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"SISTAR release 2nd video teaser of "Give It To Me"" plus 24 more

"SISTAR release 2nd video teaser of "Give It To Me"" plus 24 more

SISTAR release 2nd video teaser of "Give It To Me"

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 08:21 AM PDT

Check out SISTAR's 2nd video teaser for their upcoming hit song "Give It To Me" featuring Shin Dong Yeop.

Dara and Thunder share photo 'the warmest siblings' ever!

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 08:00 AM PDT

Dara shared a photo taken at Inkigayo with her brother Thunder. Dara came to support CL and Thunder to perform their latest single 'Smoky Girl'.

Dara uploaded the photo on her twitter and wrote, "Today, here are the warm siblings again!!! Dara & Cheondung^.^"

Dara is wearing a big sized tee and Thunder is wearing his white outfit.

Source: Dara's twitter

2PM, 4-minute, SISTAR and others greet Korean Cultural Center Thailand

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 07:00 AM PDT

Korean Culture Alliance Thailand is going to have its grand opening on July 4. Baek A-Yeon is going to be their special guest. In celebration of the growing good relationship between the two countries, here are 15&, SISTAR, 2PM, ZE:A, 4-minute and BTOB's congratulatory messages.

Source: KCAThailand@YT

KARA's Nicole reveals new hairstyle and hair color!

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 06:30 AM PDT

On June 9,KARA's Nicole revealed her new hairstyle and hair color through her instagram account. On the photo, Nicole's hair changed into short and blond transforming her into a cool yet pretty girl.

Fans seem to like this style of her and flatter her, "Nicole you look so cool!","Here's our rapper Nicole!","Cool and pretty, it suits you!" and so on.

Do you like her new hair?

Source: Nicole's instagram (@_911007nicole)

Key floods selcas with pretty SNSD girls!

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 06:00 AM PDT

SHINee's Key floods instagram of his selcas with pretty SNSD members on June 9.

Key went to SNSD's concert today to show his support for his seniors. He uploaded two collages of his selcas taken with each of SNSD members. He wrote 'girls' and 'and girls'. Apparently, the selcas were taken inside SNSD waiting room and we can see the girls wearing their cute outfit.

Source: Key's instagram

SISTAR VS 4Minute Dream Team preview

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 05:51 AM PDT

Check out the preview of the upcoming episode of Let's Go Dream Team.

The members of both groups are doing their very best to win the competition, which group do you think will end up as the winner?

Goo Hara spotted kissing a man?

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 05:30 AM PDT

A photo of Goo Hara kissing a man was uploaded online and garnered attention.

Don't worry. The photo is revealed to be taken from the filming of her kissing scene. Hara is in Jeju to film her special drama 'Secret Love' directed by Kim Kyu Tae of the hit drama 'That Winter, the Wind Blows'.

Hara's leading man and the man in the photo is actor/model Kim Young Kwang. Secret Love is a five-episode drama starring KARA members. Each member is going to star in their respective episode.

Photo source: @linaleo;@seyoung052 twitter
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2PM's Junho releases track list for his 1st Japanese solo album 'Your Voice'

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 05:00 AM PDT

2PM's Junho will debut as solo artist in Japan with his mini album 'Your Voice (Kimi no Koe)'. His album is set to be released on July 24.

On June 8, track list and production details of his mini album were released.
Check below:


Version A (CD+DVD)

01. キミの声 [Kimi No Koe/Your Voice]
02. Like a Star
03. 目を閉じて [Me Wo Tojite/Close your Eyes]
05. I Love You

01.キミの声 Music Video (Original ver.)
02.キミの声 Music Video (Dance ver.)
03.キミの声 Music Video (Off-Shot ver.)
04. I Love You Music Video

Version B (CD)
01. キミの声 [Kimi No Koe/Your Voice]
02. Like a Star
03. 目を閉じて [Me Wo Tojite/Close your Eyes]
05. I Love You
06. Heartbreaker *Additional song
07. I'M IN LOVE (Japanese version) *Additional song
08. SAY YES (2013 Tokyo Dome live version) *Additional song

Regular Edition (CD)
01. キミの声 [Kimi No Koe/Your Voice]
02. Like a Star
03. 目を閉じて [Me Wo Tojite/Close your Eyes]
05. I Love You
06. キミの声 (instrumental)



01. キミの声/Kimi No Koe [Your Voice] =Lyrics by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang, Yu Shimoji / Composed by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang / Arranged by Hong Jisang

02. Like A Star = Lyrics by Lee Junho, Emyli / Composed by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang / Arranged by Hong Jisang
03. 目を閉じて/Me Wo Tojite [Close Your Eyes] = Lyrics by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang, Emyli / Composed by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang / Arranged by Hong Jisang

04. GOOD BYE = Lyrics by Lee Junho, Super Changddai, Natsumi Watanabe / Composed by Lee Junho, Super Changddai / Arranged by Super Changddai

05. I Love You = Lyrics by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang, IOCHI, Emyli / Composed by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang / Arranged by Hong Jisang

06. Heartbreaker = Lyrics by Emyli / Composed by Lee Junho, Min Lee "Collapsedone" / Arranged by Min Lee "Collapsedone"

07. I'M IN LOVE = Lyrics by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang, Yu Shimoji, Michael Yano / Composed by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang / Arranged by Hong Jisang

08. SAY YES (2013 TOKYO DOME Live ver) = Lyrics by Lee Junho, Yu Shimoji / Composed by Lee Junho, Shin Bongwon, Hong Jisang / Arranged by Lee Junho, Shin Bongwon, Hong Jisang

Source: 2PM JAPAN


CL defeats Lee Hyori and B2ST on June 9 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo'

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 04:00 AM PDT

CL won her first SBS' 'Inkigayo' mutizen defeating Lee Hyori, and B2ST for today's episode's #1 award.

SBS' 'Inkigayo' was brought to us by actor Lee Hyun WooZE:A's Kwanghee and IU

The performances are from Rainbow's come back with "Sunshine", Super Junior-M's Henry with his solo track "Trap" featuring SHINee's Taemin and last but not the least is Boys' Republic's debut with "Party Rock".

Watch the announcement below:

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SOURCE: krungpopwendy02

After School releases a short CCTV footage teaser

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 03:30 AM PDT

After School releases a 24-second CCTV footage of their sexy pole-dancing concept. 
After School will be making a comeback with title track "First Love" which is produced by hit maker Brave Brothers.

Check it out below:

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SOURCE: pledisartist

Union J's George sings 2NE1's 'Lonely'

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 03:00 AM PDT

Union J's George sang a short part of 2NE1's 'Lonely' during their visit on the daytime show "Loose Women."

Union J ended up as fourth in the British edition of "X Factor". George has this talent to sing Asian songs and it was showcased on that show. 
George's section starts at around 2:48.

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SOURCE:  biffycat0791

9MUSES‘ Kyungri vs. a netizen

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 02:30 AM PDT

9MUSES' Kyungri can't take it anymore to mum against an obscene tweet that was written to her.
She tweeted, "Please come to your senses." 
Star Empire Entertainment is considering to take their actions against the said netizen.

Netizens should remember that those idols are just normal human beings, they are also entitled to get hurt and irritated.
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HaHa cuts it off! ouch!

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 02:00 AM PDT

Infinity Challenge/Running Man's Ha Dong Hoon (HaHa) asked his twitter followers whether or not he should cut his hair off. He asked, "Everyone, should I cut my hair? Should I really cut my hair? Cut it all off? If I get over 50 mentions and replies, I'll cut it.
As a result of that twitter post, HaHa has cut off his signature hairstyle. The proofs are those pictures above.

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Kim Bum visits Hong Kong

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 01:45 AM PDT

Kim Bum visited Hong Kong to attend a promotional event for a cosmetic brand.
He arrived at Chek Lap Kok airport on the afternoon of June 6. He's wearing a gray long-sleeved polo shirt over a white t-shirt. He was with his manager and others.
Kim Bum made his name after the success of Boys Qver Flowers and That Winter, The Wind Blows. Good news to his Chinese fans, he is also going to appear in the Chinese TV series V Love(时代之恋 in Chinese).
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SOURCE: tvreport

MBLAQ's Mir has a powerful butt!

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 01:30 AM PDT

MBLAQ's Mir visited 'Star King' that he might regretted.

He was asked to break a pile of 15 wooden chopsticks in half with his butt! MC Boom made sure that he would set him up for the challenge.

Mir tried his best to do the challenge, he even grabbed the pole and pushed very strong to break the pile of wooden chopsticks. And those scenarios made the audience laughed so hard.

Watch and laugh!

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SOURCE: krungpopwendy02

Crayon Pop's more teaser photos

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 01:15 AM PDT

In addition to the live performance I feature previously, Crayon Pop shares more teaser photos on their twitter. Two of those are photos of  Ellin and GummiGumm.

Crayon Pop will release "Bar Bar (+Bar)" on June 14.

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SOURCE: @crayonpop

Crayon Pop performs "Bar Bar (+Bar)" LIVE!

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 01:00 AM PDT

Crayon Pop performed their first live performance of their new single, "Bar Bar (+Bar)" at 'Migliore Festival' event which is far conventional with other Kpop groups who tend to do it on music shows.

Migliore is a department store in South Korea that sells clothing and fashion accessories.

Watch the performance below:

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SOURCE: drighk

Henry is "Trap" with Taemin on Inkigayo

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 12:33 AM PDT

Henry made his solo debut on Inkigayo, check out his "Trap" performance below

B1A4's Baro dances to EXO's Wolf?

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 12:27 AM PDT

Just wanna share a cute video with you guys.

B1A4's charismatic rapper Baro dances to EXO's Wolf at a recent event, check out the cute video below.

Is he charismatic enough as a "Wolf"?

Eunhyuk shares his 'exclusive pictures' with SNSD members

Posted: 09 Jun 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Super Junior Eunhyuk must be feeling high having taken selcas with pretty SNSD members Yoona and Seohyun.

Eunhyuk attended Girls Generation's Concert on June 8 and cheered for them. Before the concert, the clever Super Junior member made sure he had exclusive photos with the members and uploaded them one by one on his twitter account today. He went to their waiting room to get these picture

As expected, fans' envy rises, "I envy you Eunhyuk!","He has that huge privilege, I'm so jealous!","Wow Eunhyuk so lucky!" and so on.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon on her instagram, thanked Eunhyuk for coming and watching their concert from beginning to the end.

Might expect more exclusive pictures with other members from him.

Source: Eunhyuk's twitter
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EXO's 'WOLF' Music Video reaches more than 4M views!

Posted: 08 Jun 2013 11:30 PM PDT

EXO's 'WOLF' MV is still hot as it reaches more than 4 million views as of today, June 9, 2013. Released on May 30, the views are keep on adding in the span of less than 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, EXO are receiving lots of love with their comeback appearances on music programs.
Have you watched the video yet? Or would you watch it again?



4-minute JiHyun and M4M Jimmy's intimate bed scene photo garners attention

Posted: 08 Jun 2013 11:00 PM PDT

It has been reported that 4-minute's Jihyun will be the female lead for M4M's MV "When You Leave Me". Fans are anticipating because this is the first time 4-minute will show their support for their juniors by appearing on their MV.

Jihyun is going to have intimate scenes with M4M's leader Jimmy. Some BTS photos have been released raising anticipation. Recently, another photo of Jihyun and Jimmy in bed attracted attention. It is because, the two are lying on the bed and intimately hugging and wrapping their arm around each other.

Other photo shows JiHyun and Jimmy's sweet whispers.

Netizens commented, "They look good together"."Jihyun with a man in a bed, they really look like a couple.","I want to watch the MV now!" and so on.

Photo source: YUE.IFENG
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B1A4 CNU and Jinyoung's 'first time riding a KTX'

Posted: 08 Jun 2013 10:30 PM PDT

B1A4 CNU revealed that it's their first time riding a KTX (Korean Train eXpress). On June 8, he uploaded a photo with Jinyoung and wrote,

"It's the first time for both of us ridign a KTX hehe how can the world run this fast!! Anyway we're heading to Pohang~!!"

In the photo, CNU and Jinyoung are having fun while on the ride and Jinyoung even made a pouty face with CNU's big smile behind.

Source: CNU's twitter

B.A.P. sends video message to BABYz for their 500th day

Posted: 08 Jun 2013 10:00 PM PDT

B.A.P. is going to celebrate their 500th day since debut on June 9, 2013. Prior to this special event, B.A.P. members send a video message for BABYz.

The members had their chance to express their messages individually through this video. They greet fans and thank them for their continuous support. Watch the video below:

Source: TSENT2008@YT

Taemin insists 'kiss' to NaEun on WGM!

Posted: 08 Jun 2013 09:30 PM PDT

SHINee's Taemin gets a little cheeky on the latest episode of We Got Married.

A-Pink's NaEun prepared a surprise gift for Taemin in celebration of the Coming of Age Day.

NaEun lets Taemin guess the surprise gift by writing it down on a paper. Taemin, on the other hand, keeps on asking clue questions and ended up writing the English word 'Kiss', which made NaEun giggle. Unfortunately, NaEun said it wasn't correct that made her onscreen partner disappointed.

Taemin tried again and insists that his present is kiss, writing its Korean word on the paper. NaEun couldn't stop laughing while saying it wasn't and persistent Taemin did his last resort when he wrote 'popo' which means kiss in Korea. NaEun then asked, "So this is what you want?" and made Taemin blushed.

On the interview, Taemin couldn't move on and becomes so giddy when he says, "That moment, I think I became pervert." and giggles.

At the end, NaEun's gift is revealed to be a bungee jumping.

Watch the cute clip below:

Do we expect a skinship from this cute couple soon?

Source: MBCentertainment@YT
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