Friday, December 13, 2013

"YG reveals Bom's teaser for 'BH' debut!" plus 24 more

"YG reveals Bom's teaser for 'BH' debut!" plus 24 more

YG reveals Bom's teaser for 'BH' debut!

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 07:37 AM PST

YG unveils one member from their upcoming unit 'BH' and it's none other than 2NE1's Bom.

Along with the dreamy teaser photo of Bom, a teaser video is also released. Bom is looking gorgeous and her doll-like beauty is complimenting well with the enchanting background music.

'BH''s debut single 'All I Want For Chirstmas Is You' is a project single from YG and Samsung Music. It will be pre-released on December 17 through Samsung Music and is going to be available online on December 20.

Watch Bom's teaser below:

T-ara release two versions of 'Hide and Seek' MV!

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 07:27 AM PST

T-ara join the caroling as they release the MV for their special winter single 'Hide and Seek'.

The MV was released in two versions. Both versions are almost the same except that the original one is recorded in pale effect which conveys a gloomier ballad winter song.

Enjoy watching!

NU'EST M performs the Chinese version of 'Face' in China

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 06:43 AM PST

NU'EST M starts to promote in China.

With the addition of Chinese member Jason, NU'EST M begin their promotional activities in China. The boys performed the Chinese version of "Face" on Chinese show "Tian Tian Xiang Shang".

Enjoy their performance here:

f(x) Luna spends good time with FIESTAR's Linzy

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 06:30 AM PST

f(X) Luna shared selcas taken with Fiestar's Linzy on her me2day account on December 13.

She wrote, "I went to musical 'Ghost' with Linzy unnie~ I heard that the stage production is great so I expected a lot, and it's indeed very good. Have a great day and don't catch colds~^^".

Luna and Linzy attended the VIP Premiere of musical 'Ghost' on December 12 and got spare time to take pretty selcas together.

What's the truth behind Jonghyun's and Juniel's school uniforms?

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 05:32 AM PST

CNBlue's Jonghyun and Juniel are receiving love as they debut as 'Romantic J'. FNC's pair are making fans squeal ever since the release of their MV 'Love Falls'.

In the MV, the two are wearing school uniforms. FNC gives a trivia behind their youthful look as a couple. The agency reveals that Jonghyun and Juniel are actually wearing their real uniforms. In addition to that, they both attended the same high school in real life.

Meanwhile, Romantic J had their debut stage at M!Countdown on December 12.

SMRookies's Taeyong appears cute in new photo

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 05:06 AM PST

SMRookies' 18 year-old Taeyong appears cute and adorable in his latest promotional photo. Contrary to the previously released profile photos of him, this time, the flower boy tickles you with his cute charms.

In the new photo, Taeyong is wearing a sweater and makes a cute gesture as he bites his index finger. Fans notices his dreamy eyes which is very prominent in all of his photos.

Are you looking forward for his debut?

Hyorin thanks fans with her win through sexy photo

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 04:54 AM PST

Hyorin has been having a successful debut as solo artist as she wins numerous times.

Her recent win is from Music Bank. Hyorin couldn't thank her fans enough so she uploaded photos of her taken backstage carrying her trophy and bouquet of flowers.

Have you watched her perfromance? If not, watch below:

'Model-dols' EXCITE release MV for 'Come Back To Me'

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 04:27 AM PST

Rookie idol grooup EXCITE release their comeback MV for 'Comeback To Me'. The 5-member group under Penta comes back after a year with a title song produced by the Brave Brothers.

The R&B feel of the song conveys a feeling of emptiness and longing for a lover who jsut left. Watch their MV below:

EXCITE debuted on 2012 with 'Try Again'. The group is consists of members, Tae. Gu, Beat, Minhoo, Sihyuk and Seunguk,  who are all over 180 cm thus earning the title of 'model-dols'.

Eunji uploads a selca of Reply 1997's Si Won!

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 04:04 AM PST

A-Pink's Eunji is in character again as she uploads a selca of her other self from Reply 1997's SiWon!

After revealing the preview of tvN's Reply 1994's upcoming 16 episode, which shows the much awaited cameo appearances of Reply 1997's characters, the anticipation is roaring.

On December 13, A-Cube uploaded a selca of Eunji as Siwon, which apparently taken from her cameo appearance. In the photo. Eunji is wearing a uniform. Are you excited to hear her satoori once again?

Reply 1994's episode 16 wherein Reply 1997's cast are going to make cameo appearances airs tonight at 8:40PM.

BEAST's Junhyung debuts as with 'Flower' on Music Bank

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 03:23 AM PST

BEAST's charismatic rapper Junhyung made his debut on Music Bank!

In the latest episode of Music Bank aired on 13th December, Junhyung performed his solo track "Flower" on the show.

Enjoy his cool performance below:

Secret says 'I Do I Do' on Music Bank

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 03:20 AM PST

Secret is back on Music Bank with new song 'I Do I Do".

The girls impress with their adorable performance and interesting choreography, enjoy their performance below

f(x)'s Sulli transforms into a pirate at press conference

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 02:54 AM PST

 The cast and crew of upcoming movie "Pirates" invite media to join them during the filming.

During the press conference, Sulli attracts much attention with her pirate looks.

Fans commented,"how can a pirate be so gorgeous","Son Ye Jin and Sulli are in the movie, i'm gonna watch it" and etc.

Check out for more photos below

IU to release repackaged album

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 01:32 AM PST

IU's company Loen Tree revealed,"IU will release repackaged album on 20th December, 2 new songs will be added including "Let's meet on Friday" and "Craypas".

Some unreleased photos from her 3rd album, concert DVD and special booklet will be available on and offline on 26th December, with 10,000 limited copies.

Meanwhile, IU made her comeback on October wit 3rd full album "Modern Time" and ranked top on various music charts with "Red Shoes".

What is the most memorable fan gift to Heechul?

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 01:12 AM PST

The most memorable fan gift to Heechul is??

In jTBC's "War of Words" on December 12th, they were talking about the fan gifts traditional, and Heechul was asked among the gifts that he has receveid which one was the most memorable, upon this he answered,"As everyone knows I'm not the type that accept fans gifts often".

He then also said,"Because of the sincerity of the fans, so I will receive gifts when it's my birthday. I once had a traffic accident in the past, so a fan sent me a 7-year-old kitten as a gift. Animal as gift is not allowed but because the fan personally gave it to me so it became very precious to me".

The MCs then were surprised when they saw Heechul's cat photo,"This is Russian Blue breed. It's very expensive!"

Suzy, Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Hwi Jae to MC for 2013 KBS Gayo Daejun

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 11:09 PM PST

Miss A's Suzy, Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Hwi Jae are going to host KBS Gayo Daejun this year.

On December 12th, the confirmation was offically released by the production crew of the show. All the artists that have been active throughout the year will present at this special event.

It's also said that YG Entertainment artists won't attend the this year's KBS Gayo Daejun,"It provides more opportunities for other artists, there will be a total of 20 groups are expected to attend, and there will also many special collaboration performances"

KBS Gayo Daejun will be broadcast live on December 27th.

Guess who #7

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 10:30 PM PST

Let's guess those guys !!
Comment below!!
Answers will be revealed after 24 hours ^^


131213 Music Bank performers list

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 09:00 PM PST

♬ Music Bank HOT Stage ★☆
-Yong Junhyung
-Romantic J
-Crayon Pop
Hyolyn, VIXX, EXO, Yong Jun Hyung, Crayon Pop, Noel, Secret, Younha, KOYOTE, Romantic J, J-Walk, M.I.B, Tasty, Taejinah, HISTORY, NC.A, K-Hunter, HEYNE, Move In Key

The Heirs cast snap a group photo together

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 08:00 PM PST

Park Shin Hye updated her Twitter with a new photo.

She wrote,"smile and cry in these 4 months as Eun Sang, meet some great friends. Everyone including the director as well as staff members appreciate your hard work. To those who love The Heirs thank you so much."

"The Heirs" aired its final episode on 12th December, to this fans commented,"Gotta miss the cast badly","such an amazing drama" and etc.

BESTie release MV teaser for 'Zzang Christmas' ft. Yoo Sae Yoon

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 07:14 PM PST

BEStie release an MV teaser for 'Zzang Christmas' featuring Yoo sae Yoon.

The teaser is very cheeky and has a little background story about their upcoming collaboration. It started off in Yoo Sae Yoon dropping a paper with some lyrics he has composed. BEStie picked it up and sing to it.

The girls and Yoo Sae Yoon are going to give you a happy carol. It will be released on December 17.
Watch the teaser for the meantime.

YG to debut female duo unit 'BH' with 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 07:00 PM PST

On December 13, YG Entertainment releases a teaser photo and video revealing its upcoming unit named 'BH' who is revealed to be a female duo. BH is going to release a single 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

The teaser video begins with a creepy tune with a girl pulling a brown sack. She was joined by another girl as they hold hands towards the end of the clip holding an ax.

However, before the new unit creeps you out, YG clarifies that the song is indeed a cover of Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. BH's version is going to be an upbeat and lively song which has been loved by many for long.

Meanwhile, watch the MV teaser below:

Minho thanks fans for their support for 'Medical Top Team' finale

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 06:43 PM PST

SHINee's Minho is thankful for the support he has received from his fans for MBC 'Medical Top Team' where he is one of the cast. The drama aired its finale on December 12 with 20 episodes.

In regards to this, Minho uploaded some photos of him showing the fans' support and wrote on their me2day, "Everyone, everyone I was thankful~^^" In the photo, Minho is showing the food support with his banner. In the other photo, he was holding a basket of flowers as a congratulatory wreath for the successful drama.

SHINee's Minho played the role of Kim Seong-woo, a kind-hearted surgeon and the youngest of the medical team in the drama. He has an unrequited love interest to Choi Ah-jin played by actress Oh Yeon-seo.

SISTAR, K.Will and Boyfriend are caroling in their 'Snow Candy' MV!

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 07:05 PM PST

SISTAR, K.Will and Boyfriend are caroling in their 'Snow Candy' MV!

Starship's SISTAR, K.WIll and Boyfriend are caroling in their collaboration MV in celebration for Christmas season. The artists are gathered together surrounded with a festive mood while partying.

With its acoustic tune accompanied with piano and cheerful melody, the holiday season is just around the corner. It's their 3rd winter project after 'Pink Romance' and 'White Love'.

Watch their MV below:

K.Will releases MV teaser for 'Tears Perfume' featuring Lee Seung Gi

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 06:05 PM PST

K.Will releases an MV teaser for upcoming single 'Tears Perfume' featuring the singer/actor Lee Seung Gi.

The song is for Double Sidekick's project single titled 'Perfume' which is scheduled to be released on December 17.

In the MV teaser, Lee Seung Gi is holding a bouquet of flower walking along the cold streets with sorrowful expression. Watch below:

The reason why Yoon Hoo isn't nominated for Rookie Award at MBC Entertainment Award?

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 05:53 PM PST

MBC just announced the nomination list for "Best Male Rookie" at 2013 MBC Entertainment Award and caused various responses from netizen.

The list consists of Sam Hammington, Park Hyung Shik, Taemin, Jung Joon Young and Yoonhan. They all have gained much popularity through 'Real Man' and 'We Got Married' so they're totally worth the nominations.

However, the most stand out and promising candidate is the little boy Yoon Hoo from 'Dad! Where Are You Going?" was left out from the list which made some people upset about it.

To explain about this, a representative from MBC said,"Since he's just a little kid so he should stay innocent, we doesn't want him to be pressure about the prize. That's why we didn't include him in the list"

But however Yoon Hoo and Jia were nominated as the Best Couple for this year's award, many people are trying to vote for the two.

MBC Entertainment Award will be broadcast on December 29th.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun poses with her pet dog

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 05:05 PM PST

Girls' Generation's Seohyun updated her Twitter on 12th December with an adorable picture.

She is seen posing with her pet dog Tofu in the photo above. She wrote,"hello~~how r u guys doing?? Tofu is looking at u!!hohoho:D".

Fans commented after seeing the photo,"So cute your puppy","unnie is so pretty" and etc.