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"Ailee enjoys sightseeing in Australia with Alexander" plus 24 more

"Ailee enjoys sightseeing in Australia with Alexander" plus 24 more

Ailee enjoys sightseeing in Australia with Alexander

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 07:00 AM PST

On December 1, Alexader posted an instagram video with Ailee. Xander wrote, "Sightseeing @ Fremantle! A very pleasant place. Love the way Australians relax n enjoy life~^-^"

At the end of the video, it was revealed that he tags Ailee along with him and both of them are enjoying the harbour view in Fremantle. Both are wearing sunglasses and feeling the breeze from the Swan Rizer.

Check Xander's instavid below:

Alexander and Ailee both attended '2K13 Feel Korea' event in Perth, Australia on November 30 along with other artists such as MBLAQ, Wheesung, ONGALS and many more.

Comedian Kiseop Choi from  ONGALS uploaded a group photo, "Thank you PERTH :) #MBLAQ #AILEE #ALEXANDER #WHEESUNG #ONGALS".

Suzy is surprised to hear about the number of her endorsements

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 06:42 AM PST

It was revealed that Suzy has nearly 40 endorsements on her own in just 4 years since her debut, proving her popularity.

On the broadcast of 'Entertainment Weekly' on 30th, a staff told her about the number of endorsements she involved and she was surprised and said,"40? You said 40?"

Then she was asked what kind of CF she wishes to film in the future, she answered while smiling,"I want to film an air-conditioner CF. And since I love ramen so I want to film one too"

Source: Nate
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Heechul thanks Macau along with a censored photo of Henry

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 06:00 AM PST

Super Junior successfully concluded their SS5 stop in Macau on November 30. To express their gratitude, Heechul posted a photo on his instagram account and wrote,

"Macau Super Show has has ended. With my dongsaeng Zhoumi and Henry^-^ This bastard brat only wears pant and have this photo takenㅡㅡ I even censored it but it's I didn't get anything. Guys, you want the original without censor right? Alright, let's start the game now"

In the photo, Heechul is still wearing his personalized SS5 shirt. Zhoumi who's in the middle is wearing his Woody costume while hiding his head with Heechul's mascot's head. While Henry is grinning and posing with his 'hero' costume made by Heechul.

So, do you want Heechul to upload the original one?

Lee Seung Gi and Bora perform sexy couple dance at Hope Concert

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 05:30 AM PST

Lee Seung Gi has revealed that he will redo SISTAR19' Gone Not Around Any Longer for his Hope Concert.

On November 30, Lee Seung Gi and SISTAR Bora performed a sexy couple dance at the Seoul Olympic stadium.

The  performance was perfectly executed with its drama-like choreography. Seung Gi appeared heartbroken from a fresh break up with his lover. He entered the stage wearing white long sleeves while doing some sexy waves and moves from SISTAR19's Gone Not Around Any Longer.

As much of fans anticipated, Bora appeared sexy in loose white polo long sleeves and black short. The two portrayed an emotional yet sexy stage which consists of skin ships that made fans squeal.

Lee Seung Gi who has been showing gentleman image revealed afterwards, "I can't show you only my innocent and young boy image forever."

Source: Nate
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Soyu brags her signed 'Love&Hate' album from Hyorin

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 05:00 AM PST

SISTAR members are very supportive of Hyorin's solo debut.

On November 28, SISTAR members came to support Hyorin's first stage on MNET. In particular, member Soyu didn't forget to get  her copy of Hyorin's album signed.

A photo of her showing Hyorin autograph was posted on SISTAR's facebook page. She was holding the album near Hyorin and seemed very proud of it.

Do you want your copy to be signed too?

Source: SISTAR Facebook
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Taeyang shares series of photos from Osaka

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 04:30 AM PST

Big Bang's Taeyang didn't waste time to stroll alone while they are in Osaka.

On November 30, Taeyang uploaded photos of him taken along the street. Under the bright sky, Taeyang wrapped himself in his black stylish get up.

He is wearing black pullover, leather short, beanie and a mask. Seems like Taeyang doesn't want to get a tan? He wrote, "The weather seems good." In his photos, he posed like he's about to jump and there's a photo of him raiding a store.

Big Bang held their Japanese Dome Tour at Kyocera in Osaka on November 29. They will be there until December 1 for a 3-day concert.

Hyuna and Hyunseung are attacked by leopards

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 04:00 AM PST

Trouble Maker are troubled by leopard.

On November 30, Hyuna shared cute photos of her and Hyunseung on her instagram account. In the photos, the two are seen with life-sized leopard doll around their body along with its baby.

Hyunseung was trying to kiss the leopard doll while Hyuna seemed scare to look at it. Fans commented, "I'm going to miss these two","Both of you are looking good!","Hyuna don't be scared, Hyunseung will protect you." and so on.

Meanwhile, Trouble Maker are currently having their goodbye stages this week.
Will you miss this duo?

2NE1′s Dara & Boyfriend to appear on a PH's show

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 03:00 AM PST

2NE1's Dara graced an appearance on a Philippine science-environmental educational show, 'Matanglawin' (Hawkeye).

Dara and the Korean boygroup, Boyfriend, will be featured on December 8th at 9:30AM (local time).

Watch the preview below:

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2PM's Nichkhun's manly image crushes

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 02:30 AM PST

No matter how strong you look physically, some situation will really weaken you.

On 2PM's Nichkhun recent Twitter post, he couldn't keep how sad he is.

He wrote, "I don't want to see or know anything but deep inside I was very sad. It seems like watching parents fight over something but there's nothing I can do. All I can do is just pray for the better."

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SOURCE:  Khunnie0624

Girls' Generation perform 'Blade & Soul' theme song 'Soul' LIVE

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 03:32 AM PST

Girls' Generation performed at the Blade and Soul event!

The girls revealed the theme song of the online game on the event and delivered a flawless performance. Fans were excited to watch the girls performing a Chinese song together since their debut.

Netizens commented, "They sing well in Mandarin","Cool performance","This song can be promoted on music shows as well" and etc.

Enjoy their performance below

Lee Seung Hwan reveals his fashion role model

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 02:00 AM PST

On November 30th episode of MBC documentary 'Love People', singer Lee Seung Hwan told that his fashion statement is inspired with G-Dragon's.

Lee Seung Hwan wore a long sleeved-tshirt and a huge necklace. The production team asked him, "Aren't you too old for such accessories?" Lee Seung Hwan replied, "This necklace was produced by G-Dragon. He is my fashion role model." 

He left a message for G-Dragon, "Please give me some clothes that you don't use."

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SOURCE: Star News

D-Unit to pre-release 'It's You' before comeback next year!

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 01:30 AM PST

D-Unit will pre-release the R&B ballad "It's You" on December 6th. 

D-Unit is going to comeback early next year, but they will give their fans an early treat with "It's Youwhich will express the feelings of a couple who realize that they love each other. 

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SOURCE: D-Business Facebook

Hyorin's and SoYou unveil their no make up faces

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 01:16 AM PST

Hyorin and SoYou flaunted their natural beauty on a behind-the-story of '2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards'.

What do you think? Are they more beautiful with makeup or not?

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SOURCE: Star News

CNBlue's Lee Jong Hyun does this for the first time!

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 12:30 AM PST

For the first time, CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun attended as a judge in Kpop Star Hunt.

At this moment, the online voting favors the Taiwan's representative (first row, third from the left) who has 30% of votes and is expected to win the first champion in Taiwan.

Kpop Star Hunt started to air yesterday (November 30 2013). 

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2NE1's Dara shows support for her mommy

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 12:00 AM PST

It's not her biological mother that we're referring to, but Dara's considered mother in Philippine showbiz, Pokwang.

Dara wrote on Twitter, "#CallCenterGirl of my mommy pokwang is now showing!!! I want to watch that! Bring me to cinema pls~! Goodluck to mommy! :)"

Pokwang appreciated her considered daughter's act of support and said,  "i love you my child!! Thanks for supporting, you don't forget 😘 God bless you my child i miss you sooo much!!!"

Pokwang is a famous and talented comedienne in the Philippines. These two had a chance to work with each other since they belong to the same TV station, ABS-CBN.

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SOURCE: krungy21

Guess who #4

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 11:30 PM PST

Let's guess today's idols

-- Answers to be revealed the next day--

Boyfriend give revelations on their 1st DVD 'I'm Your Boyfriend'

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 11:00 PM PST

There are more than what you have known about your 'boyfriends'.
Boy group Boyfriend released their 1st DVD titled 'I'm Your Boyfriend' on November 27 and can be yours already.

The 2-disc DVD includes never-before-seen predebut footages, promotional activities during 2 years, interviews and even their dorm. It will also include all seven MVs that they've released.

You don't have anything to worry because Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles are available.

Get your copy now. See their facebook page for more details.

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Happy birthday to ZE:A's Siwan

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 10:45 PM PST

Name: Im Si Wan (Lim Shi Wan)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1988-Dec-01
Height: 175cm
Weight: 51kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Talent agency: Star Empire

T-ara Eunjung joins Instagram!

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 10:30 PM PST

T-ara's Eunjung is back in cyberworld! Eunjung finally joins fellow members Hyomin and Qri on instagram bandwagon and welcomes December by uploading her very 1st post to her instagram.

On her mirror shot photo, Eunjung is wearing denim jacket and black pants with her platinum blonde hair. She is sitting cross-legged on the floor and seems like spending some rest time alone.

Let's welcome Eunjung, follow her @sweetgirlej.
Meanwhile, T-ara is releasing their MV for4 'What Do I Do?' on December 2.

LEDapple to hold concert in Malaysia next year

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 10:00 PM PST

LEDapple is coming to Malaysia next year with their "F.Y.I On Stage with LEDapple" concert.
The 5-member rock band will meet their Malaysian fans on March 8, 2014 at Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara.

The concert is organized by ME Malaysia. According to their Facebook update, fans could have a chance to be part of LEDapple's 'Pre-Show Meet & Greet' session. Premium passes will only be limited so better be early.

Passes can be purchased starting on November 30. You can also get them online starting on the following day.

Don't miss the chance to watch the band's amazing performances.
Check their Facebook to keep updated.

Source: ME Facebook
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T-ara reveals Qri's teaser for 'What Do I Do?'

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 09:02 PM PST

The second to the last member to feature her teaser is none other than Qri.

In her concept photo, doll-like member Qri appeared cute with her pink curly hair with a dreamy-like atmosphere. Written using lipstick, Qri expressed, "What Do I Do' on the wall.

So far, different concept have been portrayed by the previous teaser images, such as Jiyeon's tearful eyes, mysterious lady Eunjung, bunny Hyomin and Snow White Boram. Now we're down to the last member Soyeon concept image. Any idea?

Meanwhile, T-ara's MV for 'What Do I Do?' will be released on December 2.

Source: Nate
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Designer Lee Hongki challenges 'mic designing', impressive!

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 09:00 PM PST

A talented artist out of FT Islands's Lee Hongki got another designing art hobby at the moment.

This time, Hongki challenges to create designs for microphones. Uploaded through FT Island's Facebook page, the photos of him busy sketching designs were uploaded under an album "Designer's Diary by Hong-Gi".

From the photo itself, HongKi showed the process on how he came up with his 1st and self-designed mic holder, a black skeleton hand made of bass wood is attached to the mic as if two hands are holding it.

Taken from his own idea, into draft sketch and to the final output, designer Hongki proves there's nothing he can't do with his creative skills. What can you say to his special item?

This mic holder was actually used on their 'Madly' comeback stage performance on KBS Music Bank. Meanwhile, FT Island are in the middle of their promotions for 'Madly'.

Source: FT Island Facebook
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M.I.B perform 'Worry About Yourself' with A Pink's Bomi

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 08:40 PM PST

M.I.B begin promotional activities for "Worry About Yourself" on various music shows this week.

A Pink's Bomi performed with M.I.B for their comeback performances on Music Bank and Music Core, garnering much attention with her angelic vocal.

Enjoy their performances on Music Bank and Music Core below, which performance is your favorite?

BEG Jea changes her hair back to middle school

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 08:30 PM PST

Brown Eyed Girls Jea revealed a new haircut through her twitter account on November 30.
She wrote, "Since middle school, this is the 1st time having this kind of hair length~^^"

Jea reveals a new shorter, bobbed cut hairstyle. She looks undeniably younger with this kind of hairstyle, don't you agree?

Meanwhile, BEG will appear on SBS Power FM Youngstreet on December 2.

Source: Jea's twitter & instagram
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131201 Inkigayo Performers list

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 08:27 PM PST

First Place candidates
2NE1 vs Davichi vs T.O.P

# Comeback Special #
- Hyolyn [Lonely + One Way Love]
- Tasty [Leaving]
# Hot Music #
- 2NE1 [Missing You]
- Taeyang [Ringa Linga]
- miss A [Hush]
- FT Island [Madly]
- Huh Gak [Memory of your scent]
- Davichi [Letter]
- VIXX [Voodoo Doll]
- San E [Break Up Dinner]
- HISTORY [What Am I To You]
- 100% V [Missing You]
- LED Apple [With The Wind]
- M.I.B [Worry About Yourself First]
- The Boss [Why Goodbye]
- Baek Seung Heon [Wait a minute]
- Mando and Chigi [He says she says]
- Lush [Yesterday]
- Shin Ji Hoon [Hurtful]
- Tint [Love at first sight]
- NC.A [Oh My God]
- Timber [3 Days]
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