Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Kyuhyun wishes fans a Merry Christmas with a new selca" plus 16 more

"Kyuhyun wishes fans a Merry Christmas with a new selca" plus 16 more

Kyuhyun wishes fans a Merry Christmas with a new selca

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 06:24 AM PST

Kyuhyun transformed into a Rudolf for Christmas.

On December 25th, he uploaded a photo on his twitter with a tweet,"Merry Christmas!".

He was wearing a white knitted shirt with a red scarf, also the gloves he was wearing have the same color. He put on a Rudolf nose and pose cutely towards the camera.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will have their SMTOWN WEEK concert on 28th & 29th.

Billboard picks 'Growl' as Top Kpop Song of 2013

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 04:40 AM PST

Billboard America chose EXO's "Growl" as the no.1 song in Top 20 Kpop Songs of 2013.

According to Billboard, "Growl" was the crown jewel in boy band EXO's fantastic 2013. While past singles like "Mama" and "Wolf" were based around complex concepts and busy production, "Growl" used a sparse, Southern hip-hop beat that let the 12 boys' talents shine through. A blend of rap, R and B melody and pop hooks, the breakout single had something for all listeners. Its accompanying video focused on a straight-forward, one-take video, again allowing for EXO's talents -- in this case, choreography -- to shine, not detracting from over-the-top high fashion. Along with high interest from the United States -- the boy band is the newest act to land among the top-selling K-pop tracks in America -- "Growl" solidifies EXO as the act to watch in K-pop's continuing international advancement."

EXO is steadily rising as one of the next top global stars. They have achieved many awards this year from Korea and China, such as 2 Daesang Awards from MelOn Music Award and MAMA, "Most Popular Group Award" from "Baidu The Hottest Awards","Best Group Award" at "Top Chinese Music Billboard Newcomer Awards"

Guess who #12

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 03:00 AM PST

Guess who?
Comment below !!!!


VIXX cover Girls' Generation 'I Got A Boy'

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 02:30 AM PST

Special Christmas present from the VIXX boys!

They dance to Girls' Generation's I Got A Boy in their latest practice video, garnering much attention with their perfect cover.

Do they dance as well as Girls' Generation?

Which Korean stars selected in the Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces list in 2013?

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 02:00 AM PST

The Independent Critics selected the top 100 most beautiful faces from all around the world.

Definitely a great year for Korean artists as 15 Korean stars appear in the list, check out the video below.

Korean artists ranking
94. Woori
82. E-young
80. Victoria
75. Jaekyung
71. Yoona
66. Sooyoung
63. Lizzy
43. Jun Jihyun
39. IU
34. Go Ara
24. Song Hye Ko
20. Jessica
13. Suzy
9. Taeyeon
2. Nana

Congratulations to Nana to be ranked on the 2nd place!

Sunye apologizes to fans on Christmas Day

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 01:37 AM PST

Sunye apologized to fans for affecting Wonder Girls career through a message on twitter.

On December 24th, she tweeted,"I'm sorry that Wonder Girls can't promote for our fans because of my decision. I know that these words are not enough but I still want to apologize at least. Please continue to give your support for Wonder Girls individual activities."

She also added,"I'm grateful to all of you because this year is really meaningful and special to me. Thank you. I hope that 2013 will be a blessed year to everyone ^^ Merry Christmas"

Meanwhile, Sunye is currently staying in Canada with her husband.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun celebrates Christmas with a lovely selca

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 11:30 PM PST

Girls' Generation's youngest member Seohyun updated her Twitter with a new photo on 25th December.

She wrote,"Merry Christmas, have a wonderful day."

She is seen holding a "love" in her latest picture, garnering much attention with her huge eyes and milky skin.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation ended their Marchen Fantasy on 22nd December.

Happy birthday to Big Mama's Younghyun

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 11:30 PM PST

Full name: Lee Young-hyun
Date of birth : December 25, 1981
Group: Big Mama (disbanded in 2011)
Label: Taillruns media
Favorite musicians : Toto, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Kelly Price, Sarah Vaughn, Whitney Houston, Wendy Moten, Mary J. Blige
Recognition : Special Prize, Riverside Song Festival in 2000

Happy birthday to GP Basic's Mui

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 10:29 PM PST

Stage Name: Mui
Birth Name: Kim Moo Yi
Birthday: December 25, 1996
Group: GP Basic
Label: GP Basic Entertainment
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Main Dancer

Facts: She was added as Hannah's replacement

Happy birthday to Park Kahi

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 10:00 PM PST

Stage name: Kahi (가희)
Real name: Park Ji Young (박지영)
Label: Pledis entertainment
Occupation: singer, dancer, model
Birth Date: 25th December 1980
Hometown: Daegu
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Capricorn
Debut year (with After School): 2009
Debut year (as a solo): February 14, 2011
Debut song: Comeback, you bad person

- Kahi used to be a backup dancer for BoA, DJ DOC, Chaeyeon, Eun Ji Won, etc. since 2000-2006
- Kahi is a former member/leader of group "After School" (2009 - 2012)

Son Dambi wishes fans a Merry Christmas

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 09:50 PM PST

Son Dambi who made her comeback recently with "Red Candle" recorded a video message for fans!

Check out her video message below

JYP's 7-member male group to debut in January 2014

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 08:41 PM PST

Representative from JYP Entertainment revealed that they will debut a 7-member male group in January 2014.

According to reliable source, some of the members of the group have already been revealed on MNET "Win", since they have performed on TV show, their debut is garnering much attention.

Besides, the representative mentioned that the plan to add JJ Project's JB and JR to the group has not been confirmed yet.

Do you anticipate their debut?

f(x)'s members wish fans a Merry Christmas

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 07:35 PM PST

f(x)'s Amber updated her Twitter on 24th December.

She wrote,"Happy today! You will come tomorrow right? Had a blast today! Am I seeing you guys tomorrow?? (Where's Krystal?)"

Amber is seen posing with her teammates Sulli, Victoria and Luna. Fans commented,"Let's meet today too",f(x) is the best","where is Krystal" and etc.

AOA's Yuna sends out her 'Christmas Present'

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 06:50 PM PST

AOA's talented member Yuna sends out her Christmas present.

She covers Christmas Present with her angelic voice, a great present for fans for sure.

Enjoy her soulful performance below:

Yoon Si Yoon to enlist in the army next year?

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 06:09 PM PST

In the afternoon on December 23rd at Gyunggido, Yoon Si Yoon was filming for drama "Prime Minister and I". Right on the filming set he was asked by some reporters,"For example, if you have a chance for a marriage, but it isn't someone you expected, then what will you think about it?"

Yoon Si Yoon answered,"I really don't think about it much at the moment, I just want to do my best for my role and after that I will enlist in the army", he also said that he will explain more about it next year.

Yoon Si Yoon plays the role as an elite section chief who works in prime minister's office. He's also a childhood friend and first love of Dajung(Yoona). He's the one that knows about Dajung's mom secret. So his role will be an important character in the drama.

"Prime Minister and I" is currently being broadcast every Monday - Tuesday night

Girls' Generation's Sunny does a perfect cover of Gain's Bloom

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 05:03 PM PST

Girls' Generation's Sunny performs Gain's Bloom at Marchen Fantasy Concert!

She's dressed in red top and black pants showing off her flat ABS during her performance.

Enjoy her performance below

Yoo Jae Suk and Suzy chosen as celebrities people want to travel with on New Year's Day

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 04:33 PM PST

According to a survey from CocaCola company about "Which celebrity you want to travel with on New Year's Day" involving 1000 participants between 10 - 30 years old, the result came out with Yoo Jae Suk won 1st place in male category with 31.4% of total votes and Suzy won in female category with 23%.

The reasons female chose Yoo Jae Suk: he always looks brightful, he's a good listener so he will be able to make the trip more enjoyable. After Yoo Jae Suk are Noh Hong Chul(16.5%), Lee Jong Suk(9%) and Lee Minho(8.9%).

Suzy with her "Nation First Love" image, is a friendly and innocent looking person, also her cheerful personality will be able to make everyone around her happy and relax. After Suzy is Apink's Eunji as no.2 and IU as no.3. Gong Hyo Jin, Moon Chae Won and Go Ara were also mentioned in the list.