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"Super Junior Leeteuk sends handwritten letter to fans" plus 22 more

"Super Junior Leeteuk sends handwritten letter to fans" plus 22 more

Super Junior Leeteuk sends handwritten letter to fans

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 07:14 AM PST

Super Junior Leeteuk who has been serving in the army for over a year now sends a heartwarming handwritten letter for their fans, ELF.

On November 27, Super Junior's website updated their board with a scanned copy of Super Junior leader's handwritten letter. The letter contains heartwarming messages and greetings for the group's 8th anniversary on November 6.

The back-to-back letter reads,

To those who I love most, whom I feel insecure about and long to see.. The best of my (possessions), "E.L.F."

Everyday, after having a hard day, I shed tears and feel touched about every letters you send to me. Thank you so much for giving me the big strength to endure and continue without giving up!
After an year..I think it's been very long since I greeted you guys.
I am counting down the 8 months left in my army service, by putting X marks on the calendar. Waiting for the time to meet you guys again, smile brightly, and (to) enjoy the time.
It's already been 8 years since debut. I think I feel more sad today, thinking about how I cannot be with those I love.
Members who have been working really hard, even now..
And our fans who also run with them, giving (us) endless love..
I want to say "Always thank you, and love you."
And 2014, and 7/29 will come soon!!
I go to sleep every night, imagining the day in my mind.
Everyone, be prepared to have the best party for 9th anniversary!!
Thank you again for helping me endure, to live, to not give up.. Let's (be together) for a long long time.. Not just as a moment but as a forever.. I will pray so that we will always be together, with the feelings of 'We are one'!! I really love you.

PS. SS5!! and E.L.F!! 8th Anniversary!! Congratulations on turning 8. 8th anniversary means it's the age to enter school!! Everyone's old now??!! kk ^___^ (You must! See the back!!)

SJ Leader!!
From Teukkie that loves E.L.F the most.. ^^v



Even if the sky were to fall, and the ground were to break apart
If you love me, I will have nothing to fear
Even if the world is embraced in darkness and change completely,
If you love me, what difference would it make.
If you want, I will follow you to the end of this world.
I can go pick the moon and the bright sun from the sky for you.
If you want, I can throw away everything that was precious to me.
Even if everyone were to laugh and make fun of me, I will only follow you.
And even if the God of fate were to take you away,
If you love me, I will follow you forever.

-A Song of Love 
Translated by @NKSubs 

Super Junior Leeteuk enlisted on October 30 , 2012 and is currently in active duty. The variety idol and Super Junior's leader is going to be discharged on July 29, 2014 to reunite with his loved ones especially to his members and fans.

Source: super junior website
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VIXX release practice version of 'Voodoo Doll' choreography

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 06:40 AM PST

VIXX show you in-detailed the choreography of their 'Voodoo Doll' song through their practice video.
The boys showed their sharp dancing moves and formations while dancing in their practice studio.

Fans were impressed as they quickly commented, "Why are they so tall? or the studio is small?","Their synchronization is very neat.","Each one's dance moves are so different but it compliments to the whole choreography," and so on.

Meanwhile, VIXX are in the middle of their promotions for "Voodoo Doll" from their 1st album 'Voodoo'. Have interest to learn their moves? Watch below:

SHINee greet Hongkong fans for their 'Everybody Festival in Hongkong'

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 06:00 AM PST

SHINee will be coming to Hongkong for their "SHINee <Everybody> Festival" on January 26, 2014.
To excite you more, SHINee send a video greeting inviting you to attend. It was revealed that only 4,000 fans will be accommodated to ensure that the members can interact with them in more centered way.

Watch their video greeting below:

It's going to be a 2-hour fun-filled event exclusively for SHINee and their fans.
Ticket prices as follows:

Ticket price ranges VIP $1280, $980, $680 (in Hongkong dollar)
Venue: Asia World Expo
Time: 8:15PM (HKT)

Meanwhile, SHINee will participate in SMTOWN WEEK as 'wizards' on December.

Dara and CL are in high spirits on their shared Starcall

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 05:30 AM PST

Still part of their Starcall event, here comes CL delivering her message while playing with Dara.

The two started off playing like little girls while humming to their new song. CL introduced herself with Dara's interruptions on how to stream their song online by demonstrating it.

Aside from listening to their song, Dara also mentioned to watch their MV while teasing CL (about her naked shot).

Check out their short yet hilarious Starcall below:

Meanwhile, 2NE1 are in the middle of their 'Missing You' promotions and are currently appearing in weekly music shows.

B2ST's JunHyung to have a solo debut in December

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 04:47 AM PST

Producer-idol and talented musician Yong JunHyung from BEAST is going to make his solo debut as singer-composer. He has been known as a talented composer at a very young age of 25.

His upcoming debut solo album is going to be produced and written by himself. Through his own-produced album, he will showcase his emotional side and classy music.

In preparation to his solo debut, he had become active in producing in both Korea and Japan and his agency, Cube Entertainment finally discloses that he's currently in the final touches stage of his solo debut in December. Ever since the news broke out in broadcast stations, there is rising anticipation for the upcoming young singer-song writer on stage.

Because of his producing and song-writing skills, he received a lot of offers outside. The song 'Caffeine' which he produced for fellow member Yang Yoseob has ranked 1st on music charts thus earning him more praises.

He also made B2ST to earn the title 'self-producing group' as he solely composed all the songs from his group's 2nd album.

Meanwhile, the exact date of his solo debut hasn't been confirmed but assumptions suggest that it would be on mid December. They added that all the songs have recorded already and they are in the midst of shooting for his concept photos and MV.

Are you ready to meet the talented singer-composer Yong JunHyung?

Source: OSEN
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Tiffany and Bora couldn't hide their closeness!

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 04:05 AM PST

Fashion King Korea Facebook uploaded a photo of bestfriends SNSD Tiffany and SISTAR Bora on November 27. They wrote,

"This is taken from the backstage. Lovely bestfriends Tiffany with Bora. Proof shot"
In the photo, Tiffany and Bora are posing together making V-signs while smiling. They are both wearing fashionable outfits at the runway's backstage.

The two are very vocal about their close friendship and are both happy to appear on the same show 'Fashion King Korea' even though they are rivals. The photo proves that even they are competing against each other on the runway, they are very good bestfriends backstage.

'Fashion King Korea', an SBS fashion survival variety program which airs every Sunday at 12:15AM KST.

Source: Fashion King Korea Facebook
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Trouble Maker to appear on 'A Song For You'

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 03:03 AM PST

KBS World uploaded the preview of Trouble Maker on "A Song For You".

The amazing duo talk about the kiss scene in "Now" MV during the interview session. In addition, MC Jokwon requests them to demonstrate the cool choreography of "Now" on the show too.

This episode of a Song For You will be aired on 29th November on KBS World, at the time being, check out the preview below:

T-ara releases 'Do You Know Me' teaser video

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 01:57 AM PST

T-ara teases video the first teaser video of Do You Know Me,

The MV will be filmed with a musical concept, the girls will unveil this song on their premiere that will be held at COEX Megabox on 2nd December at 3pm.

60 lucky fans will be invited to watch the premiere, the 9-minute MV and 10-minute BTS video will be unveiled on music website Genie.

Check out the video below, do you anticipate T-ara's comeback?

AOA's Seolhyun reveals sexy pictorials for Arena Homme+

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 12:25 AM PST

Arena Homme+ revealed on 27th November that AOA's Seolhyun participated in solo photoshoot since debut.

Seolhyun collaborates with male model Jang Gi Young in her latest photoshoot, showcasing her feminine and sexy image.

Seolhyun's photoshoot will be included in the December issue of Arena Homme+ magazine.

Happy birthday to TOUCH's Young Hoon

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 11:30 PM PST

Real name: Cha Young Hoon
Nickname: Chic Rapper
Position: Rapper
Date of birth: 27 Nov1991
Blood type: :B
Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Skills: Rap, swimming

Lee Kwangsoo,' even Gary is not here, Song Jihyo can't play the role of my girlfriend'

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 11:11 PM PST

On November 27th, Lee Kwangsoo attended the "Walking with Dinasaurs 3D" showcase. He is the voice actor of the hero dinosaur in the movie.

He said during the interview,"I think Kim Jongkook is suitable for the villain's role because of his strength and his character. Ji Sukjin as my father because of his age. Haha is good to be my partner, plus he has small size like the character in the movie"

The MC then asked,"Because of Gary so Song Jihyo can't play the role as your girlfriend right?". In this regard, he replied,"Even if it's not because of Gary, Song Jihyo is inappropriate. For that role, there are many people who can play it. But then who is better?", he was confused upon hearing the question.

He explained,"Or just let Song Jihyo play it, it's better, because I feel the most comfortable around her"

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Guess who #2

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 10:30 PM PST

Let's guess who are they?
Just comment below !!

-- Answers will be revealed after 24 hours --

Happy birthday to Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 10:00 PM PST

Stage Name: Shin Hye Sung (신혜성)
Real Name: Jung Pil Kyo (정필교)
English Name: Steve Jung
Nickname: Sonic
Birthday: November 27, 1979 (age 33)
Blood Type: A
Height: 179cm
Weight: 65kg
Skills: Taekwondo (Black belt)
Education: Cheonan University (faculty of English)

KARA's Jiyoung reveals new photos for High Cut

Posted: 27 Nov 2013 02:01 AM PST

Jiyoung's dark image for High Cut

KARA's Kang Ji Young collaborates with Chanel Beauty for the new photoshoot of "High Cut" magazine.

The main colors of the photoshoot are black and white, applying different makeup styles. The photoshoot is included in the 114th issue of High Cut magazine released on 21st November.

Do you like maknae's concept for the said magazine?

Jiyoung impresses with the black and white themed photoshoot

Nine Muses to comeback with 25+ rated song

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 08:48 PM PST

Nine Muses release teaser for their upcoming 25+ rated song.

Nine Muses official Twitter page updated on 27th November, "Nine Muses' teaser pic revealed, new single "Glue" will be released on 4th December. 25+ rated! please anticipate Nine Muses' transformation. Coming soon."

Do you anticipate their comeback?

NOEL sing mournfully on 'Being Forgotten' MV

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 07:28 PM PST

Vocal group NOEL release their full MV for their comeback single 'Being Forgotten' from their mini album 'Traces'.

The melancholic song accompanied with piano melody tells about the forgotten love memories.
Check it out below:

DickPunks release MV for 'Goodbye Girlfriend'

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 07:14 PM PST

Dropping their new album 'Hello Goodbye' on November 27, indie/rock band DickPunks finally release the MV for their new song 'Goodbye Girlfriend'.

Watch below:

Krystal is healthy and fit in the new Adidas Women promo clip

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 06:51 PM PST

f(x) Krystal is healthy and fit for the promotional video of Adidas Women. The clip shows the behind-the-scenes of Krystal's Vogue Girl's May issue pictorial with the concept of 'all in for my girls'.

Hyolyn performs One Way Love at her solo showcase

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 06:51 PM PST

SISTAR's Hyolyn impresses with her singing and dancing ability as a soloist at her very own solo showcase, enjoy her performances below

THE BOSS reveal 2nd MV teaser for 'Why Goodbye'

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 06:19 PM PST

THE BOSS. who have been active in Japan with their success has finally returning to their domestic fans to have their comeback after two years.

As they are preparing for their KPOP comeback, watch THE BOSS' 2nd MV teaser for their song 'Why Goodbye'

Do you miss the boys?

If you haven't watched the 1st teaser, CHECK IT OUT BELOW:

Meanwhile, the group will release their 2nd mini album on November 28.

2AM enchants with their sorrowful harmony on 'Regret' MV!

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 05:53 PM PST

2AM enchant everyone as they release the full music video for 'Regret' from their 3rd mini album 'Nocturne'.

The group once again impressed their fans with their melancholic harmonies as they talk about heartbreak on their song.

Filmed in a very pale and alienating setting in dessert, the members effortlessly conveyed their sorrowful emotions through their MV.

Watch below:

Meanwhile, you can already purchase their songs from iTunes and other music sites.

'Reply 1994' Yoo Yeon Suk performs 'Will You Marry Me?' at a wedding

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 04:46 PM PST

The video of Yoo Yeon Suk singing at a wedding was revealed to the public.

On 26th, an online community forum uploaded with the title,"Yoo Yeon Suk singing while playing the piano at a wedding". He was singing to "Will You Marry Me?" originally by Lee Seung Gi. The video was taken last year at his brother's friend wedding. His piano skill as well as his sweet voice have captured the hearts of many people.

He's currently receiving much love and attention through his role as Chil Bong from 'Reply 1994'

Check out the video below

Source: wowtv
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Hyolyn releases One Way Love MV

Posted: 26 Nov 2013 04:22 PM PST

SISTAR's Hyolin releases the full MV of her dance track titled "One Way Love", check out the full MV below