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"Kim Hee Sun and Siwon are rumored to star in 'The Heirs' Chinese version" plus 22 more

"Kim Hee Sun and Siwon are rumored to star in 'The Heirs' Chinese version" plus 22 more

Kim Hee Sun and Siwon are rumored to star in 'The Heirs' Chinese version

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 06:21 AM PST

Following the success of "The Heirs", it seems that the production of the Chinese version of the drama is trying to attract more attention to the project by planning to invite Korean celebrities to star in the drama.

According to some reports, the Chinese version will be called "The Successors" and its plot will be different from the Korean version, and it is said that Kim Hee Sun and Siwon are considering to star in the drama.

Even though the information hasn't been confirmed yet but on some Chinese newspapers they already mentioned about the high possibility of both the stars joining in. It also became the hot topic among Chinese fans, proving the undying popularity of the drama.

Gary makes a cameo appearance on 'Emergency Couple'

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 04:32 AM PST

In the broadcast of tvN's drama "Emergency Couple" episode 8th, "Monday Couple" had a small reunion as Gary made a surprise appearance in the drama.

He cameo-ed as a replacement driver and he brought much laughter despite the short air time. In this episode, Oh Jin Hee(Song Ji Hyo) was drunk and Gary appeared as her driver to take her home. Oh Jin Hee said in her drunk,"Gary ahjussi" to this he replied,"Who is Gary? I'm Daeli (daeli = replacement, it's a pun)" which made may viewers laugh over the scene.

Song Ji Hyo's character even sang a little bit of Gary's new song "Shower Later", and even complimented him as a handsome man and said he's her style, added more fun to the episode.

If you haven't watched it, check out the video below.

MC THE MAX finishes autograph event victoriously!

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 03:00 AM PST

MC THE MAX met their fans in an autograph event.

On the event at Yeouido IFC Mall, many fans were gathered to see up-close and personal their idol. In return, MC THE MAX made the day of their fans memorable by signing their album copy and giving them the chance to take a photo with them.

MC THE MAX returned on February 1st with their album, 'Unveiling,' with 'Wind that Blows' as their title track.

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SOURCE: Star News

Lee Seo Jin reveals that Taecyeon is a heavy drinker

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 02:30 AM PST

2PM's Taecyeon and his co-actor Lee Seo Jin in the upcoming KBS2' weekend drama, 'Very Good Times,' were interviewed on KBS 2TV 'Entertainment Weekly.'

 Lee Seo Jin divulged that Taecyeon drinks a lot. He said, "Taecyeon drinks so much. I once had a drink with Seung Gi, and he was a heavy drinker as well, but Taecyeon beats him."

Meanwhile, 'Very Good Times' will air its first episode on February 22nd.

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SOURCE: Star News

Double A's Jinhong finishes middle school

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 02:00 AM PST

On Double A (AA)'s official Facebook, they shared the photo above showing maknae Jinhong's graduation from middle school.

On the photo, he's holding two bouquets of congratulatory flowers and a certificate. He captioned the photo with, "With mom at graduation day. Hiding my mom's face for her privacy lol. Yeay, I'm high school now!!"

Congratulations Double A's Jinhong for setting a good example in giving education importance.

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140209 AOA won first place on Inkigayo

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 01:47 AM PST

AOA won first place on Inkigayo aired earlier today.

For your information, this was the girls' first victory on music shows since debut, they couldn't hide their happiness and burst into tears upon receiving the trophy.

Check out their winning speech and performance below

LeeSsang's Gary surprises viewers of 'Emergency Couple'

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 01:30 AM PST

LeeSsang's Gary surprised the avid viewers of tvN's drama 'Emergency Couple.'

On the 6th episode of 'Emergency Couple', Gary appeared as a guest. Oh Jin Hee got drunk and called a driver on call who is Gary. Oh Jin Hee uttered, "You are handsome. You are just my style." That statement gave the viewers a reason to laugh.

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World Cup star Hwang Sunhong's daughter, Hwang Hyunjin, to launch as a girl group member!

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 01:00 AM PST

Hwang Hyunjin, the daughter of one of Korea's national athletes and World Cup star Hwang Sunhong, is set to launch her showbiz career as a girl group member.

Hwang Hyunjin dreams of being a singer, thus she has spent two years being a trainee. In April this year, she will debut her singing career in a girl group with a cute and sexy concept.

She is the first member to be introduced, so make sure to anticipate for the others.

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SECRET's Hyosung gets the attention of Oh Seung Yoon

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 12:30 AM PST

Oh Seung Yoon couldn't help himself but to show his interest in SECRET's Hyosung.

The two had this chance to be together in one episode of KBS 2TV 'Dream Team 2' where Hyosung appeared as a special MC while Oh Seung Yoon as a guest.

Hyosung prepared and made a short performance of 'Magic,' and this caught the attention of Oh Seung Yoon. He asked, "How old are you?" She replied, "I'm 26 years old," and he answered back, "I'm 24 years old. Are you fine with younger guys?"

She implied, "I haven't had a younger boyfriend."

What do you think? 

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WINNER's Song Minho gets so much support from his sister

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 12:00 AM PST

On the February 7th episode of WINNER TV, Song Minho's little sister expressed her support.

On the said episode, the members of WINNER went back to their hometown and spent a moment with their families so that they can regain motivation. Song Minho's little sister, Song Dana, showed her all-out support for his brother which caught the attention of the media.

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SPICA's Bohyung covers Frozen's OST, 'Let it go'

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 11:30 PM PST

On Feb 8th, SPICA's official youtube channel updated a new video of Bohyung covering "Let It Go" from the OST of Disney's Animated movie "Frozen" and also shared it through twitter account.

In the video, Kim Bohyung is recording the song in the studio. Her powerful vocal and good pronunciation impress many audience.

Covering "Let it go" is becoming a trend in Korea. Before Bohyung, many artists sang it as a cover and official Korean version, such as Hyorin, Ailee, Lee Yubi, Lee Haeri, Sonet Son,...

Listen to Bohyung's version now:


Happy birthday to Brave girls' Seoa

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 10:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Park Seo A
Stage Name: Seoa
Label: Brave entertainment
Group: Brave girls
Birthday: February 9, 1988
Position: Vocalist
Height: 170 cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby & Specialty: Acting, Exercising

Happy birthday to ZE:A's Junyoung

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 10:01 PM PST

Birth Name: Moon Jun Young
Stage Name: Junyoung
Birthday: February 9, 1989
Label: Star Empire
Group: ZE:A/ ZE:A 4U
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies/Specialties: Bowling, soccer, likes to watch movies, games, running, impersonating his boss
Instagram: @zeajunyoung
Twitter: @ZEA_leader

Suzy reveals new Sumi Chips CF

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 09:53 PM PST

miss A's Suzy reveals new CF for Sumi Chips.

Check out the CF below

Jin Se Yeon cheers Korean team in Sochi Winter Olympics

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 08:00 PM PST

Jin Se Yeon also took her time to drop a message of support for the Korean team in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

She uploaded the edited photo above on her Twitter and wrote, "Good luck to all of the Korean national athletes who are participating in Sochi Olympics".

Meanwhile, Jin Se Yeon plays as Kim Ok Ryeon who is deeply in love with Kim Hyun Joong's character named Shin Jung Tae in the KBS 2TV drama 'Inspiring Generation.'

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IU to hold 1st ever fan meeting in China in March!

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 07:30 PM PST

IU is scheduled to hold her first ever fan meeting in China in March.

On the LOEN Tree's Twitter, they announced the good news. They divulged that on March 21st, IU will entertain her Chinese supporters in Shanghai at 'Shallow Water Bay Culture Center(浅水湾文化艺术中心).' It will be followed by another event on March 23rd in Hong Kong at 'KITEC (Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre) STAR HALL.'

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AOA's Cho-A & Yuna transform into Frozen's Elsa & Anna

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 07:00 PM PST

AOA official Facebook uploaded the photos of AOA's Cho-A and Yuna turning into the famous characters from 'Frozen.'

AOA's Cho-A braided her hair up, put on contact lenses and pink lipstick perfectly resembling the Snow Queen Elsa, while AOA's Yuna copied the signature hair style of Anna, the younger sister of Elsa.

'Frozen' is a 2013 animated movie that teaches about freedom, being who you are, and true love.

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Ga In's selca with her cute pet

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 06:30 PM PST

Ga In uploaded the photo above on her Facebook.

On the photo, Ga In is wearing a black and white knit one-piece dress holding her cute pet. She wrote, "Ga In in her makeup room! With a lovely puppy!"

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AOA teach Yoga!

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 06:11 PM PST

The gorgeous ladies of AOA provide some Yoga tutorials.

The girls demonstrate some basic steps of maintaining great figure, check out the video below.

Who impresses you the most?

Girl's Day says, 'We always do our best to be successful'

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 06:00 PM PST

Girl's Day debuted on July 2010, but it was just these days when their stardom high-rocketed. 

On the February 7th episode of KBS 2TV 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook,' they performed 'Expect' and 'Something.' Girl's Day was also asked to give their comments regarding being a late bloomer and the fame they are experiencing now.

Girl's Day's Min Ah replied, "It's not in our conscious mind that we would be victorious, but what we all know is we always do our best to be successful."

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Rainbow's Jaekyung reveals chances of becoming a KARA member

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 05:30 PM PST

RAINBOW's Jaekyung made some revelations on the February 7th episode of KBS 2TV 'Full House.'

She revealed that she had the chances of becoming a member of KARA. She said, "During my trainee days in my agency 10 years ago, I almost landed a spot as a KARA member. However, my agency told me that the cute concept doesn't fit me."

She continued, "Then, when I was starting to get tired of being a trainee, my agency asked me if I want to replace a member from KARA. But, I refused because I thought that time that I will fit in better with my fellow Rainbow members."

Another revelation was brought up. Jaekyung said that she received a ring from SM Entertainment, but she also refused the offer. Two months after the call, Girls' Generation debuted.

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Hello Venus' Yoo Ara sings IU's 'Red Shoes'

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 05:08 PM PST

Hello Venus' charismatic leader Yoo Ara sings IU's Red Shoes on Perfect Singer.

Check out her performance below.

How many points out of 10 does she deserve?

Lee Juk finishes Busan concert successfully

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 05:00 PM PST

Lee Juk wrapped up his solo concert in Busan with so much success.

Approximately 3,000 fans gathered at Busan KBS Hall to watch his '2014 Lee Juk Tour Concert' personally. In return, Lee Juk didn't disappoint his supporters. He sang 20 songs within 150 minutes. Among the songs were 'What Do You See', 'Let's Walk Together', 'It's Fortunate', 'Snail', 'Left Handed' and others.

Lee Juk's next shows are set on February 14th and 15th in Daejeon and Sungnam.

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