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"Seulong takes a photo with Philipp Plein in Mila" plus 24 more

"Seulong takes a photo with Philipp Plein in Mila" plus 24 more

Seulong takes a photo with Philipp Plein in Mila

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 08:00 AM PDT

2AM Seulong is in Milan to attend 2014 Spring/Autumn Milan Fashion Week. In there, he met Philipp Plein, a known German fashion designer, and takes a picture with him.

These photos were uploaded by himself in his instagram account.

INFINITE's Sungjong rides on a bumper car

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 07:30 AM PDT

INFINITE's maknae Sungjong is playing well by himself while taking the most of his holiday in an amusement park. Earlier he uploaded a photo of himself taken while he was riding a bumper car.You can see that he's really enjoying it along with the other kids.

He wrote, on his twitter account, "bump bump bump~~~ Exciting bumper car play"

Juyeon shares some lovely polaroid photos of After School

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 07:00 AM PDT

After School Juyeon has time to check her polaroid photo album as she shares some of them on her instagram account. She first posted a photo of her and wrote, "What am I thinking?" and followed it with a group photo of her, JungAh, U-ie and Raina while making funny faces.

Check below:

SKECHERS releases SHINee's CF BTS and Interview

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 06:30 AM PDT

A video of SHINee's SKECHERS' CF making and Interview has been released showing the 'Five Shining Men' in their coolest yet colorful and fun CF shooting.

Watch it in English subbed below:

Amber spends holiday in Palawan, Philippines

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 06:49 AM PDT

f(X) Amber quietly spends her holidays in Palawan, Philippines with her friends. In an update by one of her friends through instagram, Amber was revealed to had gone to Philippines. She wrote,

"Fun times in palawan with these two .... byebye philippines @yimmyslice @ajol_llama" .She also posted a photo of Amber and another friend enjoying the sunset along the beach.

CL and G-Dragon pose together! Double swag!

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 05:30 AM PDT

CL joined G-Dragon during his encore stage today at Inkigayo. CL appeared to congratulate him for winning. But before that, CL and G-Dragon posted photos of them on their respective instagram accounts.

G-Dragon wrote, "CL-ru just crossed the waters," suggesting that CL just came back from an overseas schedule.

CL also posted a photo of them and wrote, "MR.G-DRAGON". Aren't they look cool and full of swag together?

Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Donghae do aegyo at beer festival in Germany

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 05:00 AM PDT

Super Junior members who are in Germany went to a beer festival and seemed like they are enjoying it to the fullest. In a video posted by Donghae, each of them are doing aegyo.

Donghae wrote, "Germany in a beer festival".
Watch below:

Who does the cutest aegyo among them?

Jay Park explains the Berlin show cancellation

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 04:30 AM PDT

Jay Park posted an explanation on his Facebook regarding the cancellation of his Berlin show a day after he posted on his twitter about the sad news.

Jay Park wrote, "To all the ppl (people) askin (asking) why Berlin was cancelled i'm (I'm) not exactly sure.....i'm (I'm) just goin (going) with what i (I) was told...i'm (I'm) just as disapointed (disappointed) as u (you) guy's (guys)...i (I) was REALLY lookin (looking) forward to all my shows in EUROPE because it's my first time...I'll make sure next time something like this don't happen and hopefully i'll (I'll) see yall (you all) REAL soon! MUCH LOVE TO GERMANY AND BERLIN".

No definite reason was revealed, but at least Jay Park explained that just showed how he values his supporters.

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SOURCE: facebook/jaypaom

Get inspired with 2PM's Nichkhun's meaningful tweets!

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 04:01 AM PDT

Obviously,  2PM's Nichkhun Horvejkul had learn so much from his 25 years of existence. He loves to express his substantial thoughts in his twitter where you will surely think deeply before getting the meaning of those. 

Get inspired with his tweets:

Did you learn something? 

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SOURCE: @Khunnie0624 

Sick Jay Park still performs in London!

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 03:30 AM PDT

Jay Park hit thLondon Hammersmith Apollo stage yesterday (September 21st) despite his sick body.

Before the moment of his performance, Jay Park expressed his condition on his twitter and instagram.

After his performance, he immediately thanked the party-goers: 

Indeed, Jay Park is a professional artist, he lived the famous rule, "The show must go on". Get well soon.

His next stop would be in The Sand, Amsterdam, the Netherlands on September 25th.

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Teen Top's Niel makes a surprise appearance on SBS' "Ootchasa"!

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 03:00 AM PDT

TeenTop's Niel made a surprise appearance on SBS' "Ootchasa".

On his appearance, he was wearing a school uniform, and he showed his variety of talents. He made the crowd laugh so hard with his comedic acts and he utilized his unique singing voice simultaneously. 

Moreover, the recent buzz on Teen Top is the release of their 2013 TEEN TOP NO.1 ASIA TOUR IN SEOUL DVD. This DVD contains their concert performances, individual showcases and making film at Hwajung Stadium in Korea University last May 11-12. The pre-sale date will be on September 23rd, and the date of issue is on October 8th.

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A Girl's Day member for a solo debut, who will it be?

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 02:00 AM PDT

A Girl's Day representative disclosed that one of the four gorgeous women will be having a solo single this November. 

The representative said, "We are currently deliberating which of the four will meet fans with a solo track. That solo debut is intended to thank the fans for their undying support and love for 'Expectation', 'Female President'  and 'Please Tell Me'."

The ultimate question, will it be Sojin, Yura, Minah or Hyeri? And that is what we should anticipate for.

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SOURCE: naver via akp

Busker Busker hints on an IU collaboration?

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 01:30 AM PDT

Recently, Busker Busker released a teaser video for their upcoming album. However, IU is dragged to it due to the keen eyes of IU's fans.

They noticed a truck that passes by with the letters 'B IU'. The fans speculated that IU participated or will be part of their new album. However, others seemed to contradict that because IU is also on the run of promoting her new album, "Modern Times".

Meanwhile, Busker Busker will release its second full-length album on September 25th while IU's will be unveiled on October 7th

Pay attention at 0:08 to 0:12: 

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A-PRINCE at Geumsan Insam Festival

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 01:00 AM PDT

A-PRINCE was invited to perform at the closing ceremony of Geumsan Insam FestivalGeumsan County's leading festivallast September 15. 

Geumsan County is located in Chungcheongnam-do province. It is the largest producer of ginseng in Korea. The festival is held to promote the benefits of Geumsan ginseng.

Check the photos below:

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EXO-M Chen celebrates birthday in Germany

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 12:00 AM PDT

It's always better late than never. EXO Chen's who celebrated his birthday yesterday greets everybody from Germany and revealed than he celebrated his birthday there with members.

Through EXO-M's official website, a photo of Chen was uploaded with his message,

Hello everyone. This is Chen!!!
Now, we are in Germany~^^
Sorry for the late greetings ㅠㅠ
I', shocked because my members even prepared a surprise party...;; these group of nasty kids!!! hee hee hee 
I spent my happy birthday here with the members!!
I'd like to thank fans for the greetings.
And I'm always thankful for your love.I love you.^^

Mir shares his 10-year-ago diary entry "Why do I like her"

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 11:35 PM PDT

MBLAQ's Mir found a diary entry which has been written 10 years ago and shared it on his twitter account.

The diary reads,

"Today is Sunday, a day when I couldn't see the person I like. Right now, it's raining. For some reason, I feel so depressed. Keep thinking about that kid throughout the day... I'm thinking at the moment, 'Why do I like her?' I can't understand it too. How can a boy like me likes a girl like her." 

The entry was written passionately by an innocent 13-year old Mir. Isn't it cute?

Kyuhyun regrets 23 euros, castle visit failed!

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 11:00 PM PDT

Super Junior Kyuhyun expresses disappointment and regret in his recent tweet.

He uploaded a photo of him with Eunhyuk, Donghae and Ryeowook on twitter. The Super Junior members are currently touring Germany and this time they visited the Neuschwanstein castle which inspired Disney's castles on their movies.

He wrote,

"Neuschwanstein.. 23 euros entrance fee each person. We wanted to enter both castles but we didn't know there's time limit. Therefore we weren't able to finish it.. This castle of love and hatred ㅜ ㅜ Can we see it again someday?"

Poor Kyuhyun, he must be very regretful.

BTS's Rap Monster covers Drake's Something

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 10:30 PM PDT

BTSs Namjun or known for his stage name Rap Monster cover's Drake' Something. He makes a soothing cover of the song flavored with his own lyrics and creatively produces a sweet version of it enough to mesmerize fan girls.

Listen below:

Jessica and Hyoyeon have a sweet meal together

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 09:55 PM PDT

Pretty girls of SNSD Hyoyeon and Jessica had a sweet snack together. Jessica uploaded a photo of them on her weibo account. The two ladies seemed like they just enjoyed a snack together.

She greeted the birthday girl Hyoyeon, "Happy Hyoyeon day No need for more words!".

JYJ will perform Asian Games' “Only One” in Vietnam, China and the Philippines!

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 09:02 PM PDT

JYJ, the Goodwill Ambassadors of The 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organising Committee (IAGOC), is going to perform "Only One" at the promotional roadshows of IAGOC in three Asian countries.
Hanoi, Vietnam will be the first stop on October 24, followed in Guangzhou, China on November 21 and at the Asian Games Centennial Festival in Boracay, Aklan, the Philippines on November 28.
IAGOC just recently unleashed the official Asian Games song and video, 'Only One', performed by JYJ. The song talks of conquering mountains of problems and challenges as nations and races unite as one. 
The 14th Asian Games, officially known as XVII Asiad, will be held on September 19- October 4, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea.
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IU new dyed hair is an image change?

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 08:19 PM PDT

Time passed so fast and five years have gone for Lee Ji-eun or better known as IU who just celebrated her half a decade in K-Pop industry.

IU started on September 18, 2008 on MNET M! Countdown with her debut single 'Lost Child' and with her long, jet-black hair. From then, her image was the cute 'nation's little sister'.

As the saying goes, "Nothing is permanent except change", IU just dyed her hair with light brown. That change is being connected to her upcoming new album "Modern Times". Will this album be an image change for IU?

"Modern Times" will be unleashed on October 7th!

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SOURCE: onehallyu

SHINee on the cover of Sparkling Magazine Fall 2013 issue + EXO, Lee Min Ho, and K-Pop Republic exclusives!

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 07:50 PM PDT

After the KPop Republic concert in the Philippines, SHINee will grace the main cover of the Sparkling Magazine Fall 2013 issue!

That's not all, EXO is also featured on the fashion flipside, plus feature articles on Lee Min Ho (the main lead of 'The Heirs' with Park Shin Hye), Alexander Lee Eusebio (a half-Korean-quarter-Chinese-quarter-Portuguese singer, rapper, host and entertainer and a former member of U-KISS) and Hari. It will also include K-Pop republic exclusives (happened last September 7) and Kim Hyun Joong and HISTORY goodies.

Sparkling Magazine is a K-Pop entertainment and lifestyle magazine which started on November 2010. It is published by Summit Media, the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines.

It will be released in October!

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JYP Entertainment explains miss A's Suzy tweet

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 05:23 AM PDT

JYP Entertainment, miss A's Suzy's agency, issued an statement regarding the tweet of miss A's Suzy last September 16.
Her post went like this, "I wish we could be together, but all I can do is try to take care of you from afar."

JYP Entertainment explained on September 17, "Suzy's message was for her family whom she missed so much, but she couldn't visit because of her busy schedule. No worries for everyone for she will be celebrating the Chuseok holidays with her family in Gwangju."
Homesickness is the consequence of stardom that all artists bear everyday.
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SNSD's Hyoyeon turns 24 with so much support from the Sone's!

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 06:34 PM PDT

SNSD's Hyoyeon is celebrating her 24th birthday with a bang!

Her fans really did their best effort to make these #HappyHyoyeonDay, #ItsHYOursDay, and #효연아생일축하해 trending in at least five countries and the most is on worldwide where it ranked its highest on number one!

Kim Hyo-yeon was born on September 22, 1989 in Incheon, South Korea. She auditioned for SM Entertainment as young as 11 through SM 2000 Casting System. She danced in her audition, and she is well-known as the Dancing Queen now!

Happy birthday!

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VIXX's first performance in Stockholm and Milan!

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 06:00 PM PDT

What a good news for European K-Pop fans especially in Sweden and Italy!

VIXX is going to be the first K-Pop idol to visit and entertain your eyes and ears. It was announced that VIXX's "The Milky Way" tour will be in Stockholm, Sweden and Milan, Italy.

The Stockholm concert will be on November 2nd, while the Milan one will be on November 3rd.

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