Friday, February 21, 2014

"Krystal and Ahn Jaehyun continue to daze with their couple appearance for PUMA" plus 22 more

"Krystal and Ahn Jaehyun continue to daze with their couple appearance for PUMA" plus 22 more

Krystal and Ahn Jaehyun continue to daze with their couple appearance for PUMA

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 06:17 AM PST

The trendy, sporty, and good-looking PUMA couple once again release some pictorial cuts for the sports/clothing brand showing their immense chemistry.

f(x) Krystal and model-turned-actor Ahn Jaehyun are looking sweet in their latest pictorial. The two show a more comfortable couple mood while sitting on a couch playing with each other and reading books and displaying cute expressions.

They also look simply adorable while holding hands. Do you like their chemistry?

Meanwhile, Krystal recently participated in SM The Ballad's 2nd album while Ahn JaeHyun is currently appearing in the hit drama 'Who You Came from the Stars' as Song-Yi's younger brother.

Park Shin Hye turns to Audrey Hepburn for Marie Claire

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 05:48 AM PST

Lovely actress Park Shin Hye transformed into Audrey Hepburn in the recent pictorial for Marie Claire.

The actress wear retro-styled outfits and hairstyles while making scenery poses outdoors. She perfectly embraces the the fashion that the late British actress was known for.

Audrey Hepburn look leveled up with the addition of thick flared skirt, the goose-lady and ballerina appearance and the dramatic grayscale effect. Park Shin Hye looks pure yet elegant in the pictorial Do you agree? Check more of her photos before:

CNBlue to release 'Can't Stop' album on 23rd instead of 24th

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 04:38 AM PST

CNBlue announce that they are going to release their 5th mini album online earlier that the original release date.

Therefore, instead of midnight of 24th, they are going to release it on the midnight of 23rd, a day earlier, which is good for excited and awaiting fans.According to FNC, the change of release is due to the positive response from the fans who are diligently waiting for CNBlue's album.

Meanwhile, since the release is earlier than what we have expected, anticipate their 70minute-comeback performance through SBS on March 2.

EXO to have fansign session in Hongkong for Nature Republic

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 04:20 AM PST

Last year, EXO have become the new faces of cosmetic brand Nature republic along with their senior and labelmate SNSD's Taeyeon.

To inagurate the first Nature Republic store in Hongkong, EXO are coming to hold a fansign meeting with their fans on March 1. The store is located in 2J-2Q Sai Yeung hoi ST Suoth, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hongkong.

EXO has held fanmeetings for the cosmetic brand in Myeongdong and Daegu in Korea and are going to all over Asia to promote the brand. Check this Facebook page and watch the promotional video below:

Crayon Pop to release 1st photobook 'Crayon Pop in AUSTRALIA'

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 04:08 AM PST

Crayon Pop to release their 1st photobook "Crayon Pop in AUSTRALIA".

The girls gathers all their good memories and beautiful photos which were taken last November when they were promoting in Australia and compiled them into this photobook

The photobook will include all the unseen shoots from various activities of the group when they were in Australia, including their appearance on Special Broadcasting Station "POPASIA", and also those street performances and fansignings at famous landmarks like Opera House, Wife Life Zoo, Harbour Bridge, Hyde Park...

In addition, to commemorate the release of the photobook, Crayon Pop will hold a fansign event at Bear Hall, Samsung-dong on February 22nd.

Sunmi perform under 'Full Moon' on Music Bank

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 02:58 AM PST

Sunmi made a hot comeback with "Full Moon" on Music Bank.

JYP's trainee Lena performed with her on the show, check out their amazing performance below

SPEED say 'Don't Tease Me' on Music Bank

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 02:55 AM PST

SPEED made a hot comeback on Music Bank with "Don't Tease Me".

Check out their cool performance below

Jessica got a new hair cut?

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 02:50 AM PST

On February 21th, Jessica updated her Weibo,"Hi there!" and uploaded a new selca.

Jessica was seen in the middle of a make-up process in the photo, she had her hair clipped at one side and she was looking at the camera while showing her bright smile.

In particular, fans speculated that Jessica cut her hair based on the photo, but later she commented,"I didnt cut my hair~~ i like long hair", so maybe it's just because of her hairstyle and the angle of the photo.

Meanwhile, there's still no new information about Girls' Generation ever since the news about the data corruption of the MV, it seems we will have to wait a little more.

Sunye and her daughter visited JYP Entertainment

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 01:23 AM PST

It was reported that on February 19th, Sunye brought her daughter Park Eun Yoo to visit JYP Entertainment building at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

A representative said,"Everyone was surprised and happy at Sunye's visit. Eun Yoo really resembles her mother, really cute and pretty. Sunye had a happy time chatting with everyone in the company and then went back"

Sunye also left support messages for Sunmi who is making her comeback and for rookie group GOT7 who just made their debut recently.

Kim Woo Bin's Weibo exceeds 1 million followers

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 12:33 AM PST

Kim Woo Bin's Weibo exceeded over 1 million followers, proving his status as one of the hottest Korean stars in China.

On February 21th, he updated his Weibo with a message,"Weibo fans! Finally, my Weibo has over 1 milllion fans! It's a really great honor, so happy, I don't know what to do!^^ one by one... I want to say thank you to all of you, I really love you. I will continue to work harder to become a better Kim Woo Bin so that I can repay to everyone's love. Once again, thank you so much!!"

In the photo, he was posing with a V sign towards the camera, his hair was straighten and he looked even more handsome with it than before.

In addition, Kim Woo Bin will star in a new movie called "The Technicians" along with Lee Hyun Woo.

VIBE profile

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 11:30 PM PST

Band name: Vibe (바이브)
Label: Music&New entertainment
Debut year: 2002
Debut song: Although it is hateful, again


Name: Ryu Jae Hyun (류재현)
Born: March 14, 1980
Position: main vocal
Height: 167cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: A

Name: Yoon Min Soo (윤민수)
Born: February 27, 1980
Position: Lead vocal, producer

He featured in SBS's popular program, "Dad, where are you going" and MBC's music program, "I am a singer"


Name: Yoo Sung Gyu
Position: Rapper
DOB:  April 18, 1980
He left the group in 2004 to pursue a solo career

Their latest track:

Happy birthday to Untouchable's Sleepy

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 10:30 PM PST

Stage name:  Sleepy (슬리피) 
Real name: Kim Sung Won (김성원)
Label: TS entertainment
Group: Untouchable
Born: February 21, 1984
Height: 186.0cm
Weight: 75.0kg
Blood Type: A

Happy birthday to Jung Joon Young

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 10:07 PM PST

Name: Jung Joon Young
English name: Andrew Jung
Nickname: Raccoon
Birth date: February 21, 1989
Nationality: Korean
Weight: 65 Kg
Debut: 2010 digital album single, "Rock Trip"
Hobbies: X-Sport, basketball.
Bands: Flower Mist, SwitchOn (current)
Favorite music/genre: Metal.
Favorite musician: Guns and Roses.
Ideal type: Eom Jee Won / Girls with short hair.
Show: Ulzzang Shidae Season 5, Superstar K4
Models for: ABOKI, Tomonari, BigPai, Pinkage, Elvandress


♠ Joon Young is an Ulzzang, a Superstar K4's Finalist, a Model & a Singer.
♠ Joon Young is also fluent in English, Chinese, Tagalog and Japanese.
♠ Joon Young once lived in Indonesia from 0-5 years old then China after that, then France, England, Japan and in the Philippines. He was back in Korea at the age of 18 years old. 
♠ Before, Joon Young works for Park TaeJun's Shopping mall, ABOKI, Bigpai and Pinkage.
♠ Joon young is friends with Lee ChiHoon, Park JiHo, Park TaeJun, Kang HyukMin (Ulzzangs), Actress Go EunAh, LedApple Youngjun, Superstar K4 co-finalist Roy Kim, Kim Jung Hwan and Yoo Seung Woo.
♠ Joon Young was an unofficial member of Led Apple between December 2010 - Aprill 2011, but never got to debut.
♠ Joon Young has been known for his similar appearance to actor Kang Dong Won.


Win Boyfriend US Showcase tickets

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 09:36 PM PST

Dear DKPOPNEWS' readers, we have teamed up with Jazzy Group US for an amazing giveaway.

For your information, Boyfriend will perform in US on 11th and 13th March, it's no doubt a great chance for you to meet and enjoy Boyfriend's performance.

Tickets we are giving away include:

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After School release digital single 'Week'

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 08:58 PM PST

After School release their special collaboration with Brave Brothers titled 'Week'.

As expected from After School and Brave Brothers, the song garners much attention with its official release.

Check out the full song below, do you like the song?

BTS teach you the 'romantic-macho' choreography for 'Boy In Luv'

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 07:31 PM PST

Are you impressed with BTS' new choreography from their song 'Boy In Luv'? No worries because the boys are going to teach you the point steps from their choreography through 1THEK's "Let's Dance'.

Tagged as 'romantic-macho choreography', these cool and badass students are moving their bodies to the sharp and flawless dance steps from 'Boy In LUv'.

watch them below and join the 'name-the-point-step' event!

AlphaBAT release teaser image for 'Attention' mini album

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 07:21 PM PST

AlphaBAT release the teaser image for their upcoming 1st mini album 'Attention'.

The teaser photo shows the ninja-like images of the members with their names written on each. They already pre-released the MV for one of their tracks from the album titled 'Always' which is a tribute to fans.

More details will be followed so keep updated. Are you anticipating their comeback this February?

T-ara release MV for 'First Love'

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 07:14 PM PST

T-ara release the MV for 'First Love', a project single for composer Cho Youngsoo '2014 All Star' album on the 21st.

Members Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Soyeon lend their voices to this elegant pop dance song with distinct tango rhythm. The transition of the harmonies and the members' soulful vocals are impressive.

Watch the MV below:

Orange Caramel reveal the mysterious lady 'Catallena'

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 06:35 PM PST

From the last two image teasers of Orange Caramel's upcoming 3rd single 'Catallena', the legs of a mysterious woman wearing polka dots stockings and stilettos are giving curiosity among fans, making them guess who the lady could be.

'Catallena' hs been mysterious until today, as Orange Caramel reveal who is 'Catallena'. "She" is revealed to be comedian Kim Dae Sung. Seemed like we got tricked as Catallena revealed to be a man.

Kim Dae Sung might appear like a woman in the teaser wearing the polka dot-themed outfit but he is a gagman who often crossdressed in 'Gag Concert'. This revelation even get the fans more excited and curious what the twist would be in Orange Caramel's upcoming 3rd single.

The MV will be released on February 24. Are you excited? Just in case you want to know who is Kim Dae Sung, check the photo below:

CNBlue release 2nd MV teaser for 'Can't Stop' + BTS photos

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 06:04 PM PST

CNBlue excite their fans in the 2nd MV teaser for their upcoming track 'Can't Stop'.

Contrary to the first teaser, CNBlue display a lively and exciting teaser this time. Following the upbeat sound of their instruments, the band members appeared very refreshing in their pastel-colored suits.

The full MV will be released on 24th along with their 5th mini album. Meanwhile, watch the teaser below and the BTS photos:

Yoon Do Hyun makes a mistake regarding the final broadcast date of 'You Came From The Stars'

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 05:23 PM PST

In the broadcast of SBS' "Midnight TV" on February 19th, Yoon Do Hyun slipped his tongue and made a mistake about "You Who Came From The Stars" broadcast date.

Because the episode of the drama which was broadcast on the same day was episode 18th, Yoon Do Hyun made an announcement on the show saying that it was the last broadcast.

He corrected himself after realizing his mistake,"I made a mistake earlier. I was too excited that I thought today is the last broadcast, but it's next week will be the last. I'm sorry"

Meanwhile, "You Came From The Stars" gets one more extended episode and the last broadcast will be on February 27th.

BESTie to comeback with 'Thank You Very Much'

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 04:47 PM PST

BESTie reveal a short teaser on M! Countdown aired yesterday.

The girls are coming back with a Duble Sidekick song titled 'Thank You Very Much".

Check out the teaser below, do you anticipate their comeback?

9Muses reveal sexy pictorial for Esquire

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 04:36 PM PST

9Muses' Kyungri, Hyuna and Seungah reveal sexy pictorials for the March issue of Esquire magazine.

The girls pose sexily in lingerie and showcase their feminine charm in the latest photoshoot.

Whose photo is your favorite?