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"TVXQ Changmin films promotional clip for Konkuk University" plus 24 more

"TVXQ Changmin films promotional clip for Konkuk University" plus 24 more

TVXQ Changmin films promotional clip for Konkuk University

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 08:00 AM PDT

Recently, it becomes a trend for idols to promote their universities.

The latest would be TVXQ's Changmin who recently seen filming a promotional video for Konkuk University. He was seen with other students at the filming site in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on June 29.

Changmin is enrolled as a movie major in Konkuk University's Arts and Design School.
Meanwhile, SHINee Minho and Dal Shabet's Subin also became publicity model of the said university.

Pledis releases After School's 'First Love' dance practice video and their stories

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Pledis finally releases the video behind After School perfect 'First Love' choreography. In this video, we could witness their painful failures that lead them to achieve  risky but perfect pole dancing moves.

Check below:

Source: pledisartist@YT

Spot the similarity between SHINee's Jonghyun and Charmander!

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 06:45 AM PDT

SHInee's Jonghyun takes a cute selca with Pokemon's cute Charmander on his twitter account. Apparently, the cute Charmander must be a present from a fan.

Can you spot the similarity?

Source: Jonghyun's twitter

Michiko London releases latest styles feat. Teen Top as models

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 06:10 AM PDT

Michiko London Koshino releases latest pictorial photos of Teen Top wearing their latest trends such as Real European style, Bling Bling style and their very own Teen Top style. The boys look pretty cool wearing colorful and stylish clothes that give off youthful vibes.

Check below:

MBLAQ, K Will, Navi, B1A4 and others release OST for Global We Got Married

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 05:45 AM PDT

The Global Edition of We Got Married releases official OSTs. MBLAQ, K Will, Navi, B1A4, Lena Park, The Position and even the couple Taecyeon and Gui Gui contributed for the songs.

Check below:

MBLAQ's 'I Love You'

Taecyeon and Gui Gui's 'I Love You'

K Will's 'Marry You'

Navi's 'Forever and One More Day'

B1A4's 'Sunshine'

Lena Park - 'My Everything'

The Position's Because I Love You

JungAh reveals her cool abs!

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 05:00 AM PDT

After School JungAh must be really happy as she expressed her satisfaction with the outcome of their non stop pole dancing.

On June 28, she revealed her abs through photo she uploaded on her twitter account. She wrote,

"The cool abs I gained from pole art. I need to take care of this. I wanna go swimming pool."

In the photo, she is wearing a black hanging blouse exposing her abs. We can also see her tiny waist. Isn't she sexy?

Source: JungAh's twitter

2NE1’s CL displays exotic looks for ‘VOGUE Korea’ Part 2

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 04:00 AM PDT

2NE1's baddest female, CL, put her great sense of fashion and uniqueness in display in her recent pictorial for the July issue of fashion magazine, 'VOGUE Korea'. 

In these new photos, her beauty is more focused to her face. 

What can you say?

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SOURCE: ygladies

SHINee releases the making-of-footage for their OST song "Green Rain"

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 03:30 AM PDT

SHINee released a making-of-footage for their OST of MBC's 'The Queen's Classroom' which used "Green Rain" as its song.

This is literally a joint effort among them because SHINee asked the help of the cast of the show to star in the video with them.

Watch their teamwork below:

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Jewelry releases individual photos for their upcoming single, "Hot & Cold"

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 03:00 AM PDT

Jewelry releases their individual photos for their comeback with the digital single "Hot & Cold."

The images reveal some of the lyrics and show their obsession for a man. Semi is overlooking a fence, Yewon is peeking through a pair of binoculars, Eunjung is looking at a couple's photo with a disgusted look, and Baby J (Jooyeon) is holding a white shirt and tie.

"Hot & Cold" will be released on July 5.

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SOURCE: Newsen

Yoo Sungeun displays her new coca cola body

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 02:30 AM PDT

Yoo Sungeun, Mnet's "Voice of Korea - Season One" runner-up, is preparing for her official debut in the music industry next month. And part of that preparation is losing weights. On that note, she's successful in losing 10kg. We can see her coke bottle figure through her tight, black mini-dress.

Her agency states, "Yoo Sungeun will show off her new image. She lost 10kg through exercise and diet. 

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SOURCE: W Star News

Lim Kim's "All Right" gets most downloads on Gaon's Digital Download Chart June 16-22 week

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 02:00 AM PDT

Lim Kim (Kim Hyerim) just debuted with her single "All Right" last June 17. But look at where is her song---on TOP!

"All Righthas topped Gaon's Digital Download Chart for the week of June 16-22. The song was downloaded 320,649 times. Next to her were SISTAR with "Give It To Me" which had 243,641 downloads and Lee Seungchul's "My Love" with 227,546.

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SOURCE: Financial News

U-KISS wraps up Latin American Tour

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 01:30 AM PDT

U-Kiss just wrapped up their Latin America Tour. They performed in three different countries: Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

On June 21, they were in Peru.

U-Kiss' Hoon tweeted:

U-Kiss' Jae-seop Kim (aka AJ) even had a Spanish tongue for a moment:

U-Kiss' Kevin thanked their fans in their mother tongue:

U-Kiss' Lee Ki-seop posted:

U-Kiss' Eli here:

On June 23, they were in Colombia and appeared on a Colombian TV show.

U-Kiss' Kevin expressed his gratitude saying,

U-Kiss' Lee  Kiseop said 'Te amo':

On June 28, the last one, was in Mexico.

U-Kiss Hoon posted lots of photos:

U-Kiss' Jae-seop Kim said he's tired, but didn't look like.

U-Kiss' Kevin who is the most active in updating wrote in different languages.

U-Kiss' Lee Ki-seop shared a photo of the same place:

Did you enjoy the picture travel? 

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SOURCE: @HooN91y@JaeseopKim91AJ@u_kisseli@Kevinwoo91@KiSSeop91

Bang Yedam, K-Pop Star Season 2 runner up, is together with Akdong Musician in YG

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 01:00 AM PDT

After Akdong Musicianwinner of K-Pop Star Season 2, signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, the runner-up Bang Yedam also completed negotiating with the 
agency. Training for Bang Yedam will be on the run.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician is set to release their debut album by the end of the year.

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4Minute is back with "Is It Poppin" on Inkigayo

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 01:48 AM PDT

Check out 4Minute's comeback performance on Inkigayo.

The girls performed their latest hit song "Is It Poppin" on the show.

After School Jungah wants to become a water vitamin endorser?

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 12:00 AM PDT

After School Jungah joked that she can be a water vitamin endorser on her recent post on her twitter account.

Before their recording for Music Core, she tweeted a vitamin drink prepared by their fans with her picture on it and wrote,

"This vitamin water with my picture makes me think that I should be a model for it~haha^^;;; For our comeback memories, we received a lot so we're going to share them with mucore's staff~~ Really thank you^^ I'll drink vitamin water today as well so I can pole dance properly. Be happy today♥"

Do you think she suit to be a vitamin water endorser? Why not?

Source: Jungah's twitter

CNBLUE posts group photo after an energy-filled Beijing concert

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 11:30 PM PDT

CNBLUE members posed for a group photo, as they usually do, with their Beijing fans as they conclude their energy-filled BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Beijing  on June 29.

Yonghwa wrote on their official twitter account,

"eu-ah~~~ This is Yonghwa!!! Today's concert was really fun!!! We and our Beijing fans have poured much of our total energy definitely! Jonghyunie also did his best even though he wasn't feeling well., Jungshinie worked really hard to cover that part, and our Minhyukie also who had his birthday yesterday ke We will come back with more energy! Once again, thank you and we will visit often!!!! Even though our fans couldn't stand up because of restrictions, we understand it as we leave. Until we meet again! We will come back from the top of the world when we meet next time. ke Bya bya (bye bye)!"

Just by looking at the group photo, they must have really used their energy to have Yonghwa sweat like that.

Source: CNBLUE_4@twitter

M Countdown Halo-Indonesia on July 3 is cancelled

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 11:00 PM PDT

"M!Countdown Halo-Indonesia" which is scheduled to be held in Jakarta on July 3 has been cancelled. It was announced on June 28. The emergency cancellation of the special event is because of the bad weather and other local conditions.

It is supposed to be the first time for the Kpop fans in Indonesia to see a packed-stage of kpop idols but for everyone's safety, it was cancelled 5 days prior to the event. Artists who are supposed to attend are  Shinwha, 2NE1, 2PM, B2ST, MBLAQ, Sistar, Secret, Afterschool, B1A4, TeenTop, 4MINUTE, Roy Kim, and others.

However, don't worry! There are many opportunities to come.

100% gifts fans with a special MV of "Only U"

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 10:30 PM PDT

After concluding their promotions for "Want U Back", the hot and talented boys of 100% released a special MV for their track "Only U" , that is included on their "Real 100%"  album, as a present for their fans and also to express their gratitude.

The MV is a compilation of the boys' unforgettable moments and interactions with their fans, behind the scenes clips of their events and many more.

Watch below:

Source: Top100percent@YT

Raina and KaEun pose cutely together

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 10:00 PM PDT

After School's Raina and KaEun snapped cute selcas together. On June 29, Raina uploaded selcas with cute KaEun behind her. She wrote on her twitter account,

"I came to record for Music Core! I ate the meal that you've sent us~thank you! ^^"

In the photo, Raina was holding a cup of food support and vitamin water while KaEun was making cute poses behind.

Source: Raina's twitter

Super Junior Heechul joins Instagram!

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 09:30 PM PDT

As he mentioned before, Super Junior Heechul really joined Instagram.

On his Sungdong Cafe, Heechul mentioned that he will not like make another twitter account after deleting his previous one before. He said that he is considering to create instagram instead.

He really did. On June 30, it was confirmed that the instagram ID kimheenim is definitely Heechul. As to legitimate it, his close friends B2ST Junhyung and Son DamBi are following his account.

Though he hasn't uploaded any photos yet, let's anticipate his future updates from instagram now.

Meanwhile, Heechul who is currently serving his mandatory service is scheduled to be discharged on August 31, two months from now.

Source: kimheenim on Instagram

G-Dragon to hold an encore solo concert and a 2nd album release!

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 09:00 PM PDT

G-Dragon is set to hold a two-day solo concert on August 31 and September 1. This will serve an encore for his 'One of a Kind' World Tour and the place for an exclusive performance of his songs from his 2nd album.

G-Dragon will be releasing his new album online on August 14. They decided to release it four days before his birthday because 18th falls on Sunday (weekend).  But he will still have a physical release and music show promotions that will start on his birthday.

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SNSD's Yoona shoots Innisfree CF in Jeju + CF preview

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 08:30 PM PDT

Last May, it was revealed that SNSD's Yoona and Lee Min Ho would be the faces of  Innisfree

But Yoona went to Jeju Island alone to shoot for her new Innisfree CF. The beauty of Jeju and Yoona combined very well and compliment each other.

Innisfree is set to release her full pictorial and CF on July 1. 

For now, check out the preview of her Innisfree CF below:

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SOURCE: ecoinnisfree11

HISTORY's ‘ToryTory BangBang‘ episodes

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 08:00 PM PDT

HISTORY pioneered their own way of making their names known, and that's through short comedy episodes. 
They released 'ToryTory BangBang' which is a short comedy series that shows how hard they work to earn respect in the music industry.
Below are the episodes 1-4, but episode three is missing.

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KCON 2013 teases via video

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 07:30 PM PDT

KCON USA revealed a teaser video for the upcoming and the much-awaited KCon 2013 to be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on August 24-25
Hallyu stars will be united with their supporters through workshops, panels, and a concert at the end of the day. In addition, M COUNTDOWN, the #1 K-Pop chart show, will be  hosting its first-ever episode in the US of A.
Artist line-ups will be announced in the next few weeks. For updates, visit their website, Facebook, and twitter accounts, and don't forget to mark your calendar.
In the meantime, check out the teaser below:

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Big Bang's Seungri creates his real Facebook

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 07:00 PM PDT

Last week, Big Bang's Seungri warned the public on his twitter that he doesn't have a Facebook account.  

But to whatever reason he has, he created his Facebook account just last June 25 where he shared lots of photos already.

He commented on his twitter, "Started Facebook^^ I'll write everything in Korean here. Please give your attention."

Want to follow him? Open here

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