Thursday, July 4, 2013

"JYJ’s Junsu sells out all tickets to his musical in 5 minutes" plus 24 more

"JYJ’s Junsu sells out all tickets to his musical in 5 minutes" plus 24 more

JYJ’s Junsu sells out all tickets to his musical in 5 minutes

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Returning to the musical stage, JYJ's Junsu has proved his ticket-selling power yet again.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, Junsu sold out all 20,000 seats in five minutes during the second round of ticket reservations for the musical 'Elisabeth' on July 3. The servers for the ticketing site also froze for some time, proving just how powerful Kim Junsu is as a musical actor.

Junsu has decided to star in the hit musical again this year to present a newly interpreted and more evolved Der Tod, which won him the best actor award at the 18th Korean Musical Awards.

'Elisabeth' will begin on July 26 at the Seoul Arts Center.

Davichi sweeps music charts with “Missing You Today”

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 07:00 AM PDT

The duo of Davichi continues to captivate music fans' hearts with their new sounds.

Davichi's latest title track "Missing You Today", which was released on July 4, has swept various real-time music charts immediately after the release, topping elon, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music and Naver.

The members commented, "We wanted to release this song earlier but songwriter Choi Kyu Sung wanted us to release this in July. We are thankful that this song is beloved by many music fans."

TVXQ to sing OST for Japanese horror film, ‘Sadako 3D 2’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 06:30 AM PDT

TVXQ will be singing the main soundtrack for Japanese horror film, 'Sadako 3D 2'

According to local media Sankei Sports on July 4, TVXQ's upcoming single "Scream" has been chosen as the theme song for the second installment of horror film 'Sadako 3D', which will be released in Japanese theaters on August 30.

The film's producer, Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, said, "We'd like to breathe new life into the movie with TVXQ, who are loved all around the world as the core of Asia."

The new single will be officially released on September 4.

Henry bares his muscular back for ‘Grazia’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 06:05 AM PDT

Super Junior-M's Henry, who recently returned to the music industry as a solo artist, participated in a pictorial for the fashion magazine, 'Grazia'.

For the photo shoot, Henry has gone shirtless once again after creating a buzz previously with his teaser photos showing his tattooed body. He proudly bares his muscular back this time and looked so natural like professional model.

It's said that many staff members praised Henry's toned body that was built after a long term of rigorous dancing and work out.

More pictorials and interview of Henry can be found in latest issue of 'Grazia'.

Rain to be discharged from the army as scheduled

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 05:30 AM PDT

Despite being involved in current investigations, Rain will be discharged from the army as originally scheduled.

On July 4, the Ministry of National Defense stated, The investigations on PR agents will continue into next week but Sergeant Jung (Rain) will be discharged as scheduled on July 10th."

After relieving from his duties, Rain is about to start a new journey with new agency Cube Entertainment with popular groups like B2ST and 4minute.

Top 10 most viewed K-Pop MVs on YouTube for the first half of 2013

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 05:06 AM PDT

Psy has definitely dominated the K-Pop music scene, topping the chart of the most viewed music video on Youtube for the first half of 2013.

Psy's "Gentleman" music video garnered 460 million hits as of July 4, following up to the worldwide success of "Gangnam Style". It has set a Guinness World record as the most-watched online video in a single day, and even won the Top Streaming Song Video at a Billboard Music Awards.

Trailing behind is girl group Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" music video, which continues to charm viewers around the world and enjoying over 60 million views. The third most watched K-Pop video is Super Junior's sub group Super Junior-M's "Break Down" with 13 million hits followed by 4minute's "What's Your Name".

G-Dragon's "Michi Go" came in fifth place and SISTAR19′s "Gone Not Around Any Longer" as the sixth most watched video. BoA's "Disturbance" ranked seventh and SHINee's "Dream Girl" landed on the eighth spot.

Rookie groups B.A.P and EXO also entered the chart with their tracks "One Shot" and "Wolf", ranking 9th and 10th respectively.

Moon Geun Young thanks fans through video message

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 04:40 AM PDT

Actress Moon Geun Young expressed her gratitude to fans by releasing a special video message.

Namoo Actors' official Youtube channel recently uploaded a video featuring the lovely Moon Geun Young. In the video, the actress said, "Thank you for sending rice wreaths to my press conference."

She went on, "I was so surprised and deeply touched by overwhelming supports that fans from many countries showed. I will pay everything back with a good drama."

During the press conference for Moon Geun Young's new MBC Monday-Tuesday drama, 'Goddess of Fire Jeongi', a great number of fans from different Asian countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines sent a total of 2.49 tons of rice wreaths to show their support for the actress.

Jay Park releases teaser video for “Respect 16”

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 04:20 AM PDT

Jay Park, who was recently appointed as the honorary ambassador for 'R-16 KOREA 2103 World B-boy Contest,' has released a teaser video for promotional single, "Respect 16".

R-16 Korea is one of the world's five major b-boy competitions. Sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization, it is part of culture marketing to support street dance and to promote the world's urban street culture.

Jay Park's latest track entitled "Respect 16" is the 2013 official anthem of the R16 World Championship finals taking place in Seoul Korea on July 13-14 2013.

Check out the teaser below:

MYNAME releases blockbuster MV for “Baby I’m Sorry”

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 04:01 AM PDT

After unveiling their first mini album earlier, MYNAME has now released the blockbuster music video for the title song, "Baby I'm Sorry"!.

"Baby I'm Sorry" features a melody on piano accompanied by electronic rhythm, and is likely to be addictive. It displays MYNAME's upgraded selves and showcases their strongly masculine charisma.

The group's comeback has also been garnering much attention as it is accompanied by a blockbuster music video that cost 500 million KRW. The MV includes action and bloody fighting scenes and features actor Yoo Oh Seong and Japanese mixed martial arts fighter Akiyama Yoshihiro.

Check out the MV below:

4minutes asks “Is It Poppin’?” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 03:38 AM PDT

After making quite a buzz with hit track "What's Your Name", 4minute is back on 'M! Countdown' stage tonight with their follow-up single, "Is It Poppin'?".

"Is It Poppin'?" is a song about a girl making a cute warning to her boyfriend. It is a summer season song with catchy lyrics and melody colored in 4minute's unique musical style and charms.

Check out their performance below:

[130704] SISTAR wins triple crown on ‘M! Countdown’ + Other Performances

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 03:41 AM PDT

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back this week full of amazing performances!

The July 4th episode of the show was hosted by 4minute. Tonight's show features highly anticipated comeback performances from Jewelry, A Pink, John Park and MYNAME as well as debut stage of No Min Woo's band ICON and follow-up stage of 4minute.

Other performers tonight included SISTAR, EXO, Ivy, After School, Girl's Day, Dal Shabet, Roy Kim, Lim Kim, Henry, BTS and 2EYES.

And for the highlight of the show, SISTAR won a triple crown on this week's chart with their latest single, "Give It To Me"!

Congratulations SISTAR!

Tonight's Performances:





Lim Kim

Roy Kim

Dal Shabet


Girl's Day

After School





Watch tonight's comeback stages below:

Jewelry - "Hot & Cold"
A Pink - "NoNoNo"
John Park - "Baby"
MYNAME - "Baby I'm Sorry"
ICON - "Rock Star"
4minute - "Is It Poppin'?"

John Park calls out for his “Baby” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 03:27 AM PDT

Singer John Park is returning to the music scene with his first studio album, 'Inner Child', featuring his heart-fluttering title song, "Baby".

It is known that John Park himself produced the album and he made five songs out of 11 tracks. The remaining six tracks are the works of popular musicians, such as Lee Juck, Lee Hyori's boyfriend Lee Sang Soon and other various artists.

John Park said, "I'm so glad that I have worked over a year with the musicians I admire. I wanted to do music that I dreamt of since I was young and I put 200% of effort in this album."

Watch his comeback performance below:

Jewelry is “Hot & Cold” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 03:20 AM PDT

Showing a completely new image and music, girl group Jewelry is returning to the music scene with their latest title song, "Hot & Cold"!

"Hot & Cold" is described to be a dance song mixed with trot music and features very unique sounds. According to Star Empire Entertainment, the song will be showing a more sophisticated side to Jewelry that has not been seen before.

Watch their first comeback stage on 'M! Countdown' below:

MYNAME says “Baby I’m Sorry” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 03:08 AM PDT

After releasing their comeback mini album earlier, MYNAME is officially kickstarting their comeback promotions on this week's 'M! Countdown' with their new title song, "Baby I'm Sorry".

MYNAME's comeback has been garnering much attention as it is accompanied by a blockbuster music video that cost 500 million KRW. The MV includes action and bloody fighting scenes and features actor Yoo Oh Seong and Japanese mixed martial arts fighter Akiyama Yoshihiro.

Check out their performance below:

No Min Woo’s new band ICON debuts with “Rock Star” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 03:06 AM PDT

Actor and former TRAX member, No Min Woo, is making a comeback to the music scene as a member of a rock band ICON, performing their debut stage for "Rock Star" on 'M! Countdown'.

"Rock Star" is a tune mixed with electronic and acoustic sounds, which also include oriental sounds. No Min Woo participated as a producer, vocalist, drummer, guitarist, composer, and lyricist in album production.

The 3-member group ICON consists of No Min Woo, drummer Monster and DJ Disco.

Check out their performance below:

A Pink returns with “NoNoNo” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 03:04 AM PDT

Returning as six-member group, the "fairy-like" A Pink is stepping onto the stage ahead of its album release on Mnet's 'M! Countdown' with their new title song, "NoNoNo".

"NoNoNo" is a song written by hit K-pop songwriter Shinsadong Tiger who was in charge of the girl group's biggest hit tune "My My" and "Wishlist." It is the title song of their third mini album, 'Secret Garden' which will be released tomorrow, July 5.

The group continues to show off their trademark cute and innocent image as the girls flaunt their unique individual personalities and charms with new catchy tune.

Girls' Generation, EXO, 2PM, SISTAR & more perform at the China - Korea friendship concert

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 01:55 AM PDT

Check out the performance clips from the China - Korea Friendship concert below.

130704 M Countdown performs list

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 01:38 AM PDT

Performers:SISTAR, 4minute, EXO, Ivy, After School, Girl's Day, Jewelry, A Pink, John Park, Dal Shabet, Roy Kim, Kim Yerin, Henry, ICON, BTS, 2EYES, MYNAME

BTS releases showcase sketch with “Like” live performance

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Big Hit Entertainment's new group, Bangtan Boys (BTS), is back with more eye candy for the fans as they released special clip from their debut showcase.

Last June 12, BTS held their debut showcase at the Gangnam Ilchi Art Hall to celebrate the release of their first album '2COOL 4SKOOL'. The group has now revealed a showcase sketch featuring behind-the-scenes footage as well as live performance cuts of their song "Like".

Check out the clip below:

JYJ’s Junsu to hold live showcase for second solo album

Posted: 03 Jul 2013 11:30 PM PDT

JYJ's Kim Junsu (XIA) will be holding a showcase to celebrate the release of his upcoming second solo album.

C-JeS Entertainment announced, "On the day of Kim Junsu's 2nd album release which is July 15th, he will be having a live broadcast of his showcase a UNIQLO AX. This will be a great opportunity to hear his title song and new tracks live for the first time.

Ticket applications for the live showcase will be accepted via Mel0n website and mobile application on July 4th and 10th. 600 lucky fans will be granted with two tickets for the event.

2PM’s Taecyeon wraps up filming for debut movie ‘Marriage Blue’

Posted: 03 Jul 2013 11:00 PM PDT

2PM's Taecyeon has wrapped up shooting of his first big screen project, 'Marriage Blue'.

According to the movie distributor, Cinus Entertainment, the upcoming romantic comedy movie completed three months of filming last week. They also released a proof-shot photo showing the main cast and staff of the movie.

'Marriage Blue' features different stories about four engaged couples who go through pre-wedding traumas and many other events. Taecyeon will play Won Chul, a capable chef engaged to nail artist So Mi, played by actress Lee Yeon Hee.

Other notable cast members include Kim Kang Woo, Lee Hee Jun and Koh Joon Hee. The movie is slated to open in theaters in the second half of 2013.

Mnet America’s New Reality Series #mykpop Searches for the Biggest K-pop Superfans in America

Posted: 03 Jul 2013 10:53 PM PDT

Six passionate K-Pop fans will be chosen to star as cast of #mykpop
Following their journey to KCON 2013 in LA 8/24-25

LOS ANGELES (July XX, 2013) – Mnet America, a youth entertainment brand for all things Asian cool, is calling upon the biggest K-pop fans in the country to audition for the cast of its new reality series #mykpop airing this Fall. This series will document the K-Pop boom that has been occurring worldwide following the lives of six chosen cast members. The series will end with these six cast members flying to Los Angeles to take part in North America's biggest Korean pop culture convention and concert, KCON 2013.  Produced by Mnet America, KCON 2013 is will take place August 24- 25, 2013 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. 

Interested K-Pop fans can audition to be one of six special #mykpop cast members by following the submission guidelines below:

1.      Applicants should show through photos or videos that they are the most unique and enthusiastic K-pop fan ever and what makes K-pop so special to them.
2.      Through photos or videos, applicants should show where and how they watch Mnet America: On TV at home? On a laptop or iPad at the library?
3.      In a paragraph applicants should explain the story behind their love for K-pop; how they discovered K-pop; what they love about K-pop; how it affects their daily life; and what makes them the most interesting and passionate K-pop fan.
4.      If chosen for the second round, candidates will participate in a brief phone interview with Mnet America.
5.      Submit all materials to

More information can be found at The deadline for submission is July 19, 2013. Rules and conditions apply. 

To learn more about Mnet America and KCON 2013, visit or  

TVXQ ranks 4th on the Oricon Chart for the first half of 2013

Posted: 03 Jul 2013 10:30 PM PDT

The duo of TVXQ is enjoying huge success in Japan's Oricon chart with Japanese album, 'TIME'!

According to the Oricon, TVXQ's sixth album 'TIME' ranked fourth place on last month's 'Oricon First Half of 2013 Rankings – Album Category' with a total of 292,623 copies sold. The album succeeded in topping daily chart on the first day, as well as weekly chart and even Oricon's monthly album chart in March, proving the duo's popularity.

Meanwhile, TVXQ will be holding the finale of their Japanese Tour at the Yokohama Nissan Stadium, which holds up to 75,000 people, on August 17th and 18th.

TVXQ’s Yunho chosen as honorary ambassador for Gwangju Design Biennale

Posted: 03 Jul 2013 10:00 PM PDT

TVXQ's Yunho has been chosen as the honorary ambassador for the '2013 Gwangju Design Biennale'.

Organizers of the 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale announced that Yunho has been selected as the honorary ambassador for the biennale, which is to open in September. They chose Yunho because his image as the center of the Hallyu pop culture goes well with the image of the Gwangju Design Biennale.

Yunho, whose hometown is Gwangju, will engage in various activities as the Design Biennale ambassador and also participate in the public sector special exhibition 'My Favorite Gwangju' with his personally designed items.

Meanwhile, 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale will be held for 59 days from September 6th until November 3rd at the Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall.

Girls’ Generation to sing national anthem at LA Dodgers game

Posted: 03 Jul 2013 09:30 PM PDT

Following Tiffany's ceremonial pitch, Girls' Generation will be heading to Los Angeles once again to sing the national anthem at the Dodger Stadium for the LA Dodgers vs. Cincinnati Reds baseball game.

Three members of Girls' Generation will sing the national anthem for the Korean players, Ryu Hyun Jin of the Dogders and Choo Shinsoo of Cincinnati Reds, who will both be in attendance at the game. The game will also be celebrating Korean heritage with Korea Day.

SM Entertainment commented, "All of the members won't be able to make it to the event due to their schedules, but at least three members will be present."