Monday, November 25, 2013

"Hyolyn releases Lonely MV #HyolynSoloDebut" plus 24 more

"Hyolyn releases Lonely MV #HyolynSoloDebut" plus 24 more

Hyolyn releases Lonely MV #HyolynSoloDebut

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 07:13 AM PST

SISTAR's Hyolyn releases the MV of her solo debut song "Lonely", check out the full MV below.

Suzy shows cute dance for Urive Black BOX CF

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 06:55 AM PST

miss A's Suzy dances adorably in the BTS video of Urive Black Box CF, check out the video below

Be Strong Philippines!

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 06:35 AM PST

Philippines was hit by the Haiyan Typhoon on 8th November and many people in the country are suffering a hard life all this while.

KBS World compiled some supportive messages from KPop stars to cheer on Philippines people, hwaiting to Philippines, Be Strong!

SHINee's Jonghyun warns people selling his phone number

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 07:01 AM PST

SHINee's Jonghyun finds the matter very serious as he found out that there are people making money out of selling celebrities' phone numbers online.

On November 25, Jonghyun addressed the concern by tweeting,

"I heard from stories that some people are selling celebrities phone numbers for thousand dollars, including mine, on the internet.That's why there are a lot of prank calls coming lately... Please don't let it be the reason. Selling one's information is a crime. If it's confirmed to be true, I will file a police case."

Hopefully, people will be alarmed and stop their illegal act.

Source: Jonghyun's twitter
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CNBlue and Kang Sora are winter buddies for Bang Bang

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 06:00 AM PST

South Korean fashion brand, Bang Bang, releases their winter collection featuring their models CNBlue and actress Kang So Ra. In the promotional photos, the artists wear bright and colorful jackets while having fun posing for the camera.

Check below:

4-minute are loving sisters for 'Letter From Angels' project

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 05:30 AM PST

Behind-the-scene photos of 4-minute during their pictorial for  Cho Sei Hon's 2013 Letter From Angels were revealed and earned heartwarming response.

The girls became angels as they sistered 100-day old baby Yeon Hee, particularly Gayoon, who is holding the innocent baby in her arms. On the other photo, Gayoon was captured taking a look at the baby even after the pictorial.

Check some photos below:

Cho Sei Hon's 2013 Letter From Angels, is a project initiated by the popular photographer Cho Sei Hon. It features celebrities and 100day-old orphaned and adopted babies.

The photos will be exhibited on December 18 at the 2nd hall of Insight Center in Seoul to raise awareness.

Source: @loveinsws twitter
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Soyu shows support for Hyorin's solo debut

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 05:00 AM PST

SISTAR Soyu shows her support for fellow member Hyorin who will be releasing her solo debut tracks on November 26.

She wrote on their official twitter account,

"Midnight of 26th digital release~~~~~ Hyorin eonnie fa fa fa fa fighting♬ Please listen a lot to Lonely + One Way Love~^^"

On the attached photo, Soyu is holding Hyorin's poster.

Source: Sistar's twitter
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Yoona and Lee Bum Soo to share a kiss on ‘Prime Minister and I’?

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 04:30 AM PST

The 3rd teaser from KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama 'Prime Minister and I' showed how trouble maker reporter Nam Da Jung (Yoona)  got involved in a romantic scandal with the prime minister Gwon Yul (Lee Bum Soo).

The teaser also showed Yoona dreaming of kissing the prime minister with a sweet smile on her lips.
Watch below:

Meanwhile, the drama will premiere on December 9.

2NE1's Starcall event starts with Bom!

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 04:00 AM PST

2NE1 informed their fans that they'll be sending starcall starting today until the next four days.
To start up, here's Bom's starcall message. What does she have for you? Watch below:

Meanwhile, 2NE1 are currently promoting their new single 'Missing You' by having their comeback stages on music shows this week.

Credits: 21NOKIO
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Juniel and Sunggyu are cute pair for Elite Uniform

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 03:30 AM PST

Idols Juniel and INFINITE's Sunggyu are cute pair as they endorse Elite Uniform.

Te picture was posted on ELITE's me2day account along with the announcement of the winners from their recent event.

In the photo, Juniel and Sunggyu are wearing stylish uniforms wherein they appeared like cute high school students while posing together as they touch each others' hands.

They are a cute pair, aren't they?

Girl's Day's Minah updates fans with new selca

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 03:01 AM PST

Girl's day's Minah updated her Twitter on 24th November with a new selca.

She mentioned, "It's raining everyone, for those without umbrellas be careful on your way home!! Take a warm shower before you go to bed...!! Thank you~!"

Fans commented,"Minah is kind-hearted","thanks for reminding" and etc.

miss A prepare gifts for fans to celebrate Music Bank victory

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 01:42 AM PST

miss A's members promised that they will prepare some delicious food for fans if they won first place on Music Bank.

On 23rd November, the girls performed at Music Core and attended their fansign event, they kept their promise by giving away 150 packets of cakes.

Meanwhile, miss A will continue promoting till the first week of December.

Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum return to Korea from their vacation

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 12:53 AM PST

On 25th November around 2pm, newborn couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum arrived at the Incheon airport, officially ended their one month trip to Europe.

The two were spotted hand in hand while walking out from the terminal. Kim Bum was smiling at the view of reporters, while Moon Geun Young seemed tired and kept hiding her face under the hood.

Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young met and started developing feelings to each other during "The Goddess of Fire,Jung Yi" filming and recently confirmed their relationship.

Source: Nate
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IU sings 'Arirang' on Arirang Concert

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 01:00 AM PST

IU showcases her angelic vocal on the Arirang Concert, check out her perfect performance for 'Arirang' below.

Do you like her performance?

Secret's Song Ji Eun is a fashionista for 'SURE' Magazine

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 12:13 AM PST

Secret's Song Jieun involves in a photoshoot for the December issue of 'SURE' Magazine.

Jieun released her solo album "Hope Torture" back in September, garnering much attention with her amazing singing ability, she showcases her fashion sense in the latest photoshoot for SURE Magazine.

Do you like her image for this photoshoot?

YG Producer Teddy and actress Han Ye Seul are in a relationship

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 10:21 PM PST

Teddy and Han Ye Seul are confirmed to have been dating for 6 months.

 According to women's magazine "Woman's Sense" December issue, it was reported that both of them met each other through friends introduction earlier this year, and they started developing into a romantic relationship since May.

It is said that because both Teddy and Han Ye Seul used to live in America so they came to sympathize with each other, which made it easier for them to ger closer. Because of Teddy's busy work, the two can't always date each other. They usually meet each other early in the morning. "

Woman's Sense" also said, "All people in YG knows about their relationship. When they date each other, there also go along with other friends. People said Teddy and Han Ye Seul are really close to each other". Both YG Entertainment and Han Ye Seul's agency confirmed their relationship.

Congratulation to the newborn couple.

Source: Nate 
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Miss A's Suzy vs Song Ji Hyo,'Nation's first love vs Lion head' ?

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 10:19 PM PST

Suzy and Song Ji Hyo morning faces were revealed in the latest episode of Running Man.

In the broadcast of Running Man on 24th, the members along with the guests went on an MT, and the mission was they had to get up early in the next morning.

Surprisingly Song Ji Hyo was the first one to get up. Jihyo came out of the house with messy hair and swollen face. Suzy then came out and as expected from the nation's first love, she still shined even without make-up, her pure and innocent charm captured the hearts of everyone.

Netizens commented,"Song Ji Hyo still looks cute","I like the both of them","I envy Suzy's bare-face"

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Happy birthday to Big Star's Jude

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 08:47 PM PST

Stage Name: Jude
Real Name: Kim DongHyun (κΉ€λ™ν˜„)
Group: Big Star
DOB: 11/25/1994
Position: Vocal, Maknae
Blood type: A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 59kg
Hobbies: music, sleep
Skills: English, clarinet
Favorite artists: Omarion, Usher

Dal Shabet grace 'it pouch' with their 6 different colors!

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 08:00 PM PST

Girl Group Dal Shabet have become the first models for new beauty magazine 'it pouch'.

For their photoshoot "Girls Color Attitude", the girls display their individual colors and different charms making them earned a 'top model' status from the magazine's staff.

Check more photos below:

Source: Nate
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VIXX release 'choreography version' of their Voodoo Doll MV

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 07:29 PM PST

VIXX release another version of their 'Voodoo Doll' MV. This time, the MV focuses on the choreography and solo performances of each members taking away some eerie and creepy elements from the original MV.

Watch below:

2AM release 'Regret' MV teaser

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 07:31 PM PST

2AM finally releases the first teaser for their upcoming single "Regret" from their mini album 'Nocturne'. The track is a mellow song which talks about pain from heartbreak.

Watch the teaser below:

Their 3rd mini album is scheduled to be released on November 27.

T-ara reveals Eunjung's teaser for 'What Do I Do?'

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 07:51 PM PST

Following Jiyeon's teaser, here's Eunjung concept teaser photo for T-ara's upcoming single, 'What Do I Do?', which is a remake of Sand Pebbles' song with the same name.

In the teaser photo, Eunjung's hair transformation into white while having blue eyes conveyed a mysterious woman image.

Their single will be released on December 2. Meanwhile, let's anticipate other members' upcoming teaser photos.

Source: Nate
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J. Tune Camp to debut new hip hop group 'Pro C'

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 07:29 PM PST

J. Tune Camp firstly revealed the name of its new artist at the end of MBLAQ's concert in Seoul.
Today, a teaser for the new group named Pro C has been released.
Check their teaser below:

Based on the teaser, this group assumed to have a hip hop concept and will release their debut track titled Bad Memory ft. K. Will on November 28.

Source: jtunecamp Youtube
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Suzy demonstrates how does she tie her hair

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 06:00 PM PST

On November 24, Miss A Suzy shared photos of her trying to tie her long hair. She wrote on her twitter account, "Arrived in Beijing. Just a photo of myself tying my hair at Music Bank waiting room *---*(?)"

In the photo, Suzy is dressed in casual black skinny pants and white pulloever.
Do you think she's doing it right?

SHINee's Taemin writes a letter for Apink's Naeun

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 05:32 PM PST

Taemin conveyed his feeling through a personal letter to Naeun.

On November 23rd, Taemin wrote a letter for Naeun during their trip to Jeju Island.

In the previous episode, Taemin said,"Because it's a special day so I suggested going to Jeju island". They went to the coffee shop where they first met, they reminisced the memories together.

At that moment, Taemin pulled out from his bag a letter and handed it to Naeun. She was touched while reading the letter but moreover is the last sentence which surprised her the most.

Netizen expressed their curiousity,"What did Taemin write?","The last sentence is "I Love You"?", and so on.

Source: Nate
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