Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Ailee to hold her first Japanese concert next year" plus 24 more

"Ailee to hold her first Japanese concert next year" plus 24 more

Ailee to hold her first Japanese concert next year

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 09:04 AM PST

Ailee will have her first Japanese solo concert in Tokyo in February next year.

Last November, she made her Japanese debut with "Heaven" and performed at her first Japan debut showcase. It was revealed that she will also release a new song next spring and perform it live for the first time.

Meanwhile, Ailee official Japanese site was opened on December 12th.

f(x)'s Pink Tape is chosen as one of the 41 Best Albums of 2013 by Fuse

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 07:01 AM PST

Along with world stars like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, M.I.A, Kanye West...f(x) is the only Kpop star that was named in Fuse TV's list choice.

Fuse TV talked about f(x)'s album,"It's the most experimental K-pop album of the year: Pink Tape, girl group f(x)'s second full-length album, is steeped in quirky, boundary-pushing electronic sounds with woozy harmonies, English and Korean raps and cheerleader-esque chants. The production ranges from punchy EDM to arena-sized electronic rock and beyond. Skeptical listeners should check out funky single "Rum Pum Pum Pum" or the euphoric "Airplane."

In addition, f(x) will perform with EXO at SMTOWN WEEK concert "Christmas Wonderland" on December 24th & 25th


Sohee officially ends her contract with JYP

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 04:11 AM PST

Sohee's contract with JYP offically expires today.

JYP released a statement,"We respect Sohee's choice. She wants to focus more on her acting in the future. We end the contract today on December 21st. This is also the time for Sohee to renew herself".

It was revealed that Sohee is carefull looking for a new agency. Recently she also secretly went to meet and discuss with some of the acting companies.

One day before the contract expired, she still went to Park Jin Young's concert, this shows how she's still on the good term with the company.

Netizen comment on the issue,"I'm looking forward to Sohee's new image","Goodbye Wonder Girls","Wish her all the best" and so on

Yoona vs Hara, who wore it better?

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 04:00 AM PST

SNSD's Yoona and KARA's Hara were spotted wearing a mini skirt of same design.

Recently, Yoona was spotted wearing the leather overall mini skirt of Lucky Chouette in episode 1 of "Prime Minister and I", which is the same design with Hara's when she attended the eyewear launching event back in August.

Yoona mixed the skirt with blue sweater and denim jeans while Hara used the black T-shirt. The two girls brought a lovely look in different ways. 

Who wore it better?


LED Apple's Hanbyul sings 'Going To You'

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 03:00 AM PST

LED Apple's Hanbyul took LEDAs to the studio where he sang "Going To You", the OST of "Pretty Man".

Watch below:

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EvoL’s SAY and SUMI sing Bee Gees' 'How Deep is your Love'

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 02:30 AM PST

EvoL's SAY and SUMI covered the Bee Gees' classic "How Deep Is Your Love".
Watch below:

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SOURCE: STARDOM Entertainment

INFINITE graces interview at 'Danny from LA'

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 02:00 AM PST

During their stop in Los Angeles for their "One Great Step" world tour, INFINITE was invited at Mnet's "Danny from LA".
Watch below!

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SOURCE: Mnet America

D-Unit's interpretation of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 01:30 AM PST

D-Unit's Ram and Zin also sing their own rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". 

Watch below!

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EXO perform Christmas Day on Music Core

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 01:02 AM PST

An early Christmas present from the EXO's boys.

All 12 members of EXO perform romantic song Christmas Day on Music Core aired earlier today, enjoy their performance below

Boy group EXCITE returns with 'Come Back to Me' MV!

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 01:00 AM PST

Penta ENC's EXCITEwho debuted last year, came back with the MV of their latest single, "Come Back to Me.

Their members are leader and lead vocalist Tae.G, rapper and vocalist Seungwook, sub-vocalists Minhoo and Sihyuk and rapper Beat.
Watch below:

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SOURCE: Excite1022

LC9 sings their version of 'All I Want for Christmas' & 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'!

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 12:30 AM PST

LC9 took time to prepare a present for their fans this Christmas!
On their official YouTube channel, the boys uploaded their own rendition of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" and the 1930′s classic "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".
Watch below:

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SOURCE: officialLC9

Miss $'s 'Just Let Me Live' MV!

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 12:00 AM PST

Miss $ came back with a new track "Just Let Me Live" featuring Skull.

Watch the MV below:

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SOURCE: Brandnewmusickorea

4Minute snap a group photo at the backstage of Music Bank

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 11:35 PM PST

4Minute's maknae Sohyun updated her Twitter on 21st December.

She wrote,"Ended today's schedule, in the end of today is 4minute's group photo, good night."

4Minute performed at KBS Music Bank aired on 20th December.

Fans commented,"It has been a while 4minute","when is your comeback" and etc.

Happy birthday to E2RE's Yurim

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 10:53 PM PST

Stage name: Yurim
Real Name: Oh Yurim (오유림)
Birthdate: 21 December, 1992
Group: E2RE
Label: CSHappy Entertainment
Blood Type: AB
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg

131221 Music Core performers list

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 10:00 PM PST

♬ HOT Stage
- EXO『Christmas day』
- Hyolin『One Way Love』
- Yong Junhyung『Flower』
- T-ARA『What Should I Do』
- VIXX『Voodoo Doll』
♬ Sound-HOLIC
- Crayon Pop『Lonely Christmas』
- Nine Muses『Glue』
- HISTORY『What Am i To You』
- M.I.B(feat. Hyeyeon Of BESTie)『Take Care of Yourself First』
- J-Walk『Painfully』
- Tasty『Day N Night』
♬ Volume UP Stage
- NC.A『Oh My God』
- HEYNE『Love 007』
- The Boss『Why Goodbye』
- K-Hunter(feat. Park Min Jung)『Man and Woman』
- Jevice『Don't Pick Up The Phone』
- TIMBER『3 Days』
- Lush『Yesterday』
- TREN-D『Candy Boy』
♬ New Song
- BESTie『Zzang Christmas』
- DICKPUNKS『Goodbye to my Girlfriend』

Rain reveals the secret behind his handsome face

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 09:19 PM PST

Rain demonstrates how to properly remove make-up.

In the recent "Rain Effect" episode, they revealed the scene of Rain in a hotel bathroom washing his face after he finished his performance in the Japanese Tour.

He was wearing a shower cap and washing his face carefully, he said,"To be a pretty boy this is a very important thing to do"

Then he also talked about his skincare method,"After washing my face I don't wipe away all the water but let it dry naturally. It's good for your skin. I also use water spray and moisture scream".

In addition, Rain will make his comeback in January next year.

IU dominates music charts with "Friday"

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 08:37 PM PST

IU proves her unchanging popularity with her new release "Friday".

On December 21st, it was revealed that IU's new song topped 8 online music charts included MelOn, Mnet, Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada, Naver Music, Daum Music.

"Friday" is a song that describes all the feelings of a girl who is in love. It's a self-composed song by IU which has a slow tempo. The song is receiving much love from many people thanks to IU's sweet voice and its beautiful guitar sound.

Jang Yi Jung from boygroup HISTORY was featured in the song and also in the MV as a boy who has an one-sided love for IU. The male model who made appearance in IU's "The Red Shoes" MV also starred as IU's lover in this MV and had a kiss scene with her.

If you haven't watched the MV, watch it now

Baek Ji Woong's 'I Miss You' MV!

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 08:00 PM PST

K-Pop Star contestant Baek Ji Woong released the MV of 'I Miss You'!
Watch below:

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SOURCE: LOEN MUSIC Official Channel 

Zion T's 'Miss Kim' MV!

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:30 PM PST

Zion T reveals the MV of his new song, 'Miss Kim'.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: LOEN MUSIC Official Channel 

Fans want K.Will on 'Perfume' MV!

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:00 PM PST

The MV of K.Will and Noel's Jeong Woo Sung's song 'Perfume' was released last week. However, K.Will was not on the MV.
The fans expressed that they want a new version that will include K.Will.
Here are some of the comments:
"kind of dissapointed that k.wil's not in the mv..but the song really makes me touched<3"

"K.will needs to seriously come out in his mvs he is SO handsome and I honestly think he's the best looking guy I've ever seen...I just don't get it, let him come out! So many people want to see him!"

"Calm down guys..i also want kwill to be in his own music video..but u know that oppa said that the reason why he didnt appeared because he said it would give a big impact like BAMM once he appears on his own..ㅋㅋㅋ im waiting for that day ♡"

Watch below!

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SOURCE: LOEN MUSIC Official Channel 

Big Hit Entertainment artists' acapella version of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' released!

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 06:30 PM PST

2AM's Jo Kwon, Lim Jeong Hee, 8eight's Joo Hee, and BTS' Jung Kook and Rap Monster sang their interpretation, an acapella version, of the famous Christmas song, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"!
Watch below:

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SOURCE: ibighit

Billboard unleashes 2013's Biggest-Selling K-Pop Songs in America!

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 06:00 PM PST

Billboard unveiled the list of Biggest-Selling K-Pop Songs in America!

Here they are:

1. "Gangnam Style" PSY 
2. "Gentleman" PSY
3. "Fantastic Baby" BIGBANG
4. "I Got a Boy" Girls' Generation 
5. "Growl" EXO
6. "I Am the Best" 2NE1
7. "The Baddest Female" CL
8. "Right Now" PSY
9. "Wolf" EXO
10. "Falling in Love" 2NE1


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SOURCE: billboard

U-KISS is ready to release their boutique album, 'Only You' in 2014!

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 05:30 PM PST

U-KISS is set to release a special album entitled 'Only Youin 2014!
It's special because U-Kiss collaborated with 'Dress Code'. Meaning, the album contains not just songs but also a piece of designed and signed t-shirt by one of the members. 
Their album will include special video, secret contents and the four songs, Nobody", "One Love", "Don't Act Innocent", and the title song "Only You". 
According to Dress Code,"The clothes has code that can be scanned with a smart phone. It will unlock music videos and photo shoots."
Unfortunately, there will be no promotions for the album since it won't be available on music sites. It will be released on January 3, 2014.
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M.C the Max reveals teaser videos of 'Night We Shine' and 'On My Way Home'!

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 05:00 PM PST

M.C the Max released two teaser videos for their come back this 2014!
They teased with the videos of their two songs, 'Night We Shine' and 'On My Way Home'.
This rock band will return with their seventh album, "Unveiling" on January 2, 2014!
Watch below:

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SOURCE: LOEN MUSIC Official Channel 

Park Bom & Lee Hi release 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 03:46 PM PST

Park Bom and Lee Hi reveal the full MV of "All I Want For Christmas Is You", watch below