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"What is Taeyeon's present for her mama?" plus 24 more

"What is Taeyeon's present for her mama?" plus 24 more

What is Taeyeon's present for her mama?

Posted: 12 May 2013 08:00 AM PDT

SNSD's Taeyeon is such a sweet daughter. For Mother's Day, thoughful Taeyeon gifted her mom a nail art and a luxurious item from Chanel.

On May 12, Taeyeon shared her gifts for her mother through her instagram account. She wrote, "mama's nail♡ hahaha. #turquoise #HPPM #mothersday #nail"~" and she followed with another post, "For my Mom♥ Happy Mother's Day!!☺#mothersday #엄마져아"~

I bet her mom is really happy right now.

Source: Taeyeon's instagram
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Teen Top members thank fans for the successful 1st concert!

Posted: 12 May 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Teen Top successfully ended their 1st concert in Seoul on May 11-12 as a part of their 'Teen Top No.1 Concert'. The two-day concert  was held in Korea University.

Right after the concert L.Joe, Niel, CAP, Ricky, Changjo and Chunji gathered together for a commemorative group shot while holding a bouquet of flowers.

They wrote on their twitter account, "Finally the concert ended!! To our Angels who came today, thank you so much!! ♥".

Members also went to their personal twitter accounts to express their gratitude.

L.Joe wrote, "Angel thank you❤ to the Angels who weren't able to come  this time, do come next time❤ I love you all Angels❤." and attached a photo of him with Niel.

On the other hand, Chunji wrote, "It was really really fun!!! I want to do it all the time!!! Really thankful to everyone ㅜㅜㅜ We will work even harder. Teen Top Hwaiting Woo!!! "

Next is Changjo. He playfully wrote, "Today is also a success!! And Oh I revealed my body .. Hmm.. I'm embarrassed kekekeke again. I want to do it again and again and again!!!!!!!!!!!! "


Source: Teen Top's twitter
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BTOB goes wacky on their High Cut video clip!

Posted: 12 May 2013 07:00 AM PDT

Boy group BTOB recently had an interesting photoshoot for High Cut magazine. With their unique pictorial concept, the boys turned into wacky and playful young men wearing their messy hair and peculiar set of outfits.They even exposed their upper body and legs.

High Cut releases a clip for i-Pad users and it is for sure more interesting and funnier than the photos. Check below:

Source:light you@YT
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WG's Lim, SJM's ZhouMi and Alexander bond together!

Posted: 12 May 2013 06:30 AM PDT

When idols from different agencies gather together, isn't it hearwarming?

Well yes it is as Wonder Girls' Lim, Super Junior M's Zhou Mi and former U-Kiss member Alexander with Johnny bond together together for a delicious meal.

On May 12, Lim and Alexander shared their group photos on their twitter accounts.

Lim wrote, "We went to see a musical yesterday". While Xander wrote, "Eating Mexican food along with Johnny, Lim and Zhou Mi hyung!! What a great Saturday companions~~ Let's eat well! YUMMY~~~^-^"

Source: Lim and xander's twitter
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Teen Top's official photos from their 1st concert 'Teen Top No.1 in Seoul'

Posted: 12 May 2013 06:00 AM PDT

Teen Top concluded their two-day concert in Seoul that was held at Korea University. The group performed their hit songs such as No Perfume on You, Miss Right, Crazy, Be My Girl, To You and many more. They also performed solo stages and even made a parody of Sistar19's Gone Not Around Any Longer.

Teen Top members Niel, L.Joe, CAP, Changjo, Chunji and Ricky wowed their fans once again with their synchronized and energetic choreography.

Meanwhile, Teen Top will fly to Kobe, Japan as their next stop for '2013 TEEN TOP No.1 Asia Tour'on May 18 and Tokyo on May 21-22.

Check the official photos below:

Source: TheStar
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Key teaches Go Jun Hee some girl group dances on WGM!

Posted: 12 May 2013 05:30 AM PDT

SHINee's Key appeared on May 11th episode of We Got Married. Unfortunately, Key's guesting isn't for his fellow SHINee member Taemin but for 2AM's Jinwoon's birthday party.

On the said episode, Jinwoon's virtual wife, Go Jun Hee prepared a party for her husband.

Aside from Key, KARA's Nicole and MBLAQ's Mir were also invited to the party. While preparing, Jun Hee revealed that she had desire to become an idol and even danced to some girl group choreography.

Prior to this, Key, who is known to be expert in imitating girl group dances, teaches Jun Hee the choreography from 4-minute's What's Your Name, KARA's Mister's butt dance and even  PSY's Gentleman.

Watch the clip below:

Source: MBCentertainment@YT
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Super Junior Heechul is moved to tears by Donghae's letter?

Posted: 12 May 2013 05:00 AM PDT

Super Junior Heechul shared a story about how Donghae's letter made him cry while he's serving in the military.

On May 10, Heechul talked about fellow member Donghae in Sungdong Cafe wherein he is DJing as a part of his duty.

He revealed that he was touched by Donghae's letter. He shared, "I stayed only one month in Military Training Camp that's why I didn't miss my family that much. But when I received a letter from Donghae, I really shed tears. When I'm about to open the letter, I have this annoyed expression 'Ah really!', because his handwriting is really bad and messy. I think he can't even read his own handwriting. Moreover, he didn't even bother to put it in an envelope so I received it in roll. He also use a recycled paper. At the back of the paper is a SUKIRA script. People told me that he doesn't have any effort but I understand Donghae well. I know him that's why I was really touched."

Donghae is sure a sweet dongsaeng, isn't he?

You can watch the full clip below without subs

Source: KaTai HAN@YT; 影子的素描
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Fan talk is trending

Posted: 12 May 2013 04:00 AM PDT

All celebrities know that they owe portions of their fame from the fans who believe and support them from the very start. 

There's a trend right now. Fans can chat with their idols in twitter. It's called 'fan talk'.

U-KISS' Eli are ElectroBoyz'1KYNE are among the firsts who set the trend.
1KYNE of ElectroBoyz initiated the "fan talk" on his twitter when he asked and I quote: 
Numerous fans started to reply immediately and he started to retweet some of the answers. He even encouraged them more to chat with him by saying:
U-KISS' Eli posted a tweet that he won't reply to negatron fans. But before that, he posted this getting the attention of his fans:
— Eli Kim (@u_kisseli) May 9, 2013

We hope more idols will reach out to their fans even a little bit of their time.
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SOURCE: @1KYNE@u_kisseli

How to have '4Minute's Nam Jihyun's semi-smoky look'?

Posted: 12 May 2013 03:30 AM PDT

4Minute's Nam Jihyun wore a semi-smoky look in  their 'What's Your Name?' music video drew a lot of K-Pop fangirls' attention.

They found it subtle smoky and not too overly bold.

If you want to have that kind of look, watch the beauty guru YellowyCream for the how-to:

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Kim Hyun Joong's fans give gifts to 'Barefoot Friends' staff

Posted: 12 May 2013 03:00 AM PDT

Kim Hyun Joong's fans from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, China, and Thailand extend their love and care not only to their idol, but also to the staff of 'Barefoot Friendswho are silently working hard.
SBS Barefoot Friends posted a photo on their official Twitter account and said:
The fans gave the staff sunblock and moisturizer because it's too hot in Indonesia today.
The episodes shot in Indonesia will be aired starting on May 12.
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SBS Hope TV Charity Event at SKKU photos

Posted: 12 May 2013 02:30 AM PDT

Photos from  SBS Hope TV Charity Event at Sungkyunkwan University last May 10.

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SOURCE: @twitter

Teen Top's Ricky cries at TEEN TOP's NO. 1 Asia Tour Concert

Posted: 12 May 2013 02:00 AM PDT

Teen Top's Ricky burst into tears while he was performing. After he finished his solo performance, Chunji talked about how hard he worked thus he broke into tears. 

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Teen Top's No. 1 concert performances

Posted: 12 May 2013 01:30 AM PDT

Here are some of the performances during the Teen Top's No.1 concert last May 11.

Teen top No.1 concert Stop girl 엘조 (병헌)

Teen top No.1 concert 니가 아니라서 엘조 (병헌)

Teen top No.1 concert 니가 아니라서 엘조 (병헌)

Teen top No1 concert Missing You (L.Joe Focus)

Teen top No.1 concert Dance performance 엘조 (병헌)

Teen top No.1 concert chun ji solo (찬희)

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Barefoot Friends episode 4 PREVIEW

Posted: 12 May 2013 01:00 AM PDT

Barefoot Friends is currently in Indonesia. They did their episode 4 their that will be aired on May 12.

Here's the preview:

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SOURCE: BarefootFriends@YT

SHINee’s 5th Anniversary Project

Posted: 12 May 2013 12:30 AM PDT

SHInee is appealing to all Shawols to take a huge part in the upcoming 5th year anniversary on May 25. 

They hope to achieve a higher amount than last year's 110kg worth of rice wreath. They target to gather 500kg to be given to the unfortunate ones.

For further information, visit here.

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SOURCE: forevershiningshinee0525

Ailee appears on the cover of KoreAm Magazine Anniv. Issue

Posted: 12 May 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Female soloist Ailee appears on the cover of KoreAm Magazine Anniversary Issue for the month of May.

Ailee is gaining popularity for her powerful vocals and strong stage appearance. She is a Korean-American singer and was born in Denver, Colorado but grew up in New Jersey.

Heechul reveals, "Sungmin will do well in army, Donghae can't do anything alone"

Posted: 11 May 2013 11:30 PM PDT

Super Junior Heechul who is DJ-ing Sungdong Cafe as a part of his public service in the army talked about his members and army life.

On May 10, Heechul shared a story about which member he and Kangin think will do well in public life (army).

Heechul proudly said that it's Sungmin. He said, "He looks pretty but he is really manly. He will really do it well." He added that Shindong and Eunhyuk will also do well.

However, if there are members who will do well, there is also one who he thinks can't. He revealed that it's his dongsaeng Donghae. Heechul explained that he is most worried towards Donghae because he easily gets lonely when he's alone. He said,  "If he's alone, he can't do anything. So I think he can't do public life well."

Watch the clip below:

Source: heechulfacts@YT
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Raina pre-debut photos emerge, no difference at all!

Posted: 11 May 2013 11:00 PM PDT

Netizens gathered After School Raina's pre-debut photos and it proved that she is really born possessing a baby face.

On the photos, Raina had a short hair. Her big round eyes and chubby cheeks are very prominent ever since.

If we compare to the present, there's no difference at all. She has grown but her facial features remained unchanged over the years.

Netizens expressed their compliments, 'Raina is such a baby face.","I see no difference.","She looks cute in uniform" and so on.

Source: afterschoooldaze
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CNBlue's Jonghyun thanks fans and members for advance birthday greetings!

Posted: 11 May 2013 10:30 PM PDT

CNBLUE's Jonghyun, who will celebrate his 24th birthday on May 15, already received warm greetings from his members and fans.

On May 11, CNBLUE had their 'Blue Moon' concert in Hong Kong. He went online right after their concert to send his gratitude,

"Hello. Guitarist Jonghyun here. We have successfully finished our Hong Kong concert today!^^ It's so fun ^^ To everyone who wished me a happy birthday, thank you so much!! And to the members I love you! Today is a very happy one, thank you!! Sent heart."

Attached to his message is a photo taken on stage, with the members and fans in the background. Jonghyun was looking great and happy while taking the picture.

Let's send him advance birthday greetings!

Source: CNBLUE's twitter
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Dara is sporting a new braided hairstyle?

Posted: 11 May 2013 10:00 PM PDT

Dara has proven that she is the queen of hairstyles!

On May 12, 2NE1's Dara uploaded a photo of herself enjoying her crepe somewhere in Tokyo.
Instead of the delicious crepe and amazing nature lover background, Dara's hairstyle caught fans' attention.

This time, her half braided hair isn't braided like the usual. It was braided in a twirl style that makes fans amused. She looks like a cute kid in a park eyeing at her delicious crepe.

Fans left comments such as, "There she goes again! Unique hairstyle!","She wears different hairstyles everyday!","I wonder who did her hair!.","It must be hard twirling it like that." and so on.

Source: Dara's twitter
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LUNAFLY wants to collaborate with 2NE1

Posted: 11 May 2013 09:30 PM PDT

In a recent interview, three-member male group LUNAFLY expressed their interest to collaborate with 2NE1.

Sam, who is fluent in English explained, "We all love 2NE1. For us, they have everything. Stage presence, they all sing. They just out of this world."

The group consists of Yun, Teo and Sam debuted September last year under Nega network.. They are specializing mostly in acoustic and indie music. They released their first album, "Fly To Love", on April 3.

Interview about 2NE1 starts at 4:26 of the video.

Can we anticipate Lunafly&2NE1 collaboration in the future?

Source: Lukie Subs@YT
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Performances from 2013 Kpop Dream Concert

Posted: 11 May 2013 10:09 PM PDT

Relive the awesome and exciting performances of your favorite idol groups from  2013 Kpop Dream Concert that was held on May 11 at Seoul World Cup Arena.

Watch SHINee, Girls' Generation, KARA, 4minute, T-ara, SECRET, SISTAR, EXO, B2ST, INFINITE, 2AM, U-KISS, ZE:A, B1A4, Boyfriend, Rainbow, Huh Gak, Girl's Day, SPEED, BTOB, EvoL, and VIXX performances below:

***Performances will be updated from time to time as videos become available




4-minute, T-ARA N4, Secret

Sistar Hyorin and 2AM Changmin

Girl's Day, Rainbow

Source: sportseoul@YT

2PM's comeback videos on MBC

Posted: 11 May 2013 08:30 PM PDT

2PM had a successful comeback show on MBC. 

As promised, the much-awaited comeback performance of 2PM was aired on MBC at 12 midnight on May 12 (this day).

For those who want to have a repeat and for those who weren't able to watch, it's just a click below: 

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SOURCE: okniverse2

Psy: Being a 'herpes' is cool

Posted: 11 May 2013 08:00 PM PDT

Recently, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong posted on his Instagram a photo of PSY with a caption and I quote, "This dude is the herpes of music. Once you think it's gone, it comes back. #herpes #flareup #pleasegoaway"

It drew two opposing opinions from the netizens who were able to read the post. Some are for Psy and some are against him.
But the comment that will matter most is from Psy himself. He gave his reaction regarding the comparison between him and 'herpes' on his recent interview in FUSE. 
At first, Psy didn't have the idea about 'herpes', but the kind host, Elaine Moran, elucidated that it was a disease that keeps on coming back. 
Psy took the obvious insult lightly and said, "I should say something to him, what's his name? I kind of like it. It's cool! He's saying I'm like herpes, that I keep coming back. I think it's really cool. And I appreciate that. Thank you." 
Watch the interview:

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SOURCE: fusebj_unoxx

G-Dragon receives a platinum plaque from Taiwan

Posted: 11 May 2013 07:30 PM PDT

G-Dragon just performed his 'G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR : ONE OF A KIND' Taiwan leg last May 10.

He was accompanied by his fellow Big Bang member Taeyang. G-Dragon sang a total of 20 songs which includes "Heartbreaker", "MichiGO", and "One of A Kind".

But before he left for Hong Kong to perform at the AsiaWorld-Expo on May 17 and 18, G-Dragon's Taiwanese fans made sure that he will bring home the bacon as his album 'One of A Kind' hit the platinum (over 10,000 albums sold) sales in Taiwan. 

Congrats G-Dragon.
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