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"Paris Hilton to perform at the 2013 MAMA" plus 24 more

"Paris Hilton to perform at the 2013 MAMA" plus 24 more

Paris Hilton to perform at the 2013 MAMA

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 06:39 AM PST

Paris Hilton is confirmed to perform at the 2013 MNET Asian Music Awards.

CJ E and M's PD Ahn mentioned, "MAMA will invite western artists who are popular in Asia for performance and interaction, i'm sure Paris Hilton's performance will enhance the show."

2013 MAMA will be held in Hong Kong on 22nd November.

Source: Segye

B.A.P to hold large-scale concert tour in Japan

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 06:32 AM PST

Having made their debut in Japan with their single 'Warrior', the boys of B.A.P will be embarking on a large-scale Japanese concert tour.

On November 19, TS Entertainment announced that B.A.P will be launching its first Japanese tour titled 'B.A.P 1st Japan Tour: Warrior Begins'. Starting from November 19 in Kobe, the group will also perform in Nagoya and Tokyo, holding two concerts in each city, for a total of 6 concerts.

The tour is known to be a large-scale, having 3.6 billion KRW of budget, 2,200 staffs, and fifteen 10T trucks amount of equipments. The stage which measures 10 by 10 meters will enable the B.A.P members to unleash their explosive performances.

B.A.P's first Japan tour will begin in Kobe on November 19th and 20th, November 27th and 28th in Nagoya, and wrap up in Tokyo on December 4th and 5th.

Big Bang’s T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung to star in ‘Tazza 2’

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 06:01 AM PST

It has been reported that Big Bang's T.O.P and actress Shin Se Kyung have been confirmed to star in the sequel to the hit movie, 'Tazza'.

'Tazza 2' will be directed by the original film's director, Kang HyungChul, who has filmed several more hits like 'Speedy Scandal' and 'Sunny'. It is the second part of the four-part original manhwa, which is titled 'Hand of God'.

In the film, T.O.P will play the main character Ham Dae Gil (Goni's nephew in Tazza), while Shin Se Kyung will play his lover, Heo Mi Na.

Other actors who are being considered as strong candidates to join the cast included Kim In Kwon, Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Yoon Seok and Park Hyo Joo. The movie will start the filming at the end of this year.

Jang Geun Suk hopes to regain actor image with ‘Pretty Boy’

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 05:30 AM PST

Jang Geun Suk recently shared that he hopes to regain his image as an actor.

On November 18, a press conference for upcoming KBS Wed-Thu drama 'Pretty Boy' was held at the Imperial Palace in Seoul. During the event, Jang Geun Suk said, "I chose my next project to be 'Pretty Boy' because it seemed like I was going to be forgotten in Korea if I kept performing concerts overseas."

It has been said that Jang Geun Suk has waited about a year to film this drama after confirming his role. He said, "After I was offered with the role, I thought it was worth taking a challenge. I want to regain the image of Jang Geun Suk the actor, and I felt that this character is so like me."

'Pretty Boy' will air its first episode on November 20.

2NE1 unveils Park Bom’s teaser for “Missing You”

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 05:10 AM PST

After unveiling CL, Minzy and Sandara's teasers, 2NE1 followed it up with new audio teaser of Park Bom for upcoming new single "Missing You".

As recently announced by Double Park (Sandara Park and Park Bom) during an urgent press conference, 2NE1 will be releasing a new single "Missing You". The short teaser focuses on Park Bom's part in the song, showcasing her sweet and powerful voice.

"Missing You" will be released at midnight of November 21.

LEDApple’s Hanbyul and Youngjun cover One Direction’s “Story Of My Life”

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 05:00 AM PST

Known for bringing fantastic cover song each week, LEDApple has now returned with another cover performance for this week's episode of LEDApple's 'Music Note'.

On November 19, LEDApple's Hanbyul and Youngjun released a cover of One Direction's "Story Of My Life". The duo impressed the fans with their very own acoustic rendition of the song.

Watch the cover below.

IU thinks Suzy looks like Megan Fox after losing weight

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 04:35 AM PST

On November 18th, Suzy participated in 'LINE Star Chatting' with other miss A members, and answered many questions from fans.

On this day, Suzy made a phone call to IU, who is a well known best friend of hers. During the call, IU revealed, "Suzy lost so much weight, she looks like Megan Fox now. Her body and her face are the prettiest out of everyone I know now."

IU also congratulated miss A for winning #1 with "Hush" on the November 17th episode of 'Inkigayo'.

SISTAR’s Hyorin to make a solo debut next week

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 04:00 AM PST

With previous reports that Hyorin may be standing before her fans as a solo artist, it has now been confirmed that the SISTAR's main vocalist will be making a solo debut later this month.

According to Starship Entertainment on November 19, Hyorin will be making a solo debut at the end of November with her first full-length album. She is currently wrapping up filming and editing the music video.

Full tracklist and actual release date will be revealed soon. Hyorin is also expected to hold showcase and promote on various music programs until the end of the year.

Seo In Guk releases teaser for solo concert in December

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 03:32 AM PST

Singer-turned-actor Seo In Guk will be holding his first solo concert next month, and he just unveiled a teaser video through Jellyfish Entertainment's official Youtube channel.

The concert is titled 'Supri-In Guk' (Surprise + In Guk) and will be held for two days from December 28 to 29 Ewha Womans University auditorium in Seoul. He will present various performances as well as share behind stories that he haven't talked on TV.

Check out the teaser below:

Seohyun donates 100 million KRW to Dongguk University

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 03:07 AM PST

Girls' Generation's Seohyun generously donated a large amount of money to her alma mater.

On November 19, Seohyun attended the annual donation ceremony at Dongguk University. Currently attending as fourth year acting major, the idol donated 100 million KRW to show her gratitude to the university.

Dongguk University holds fundraising events annually to raise money for scholarships. Despite the busy schedules, Seohyun decided to contribute by donating a large sum, displaying her genuine and loving heart.

'The Heirs' Kim Sung Ryung garners attention with her old photos

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 04:57 AM PST

"The Heirs" actress Kim Sung Ryung, who plays the role of Lee Minho's mother in SBS drama "The Heirs" garners much attention with her old photos.

The photos were revealed on a morning show recently, fans were surprise to be informed that she won the miss Korea title in 1988.

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San E releases new teaser video for “Break Up Dinner”

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 02:35 AM PST

Rapper San E has just unveiled another teaser video for "Break Up Dinner".

After pre-releasing his track "Where Did You Sleep", San E will be unveiling his new mini album 'NOT Based on True Story' on November 21. The album features the title track "Break Up Dinner", a medium-tempo R&B hip-hop number featuring Phantom's Sanchez.

Check out the teaser below:

MAMA 2013 releases 2nd teaser featuring EXO

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 02:16 AM PST

Check out the 2nd teaser video of the 2013 MAMA featuring EXO.

2NE1 unveils Sandara’s teaser for “Missing You”

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 02:14 AM PST

After unveiling CL and Minzy's teasers, 2NE1 followed it up with new video teaser of Sandara for upcoming new single "Missing You".

As recently announced by Double Park (Sandara Park and Park Bom) during an urgent press conference, 2NE1 will be releasing a new single "Missing You". The short teaser focuses on Sandara's part in the song, showcasing her sweet voice.

"Missing You" will be released at midnight of November 21.

Tony An, Lee Soo Geun & Tak Jae Hoon to have first hearing in December

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 10:30 PM PST

Having caught up in gambling scandal, Tony An, Lee Soo Geun and Tak Jae Hoon will be having their first court hearing for the case on December 6th.

The three were notified of their court summons on November 15th. Tony An, Lee Soo Geun and Tak Jae Hoon will also be joined by a former celebrity manager (Mr.Kim), and a choreographer (Mr. Uhm).

These people are just five of 21 people who were investigated by the prosecutors for illegal online gambling. An online gambling site was used for those involved to text in their bids of significant amounts.

According to reports, Tony An gambled 400 million KRW while Lee Soo Geun and Tak Jae Hoon reportedly gambled 370 million won and 290 million won respectively.

NC.A introduces herself in Loen TV’s “I’M”

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 10:00 PM PST

Coming back with new addictive track "Oh My God", rookie soloist NC.A appeared in an interview for Loen TV's new segment "I'M" (Introducing Myself).

In the video, NC.A introduced herself through 'Researching NC.A Class' where she answered questions about everything about her. She talked about her stage name, the closest person among her seniors, ideal type, personality, hobby and more.

Check out the video below:

Trouble Maker releases dance practice video for “Now”

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 01:30 AM PST

Trouble Maker has just released a dance practice video for hit track "Now"!

Just like actual performance, Hyuna and Hyunseung displayed a perfect teamwork to showcase a phenomenal performance together. Keone Madrid and Mariel Madrid from URBAN DANCE CAMP created the sexy choreography for "Now".

Check out the video below:

Crayon Pop to hold week-long promotion in Hong Kong

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 09:30 PM PST

Following their successful promotions in Australia, girl group Crayon Pop will be heading to Hong Kong as their next destination of overseas activities.

Crayon Pop, who received much attention with the release of "Bar Bar Bar" will attend the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards to be held at the Hong Kong Asia Expo Arena on November 22 where they will perform with YouTube star Ylvis.

After the awards ceremony, Crayon Pop will continue their week-long street promotions in Hong Kong. The group is expected to have guerilla performances at The Victoria Peak as well as hold meet-and-greet sessions.

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop will be releasing a Christmas carol next week.

Park Han Byul cuts her hair short for new drama

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 09:00 PM PST

Actress Park Han Byul made a boyish transformation for her new SBS daily drama 'A Well Grown Daughter'.

On November 19, SBS released still cuts of Park Han Byul during her first filming at a performing arts high school in Gyeonggido last week. The director and staff praised her for her boyish transformation, cutting off her hair for the first time for her role.

'A Well Grown Daughter' is about the fourth daughter of a family that's been making soy sauce for hundreds of years, has to dress up like a man to inherit the business. Park Han Byul will play the daughter Jang Ha Na and the fake son Jang Eun Sung.

Lee Seung Gi spotted filming for ‘Running Man’

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 08:33 PM PST

Lee Seung Gi is coming back to variety as he was recently spotted filming for SBS' popular variety program, 'Running Man'.

On November 18, several pictures of Lee Seung Gi's participation in 'Running Man' were uploaded on online community websites. In the pictures, he is seen wearing a bright orange puffy jacket with his nametag on his back. Lee Kwang Soo was also spotted with Lee Seung Gi.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi had appeared last November on an episode of 'Running Man' along with Park Shin Hye, and demonstrated his experienced variety flair.

The Boss announces music comeback with BTS photos

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 08:00 PM PST

Having signed with new agency Poom Entertainment, The Boss is preparing for a new round of promotions in local music scene with upcoming second mini album.

The group confirmed their comeback on official Facebook, announcing, "The Boss 2nd mini album MV still cut. 20131128 The BOSS 2nd Mini Album Release". Attached the post are music video still cuts showing black-and-white images of the members filming their music video.

Poom Entertainment stated, "As requested by the fans, we released these photos along with their comeback announcement. Since they are making a comeback in two years, The Boss are receiving hot interest from both domestic and international fans."

YB and Lena Park sing acoustic version of “December”

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 07:44 PM PST

YB (Yoon Do Hyun) and Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun) have just released their first duet single "December".

On November 19, the two singers released an acoustic version of "December", a remake version of Turbo's hit single of the same title. The single serves as the theme song for their upcoming 'That Winter: 2013 YB + Park Jung-hyun Concert' slated to open on December 23 and 24 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

Check out the short MV and full audio below:

2AM pre-releases “Just Stay” ahead of mini album

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 07:22 PM PST

Ballad group 2AM pre-released a track off their upcoming mini album.

On November 19, 2AM released the track "Just Stay" before officially release the mini album 'NOCTURNE' on the 27th. The song is co-produced by talented singer-songwriter Ra.D and D.ear.

According to the agency, "It was the first time for 2AM and Ra.D to work together, and they showed a fantastic team work. Ra.D directed the entire recording, and everything went very smooth."

Check out the track below:

KARA's Jiyoung shows off her sexiness for 'Arena Homme+' magazine

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 06:28 PM PST

KARA's youngest member Kang Jiyoung is featured in the December issue of Arena Homme+ magazine.

During the interview, Jiyoung expressed, "since i'm the youngest member in the group, so i have been showing my cute image, although it's great to have a cute image, but i want to be sexy too since i'm an adult".

More photos will be revealed in the latest issue of Arena Homme+ magazine.

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TASTY releases “Day n’ Night” teaser video

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 06:28 PM PST

The duo of TASTY signaled its return with a teaser video for upcoming third single "Day n' Night".

"Day n' Night" will be released on November 25. The music video shows the beautiful scenes of Hong Kong, and features model-turned-actress Lee Som, who will form a love triangle between TASTY members Daeryong and Soryong.

Check out the teaser below: