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"Shinhwa keep their promise from ‘God of Victory’ by preparing 1,000 lunches for 2PM’s fans" plus 19 more

"Shinhwa keep their promise from ‘God of Victory’ by preparing 1,000 lunches for 2PM’s fans" plus 19 more

Shinhwa keep their promise from ‘God of Victory’ by preparing 1,000 lunches for 2PM’s fans

Posted: 16 May 2013 09:03 AM PDT

Shinhwa are not only the the longest running idol group, but they’re men of their word.

If you recall, back in September, 2PM and Shinhwa competed with each other in ten intense rounds of competitive games on ‘God of Victory‘ where both groups decided to have the loser fulfill a special promise. 2PM asked Shinhwa to gift 1,000 of their fans with lunch when they make a comeback while Shinhwa asked 2PM to show them love at the airport by wearing raincoats in their representative orange color and hold up fan cards. It was 2PM who won the show in the end and Shinhwa made sure to keep that promise months later when 2PM made their comeback.

Wooyoung shared on his Twitter, “I wondered if they would really do it… They really kept their promise… ㅠㅠ Ah ohㅠㅠ@.@ Shinhwa sunbaenim are the best, best!!! I will support ‘This Love’ to be daebak~ ^0^ Thank you!!”, and shared a proof shot of Shinhwa’s specially packed lunches for 1,000 HOTTESTs.

The sticker on the lunch packages read, “We congratulate our 2PM hoobaenims on their comeback!! Jun.K/Nichkhun/Taecyeon/Wooyoung/Junho/Chansung Hwaiting! FROM. Shinhwa”

Congratulations to both 2PM and Shinhwa on their comebacks!

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2NE1 reaches their 4th anniversary!

Posted: 16 May 2013 08:32 AM PDT

Time sure flies as the ladies of 2NE1 are already celebrating their 4th anniversary!

The fierce ladies debuted exactly 4 years ago on SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ with “Fire“, and they’ve stayed at the top of the game, climbing new heights over the last four years.

Now, they’ve come so far as leader CL is set to make her solo debut. To celebrate, YG Entertainment‘s official blog YG-Life posted a 4th anniversary photo for the girls. The poster even read, “ARE YOU READY?“, probably alluding to CL’s upcoming solo.

Blackjacks are also trending #4everBeOur2NE1 and #FOUREVER2NE1 on Twitter. Congratulations on 4 great years for 2NE1!

2NE1′s debut performance:

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Police arrest hacker of Core Contents Media’s website

Posted: 16 May 2013 08:00 AM PDT

The police has arrested the hacker who hacked Core Contents Media‘s website.

While trying to navigate through the site yesterday, fans noticed random video clips being presented on the site which you can read more about here.

The label revealed, “The hacker related to the hacking situation on our official company homepage has been arrested. As soon as the situation happened, we reported it to the police. The hacker was arrested and investigated on May 16 at the Gangnam Police Station’s Cyber Investigations Squad and completed a statement. The hacker is a 17 year old high school student living in Gangwondo Wonju.

The hacker is apparently a student who learned about computer security programs, and then was asked by his friends if hacking the site was possible. The hacker confessed that the hacking was done out of curiosity. The hacker and his mother went to Core Contents Media’s office to formally apologize.

Core Contents Media said, “We were going to take strong legal action because of previous attempts. But since the hacker is a young student, we are debating on what we should do. We will make a decision later.

Currently, CCM’s official homepage is still down.

Source: My Daily via Nate
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2PM’s Junho gets ready to track down criminals for his upcoming film ‘Stakeout’

Posted: 16 May 2013 07:30 AM PDT

2PM‘s Junho went from being a ‘beast’ to a ‘squirrel’ for his upcoming film ‘Stakeout‘.

The newly released still cuts show Junho using his sharp eyes as an undercover agent to track down criminals and touching hands with co-star Han Hyo Joo, which hints at a possibly love connection in the film.

Starring actors Sul Kyung GooJung Woo Sung, and Han Hyo Joo, 'Stakeout' is an action film that revolves around a special force in the police department that focuses on tracking and following a secret criminal organization. Junho will take on the role of an ace detective nicknamed 'Squirrel', an amiable character and the atmosphere maker who makes a perfect teammate.

‘Stakeout’ will premiere on Independence Day (July 4th) in the US!

Tiffany and Key take playful ‘couple’ pictures

Posted: 16 May 2013 07:03 AM PDT

Key and Tiffany got together for adorable ‘couple’ photos!

The two complement each other well with Key and his blonde hair and white shirt and Tiffany with dark hair. At first, Key’s behind her in the background, but when he’s by her side, they look like they could be siblings.

Key posted the photo onto his Instagram and wrote, “tiffany and key# HELLO KEYTI“.

What do you think about the adorable ‘Keyti’ couple?

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Shinhwa’s Dongwan reveals the real reason he began to buff up his muscles

Posted: 16 May 2013 06:37 AM PDT

Shinhwa‘s Dongwan gave a slight peak at his muscular figure in his group’s latest comeback teaser, but he recently revealed his motivation to buff up wasn’t necessarily for his comeback but to prove his ex-girlfriend wrong.

During filming for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, Dongwan revealed, “The reason I built my body was because of my ex-girlfriend. After breaking up with my girlfriend who didn’t like my skinny figure at the time, I suddenly began to workout.”

Hyesung, who is known to be the most shy about showing his body, shared, “When I first lived in a dorm together with my members, I couldn’t understand their pranks, so I used to lock the door and shower.” Hyesung also recalled a hilarious story of how he was scolded by Lee Soo Man after showing an extreme dance to get more parts in the group’s songs.

Tune in for the Shinhwa special on the 16th KST!

2NE1′s Dara gets her own sexy character and sidekick for ‘Wind Runner for Kakao’

Posted: 16 May 2013 06:05 AM PDT

2NE1‘s Dara has become the next YG Family member to get her own character for the popular mobile game ‘Wind Runner for Kakao‘!

Dara shared the news on Twitter, “Dara & Dadoong!!! I finally arrived in ‘Wind Runner’!!! Everyone around me has fallen for ‘Wind Runner’ these days~. To those who have fallen for ‘Wind Runner’, is it good news?! The sexy Dara character and sleek Dadoong character run run!!!”

The 2NE1 member has become the next YGE artist to get her own character for the game following Psy and G-Dragon. The character resembles Dara from head to toe with the idol star’s unforgettable ponytail from 2NE1′s “Fire” and “Lollipop” days. Her character is also seen bringing along her trusty cat, ‘Dadoong’, named after Dara’s hilarious catchphrase.

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Comedian Kim Hyun Chul unveils his wedding pictorial

Posted: 16 May 2013 05:35 AM PDT

The wedding bells will keep ringing this May as comedian Kim Hyun Chul (43) will be tying the knot with his lovely bride. He shared the above romantic wedding pictorial just a few days before he’ll be saying, “I do”!

Kim Hyun Chul revealed, “My wife proposed to me first, so we decided to get married. I was attracted to the way she treats my parents and agreed to the marriage. I first met my fiancee at a [get-together with drinks], and she was a regular guest at the covered cart bar I used to run ten years ago. The moment I saw my wife, I just knew that it was destiny I would marry her.”

His fiancee is a non-celebrity woman 10 years his junior. Singer Cho Young Nam will be the officiator of the ceremony, while comedian Park Myung Soo will act as the host of the reception. Kim Hyun Chul will finally tie the knot at the 63rd Building in Seoul on the 17th.

Congrats to the soon-to-be newlyweds!

Hello Venus’ Nara awes with her never-ending legs

Posted: 16 May 2013 05:05 AM PDT

It’s well-known that Pledis Entertainment artists (Son Dam Bi, After School, Kahi) all have incredibly beautiful legs, but Hello Venus Nara seems stand out even in the midst of her label’s stiff competition!

A set of photos showing off her amazing proportions were uploaded online, and they really are something. Nara is wearing heels for some of the pictures, but her legs are just as long and beautiful in the photo where she’s sitting down barefoot. Fans are saying that she looks like a comic book character because of her seemingly unrealistic proportions.

Hello Venus is currently promoting “Do You Want Some Tea?“, and they’ll be holding their first solo concert on June 22!

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ZE:A’s Kwanghee goes on a musical date with his parents

Posted: 16 May 2013 04:35 AM PDT

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee and his parents were all smiles as they spent some quality time together.

Kwanghee shared on his Twitter on the 15th, “I came to watch the musical ‘UMOJA‘ with my mother and father. keke It’s really, really exciting and fun. keke It’s the best!” He also added an adorable snapshot of him and his parents with two of the cast members from the musical. Kwanghee previously introduced his parents on ‘We Got Married‘ and left fans touched by their close relationship with each other.

Fans commented, “Your mother looks like a movie star,” “Kwanghee gets his looks from his mother,” and “You and your family look happy.”

4minute win #1 on ‘M! Countdown’ + Performances from May 16th’s episode!

Posted: 16 May 2013 04:02 AM PDT

Mnet's 'M! Countdown' is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances.

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's show, Wonder Boyz, 2PM, Seo In Young, and Shinhwa made their comebacks.

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between SECRET and 4minute, but in the end, it was 4minute who clinched the win tonight with "What’s Your Name?"!

Congratulations to 4minute on their 'M! Countdown' trophy!


[Next Week's Teasers]


Performers tonight included Yoo Seung Woo, 4minute, SECRET, Nine Muses, B1A4, Loco, Hello Venus, LC9, and 1N1.

Check out the performances below:


< Yoo Seung Woo >


< 4minute >

< Gayoon – Special Stage >




< Nine Muses >


< B1A4 >


< Loco >


< Hello Venus >


< LC9 >


< 1N1 >


Shinhwa continue their legend with “This Love” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 16 May 2013 03:36 AM PDT

The longest running idol group in K-pop, Shinhwa, have achieved another milestone with their 11th album 'The Classic'.

Their title track "This Love" features a trendy beat that will have music lovers grooving along. The group will also go where no idol has gone before with their 'voguing dance' choreography.

Check out their comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ below!

Seo In Young returns with “Let’s Break Up” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 16 May 2013 03:32 AM PDT

Seo In Young shed her usual, diva image for her balladLet’s Break Up“.

The title track of her latest mini-album ‘Forever Young‘ is a sorrowful ballad that expresses a woman's realization of her breakup. It was also revealed that the song brought several staff to tears, proving Seo In Young's ability to convey the emotions of the song.

Check out her comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ below!

2PM make a hot comeback with “All Day I Think of You” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 16 May 2013 03:21 AM PDT

The boys of 2PM have returned as men with their latest singleAll Day I Think of You“.

With their successful Tokyo Dome concerts wrapped up, 2PM is going full speed ahead after a two-year hiatus. The group previously revealed their highly anticipated 3rd album 'GROWN' and their pre-release track “Come Back When You Hear This Song“.

Check out their comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ below!

Wonder Boyz return with “Tarzan” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 16 May 2013 03:11 AM PDT

Wonder Boyz have made their comeback with “Tarzan“!

"Tarzan", which features Girl's Day's Hyeri as Jane in the MV, is a dance track that highlights the Wonder Boyz' transformation into charismatic men like the fictional character Tarzan.

Check out their comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ below!

Psy to be a presenter at the ’2013 Billboard Music Awards’ + nominated for six categories

Posted: 16 May 2013 02:37 AM PDT

Psy will continue to make appearances on American TV as the presenter at the ‘2013 Billboard Music Awards‘ where he’s also been nominated for six categories.

Psy’s name was marked in ‘Billboard‘s list of presenters for the upcoming awards ceremony unveiled on the 15th alongside other artists such as Cee-Lo Green, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Rowland, Kid Rock, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ke$ha, Jennifer Nettles, Sky Blu, Alanis Morisette, Wiz Khalifa, and Florida Georgia Line. Psy was also nominated for 6 out of the 45 award categories, including ‘Top New Artist’, ‘Top Streaming Artist’, ‘Top Rap Artist’, ‘Top Streaming Song’ (Video), ‘Top Rap Song’, and ‘Top Dance’.

Billboard determined the nominees and winners through their calculation of key fan interactions with music, including album and digital singles sales, radio airplay, touring, streaming and social interactions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VEVO, Spotify and other popular online destinations for music.

The ’2013 Billboard Music Awards’ will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on the 19th on ABC!

Kang Sora dishes on her past kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho

Posted: 16 May 2013 02:01 AM PDT

Kang Sora dished on her kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho in their 2009 film ‘4th Period Mystery‘.

On SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, Kang Sora surprised Yoo Seung Ho’s noona fans by revealing that kissing the young actor wasn’t as gratifying as they would have guessed. She shared, “Seung Ho was a minor at the time, so I felt like I committed a sin.”

She continued, “I’m very proud of him for doing his best to fulfill his military duty. I hope he returns safe and sound,” showing her support for the young actor who suddenly enlisted in March of this year.

Kang Sora also revealed her secret to her weight loss for the drama ‘Ugly Alert‘.

‘Dating Agency’ reveals its star-studded cameos

Posted: 16 May 2013 01:22 AM PDT

tvN‘s upcoming drama ’Dating Agency‘ has revealed its star-studded cameos in addition to its model eye candy!

‘Dating Agency’ unveiled still cuts of SHINee's Taemin, Ji Jin Hee, Lee Chung Ah, Choi Won Young, Lee Yoon Ji, and Lim Hyung Jun making cameos in the first five episodes of the drama. As the drama focuses on what goes on in the dating agency business, the special guest stars are expected to either be the ones who need help or the ‘target’ of a secret admirer.

According to PD Kang Hee Jun, the star-studded cameo lineup doesn’t stop there. He commented, “In order to prevent any drama spoilers from happening, we can’t reveal any specific details of the six characters. However, they will star as clients and ‘targets’ who are the focus of an episode. Since there are a lot of people who are curious, we revealed the first round of our lineup of the six stars who finished filming their cameos. We plan to bring in even more special cameos, and we’re anticipating that ‘Dating Agency’ will give a new type of entertainment that only it can show through the enthusiastic acting from the stars of the episodes.”

Now fans have even more to look forward to as they wait for the premiere of ‘Dating Agency’ on May 27!

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TEEN TOP’s Niel makes fans want to pinch L.Joe’s cheeks

Posted: 16 May 2013 12:42 AM PDT

TEEN TOP‘s Niel had fans squealing over the cuteness that is L.Joe‘s baby photo.

Niel shared his fellow member’s baby photo on Twitter with the message, “L.Joe hyung. [Teehee]!!!!!!!!!” The photo shows L.Joe back when he was just beginning to learn how to walk. Baby L.Joe also made sure to turn around and smile for the camera, showing that he had star quality even as an infant.

L.Joe also tweeted the same photo and shared, “I found this photo of Byung Hun (L.Joe’s real name) at my house.”

Now all grown up, TEEN TOP recently brought down the house at their first solo concert in Korea earlier this month.

Where are the ‘We Got Married’ couples headed for their joint vacation?

Posted: 16 May 2013 12:00 AM PDT

The three beloved couples of ‘We Got Married‘ were whisked off to Japan for their first vacation together!

A broadcast insider revealed, “The three couples departed to Japan together on the 14th. They plan to stay in Fukuoka for 3 days and 2 nights,” leaving viewers wondering how 2AM‘s Jinwoon-Go Jun Hee, Jo Jung Chi-Jung In, and SHINee‘s Taemin-A Pink‘s Na Eun will interact with one another.

‘We Got Married’ previously sent its three former couples to Hawaii, leading to a fun experience filled with jealousy, competition, and laughs. Find out if the couples will get along this time around too on ‘We Got Married’, which airs every Saturday, later this month.