Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Henry cast in Chinese drama ‘My Sweet City’" plus 24 more

"Henry cast in Chinese drama ‘My Sweet City’" plus 24 more

Henry cast in Chinese drama ‘My Sweet City’

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 07:30 AM PDT

After wrapping up his solo activities, Super Junior-M member Henry will appear in the Chinese drama series 'My Sweet City'.

'My Sweet City' will be a remake of SBS's drama 'My Sweet Seoul' which aired in Korea in 2008. Henry will play the male lead who wants to be a film director, previously played by Korean actor Ji Hyun Woo, while popular Chinese actress Jang Shin Yie will play the female lead.

Meanwhile, Henry kicked off a new round of promotion for his latest track "1-4-2 (I Love You)" earlier on 'M! Countdown' which also features f(x) member Amber. Watch his performance here.

SHINee makes strong debut on the Oricon

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 07:02 AM PDT

SHINee has made a strong debut on Oricon's chart

According to the Oricon, SHINee's 8th Japanese single, "Boys Meet U", which was released on August 21st, grabbed the second spot on the Oricon Singles Chart after selling 37,674 copies on its first day.

Meanwhile, the group's second Japan studio album, also titled "Boys Meet U," had debuted at second place as well immediately after its release late June.

SM trainee Seulgi steals Super Junior Kyuhyun’s heart?

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 06:29 AM PDT

SM Entertainment's mysterious trainee Seulgi is currently gaining attention after being mentioned by Super Junior's Kyuhyun.

On the August 21st episode of MBC TV variety 'Radio Star', Kyuhyun was asked about stars that he finds pretty. He mentioned Girls' Generation's YoonA and miss A's Suzy before adding that he don't like people who are famous.

Kim Gura then said, "I bet he likes trainees" and the whole set started to laugh. As Kyuhyun was pondering, f(x)'s Krystal and Sulli, who appeared as guests on the episode, mentioned a trainee named Seulgi who might have stolen Kyuhyun's heart. Kyuhyun started nodding as he said, "Seulgi is not bad."

The hosts then tried to match make Kyuhyun and SM trainee Seulgi. Sulli even suggested him to send a video message to her. Kyuhyun shyly said, "Seulgi, I hope you're practicing well. Work hard and debut. I'll be supporting you."

FT Island to celebrate 6th anniversary with concert and album

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 05:55 AM PDT

FT Island will mark their 6th anniversary next month with a special concert and album.

The group will hold their live concert "FTHX" at Seoul's Olympic Hall on September 28 and 29. The concert's title "FTHX" is a combination of 'FT Island' and 'Thanx' to express the band's gratitude towards their fans for the unchanging love and support since their debut in 2007.

In addition, FT Island's special album will be released at an earlier date on September 23rd, which will feature tracks written by the members of the group themselves. The group already showcased their songwriting skills in previous Japan albums.

Tickets for the concert will be available through YES24 starting on August 22nd.

After School’s UEE in talks for new weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow’

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 05:25 AM PDT

After School's UEE has been offered one of the lead roles in a new weekend drama.

On August 22, Pledis Entertainment announced, "UEE has recently received an offer to join 'Golden Rainbow', but we are currently assessing it along with other productions."

'Golden Rainbow' is a drama focusing on the relationships of seven orphans who are said to be closer than siblings related by blood. If confirmed, UEE will be playing the oldest sibling, Baek Won. Child actress Kim Yoo Jung is confirmed to play her younger version.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon thanks fans for their love and affection

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 04:54 AM PDT

Feeling very blessed for the showering love from the fans, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon wrote a sweet letter to express her gratitude.

Taeyeon posted on her Instagram, "There's something that I've always been wanting to say but couldn't really bring up easily. No matter when or where, to capture my appearance so beautifully, I'm really thankful to our fans", adding that she felt the fans' sincerity and affection towards her through the beautiful photos.

She continued, "As much as I am thankful, I feel just as sorry towards everyone. It would really be best if there were no dangerous situations or that nobody get hurts emotionally when we meet like this because we can't help but worry for each other."

"Anyway in conclusion, photos or whatever aside, I'm saying that I'm always thankful for all your affection and love. Personally, I'd like to learn how to take photos from SONEs keke. How do you manage to make me look like such an energetic, fresh and lively child?"

Taeyeon also cleared out any misunderstandings as to why she suddenly posted such a long message. She explained, "It's definitely not that anything happened today or that I got angry and wrote it in agitation! Haha it's only because I was really thankful that our fans came to cheer me on even when I was without my members today and left the country alone."


2NE1 releases making of “Falling in Love” MV

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 04:24 AM PDT

2NE1 belatedly released the making of "Falling in Love" music video.

"Falling in Love" is the group's first release after a year-long break. The song is 2NE1's first-ever summer reggae song that perfectly reflects the group's unique music style and color.

Check out the clip below.

Kim Ye Rim releases MV teaser for “Rain”

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 04:09 AM PDT

Two Months' Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) will pre-release a tune from her upcoming second solo album and she is bringing more excitement with the release of a music video teaser for "Rain".

"Rain" is set to be released on August 27 ahead of her upcoming second mini-album which is slated to come out in September. As the music video teaser shows nothing much, the song itself remains a mystery, as the singer has made nothing public about who wrote it or what genre it is.

Meanwhile, check out the teaser below:

[130822] EXO wins on ‘M! Countdown’ + Other Performances

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 03:45 AM PDT

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back this week full of amazing performances!

The August 22nd episode of the show features comeback performances of Big Bang's Seungri, Henry, HISTORY, NU'EST, Bumkey and K.Hunter as well as debut stage of former Wonder Girls member Sunmi and Superstar K4's Honey-G.

Other performers tonight also included EXO, Crayon Pop, Kim Hyun Joong, Lim Jeong Hee, ZE:A, B.A.P, VIXX, TASTY, Big Star, 5dolls and Soul Dive.

And for the highlight of the show, EXO won on this week's chart against Crayon Pop with their latest single, "Growl"!

Congratulations Growl!

Tonight's Performances:

Soul Dive


K.Hunter (Comeback Stage)

Honey-G (Debut Stage)

Big Star



Bumkey (Comeback Stage)



Lim Jeong Hee

Kim Hyun Joong

Crayon Pop


Watch tonight's debut and comeback performances:

Seungri - "Gotta Talk to U"
Sunmi - "24 Hours"
Henry - "1-4-3(I Love You)"
HISTORY - "Tell Me Love"
NU'EST - "Sleep Talking"

Henry returns with “1-4-3(I Love You)” ft. Amber on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 03:38 AM PDT

Having already captivated the audience with his track "Trap", Super Junior-M's Henry is back on the 'M! Countdown' stage with his self-written track, "1-4-3(I Love You)".

"1-4-3(I Love You)" is included in Henry's debut mini-album 'Trap', but will be released as a digital single on August 23. The song is an electronic pop number composed and written by Henry and his composer team NoizeBank, and features labelmate f(x)'s Amber.

Check out his performance below:

Big Bang’s Seungri is back with “Gotta Talk to U” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 03:34 AM PDT

Big Bang's Seungri is coming back in the music scene with his second solo mini-album after releasing his first album two years and seven months ago.

He released his new mini album 'Let's Talk About Love' featuring the title track "Gotta Talk to U". Seungri played an active role not only in composing songs for the album, but also in production, just like for his first album.

"Gotta Talk to U" is house music and fast tempo track composed and arranged by Ham Seung Chun and Kang Wook Jin. Check out his performance below:

Sunmi makes her solo debut with “24 Hours” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 03:32 AM PDT

After more than three years out of the K-pop spotlight, Sunmi, former member of the Wonder Girls, finally made her solo debut with "24 Hours" on this week's episode of 'M! Countdown'.

Sunmi is second female solo artist from JYP Entertainment to receive full support from the main producer Park Jin young, who took part in choreography, music and video. With her clear and soft voice, "24 Hours" shows the new and better grown up Sunmi.

Check out her performance below:

HISTORY wants you to “Tell Me Love” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 03:04 AM PDT

Showcasing their new looks, Loen Entertainment's rookie group HISTORY is back in the scene with new mini album 'Just Now' and title song "Tell Me Love".

"Tell Me Love" is the collaborative work of V.O.S' Choi Hyun Joon and composer Lim Kwang Wook, who composed songs for SHINee EXO. Hip hop group Eluphant's Kebee also wrote the lyrics for the song.

The song is about expressing love to your special person without caring about what other people think. And despite the change in wardrobe, HISTORY members maintain their oozing charisma and masculine concept.

Watch their performance below:

NU’EST are “Sleep Talking” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 02:59 AM PDT

Returning with another smashing mini album, idol group NU'EST kickstarted their promotions for their latest title track, "Sleep Talking"!

The group is returning with the new genre of 'mystic fantasy' for its latest third mini album 'Sleep Talking'. The title track of the same name was written by hitmaker Duble Sidekick and has a completely different color than their previous tracks.

Watch the boys with a more sophisticated sound and dramatic performance on this week's 'M! Countdown' below.

Guess the MVs #9

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 02:07 AM PDT

Do you have any idea in which MVs you can find the scenes above?

CNBLUE’s “One More Time” tops Japan’s reservation charts

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 11:30 PM PDT

CNBLUE's upcoming track "One More Time" is receiving great reactions from Japanese fans even before its official release.

On August 21st, CNBLUE's management agency, FNC Entertainment announced that CNBLUE's "One More Time", the title track of their second Japanese album 'What Turns You On?', topped in HMV Japan's Korea-Asia Reservation Weekly Chart, and Reokchokku's Asia Weekly Chart.

"One More Time" was co-produced and written by Ryo and CNBLUE member Jung Yonghwa. The song along with 10 other tracks off 'What Turns You On?' will be available in Japan on August 28th.

Seo Taiji holds secret wedding with Lee Eun Sung

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 11:02 PM PDT

Legendary musician Seo Taiji revealed that he held a secret wedding with actress Lee Eun Sung.

On August 21st, Seo Taeji made a new post on his official fancafe and surprised his fans by announcing that he has already got married. He revealed that he and Lee Eun Sung's wedding ceremony has been held with their family members and close friends in attendance back in June.

This is actually Seo Taiji's second marriage. His first marriage was only revealed in 2011, years after he already had gotten divorced.

In the same post, Seo Taiji also mentioned that because his lifestyle has changed, he was worried about not concentrating on his new album. But he found a way to cope with it and he promised that he will make a comeback with his ninth album soon.

SPICA’s Kim Bo Hyung reveals why she was dropped from 2NE1

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 10:33 PM PDT

SPICA's Kim Bo Hyung, who was a former trainee at YG Entertainment, revealed the behind stories how she ended up in SPICA after training to become a member of 2NE1.

On the recent episode of cable channel OnStyle's 'Lee Hyori's X Unni', which was aired on August 20, Lee Hyori asked Kim Bo Hyung why she thought she did not make it into 2NE1 to which Kim Bo Hyung could not answer.

When Lee Hyori asked how she learned she didn't make it, Kim Bo Hyung explained, I was sitting alone in the practice room and Yang Hyun Suk came to me. He said it's not that I'm bad but because my color was different than that of 2NE1. He told me not to cry and to keep working hard."

Super Junior’s Siwon to return to the Chinese big screen with ‘Helios’

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 10:02 PM PDT

Super Junior's Choi Siwon is finally ready for another big screen adventure.

According to SM Entertainment, Siwon is set to return to the Chinese big screen for the first time in 7 year in the upcoming disaster film 'Helios'. He is currently filming for the movie in China and Hong Kong.

'Helios' centers on an act of nuclear terrorism that threatens to destroy Asia. Siwon will play a a Korean police officer who chases the terrorist. Actor Ji Jin Hee, who also cast in the film, plays a Korean scientist.

Girls’ Generation forced Krystal to watch an R-rated movie?

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 09:31 PM PDT

f(x) member Krystal revealed that the first time she watched an R-rated movie was with Girls' Generation.

Krystal and her fellow member Sulli appeared as guests on the August 21 installment of MBC's 'Radio Star'. During the show, the show's MC asked whether it was true Girls' Generation forced her to watch an erotic movie.

Krystal explained that it happened rather naturally as they were already watching the movie when she came. She said, "I went to visit the unnis, and they were just watching the movie. Not everyone was there, but the ones who were were all older than me. I tried to leave because there was a sex scene but they called me back in. It was really embarrassing."

Sulli also talked about her first encounter with such movies and revealed it was too much for her to handle when she first watched one.

SISTAR to hold second solo concert in October

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 09:05 PM PDT

Girl group SISTAR, who has been knocking off the charts with their song "Give It To Me", is coming back this October with its second solo concert!

SISTAR will be having its second solo concert titled 'S' this coming October, promising to show fans how much they've grown as artists since their 1st solo concert.

A representative of Starship Entertainment said "SISTAR has lot to show. They are full of passion and will exceed your expectations. It will be a performance like dream come true."

Tickets for SISTAR's second concert will be available through Interpark on August 23 at 5PM KST.

Shin Se Kyung reveals vacation photos from Italy

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 08:41 PM PDT

Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed lovely photos of herself from her recent trip to Italy.

Recently, several photos were uploaded under the title, 'Shin Se Kyung traveling in Italy' on an online community bulletin board and are currently gaining attention.

The photos show Shin Se Kyung posing in front of famous places in Italy. She looks gorgeous with her casual yet stylish clothing and bright smiles.

Netizens commented, "I envy her so much", "Looks like she's having a great time" and "I was wondering what she was doing and she was traveling".

Honey-G releases first full-length album + “Baboya” MV

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 08:19 PM PDT

Vocal trio group Honey-G, who rose to stardom through audition program 'Superstar K4', released their first full-length debut album and full music video for "Baboya".

Released on August 22, "Baboya" is the title track from their first full length album. The music video for the song features actor Yoo Yeon Seok, who recently starred in the MBC drama 'Gu Family Book.'

Earlier this week, Honey-G pre-released the music video for the track "My Love" and garnered much attention for featuring Lee Hyori and Busker Busker's Brad.

Check out the MV below!

NU’EST unveils comeback MV for “Sleep Talking”

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 08:04 PM PDT

NU'EST finally unveiled the full music video for comeback track "Sleep Talking".

The group is returning with the new genre of 'mystic fantasy' for its upcoming third mini album 'Sleep Talking'. The title track of the same name was written by hitmaker Duble Sidekick and has a completely different color than their previous album.

Check out the MV below!

K.Hunter releases dance and original MV for “Marry Me” starring A Pink’s Bomi

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 08:03 PM PDT

Rookie solo singer K.Hunter has just unveiled a music video teaser for his next title track "Marry Me".

On August 22, K.Hunter released his first mini album and music video for the title track "Marry Me". The music video is already gaining attention as it features K-Hunter and A Pink's Bomi reenacting the 'foam kiss' popularized by Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin from the hit drama 'Secret Garden'.

K.Hunter is currently in 2nd grade of high school, and his latest mini album marks his return after making his debut in the music scene with "I Will Be A Star" single in July.

Check out the MV below!