Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Hyorin releases MV teaser for 2nd title track 'One Way Love'" plus 22 more

"Hyorin releases MV teaser for 2nd title track 'One Way Love'" plus 22 more

Hyorin releases MV teaser for 2nd title track 'One Way Love'

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 07:26 AM PST

Hyorin releases MV teaser for her second title track 'One Way Love', following the release of her MV teaser for 'Lonely'.

Compared to the MV teaser of 'Lonely', 'One Way Love' shows a daring and sexy Hyorin having an argument with her lover.

Check the teaser below:

'Love&Hate' album will be released on November 26.

U-ie and NU'EST-M's Jason make an adorable pair as they lock hands

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 07:33 AM PST

After School U-ie and NU'EST-M's Jason make an adorable pair for their photoshoot for a Chinese magazine 'Street Fashion'.

The same-aged pair took the streets of China and display their unique fashion as well as their adorable tandem by comfortably holding each other's hands.

Unlike other couple pictorials, the two projected a bright and care-free couple image by locking their hands, putting arms around each other's shoulder and being all bubbly.

Check their photos below:

#24dongziziday Happy birthday to Infinite's Dong Woo

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 06:52 AM PST

Birth Name: Jang Dong Woo
Stage Name: Dongwoo
Group: Infinite
Company: Woolim entertainment
Nickname: Dinosaur, Monkey Boy, Kenyan, Mother of Infinite, Smile Man
Date of Birth: November 22, 1990
Height: 175 cm
Position: Rapper
Blood Type: A

Who is this adorable kid?

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 06:45 AM PST

SNSD's Seohyun shared her childhood photo through her twitter account.
She captioned, "tada~!!!!! who could this little kid be?? this is my childhood pictures! puhaha:D"

Wonder why she was glaring in this picture?

#HappyEungkaDay Happy birthday to BtoB's Eunkwang

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 06:44 AM PST

Name: Seo Eunkwang 서은광
Stage Name: Eunkwang
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: November 22nd, 1990
Height: 173cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A

'Trouble Maker' justify their chemistry as a couple for CECI!

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 06:07 AM PST

Successful duo 'Trouble Maker' Hyuna and Hyunseung give more justice to their undeniable chemistry conveyed in their photoshoot for CECI's December issue.

Check their photos below:

miss A won first place on M! Countdown this week

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 04:58 AM PST

miss A tops the music chart of M! Countdown this week, congratulations.

M! Countdown is cancelled for 2 weeks because of MAMA 2013, stay tuned for more updates on MAMA 2013 that will be held on 22nd November.

Top 10 songs this week:

NU'EST-M unveils the Chinese version of 'Sleep Talking'

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 04:04 AM PST

NU'EST-M releases the Chinese version of "Sleep Talking", listen to the full song below.

Original Korean version

Lee Junki as a regular cast of '2 Days 1 Night Season 3' ?

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 03:23 AM PST

Actor Lee Junki is likely to become a new member of '2 Days 1 Night Season 3'(2D1N)

On November 21th, the production revealed,"About whether he will join or not, we can't give you a proper statement right now. Tomorrow is the 1st recording of the Season 3, even the members haven't known themselves who they will work with, so we can't talk about it much right now. When the recording officially starts, we will reveal the cast of the Season 3"

Lee Junki's agency also said,"We're still considering about the offer"

Along with former members including Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min, 2D1N Season 3 will include actor Kim Joo Hyuk, singer Jung Joon Young, Defconn, the last member still remains a secret.

The 1st episode of the new season will broadcast on December 1st.


Comedian Jeon Young Joong died in a motorcycle accident

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 02:31 AM PST

Comedian Jeon Young Joong (28) was found dead in a motorcycle accident.

According to Seoul, YeongDeungPo police station, aound 3:20 am on November 21th, Jeon Young Joon was riding a 125cc motorcycle from Seogang University towards Yeoui2 Bridge then he ran into the centerline of the road and was hit by a taxi from behind. He died right on the spot.

The police said,"We're still investigating whether he was drunk or not by doing the blood test".

Comedian Jeon Young Joong used to appear on 'Smile People' and 'Gag Tonight' of SBS.

We send out sincere condolences to Jeon Young Joong's family, may he rest in peace.

source: nate
writer: clover

Girls' Generation's Tiffany VS Yuri, who wore it better?

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 12:08 AM PST

Girls' Generation's Tiffany and Yuri spotted wearing dress of the same design.

Tiffany appeared at the filming set of SBS Fashion King wearing the dress while Yuri wore it at the premiere of her movie "No Breathing".

Who do you think looks better with that dress?

Girls' Generation's Sunny poses sexily for InStyle Magazine

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 11:20 PM PST

Girls' Generation's Sunny appears in the December edition of InStyle magazine.

During the interview, Sunnt revealed,"it's the same every year, will drink red wine and watch romantic movie with the movies at dorm. We get used to throwing home party nowadays."

Do you like the concept of her new photoshoot?

Girl's Day unveils new BHC Chicken CF

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 10:03 PM PST

Girl's Day enjoys some delicious friend chicken in the new CF of BHC Chicken, check out the CF below:

SHINee releases short PV for Japanese singe '3 2 1'

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 08:32 PM PST

SHINee releases the short PV of their latest Japanese single '3 2 1".

Check out the shorter version PV while waiting for its full release in December.

miss A Suzy poses for W Korea magazine

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 07:56 PM PST

miss A's Suzy is featured in the December issue of W Korea magazine.

Suzy collaborates with Beanpole Accessory in her new pictorials for winter fashion. She shows off her feminine charm in the latest set of photos.

Check out more photos below

MBLAQ's G.O releases 'Play That Song' MV

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 07:49 PM PST

MBLAQ's main vocalist G.O releases the short MV of his new single titled "Play That Song", check out the video below

Kahi graces Cosmopolitan magazine + BTS video

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 02:02 AM PST

Kahi unveils her new photoshoot for the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Kahi flaunts her well-maintained figure for the popular magazine, garnering much attention with her new pictorials.

Fans commented, "Kahi unnie is sexy and classy at the same time", "wish to have her figure" and etc.

Photos Source: WeloveKahi and Afterschooldaze

Shin Ji Hoon releases MV teaser for 'Hurtful'

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 06:33 PM PST

Rookie singer Shin Ji Hoon unveils the first video teaser of her upcoming digital single titled "Hurtful".

The official release of this song will be on 22nd November, while waiting for its official release, check out the video teaser below.

4Minute's Jihyun reveals bare face selca

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 06:10 PM PST

4Minute's Nam Jihyun updates her Twitter with a bare face selca.

She wrote on 20th November," My fingernails nude color", she is seen showing off her newly painted fingernails as shown in the photo above.

Fans commented after seeing her bare face selca,"Unnie you need some sleep","You look pretty without much makeup" and etc.

What do you think of her bare face selca?

Happy birthday to TOUCH's Kanghyun

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 05:03 PM PST

Stage name: Kanghyun (강현)
Full Name: Park Kang Hyun (박강현)
Group: TOUCH
Born: November 21, 1994
Height: 182cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: AB
Position: Rapper, Maknae

131120 Troublemaker won first place on Show Champion

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 04:34 PM PST

Troublemaker won again on Show Champion aired on 20th November, check out their winning speech and performance below.

Wa$$up is back with 'Nom Nom Nom' on Show Champion

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 04:10 PM PST

Rookie group Wa$$up is back with their new song 'Nom Nom Nom' On Show Champion, check out their amazing comeback performance below

VIXX is back with 'Voodoo Doll' on Show Champion

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 03:58 PM PST

VIXX is back with their latest hit song "Voodoo Doll" on Show Champion, check out their performance on the show below.

Besides performing Voodoo Doll, the boys deliver a soulful performance singing their latest ballad song "Only You"