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"M4M's ‘When You Leave Me’ BTS with Nam JiHyun!" plus 24 more

"M4M's ‘When You Leave Me’ BTS with Nam JiHyun!" plus 24 more

M4M's ‘When You Leave Me’ BTS with Nam JiHyun!

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 08:30 AM PDT

Idol group M4M revealed BTS photos of 'When You Leave Me' with 4Minute's Nam JiHyun.

It was revealed that 4Minute leader Nam Jihyun will be featured in the music video of M4M's second title track 'When You Leave Me'. To tease their fans, the group unleashed some BTS photos. In the pictures they shared, Jihyun and Jimmy are seen acting sweetly like a couple, holding each other's hands and sitting together in front of a piano.

Take a look at the BTS photos below.

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LC9 says hello to Malaysian fans + exclusive interview with DKPOPNEWS

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 06:57 AM PDT

LC9 greets Malaysian readers with an official video shoutout, besides introducing themselves, the boys sent some messages to their Malaysian fans.

Besides, special thanks to M.E Malaysia for the support, we were able to send some questions for LC9 to answer, specially for DKPOPNEWS' readers, check out the questions below.

1.    There are many amazing Korean groups out there, who are your favourite senior?
RASA: Our favorite seniors are the Brown Eyed Girls of course...haha. In terms of male seniors it would be Big Bang.

2.    Are you satisfied with your performance so far on music shows?
J-HYO: I think we've performed the way we wanted to; however, no stage can be perfect there's always room for improvement.

3.    What does "Mama Beat" mean? Please tell us more about it.
KING: mama beat is the shortened form of us chorus 'Ride Ma Ma Beat.' We went with Mama beat because it seems to stick easier.

4.    What is LC9's biggest aim as a K-Pop group?
E.DEN: our biggest goal is to one day become world stars and perform a world tour.

5.    Does LC9 have an official fanclub?

JUN: our fanclub name is Love Beats. It signifies the love we have for our fans and the name of our first title!

Please show LC9 and M.E Malaysia a lot of love!

Who’s the least popular member of Shinhwa?

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 06:30 AM PDT

Lee Min Woo has been voted as the least popular member of longest-running idol group, Shinhwa.

Shinhwa appeared as guest during the June 3rd broadcast of tvN's 'Talk Show Taxi' and member Lee Min Woo was chosen as the least popular member among the production staffs. The poll was done among 209 staffs to find the most popular Shinhwa member among staffs.

Kim Dong Wan was voted as the most popular member followed by members Eric, Andy, Shin Hye Sung, and Jun Jin. Lee Min Woo was voted as the least popular member among the staffs. MC Kim Gura said, "There must be some reason," trying to comfort him, trying to comfort him.

However, on the May 12th episode of jTBC's 'Shinhwa Broadcast', Lee Min Woo was chosen as the number one favorite member among mothers.

‘M Countdown Halo-Indonesia’ announces first lineup of artists

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 06:00 AM PDT

Following the successful show in Taiwan, Mnet's 'M! Countdown' will be heading in Indonesia this coming July. The first line up has been unveiled for the tour and it is known that popular groups such as Shinhwa, 2PM, B2ST, SECRET, MBLAQ and Kim Jong Kook would be joining the 'M Countdown Halo-Indonesia'.

'M Countdown Halo-Indonesia' will be held at the Mata Elang International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 3rd of July. A great number of top K-Pop artists will visit the country to meet with the fans. Also, there will be collaboration stages between Korean and Indonesian artists.

Check out the teaser below.

Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk transform into high school students

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 05:30 AM PDT

SBS TV newest Wed-Thu drama 'I Hear Your Voice' will make its debut on June 5th, and the two main characters Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk revealed cute photos of themselves wearing school uniform.

Recently, Lee Jong Suk wrote on his me2day, "Isn't my sister pretty? Hehe, only 3 days left until the first episode. Wait for it!!!!!!", and attached a photo of himself and Lee Bo Young in school uniforms, looking very excited for the first broadcast of SBS drama 'I Hear Your Voice'.

The actor also uploaded another photo and wrote, "What's your name~ What's your number~ Haha this is a secret because Sang Hyun might get mad that we took a picture without him… Don't we look good together? ^^"

'I Hear Your Voice' revolves around a youth named Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) who can read people's minds, a lawyer named Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) who is abrasive yet adorable, and Cha Guan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun).

100% releases dance practice video for “Want U Back”

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 04:58 AM PDT

Currently captivating the fans with their sexy charms, 100% is back with a dance practice video for their latest track, "Want U Back".

On June 5th, 100% released new practice video through official Youtube channel. In addition to providing fans the full choreography of the song, the group displayed their masculine and charismatic charms, as well as sexy and smooth moves.

Check out the video below!

Lee Jong Suk was annoyed with IU?

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 04:30 AM PDT

Actor Lee Jong Suk explained the rumors that claimed that he was on bad terms with IU.

On the June 4 episode of SBS' 'Incarnation', Lee Jong Suk was directly asked about rumors of him and IU being on bad terms and didn't get along in the waiting room when they were MCs for 'Inkigayo' together.

Lee Jong Suk admitted that they never talked about anything personal to each other outside of the job. He explained, "Since 'Inkigayo' is mainly for young viewers, the expressions and costumes had to be one-dimensional but I hated it."

He added, "IU kept pitching ideas for the MCs to wear costumes to be different from other music programs. We dressed up as Peter Pan, Leon and Mathilda and all sorts of different costumes. So I was a little bit annoyed."

Lee Jong Suk finally admitted, "By the time I was to leave the show, I became sad maybe because we grew fondness for each other. we contacted each other and talked out all of our complaints about each other and that's how we became close. Now, she's one of my few close friends."

Taeyeon promotes upcoming ‘2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour’

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 04:00 AM PDT

Taeyeon, who has been actively interacting with fans through her Instagram, goes all out to promote Girls' Generation's upcoming '2013 Girls' Generation's World Tour'.

The adorable leader posted the official tour poster and wrote, "2013 Girls' Generation World Tour -Girls&Peace- starts off this weekend in SEOUL!! Ps. Everybody watch Love&Girls PV & make sure you memorize the *shampoo dance* ;) the first love&girls performance! it's going to be revealed for the first time at the Seoul concert on June 8th! let's all get whistles and dance the shampoo dance I'm totally excited! let's meet on Saturday #GGworldtour #GG #girlsgeneration"

Girls' Generation will kick off their '2013 Girls' Generation's World Tour – Girls & Peace' starting in Seoul at the Gymnastics Stadium on June 8th and 9th before going around Asia as well as the various parts of the world.

Credit: chosshi

f(x)'s Sulli poses with a "prawn"

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 03:56 AM PDT

f(x)'s Sulli updated her Me2day with a new photo on 5th June.

She wrote,"Prawn, prawn, prawn, delicious prawn".

She is seen posing adorably in her new photo with a prawn.

Fans commented,"I am jealous of a prawn now","you are so pretty" and etc.

Ga-In bares some skin in new summer pictorial for ‘CeCi’

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 03:30 AM PDT

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In is ready to heat up your summer through her latest pictorial for fashion magazine, 'CeCi'.

Teaming up with makeup brand 'espoir', Ga-In displayed her sexy and stunning looks with her signature black smoky makeup and outfits of colorful prints that complete her exotic bohemian looks.

She also shared her various ideas and tips for the trendy bronze makeup that perfectly fits this summer. More of Ga-In pictorial can be found on the June issue of 'CeCi'.

Lee Hyori drinks beer with fans to celebrate win

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 03:07 AM PDT

Singer Lee Hyori celebrated her first music show win for "Bad Girls" through a beer party with her fans.

Recently, an online community bulletin posted a photo under the title "Lee Hyori with fans after getting first place in music program". The photo shows Lee Hyori grabbing a couple of beers and drinking them with her fans after her first win on SBS' 'Inkigayo' on June 2.

The sexy singer was still in her stage makeup as she had gone straight to the celebration with her fans, who waited for her to return to the stage for three years.

BPPOP Profile

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 02:45 AM PDT

Group name: BPPOP
Name meaning: Bright, Playful, Pop
Label: BP Story Entertainment
Debut year: 2012
Debut song: Today


Stage name: Pyunji (편지
Real name: Pyun Soo Ji (편수지) 
DOB: February 15, 1989 
Height: 163cm 
Weight: 44kg 
Position: Leader, Main Vocals 
Blood Type: B 

Stage name: Jane (제인)
Real name: Lee Joo Young (이주영) 
DOB: November 14, 1989
Hometown: Hong Kong, China 
Height: 162cm 
Weight: 43kg 
Position: Rapper, Vocals 
Blood Type: B 

Stage name: Siyoo (시유)
Real name: Lee Shi Yoon (이시윤) 
DOB: February 17, 1993 
Height: 168cm 
Weight: 44kg 
Position: Vocals 
Blood Type: O 

Stage name: Inkyung (인경)
Real name: Kang In Kyung (강인경)
DOB: May 5, 1993 
Height: 168cm 
Weight: 44kg 
Position: Vocals

Stage name: Yoojin (유진
Real name: Jung Yoo Jin (정유진)
 DOB: November 6, 1995 
Height: 165cm 
Weight: 43kg
 Position: Vocals, Maknae 
Blood Type: A

Their debut track:

Dal Shabet's Ah Young transforms into a sexy instructor

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 01:11 AM PDT

 Dal Shabet's Ah Young transforms into a female instructor?

She is seen posing with Samuel Hammington and Jo Wo Seok in the photo above, the photo was taken at the filming set of Dal Shabet's new MV.

Ah Young garners much attention with her flat ABS.

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet's teaser will be revealed next week, do you anticipate their comeback?

Kim Jae Won to wed childhood sweetheart

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Actor Kim Jae Won will tie the knot with his childhood sweetheart later this month.

On June 4, Kim Jae Won announced his wedding plans through his official fan café. He wrote, "How have you been? I'm getting married to a woman who will be my best friend and partner forever, and we will have a simple ceremony at a church on June 28."

According to his agency, the two have known each other since they were young. The couple started dating last October and Kim Jae Won proposed in February. The date for the wedding was decided during a recent meeting of members of the two families.

In addition, it is known that his girlfriend is currently pregnant for two months. The couple will postpone the honeymoon and Kim Jae Won will focus working with his new drama 'Scandal'.

Song Ji Hyo treats ‘Running Man’ staffs to pizza

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 11:30 PM PDT

It's been belatedly revealed that Song Ji Hyo throwed a surprise pizza party as a special present for the staffs of SBS popular varierty show 'Running Man'.

On May 27, "'Running Man' was filming an episode in Gyeonggido when Song Ji hyo and Mr. Pizza's dream car visited the whole team with 200 servings of pizza as a surprise gift to staffs who are working under harsh weather and rain.

A representative said, "Because there was rain, the staff members were exhausted. But due to Song Ji Hyo's surprise pizza party, everyone was able to wrap things up on a happy atmosphere."

Seo In Guk joins So Ji Sub in new drama ‘Sun of the Lord’

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 11:00 PM PDT

Singer-actor Seo In Guk will be joining So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in their upcoming SBS drama 'Sun of the Lord'.

Written by the famous Hong sisters, 'Sun of the Lord' centers on greedy boss Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) and dismal female personal assistant Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) who will console souls with scary yet sad stories.

Seo In Guk will play the role of Kang Woo, the head of the security team at shopping mall owned by So Ji Sub. Kang Woo is described as a tough guy who performs his duties diligently.

Seo In Guk said, "I feel grateful for giving me a chance to work with so many great people. It is a great honor to cast with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. I'll work hard in this great opportunity to not disappoint everyone."

Fans around the world celebrate JYJ Yoochun’s birthday

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 10:30 PM PDT

In celebration of JYJ Yoochun's birthday, several birthday parties were held all around the world.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed, "Park Yoochun's fans from around the world are organizing a birthday party for him. Fans from Asia and South America are celebrating Yoochun's birthday in ways of experiencing Korean foods and sending heartwarming donations under his name."

Over the weekend, 1,000 fans gathered and celebrated together in Seoul, Korea, Tokyo and Japan while Chinese fans held parties in Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Guangzhou regions. Also, Taiwanese fans donated money to child care facilities in the name of Yoochun.

Wonder Girls’ Yubin to be featured on Ivy’s comeback title track

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 10:00 PM PDT

Singer Ivy will be joining the summer comeback rush with a new dance track later this month. After revealing a mysterious teaser earlier, she has released a new teaser, announcing her title track and its featured artist.

On June 5, Ivy updated her personal blog with new teaser image. According to the post, Wonder Girls' rapper Yubin will be participating as the rapper on Ivy's title track, "I Dance", to much excitement of the fans.

In addition, Yubin will also be featured in the track's music video as well as scheduled to perform alongside Ivy during her comeback stages.

"I Dance" will have a mix of tango, hip-hop and electronic sound. This will be Ivy's first dance track in three years since 'Touch Me' in 2009.

After School’s Nana goes topless in new “First Love” teaser

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 09:33 PM PDT

After School is giving more excitement to fans with the release of new teaser image for "First Love" comeback featuring the sexy and pretty member, Nana!

Pledis Entertainment unveiled new teaser featuring the topless Nana, baring her flawless and sexy back, and leaving fans drooling for more.

After School will be making a comeback with title track "First Love". Produced by hitmaker Brave Brothers, the song will give a lasting impression with high quality performance like watching a Las Vegas show.

NELL reveals tracklist for ‘Escaping Gravity’ album

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 09:00 PM PDT

Over six months since the release of their 'Holding onto Gravity' album, rock band Nell will make a comeback to the music industry with new album titled, 'Escaping Gravity'.

Member Kim Jong Wan shared the full album tracklist through his Twitter account. The new album contains a total of six track including the title song "Ocean of Light". 'Escaping Gravity' is the Part 2 album of their three-part album series entitled, 'Gravity'.

The new album will be released on June 10th.

YesStyle sponsors 2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour Sydney concert

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:40 PM PDT

Leading online Asian fashion retailer YesStyle announces its sponsorship of the Sydney, Australia show of the 2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour, the first solo world tour by K-pop band CNBlue. As part of the sponsorship, YesStyle is giving away VIP Standing Tickets to the Sydney and Melbourne shows. CNBlue will be performing at the Festival Hall in Melbourne on May 31 and the Big Top Sydney on June 1 in Sydney. The Australian leg of the 2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour is presented by Sydney-based event and production company JK Entertainment.

The 2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour takes CNBlue to major Asian cities including Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore and Bangkok through the spring and summer, and wraps up in Australia. CNBlue previously performed in Sydney for the 2011 Sydney K-Pop Music Fest where YesStyle was also a sponsor. This is the band's first time performing solo in Australia. 

As an international retailer that promotes the work of Asian designers, YesStyle makes it a point to support up-and-coming and established Asian artists in fields besides fashion. Previously, YesStyle sponsored the Singapore stops of the Wonder Girls' Wonder World Tour 2012 as well as Show Luo's Show 2013 World Live Tour – Over the Limit. YesStyle also collaborated with YouTube artists David Choi and Clara C and sponsored Hong Kong star Eason Chan's DUO 2012concert in London.

YesStyle founder and CEO Joshua Lau stated, "We are committed to seeing Asian artists reach their full potential and are happy to support CNBlue and to see them do well on the international stage."

JK Entertainment expressed gratitude about the partnership. "We would like to thank YesStyle for being one of the official sponsors of the 2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour's Australian shows. YesStyle has a strong online presence across Asia and among the K-pop fan community, and we are truly glad to have them on board." 

CNBlue's tour supports their fifth EP, Re:Blue, which was released January 14, 2013. The four-piece band is set to perform their biggest hits, including "I'm a Loner," "In My Head" and "I'm Sorry," the lead single off Re:Blue. 

One Way releases “Beautiful Day” music video

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:30 PM PDT

Talented R&B group, One Way, finally returned to the music scene with new single titled, "Beautiful Day". A simple music video was released as well to express their thanks to fans' endless support.

The video included the captions, "Aite guys.Thank you to all our beloved followers. We're back with a new track. I know we've been talking about it for a while. Here's the video for our new single '종이 비행기/Beautiful Day' with English subtitles. Thanx for the endless support guys~"

Check out the MV below!

Bumkey releases solo single “Bad Girl” ft. E-Sens

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:24 PM PDT

Bumkey is joining the trend of "bad girl" with the release of his own version and first solo single titled, "Bad Girl"!

Released on June 5th, "Bad Girl" was produced by hip hop artists Primary and features the rapping of Supreme Team's E-Sens. Zion T is said to have participated in the creation of the track as well.

Check out the track below.

Andamiro releases “Waiting” MV ft. Double K

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:11 PM PDT

Female soloist Andamiro is returning to the music scene with her latest "Waiting" featuring rapper Double K. The song is a rock ballad with lyrics about the regrets of losing a love.

Andamiro debuted in April of 2012 with her disco single "Don't Ask" and returned 5 months after with first mini album 'HYPNOTIZE'. Different from her previous dance tracks, "Waiting" features a more slower beat highlighting Andamiro's distinctive vocals and powerful charisma.

Check out the MV below!

Boys Republic goes “Party Rock” in new MV

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:03 PM PDT

After much teasing, new male group Boys Republic finally unleashed their debut single "Party Rock" along with its rocking music video on June 5th.

Boys Republic is a group produced by Park Geun Tae, Universal Music Group, and Jung Hae Ik, who also helped produced first generation idols, H.O.T, S.E.S, and g.o.d. The group is made up of 5 members Wonjun, Dabin, Suwoong, Sungjun and Minsoo.

"Party Rock" is a trendy electronic dance song that features Boys Republic's individual and unique charms.

Check out the MV below!