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"B1A4 release 'Lonely' MV" plus 24 more

"B1A4 release 'Lonely' MV" plus 24 more

B1A4 release 'Lonely' MV

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 08:09 AM PST

The long wait is over as B1A4 release the full MV of their new song "Lonely".

The boys expressed their loneliness through the cool choreography of their new hit song, enjoy the MV below

After School to release 2nd Japanese album 'Dress To Kill'

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 07:00 AM PST

After School is going to release their 2nd Japanese album 'Dress To Kill' on March 19.

Their 2nd full length Japanese album 'Dress To Kill' will include 12 tracks such as Heaven, Shh, Miss Independent, Overtune, Interlude and more having Miss Independent as their title track.

The album will be released in three versions; CD + DVD version which includes their MV for Heaven, Shh, Diva, Flashback and more along with special video of their fanmeeting; CD version with a bonus track for the Japanese version of 'Flashback' and another CD version (Mu-mo special) with a bonus track 'Lucky Girl'.

Meanwhile, After School is going to release their 6th single 'Shh' on January 29.

A Pink celebrate 1000th day since debut #Apink1000Days

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 06:00 AM PST

Debuted on April 21, 2011, A Pink is celebrating their 1000th days since debut today, January 12, 2014.

The group already informed their fans that they are going to release a single titled 'Good Morning Baby' to commemorate their 1000th day and is scheduled to be released on January 13.

Meanwhile, let's congratulate Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung a happy 1000th day since debut #Apink1000Days !

9Muses are sexy warrior models for strategy game 'Three Kingdoms'

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 05:30 AM PST

9Muses' Kyungri, Hyuna and Sera are sexy warriors as they endorse the simulation strategy game 'Three Kingdoms PK'. The game is published by Koei and played among countries such as  Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and North America.

A promotional video showing the Korean installment's models in their respective characters, Kyungri as Wei Wang Yi, Hyuna as Shu Xing Cai and Sera as Wu Sun Ren excite fans of the games even more.

Check out the promotional video and photos below:

Do you play this game? It's available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

RAIN to appear on '1 Night Two Days'

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 05:00 AM PST

RAIN, who is currently in the middle of his successful comeback with '30Sexy' and taking home trophies from music shows is going to show his variety skills in KBS 2TV's Sunday variety show '1 Night Two Days'.

According to the show's officials, Rain completed his filming on January 10 at is going to appear along with the show's 3rd season members Kim Joo Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Joon Ho, Defconn, Kim Jong Min, and Jung Joon Young on it's upcoming episode.

Are you excited to see his appearance on the show?.

Son Dam Bi updates a photo of herself in Vietnam

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 04:50 AM PST

On January 11th, Son Dam Bi uploaded a new photo on her instagram with caption,"Just arrived in in Vietnam. It's so hot"

She is wearing a black leather cap and a sunglasses in the photo, showing off her fashion sense. She poses while holding a purple wallet covering half of her face.

It is said that Son Dam Bi will act as a judge and also perform for a talent show in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam from 11th - 13th.

LEDApple adds Germany to their World Tour!

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 04:30 AM PST

Following the five confirmed countries [Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Romania and Italy] for LEDApple's 2014 World Tour Concert, the group added one more country and it's none other than Germany.

The band are coming to greet and perform for their fans in Germany on February 21 at Cologne, Kantine.

So far, the confirmed dates are Japan on January 31, Singapore on February 9th, Netherlands on February 14th, Romania on 15th, Germany on 21st and Italy on 22nd.

Check their official facebook page for more updates.

More revelations from SMRookies' members

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 04:00 AM PST

SMRookies share some information about their members along with new photos of them.
SMRookies' Mark is revealed to be from Canada as they uploaded a photo of him and a message that reads,

"Hey guys~~
It's me, Mark. 
I had a lucky chance to visit my hometown in Vancouver, Canada and its really great meeting my family, who I haven't seen for awhile.
I hope all of you guys are doing well as well and I hope you guys take good care for the new year. 
Wish everyone a great year for 2014 !
Thank you everyone ~~!!!".

Aside from him, the rookies has also build friendship towards each other as they released a photo of Taeyong and Johnny. The two are '95 BEST FRIENDS'. 

Check out more photos of Lami, Jaehyun and Taeyong as well.

Park Se Young updates Twitter after her 1st meeting with 2PM's Wooyoung on 'We Got Married'

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 03:00 AM PST

2PM's Wooyoung and Park Se Young made their first appearance on 'We Got Married'.

After their meeting, Park Se Young posted the photo above on her Twitter account immediately. She wrote, "Thank you for your great comments and cheers. It was my first time to be on an entertainment show, and I made a lot of mistakes, but thank you so much for the encouragements."

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B1A4 receives support from cast members of 'Reply 1994' for their upcoming concert

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 02:30 AM PST

B1A4 received support from the cast members of 'Reply 1994for their B1A4 'The Class' concert.

B1A4's Baro is a part of the drama, and his co-actors, Yoo Yeon Seok, Go Ara, Kim Sung Gyun, Son Ho Jun, and Do Hee, who heard about their concert didn't hesitate to show their support through a video.

The concert is set to hold on February 15th and 16th.

Watch below: 

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2NE1's Minzy flaunts her 'futuristic style'

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 02:00 AM PST

2NE1's Minzy shared a photo on her Instagram.

She wrote, "#Futurestyle". The photo showed her nails with beautiful different designs on it.

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Lee Jong Seok discloses his first encounter with Park Bo Young on 'Blood Boiling Youth'

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 01:30 AM PST

On the January 11th episode of KBS 2TV 'Entertainment Weekly' for 'Guerrilla Date', Lee Jong Seok revealed that he felt more awkward with Park Bo Young, who is younger than him, than the older actresses he had worked with.

Lee Jong Seok said, "Park Bo Young and I are both on the 'Blood Boiling Youth', and it was my first time to work with an actress who is younger than me, and it was awkward at first. I made a number of attempts to get closer with her like cracking jokes, but I was unsuccessful at first because she told me that she thought that I'm a weird person. But, fortunately, things are okay now."

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SOURCE: Star News

Son Dam Bi shares photos in Vietnam

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 01:00 AM PST

Son Dam Bi shared some photos of her in Vietnam.

She uploaded the photo above on her Instagram and wrote, "Just arrived in Vietnam. It's hot." She also visited a place there. She wrote, "Heh heh I visited the Vietnam market." and uploaded the photo below.

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SOURCE: Son Dam Bi Instagram

ZE:A's Hyungsik shares photos from USA on his newly created Instagram

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 12:30 AM PST

ZE:A's Hyungsik joined Instagram recently. 

His first photo was shot abroad. He was in San San Francisco, California, USA to shoot for Calvin Klein Jean.

He captioned the photo with, "San Francisco.  Golden Gate Bridge.  Healing. Starting Instagram..,

To see more photos and videos, click here.

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2AM's Jo Kwon receives sweet kisses from “Wicked” cast

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 12:00 AM PST

2AM's Jo Kwon received kisses on both cheeks from the 'Wicked' cast members, Ock Ju Hyun and Jung Sun Ah.

He uploaded a photo on his Instagram and wrote, "Happy Jo-linda! I watched 'Wicked' with a jaw dropped. The best! Ju Hyun nuna, Sun Ah nuna, and Dong Hyun hyung."

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Happy birthday to Cross Gene's J.G

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 11:29 PM PST

Stage Name: J.G.
Birth Name: Gao Jia Ning
Nationality: Chinese
Korean Name: Go Ga Nyeong
Nickname: Destiny Gene
Group: Cross Gene
Label: Amuse Korea entertainment
Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: January 12, 1993
Blood Type: AB
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 69 kg

2PM's Taecyeon takes a role in KBS' upcoming drama 'Very Good Days'

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 11:00 PM PST

2PM's Taecyeon is going to appear on KBS2's new family drama 'Very Good Days' as Kang Dong Hee.

In contrast to his previous roles, Taecyeon is going to have a strong character on the drama and is even preparing for it by practicing his powerful voice.

His character is the younger brother of Kang Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin) who cannot stand unfairness and therefore shows his tough personality.

The drama is scheduled to air in February.

Happy birthday to CSJH The Grace's Sunday

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 10:45 PM PST

Stage Name: Sunday /Jiseung
Stage Name Meaning : Soft Voice of Heaven
Korean Name: Jin Seo Yun
Birthday: January 12, 1987
Height: 164 cm
Blood Type : O
Company: SM entertainment
Group: CSJH The Grace
Spoken Language : Chinese (basic), Korean (fluent), Japanese (fluent)
Special Skills : Drawing, nail art, piano, skiing, singing
Favorite Artist(s) : Sheryl Crow, Maroon5, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Whitney Houston, Jamiroquai

-She is in the sub group THE GRACE- DANA&SUNDAY

U-Kiss AJ appears on ABC's Good Morning America' featuring his two lives

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 10:30 PM PST

Aj from U-Kiss has been featured on ABC's popular America morning TV show 'Good Morning America'.

During the segment of their pop news, one of the hosts, Sara Haines talked about AJ as a Korean pop star living in the US. He has been also named as 'Real Life Hannah Montana' by describing his life as a psychology major student and U-Kiss member at the same time.

AJ talked about how his university friends don't know him as a singer. AJ expressed that he wanted to be treated as a student and friend rather than a singer. Watch the rest of his featuring below:

Happy birthday to EXO's D.O

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 10:15 PM PST

Birthname: 도경수 (Do Kyung Soo)
Stage Name: D.O. (디오)
Hanzi : 都暻秀
Birthday: January 12 1993
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: A
Speciality: Singing, Beat Box
Company: SM entertainment
Group: EXO/ EXO-K
Position: Main Vocalist
Nicknames: Orchestra Boy, The Pop Out Eyes, Umma D.O., EXO's Umma, Pororo
Personality: Quiet, acts like a mother to the other members, sentimental, considerate
Family: Father, Mother, older brother (3 years)
Super Power (Badge): Earth
Habit: Hums along to songs

Busker Busker's Brad to appear on Royal Pirates' 'Drawing the Line' MV

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 10:00 PM PST

Brad from Busker Busker is going to make a special appearance on Royal Pirates' MV 'Drawing the Line'.

A photo of the band with Brad has been uploaded on their official Facebook account. The photo is taken from their MV filming site, showing the members and Brad taking a break from the filming for a friendly group photo.

Brad and Royal Pirates' members have been cheering each other through their SNS accounts and Brad's appearance on their MV shows his loyalty to the group.

Meanwhile, 'Drawing the Line' in an RnB song. The song will be released on January 15 and the MV is said to be in two versions, one is drama version and the other one is their performance version.

Troublemaker to appear on Golden Bell Challenge

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 06:21 AM PST

Troublemaker (Hyunseung and Hyuna) will appear on Sunday's episode of KBS 1TV's Golden Bell Challenge at 7:10PM KST.

A video preview shows a sneak peak to their guest appearance. The duo are going to perform their hit song 'Now' that made the audience roar in excitement.

Watch the preview below:

SHINee's Onew to join 'Laws of the Jungle'?

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 09:00 PM PST

SHINee's Onew is reported to join 'Laws of the Jungle' and is currently adjusting his schedules prior to the filming of the show.

In addition to Onew, actor Bong Tae Kyu will also be appearing to the new edition in Borneo to show his fun character. Apparently, Onew and Bong Tae Kyu are the new members that will join Lim Won Hee, Seo Ha Joon and ZE:A's Dongjun. The new members are beginning their filming later this month.

Do you want to see Onew of wild expedition in Borneo?

Super Junior Donghae to debut on big screen as lead actor for 'Rumor'

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 08:30 PM PST

Super Junior Donghae has been reported to take on the lead role for the movie 'Rumor', making it his debut on the big screen.

According to the movie officials, "Donghae is appearing in the film 'Rumor' as the lead role."

'Rumor' is about events that occurred from a rumor (background of the rumor is not known) in a high school setting that would depict human nature. Donghae will be playing the high school president council Jung Woo, and will dig the background of  his girlfriend's rumor.

This 25-minutes long movie is one of the 5 films which is produced for 2014 Growing Talented Movie (Producers), and will enter film festivals.

Donghae has already showcased his acting skills in various dramas such as It's Okay, Daddy's Girl (2010), Taiwanese drama Skip Beat! (2011) and Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog (2012).

Source: Osen
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Russia K-pop Chart for the first week of January 2014 revealed!

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 08:00 PM PST

Russia KPop Chart revealed the twenty songs that made it through the hearts of many Russians.

On the top most is EXO's 'Miracles in December' followed by 2NE1's 'Missing You' and Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk's 'Still You.'

Watch for the complete list below :

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SOURCE: Russia K-pop Chart