Monday, January 6, 2014

"AOA announce comeback with 'Miniskirt'" plus 24 more

"AOA announce comeback with 'Miniskirt'" plus 24 more

AOA announce comeback with 'Miniskirt'

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 08:08 AM PST

FNC announces AOA's comeback with 5th single album 'Miniskirt' along with the group's jacket photo.
In the photo, the girls are all wearing black pullover mini dresses showing their long and slender legs.

Their new single will be released on January 16 along with the full MV. Meanwhile, the girls are going to release the teasers for dance and drama versions of their MV on 10th and 14.

Are you excited for their comeback?

Lee Hi joins Instagram!

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 07:51 AM PST

Female soloist Lee Hi just enters instagram to share her updates with you.

She uploaded her first photo and wrote, "#Start!" Fans quickly followed and welcomed her by leaving comments,

"Welcome to Instagram Hi!","I hope to see your photos soon.","Please upload more photos.","Finally you are here."

Follow her and never miss an update. @leehi_hi

Hyuna shimmers with her sexy aura for Esquire Magazine

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 07:36 AM PST

4-minute Hyuna is featured in the January issue of Esquire Magazine and takes on a sparkling pictorial.

With her petite and sexy figure, Hyuna compliments her versatile beauty with some glittery and shiny concept. Wearing sophisticated and sexy dresses, and full make up, Hyuna appeared very glamorous while striking some sexy poses effortlessly.

Check out the photos below and tell us which is your favorite.

B1A4 release 2nd MV teaser for 'Lonely'

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 07:11 AM PST

B1A4 are gearing for their comeback as they release the 2nd teaser for their title track 'Lonely'.
The teaser shows Jinyoung as the leading actor in the MV with a girl who is floating with the balloons.

The full MV will be released on January 13. Meanwhile, watch the teaser below:

Lee Hongki's OST for 'The Heirs' ranks 1st on Taiwan and Hongkong charts

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 06:31 AM PST

FT Island Lee Hongki's theme song titled 'I'm Saying' for the hit drama 'The Heirs' ranks 1st on Taiwan and Hong-Kong's KKBOX daily/weekly/newly released chart.

The song is a very upbeat and catchy love song with a fun acoustic sound which matches Hongki's powerful vocals. The song was well received and made its way all the way up in music charts.

Listen to the song if you haven't yet:


Yuri shares photos from Milan with Tiffany

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 05:48 AM PST

SNSD's Yuri shares some of her pictures taken in Milan with Tiffany.
The two lovely SNSD members went to Milan for a magazine pictorial.

The ladies are strolling in the streets of Milan while having their picture taken with beautiful backgrounds. See their photos below:

EXO's Baekhyun is a pet lover for 'The Celebrity'

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 04:51 AM PST

EXO's Baekhyun shows a very adorable side of him.

In the volume 3 of 'The Celebrity' magazine, Baekhyun reveals his favorite and lovely pets. In the pictorial, Baekhyun is playing with his puppy. He also takes it to the dentist and even stroll around, making it his favorite companion.

Check some of his photos and video clip below:

Super Junior Leeteuk's father and grandparents passed away in a car accident

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 04:31 AM PST

We regret to deliver the news but Super Junior Leeteuk's father, Park Yong In (57) and grandparents died in a car accident today according to the officials.

Upon hearing this unfortunate news , Leeteuk who is currently serving in the military, rushed home. His father's and grandparents' bodies were laid in Daegu Hospital's mortuary and the funeral will be conducted on 8th.

His grandfather Park Hyeon Seok and grandmother Cheon Kyeong Tae, who were riding on the same car, passed away as well.

Daily Kpop News team is offering our deepest condolences to Leeteuk and their family.
May their souls rest in peace.

Be strong Leeteuk and their family.

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Suzy and Um Ki Joon snaps a new photo together

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 02:47 AM PST

Suzy recently took a photo with Um Ki Joon, showing off their close friendship.

On January 5th, Um Ki Joon uploaded the photo on his twitter,"How long has it been. Suzy came to watch "Werther" "

The photo was taken when Suzy went to watch "Werther" which a musical Um Ki Joon is currently staring in. They were seen posing with V signs while looking straight at the camera, showing their intimate atmosphere.

The two previously worked with each other in "Dream High" back in 2011.

Im Siwan, Do Hee, Yeo Jin Goo to guest on 'Running Man'

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 12:08 AM PST

It was revealed that ZE:A's Siwan, TINY-G's Do Hee and child actor Yeo Jin Goo will appear on "Running Man".

On January 6th, the three were reported to go on a recording for the show at Paju, Gyeonggi-do, which has attracted much attention since the three of them are expected to be the most rising stars in 2014.

Last year, Yeo Jin Goo starred in the movie "Hwai" and he was praised for his impressive acting, the movie also reached no.1 in the number of tickets sold. Siwan stared in the movie "The Attorney" and it already exceeded 8 million viewers. Do Hee is currently receiving much love and popularity through her character in "Reply 1994".

This episode is expected to be broadcast near the end of January.

Happy birthday to JJ Project's JB

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 10:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Im Jae Bum
Stage Name: JB
Nickname: Jaebongi
Birthday: January 6, 1994
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Take the bus, collecting shoes, take pictures, cooking, reading Haruki Murakami's books
Favorite Artists: Michael Jackson, India Arie & Javier

-He was one of the cast members on the first season of The Romantic & Idol

Happy birthday to Epik High's Mithra Jin

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 09:55 PM PST

Birth Name: Choi Jin
Stage Name: Mithra or Mithra Jin
Nickname: Sleeping T
Birthday: January 6, 1983
Position: Producer, Lyricist, MC, Maknae
Instruments: Drums
Instagram: @realmithrajin

-He's from Goheung, South Korea
-He was originally going to be poet

Leessang's Gary updates fans about his upcoming album

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 09:24 PM PST

Gary will release his 1st solo mini album after 16 years.

On January 4th, he tweeted,"The MV shooting finished after 4 hours. All the staff worked hard for this. But we will try to work harder so that everything is finished and ready to be released on January 15th. All the best music productions and musicians have worked together to create this awesome music. I wish you a nice day"

He later tweeted another one but came along with a selca,"Debut album after 16 years so I feel nervous kk"

Gary is wearing a black cap with a sunglasses in the photo, showing off his cool look.

Go Ara is excited to meet everyone at her fansign

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 08:24 PM PST

On January 5th, Go Ara updated her twitter," 2014, January 7th at 2pm, Myeongdong L Department Store front gate *^^* I will see you at Myeongdong ~^^~" and uploaded a new selca.

She was pouting cutely while posing with a V sign, the photo seemed to be taken taken while she was getting her hair done for her character Najung in "Reply 1994".

Go Ara was supposed to do a free hug event to commemorate "Reply 1994" exceeding 10% in rating, but due to her ankle injury, she now will hold a fansign instead for the fans.

TVXQ celebrate 10th anniversary with the release of their 7th album 'Tense'

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 07:47 PM PST

TVXQ finally release their commemorative 7th album 'Tense'. The album is special as it marks their 10th anniversary. They have already gifted fans with their previous comeback stages for their title track 'Something'.

However, the duo is yet to give their fans something really special until the release of their full-length 7th album today.

Enjoy the 12 fresh and new songs from their album by purchasing legally HERE or in iTunes
Happy 10th anniversary!

Ryu Hyun Jin and Cube artists release 'Little Moon' for a good cause

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 07:36 PM PST

Baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin and Cube artists collaborated for a special project 'Ryu-Cube Donation Project' and release songs for a good cause.

They already released the first song 'Smile Again' with Trouble Maker, G.NA and Ryu Hyun Jin. This time, they release the 2nd project song 'Little Moon' which delivers inspiring message of hope.

4-minute's Gayoon, B2ST's Yoseob, BTOB's Eunkwang and Shin Ji Hoon lend their voices in this ballad song. Ryu-Cube is going to donate the funds that will be collected to Hanbit Performing Arts Company to help blind students.

You can help in the good cause by downloading the song HERE. 

Dal Shabet release MV teaser for B.B.B.

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 07:19 PM PST

Dal Shabet are joining the sexy comeback with their B.B.B (Big Baby Baby) as they unveil their MV teaser today.

The girls are looking gorgeous on their different furred-outfits showing their voluptuous bodies. The full MV will be released on January 8, so meanwhile enjoy the teaser video first.

Ailee releases MV for 'Singing Got Better' ft. Lee Joon

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 07:20 PM PST

Ailee comes back with her new single 'Singing Got Better' and the full video featuring MBLAQ's Lee Joon is released as well.

Showcasing her powerful and emotional voice, Ailee portrays a story of a glamorous celebrity who is enjoying her life but feels lonely inside, making love quarrel to her lover.

Watch her MV below:

Are you anticipating her comeback stages?

Beat Win debut with MV for 'She's My Girl'

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 07:05 PM PST

New 6-member boy group Beat Win release their debut MV for their title song 'She's My Girl'.

Members Sunhyuk, Sangkyu, Jungha, Youngjo, Sungho, and Yoonhoo show their dancing skills and great vocals. The MV depicts a story of a man who wants to win over a girl's heart in a romantic way.

The boys are going to hold showcase tomorrow before starting their promotions.
Watch below:

Girls Day release concept photo video of 'Something'

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 06:40 PM PST

Ify ou are not yet satisfied with their sexy concept photo comeback, Girls Day has a present for you as they release the video of their pictorial shots for 'Something'.

The video features each members' pictorial shots showing their upgraded beauty and sexy bodies while fiercely posing for the camera. Watch and tell us which member's pictorial shots hook you the most.

Watch below:

Crayon Pop show support and visit K-Much at MV shooting

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 05:55 PM PST

Crayon Pop show their support for their hoobaes, K-MUCH, an upcoming boy group who is going to debut with "Don't Know Anything".

Their debut song is said to be 'Bar Bar Bar's male version, though the boys aren't wearing helmets, instead they showed a strong charisma with their black suit uniforms.

A photo of Crayon Pop together with K-Much has been uploaded. The girls are holding banners showing their support. It has also been revealed that one Crayon Pop member is going to make special a appearance on the MV.

K-MUCH is going to release their debut album 'Beyond the Ocean' on January 7. Are you looking forward to their debut?

GOT7 introduce two more members, Jackson and Yugyeom

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 05:37 PM PST

Jackson and Yugyeom

Following Mark and JB, upcoming boy group GOT7 introduce two more members, Jackson and Yugyeom.

JYP Nation tweeted the photos on January 5. Jackson is said to be skilled in martial arts and fencing while the youngest member of the group, Yugyeom is a talented singer and skilled in street dancing.

GOT7's members are consists of members from different countries and expectation and anticipation are already rising.

They are going to release their MV on January 15 and going to hold their showcase on the same day. In addition to that, their debut mini album will be followed on January 20.

Check out their photos below:



'Reply 1994' Do Hee reveals some of her old photos

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 05:09 PM PST

Some old photos of Do Hee have become a hot topic among fans.

On January 3rd, TINY-G's official blog uploaded a few old photos of Dohee. The photos were taken when she first debuted as a member of TINY-G, and her young and beautiful appearance has captured much attention from fans.

Netizen commented,"Do Hee is so pretty","I love her character in Reply 1994","Looking forward to her future projects", and so on

Clara & Girl's Day pose together at Music Core backstage

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 04:34 PM PST

Clara updated her Twitter on 4th January with a new photo.

She wrote,"Clara will perform at Music Core at 4pm, my sister Yura (Girl's Day) will perform too, please support them and watch the live show."

Clara and Girl's Day pose in white and black stage outfits. Clara and Yura are currently starred in MBC Every1 "Reckless Family".

Meanwhile, Girl's Day made a comeback on the show with Something while Clara is featured in House Rulez performance.

Rainbow Blaxx reveals video teaser of Jaekyung

Posted: 05 Jan 2014 04:17 PM PST

Rainbow Blaxx teases with the teaser video of leader Jaekyung.

Jaekyung shows off her curvy figure in the teaser video, watch the teaser video below. It's going to be a sexy battle among KPop groups such as Dal Shabet, Girl's Day and Rainbow Blaxx in January.

Who else do you think will be included in Rainbow Blaxx?