongki with Taiwanese star Gui Gui and Japanese actress Fujii Mina respectively.

‘National Fairy’ Lena Park, with her in heavenly voice, uses the sweet and delicate melodies of “My Everything” to create an impressively climatic song. Her vocal range and power are a great treat and fitting for the ups and downs of the programs budding love lines.

Listen below and tell us what you think.

A new soloist, a group debut, or a comeback, “Who’s Next?” at YG Entertainment?

Posted: 05 May 2013 10:47 PM PDT

The master of trolling who operates YG Entertainment‘s SNS channels is at it again, releasing yet another ambiguous teaser.

A short while ago, YGE’s Official Twitter tweeted the above poster along with,  ”[WHO'S NEXT?]“. No other information was provided… of course, though that hasn’t stopped speculations. Given the number of delayed YGE releases, the poster could refer to Kang Seung Yoon‘s debut album, 2NE1‘s much-delayed comeback, or Taeyang‘s new solo release.

The fact that the 2NE1 text is larger than the other text on the poster is getting much interest. However, we also see that CL, who has as yet to release solo album/single since her is listed alongside Bom, Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and T.O.P, who have all released solo work. Thus, fueling speculation that the poster is referring to a CL solo album, particularly since she mentioned working on her solo in a recent interview.

One can’t forget the sidelined new girl group, who after a few random teasers seemed to have gone back into hibernation. Whatever the case, the teaser has done it’s job in getting people waiting with anticipation for YGE to make their May 28th revelation.

Fans who saw the tweet flooded YGE’s twitter with interesting mathematical analysis and speculations including: “2+0+1+3+0+5+2+8=21“, “Dying for 2ne1 comeback just like everyone else!! but I’ll gladly take Kang Seung Yoon debut as well. My prince <3“, “It would be YG himself coming back… duhhhh!“, “Even you don’t know who’s next. lol“.

Who do YOU think the teaser is for?

Crayon Pop ditch tracksuits in favor of sexy tights for comeback?

Posted: 05 May 2013 10:20 PM PDT

Two weeks ago, rumors began swirling of a possible Crayon Pop comeback. Looks like there was truth in those rumors as Chrome Entertainment has just released the group’s first comeback teaser.

Chrome revealed the above image with the tweet, “Here is Crayon Pop’s comeback concept teaser” earlier today. No other information was provided leaving fans to fret about when exactly the girls would return.

Especially since the last teaser mentioned ‘Summer 2013′, we can’t be sure just how soon this comeback will be, though it looks like the girls won’t be returning with another cute song. The girls look to be ditching their trademark ’bright colored tracksuits’ for what appears to be opaque stockings. Thus, he possibilities of a sexy concept are high.

Will you miss the cute, spunky Crayon Pop or are you looking forward to their sexy transformation?

Cha Tae Hyun reveals his grown-up son and daughter on ’1 Night 2 Days’

Posted: 05 May 2013 09:49 PM PDT

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any pictures of Cha Tae Hyun‘s family. On the latest episode of his variety show, ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, the actor and variety star updated viewers on how they were getting along.

Paying a visit prior to the start of their next trip, the producers caught Cha Tae Hyun packing with his daughter, Tae Eun. Smiling brightly, she brought laughter by trying on her father’s hats and playing around with the camera.

Meanwhile, his son seemed to have inherited his father’s comedic genes, lolling around on the bed yelling “1 Night 2 Days” and asking, “Dad, when are you going to do ’3 Night 4 Days’?”

Cha Tae Hyun also teased an addition to the family with the news that his wife was pregnant with his third child – congratulations!

The hilarity begins at 3:03

UV try ballad for the 1st time with digital single “Because of You” feat. Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon

Posted: 05 May 2013 09:00 PM PDT

UV are ready to compete with all of the other hot comebacks this month with their first digital single of the new year, “Because of You” feat. Brown Eyed Soul‘s Sung Hoon.

“Because of You” is a medium-tempo song that has acoustic elements with a soothing piano melody. UV previously showed their lively energy through the genres of hip hop, euro-dance, rock, and dub step, and have now surprised fans with a ballad song.

Check out UV’s ‘Because of You” MV! Do you like UV as ballad singers?

B1A4 wonder ‘What’s Going On?’ in new mini-album

Posted: 05 May 2013 08:40 PM PDT

B1A4 continues the recent trend of asking a question with title songs/albums in releasing their latest mini album, ‘What’s Going On?‘!

As you know, B1A4 have been releasing solo and pair teaser images Baro‘s hereSandeul‘s hereCNU‘s hereJinyoung‘s here, and Gongchan‘s here) as well as other teasers, the songs are finally out and B1A4 is sounding better than ever.

The album is available for online purchase now, but won’t be released offline until May 7th (KST). Listen to their title track “What’s Going On?” while we wait for the music video as well as the other tracks from the album below.

How does this mini-album match up to the group’s previous releases?

Starlight’s Song

“What’s Going On?”


Good Love

How Many Times

Nine Muses give a preview of their “WILD” choreography in teaser video

Posted: 05 May 2013 08:20 PM PDT

Nine Muses have been hinting at their sexy comeback and have now unleashed their teaser for new single “WILD“!

Nine Muses are set to drive fans wild with a preview of their sexy choreography in the video. The sensual lip smacking will definitely make the fans go crazy. The muses also go for a black and red theme for their upcoming concept, further increasing the anticipation for their new fierce look.

Nine Muses will be coming back on May 9th!

Get ready to go ‘WILD’ with the video teaser below…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Suzy sings “Don’t Forget Me” for ‘Book of the House of Gu’ OST

Posted: 05 May 2013 08:11 PM PDT


miss A‘s Suzy has lent her voice for the track “Don’t Forget Me” for her MBC drama ‘Book  of the House of Gu‘ OST!

“Don’t Forget Me” is a ballad song composed by Kim Sun Min and features a soothing melody and orchestral accompaniment. As the title already hints, the song expresses the hope to not be forgotten by the person one loves. The song portrays a softer side of Suzy’s character Dahm Yuh Wool and her love for Choi Kang Chi.

Listen to the ballad as you get ready for the Monday and Tuesday nights ahead for ‘Book of the House of Gu’!

2PM pre-release “Come Back When You Hear This Song” + 10 songs from ‘GROWN’

Posted: 05 May 2013 08:07 PM PDT

After their topless video teaser, and trailer that left fans drooling for more, 2PM have revealed a music video for their title song “Come Back When You Hear This Song” as well as all the songs from their latest album, except the second title track, “All Day I Think of You“. (Now available on iTunes.)

With their successful Tokyo Dome concerts wrapped up, 2PM is going full speed ahead after a two-year hiatus. The group has revealed their highly anticipated 3rd album ‘GROWN‘. With a wide variety of songs, from R&B to dance tracks, to even acoustic songs, the 2PM members show their growth vocally as well as on the production side, as they have many album credits to their names.

Take a look at the music video for the first title track, what do you guys think…was it worth the wait?

[UPDATE] Can you pick a favorite, do you prefer the upbeat tunes or the slower tracks?

1) All Day I Think of You (Title Song)
-To be released this week

3) Back to Square One

4) I'm Sorry

5) Today Marks the 1st Day

6) Dangerous

7) Just For Today

8) Game Over

9) Coming Down

10) Go Back

11) Love Song

12) Suddenly

Lee Hyori is pin-up perfect in “Miss Korea” MV, the Diva is BACK!

Posted: 05 May 2013 08:05 PM PDT

With over 10 years in the industry, Lee Hyori has still got it!

The music video for “Miss Korea” is out and filled with understated sass filmed all in black and white, with a very 50′s sensibility. From the styling to the vocals everything is full on Lee Hyori.

Do you like this softer, more mellow side of Hyori or do you prefer the more dance-able, colorful music she releases?

[Spoiler] After School’s UEE kicks off a flashmob for ‘Barefoot Friends’

Posted: 05 May 2013 06:53 PM PDT

On the closing day of their eventful and memorable stay in Vietnam, the cast of SBS‘s ‘Barefoot Friends‘ put on an energetic flash mob in front of their Vietnamese fans, led by none other than After School‘s UEE.

In keeping with the theme of ‘barefoot friends’, UEE kick-started the flash mob and ‘Harlem Shake’ dance by starting the stage by herself – barefoot, of course.

After showing off her sexy body line and dance moves, she was joined by the remainder of the ‘Barefoot’ cast members, who put on a show that Vietnam probably won’t forget for a very long time.

Catch the full episode below if you missed it!

Lee Hyori goes demure in latest image teaser for “Miss Korea”

Posted: 05 May 2013 05:53 PM PDT

Lee Hyori fans who have been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for new music, need only wait a few more hours.

That’s right, in roughly two hours, at 12PM (KST), Lee Hyori will unveil her pre-release track, ”Miss Korea” off her upcoming album. If you missed the MV teaser check it out HERE.

Together with this announcement, B2M Entertainment revealed another teaser image. In this latest teaser photo, Hyori keeps her glamorous look with striking make-up and va-va-voom hair. However her clothing is surprisingly demure. She wears a loose-fitting top with a high collar, shoulder pads, and long sleeves.

Luckily, the outfit does nothing to mask her beauty. Hyori proves that she is still super sexy even with no visible skin showing. Do you like this look or her more revealing teaser of a few days ago?

Lee Hyori has been treating fans to a bunch of teasers lately with the preview of the track, “Show Show Show“, which was featured in the music film for her Vogue‘ pictorial, as well as five other video teasers.

Don’t forget to check back in a couple hours to hear the full version of “Miss Korea”!