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"Eunhyuk and Donghae to release 'I Wanna Dance' single in Korea" plus 24 more

"Eunhyuk and Donghae to release 'I Wanna Dance' single in Korea" plus 24 more

Eunhyuk and Donghae to release 'I Wanna Dance' single in Korea

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 08:00 AM PDT

Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Donghae are going to release their Japanese single "I Wanna Dance" in Korea on July 10.

It'll be available in two versions. One is a regular CD version and the other one is a limited edition CD+DVD version. The DVD contains two versions of their Music Video and behind-the-scene- clips.

Minho reveals 'aegyo' selcas

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 07:30 AM PDT

SHInee's Minho reveals selca straight from their Japan Arena Tour to remind fans of today's MuCore.
He wrote on their official me2day account,

"In the middle of Japan Arena Tour! Mucore today with Hongcheol-hyung and Sohyun will be up soon ! Anticipate Japan showshowshow!"

In the photo, Minho is wearing his black outfit and making 'aegyo' poses like pouting his lips and blowing up his cheek which he unusually does.

Kyuhyun reveals 4-minute is scary but he likes Hyuna

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 07:00 AM PDT

Super Junior Kyuhyun has revealed that he likes 4-minute Hyuna.

On July 4th episode of Happy Together 3, Super Junior Kyuhyun and 4-minute Hyuna were part of the idol guests. In this broadcast, Kyuhyun expressed his likeness towards 4-minute's Hyuna.

When he was asked to impersonate Sung ShiKyung, KyuHyun hesitated. However, when Hyuna said 'It would be good', Kyuhyun quickly did the impersonation.

In addition to that, he revealed that 4-minute is a scary girl group. He shared that he usually doesn't use formalities when talking to girl groups except 4-minute which he finds scary. When MCs teased him, "Is it because you like Hyuna?". Kyuhyun admitted, "I think that could be the reason. I think it's 90% true," and caused laughter in the set.

SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet to invade Philippines for 'K-pop Republic' in September

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 06:30 AM PDT

It has been confirmed that KPOP groups SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet are going to the Philippines on September for "Kpop Republic".

One of the event's organizer Ms. Happee revealed the great news on twitter on July 6.

She wrote,

According to the information released, "Kpop Republic" happens on September 7 at the Philippine's Big Dome (Smart Araneta Coliseum). SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet are confirmed for attendance.

Ticket prices as follows:
PHP 12,000
PHP 10,000
PHP  7,000
PHP  6,000
PHP  4,500
PHP  3,500
PHP  1,200

Purchasing of tickets will be announced soon. Check her twitter for more updates. Ms. Happee

Source: Ms. Happee's twitter
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SNSD reveals 'hilarious toothbrush video'

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 06:00 AM PDT

You wouldn't imagine how pretty girls of Girls Generation turned out to be so hilarious until you watch their latest 'toothbrush video'.

On July 5, Taeyeon uploaded a short video clip showing Hyoyeon, Yoona and herself brushing their teeth in a hilarious way. The girls seemed like having competition on who brushes fast among them showing their funny facial expressions.

Watch below:

Preview for Ailee's comeback next week on MuCore!

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 05:30 AM PDT

Ailee is set to comeback next week on Music Core with her newest song "U & I". Aside form her strong vocals, she will also showcase her dancing skills on her comeback stage!

Here's the preview:

After School's candid shots for Billboard Korea

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 05:00 AM PDT

After School members are recently featured in Billboard Korea.
The pictorial includes some candid shots taken during After School's intense pole dancing practice. You can see their hard work and dedication on their shots.

Check photos below:

EXO's episode on Weekly Idol PV released!

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 04:00 AM PDT

EXO's Weekly Idol's episode was shown in a preview video.

Weekly Idol shows the different side of the idols through fun challenges like 'Random dance' where the idols usually forget their own choreography. 

The EXO's episode will air next week. 

Here's the preview video below:

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SOURCE: Double Est

4Minute asks "Is It Poppin" on Music Core

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:44 AM PDT

4Minute is back with "Is It Poppin" on Music Core, check out their performance below.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun reveals photos from her birthday party

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:40 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Seohyun updated Girls' Generation's official website with some new photos.

She wrote,"Birthday party which is a bit late".

She is seen posing with the members of Girls' Generation in the photos above with Jessica missing.

Seohyun expressed,"Although the upload is a bit late, but gathering with people with busy schedule, receiving wishes from unnies, i am really happy!unnies are the best! My wish is a secret, today is a happy day too."

Fans commented,"Happy Birthday Seohyun","Curious about your wish" and etc.

Super Junior teases with their 1st Japanese Album 'Hero' PV Teaser

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:30 AM PDT

Super Junior unveiled a PV teaser of their first Japanese album, "Hero".

The album will have three versions (2 CD+DVD and a CD ONLY). One CD+DVD version will have 2 CDs, one CD for the tracklist and the other for unit and solo tracks. 

The regular tracklist includes the new title track "Hero", "A-CHA," "Mr. Simple," "Opera," "Sexy, Free & Single," and more.

It will be released on July 24.

Below is the PV teaser:

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SOURCE: avexnetwork

Taeyang mentioned in an article of "Womens Wear Daily"

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:00 AM PDT

Joelle Diderich wrote an article about the Kenzo Fashion Show entitled 'Front Row at Kenzo', and there's a mention of Taeyang.

I quote, "Between posing for pictures with Japanese DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, South Korean singer Taeyang said his band Big Bang was working on a new album and planning another world tour."

Taeyang commented, "We're not sure if it will take in Paris or not, but I hope so," said the musician, who has a devoted following in France. "When I arrived, there were a lot of fans waiting for me in front of the airport. It was really surprising." 

For sure, many Taeyang's fans will be proud.

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Big Bang to Perform at "Singapore Gand Prix" on September 20th

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 02:30 AM PDT

Big Bang is going to be together again in one stage to perform at "Singapore Gand Prix".

The announcement of Big Bang's participation at the event was revealed accidentally. Originally,  Bigbang was part of another "Guess Who" contest where fans can guess and vote on until July 3, but unfortunately someone accidentally already posted the news on the official media portion of the site before removing it.

Big Bang will perform on the main stage in zone 4. 

Since Big Bang's participation is already confirmed, do purchase your tickets here

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SOURCE: singaporegp

Daesung to perform at Japan's "FNS Summer Song Festival"

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 02:00 AM PDT

Bigbang's Daesung is going to perform at Japan's "FNS Summer Song Festival".

It will be held on July 31 at 8pm. It will feature many top Japanese acts like Yamapi, SMAP, EXILE, Koda Kumi and more.

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SOURCE: bigbangupdates

Koyote delays comeback to allow Bbaekga's recovery

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 01:30 AM PDT

Koyote delays his comeback for approximately two weeks to allow Bbaekga's recovery from a recent accident with stage lighting equipment.

Bbaekga injured his shin bone last weekend. According to doctor's orders, his leg needs to be in a cast for two weeks. 

Bbaekga updated his Twitter account with a photo of his left leg in a cast. "I'm okay. I can recover quickly. I'm disappointed that this cause the delay of our newest album which we prepare for a year and 6 months already. Koyote will give you a dandy summer hit."

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SOURCE:Review Star and Kyungjae Today

XIA Junsu's "11am" special clip revealed

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 01:00 AM PDT

XIA Junsu released a special clip for his first single of his upcoming 2nd album, "11am".

In the music video, Junsu takes a slow walk under the sun on an open grassy place. He  sings 
softly and with full of emotion.

Check it out below!

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Kaeun and Uie snap cute selcas together!

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 12:30 AM PDT

After School Kaeun shared a selca taken with Uie on her twitter account. She wrote, "Photo taken when in hongkong~".

In the photo, the two pretty girls share the same poses. On the last one, they are seen smiling brightly in the camera.

Hoya and L cheer for students taking final exam

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Infinite Hoya and L cheered for students who are going to take their final exams through an ELITE video. Hoya sang a very encouraging cute song while L gave cheering message.

Watch below:

Big Bang releases teaser ad for their "Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour: Final in Seoul"

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 11:30 PM PDT

Big Bang is going to release a DVD of their last 2013 Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour which was taken in Seoul. It will be released on July 24.

Watch the teaser ad below:

130706 Music Core Performers List

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 11:03 PM PDT

♬ Comeback Stage
- Dynamic Duo(feat. Primary)『BAAAM』
- Apink『NoNoNo』
- Jewelry『Hot and Cold』
- 4minute『Is It Poppin?』
♬ Goodbye Stage
- Ivy(feat. YDG)『I Dance』
- SKULL and HAHA『Ragga Muffin』
♬ HOT Stage
- SISTAR『Give it to me』
- Girl's day『Female President』
- After School『First Love』
- Sunny Hill『Darling of All hearts』
- EXO『Wolf』
♬ Sound-HOLIC
- Kim Yerin『All Right』
- Dal Shabet『Be Ambitious』
- LED Apple『Bad boys』
♬ New Song
- MY NAME『Baby I'm sorry』
- MR.MR『Waiting for you』

D-Lite releases concept photos for "I Love You"

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 11:00 PM PDT

Big Bang's Daesung (D-LITE) releases the concept photos of his single album 'I Love You'. The song is a remake of Yutaka Ozaki's. In D-Lite's version, he is going to collaborate with Japanese Violinist Taro Hakase.

The song will be released on July 31.
Check the photos below:

SNSD shows how to eat sexily on the stairs

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 10:30 PM PDT

SNSD members reveal how to enjoy their meal. On June 5, Taeyeon updated her instagram account of a photo of them enjoying their meal on the stairs.

Yuri, Tiffany, Sunny and Taeyeon are wearing casual but sexy clothes to beat the hot weather.

Taeyeon wrote, "so ghetto ghetto- it's so hot^^". Do you agree with her?

Beast battles Sexy vs. Cute for Shinsegae!

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 10:00 PM PDT

BEAST is the newest adverstising model for Shinsegae Duty Free. Watch the boys fight over sexy vs cute look. How about you? What do you prefer?

Source: 재민 최@YT

Annyeong Bada teases with a short MV for 3rd album "I cross the sea with you"

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 09:00 PM PDT

Annyeong Bada, known as Bye Bye Sea before, unveiled a music video teaser for the release of third full length album "I Cross the Sea with you".

"Boys Universe" was the band's first mini album released in 2009, and their first full length "City Complex" in 2010. "PINK REVOLUTION", 2nd album, was promoted early last year.

"I Cross the Sea with you" will be released through Fluxus on July 12.

Below is the teaser video:

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Dumbfoundead and Jay Park performance at the "R16 Korea 2013 After Party" confirmed!

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 08:30 PM PDT

Good news for the fans of Dumbfoundead and Jay Park

They are going to share the same stage as it was confirmed that they are going to headline an after party event for this year's "R-16 Korea World B-Boy Masters Championship".

The "R16 Korea 2013 After Party" event will be hosted by Jerome, and to be held at Club Able in Itaewon on July 14. It will feature DJ Spray and Phoenix from South Korea, DJ Light from Japan, DJ Skeme Richard and J-Smoke from the United States. 

Since South Korea became more open to foreigners unlike before, 
the Korea Tourism Organization organizes an annual event called "R-16 World B-Boy Championship" to promote international tourism in the country. This year's main event will be held at the Olympic Park on July 13 and 14. 

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SOURCE: R16Korea