Thursday, February 6, 2014

"SPICA release hilarious comic BTS of 'You Don't Love Me' MV" plus 17 more

"SPICA release hilarious comic BTS of 'You Don't Love Me' MV" plus 17 more

SPICA release hilarious comic BTS of 'You Don't Love Me' MV

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 07:09 AM PST

The pretty and sexy retro girls of SPICA have gone hilarious on the making film of their latest single 'You Don't Love Me' MV.

The girls know how to have fun as they show their wit while dancing to their chorepgraphy. Do you love these energetic, beautiful and sexy girls?

Watch below:

Crayon Pop to make a comeback in April with a new album

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 06:35 AM PST

Crayon Pop will release their 1st full length album in April.

On February 6th, Chrome Entertainment revealed through various media outlets,"Crayon Pop is preparing for their 1st full length album and will make a comeback in April"

They also added,"They are trying to return with a new image this time","They have been receiving many songs from different composers and the members are doing their best for upcoming comeback"

Crayon Pop became one of the hottest rookies last year thanks to their unique concept, by performing with sweatpants and helmets, but it was said that they will take off the helmets for this comeback, which has attracted much attention from many people.

Recently Crayon Pop collaborated with Kim Jang Hoon, they dressed up as firefighters for "Korea Firefighter Project" and released a single called "Hero".

MBLAQ release PV teaser for 'Still In Love'

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 06:21 AM PST

MBLAQ release the PV teaser for their upcoming Japanese single 'Still In Love'.

In the PV teaser, the boys have become manlier in their black outfits projecting their charms for the camera. The clip also displays the dramatic acting of the members along with their sweet vocals.

'Still In Love' is from their 3rd Japanese single album that is scheduled to be released on February 26. Watch below:

Teen Top commence their 'High Kick Arena Tour' in Japan

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 05:41 AM PST

Teen Top is going to have the busiest February as they are in the middle of countdown for their "HIGH KICK" in SEOUL that will take place on February 22.

But before their domestic concert, the boys flew to Japan to commence their first 'High Kick Arena Tour' in Japan on February 5, being Nagoya as their first stop.

As a commemorative photo, the members gave their 'high kick' for a group photo and prepare for their next stops. After Nagoya, Teen Top is going to hold concert on February 8-9 at Yokohama Arena in Tokyo. They will continue their tour on February 13 at Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium Main Arena in Osaka and conclude on February 18 at Fukuoka Convention Center in Fukuoka.

Taeyeon and Tiffany have a sweet conflict

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 04:08 AM PST

SNSD's Taeyeon and Tiffany fight over a sweet cotton candy.

Taeyeon uploaded a photo on her instagram account with caption, "Conflict #cottoncandy #sweet". In a 4-set selca taken with Tiffany, the two lovely ladies look like having a conflict over a sweet cotton candy as they show their irritated facial expressions.

Do you find this adorable?

Ladies' Code releases a still cut for upcoming comeback

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 02:28 AM PST

Ladies' Code will comeback with a new digital single "So Wonderful" and a still cut from the music video was released.

The image showed member Rise lying down and was covered with transparent plastic wrap. As the youngest member of the group, Rise has been known for her cute and innocent image, but in the new still cut she showed a more mature and sexy side by flaunting her perfect bodyline, especially her smooth long legs.

In addition, the new single "So Wonderful" will be released through various online music sites on February 13th. Prior to the release day, two teaser images will be unveiled on February 7th and 10th.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee spotted dating in L.A

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 01:19 AM PST

Rain and Kim Tae Hee recently were seen dating at an amusement park in Los Angeles.

On February 6th, according to a local resident, both of them had an enjoyable date for about an hour at SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN amusement park which is located in the North of L.A. It is said that this amusement park is well-known for having many thrilling rides compared to Disneyland which is also nearby that area.

The two of them had a joyful date just like any normal couple, and Rain was the one who led the date thanks to his delightful personality.

A local American-Korean citizen said,"There were seen by a lot of American-Korean people there, both of them seemed to enjoy it so much. Their romantic date became a hot topic among the American-Korean community here"

Rain departed for America on January 26th for a post meeting for his Hollywood movie "The Prince" and he later went back to Korea on February 4th. Kim Tae Hee is also known for staying abroad for her oversea schedule this time but didn't make it public.

A representative from Rain's company said,"It's impossible for us to check since it's their privacy"

Happy birthday to BBde girl's Sonhana

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 11:30 PM PST

Name: Sonhana (손하나)
Real Name: Lee Gaeun (이가은)
Company: Big Star entertainment
Group: BBde girl
Birth date: February 6th,1991
Birth Place: Kwangju
Sign: Aquarius/Ram
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 44kg
Blood Type: O
Role: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Happy birthday to B.A.P's Jongup

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 10:29 PM PST

Birth Name: Moon Jong Up
Stage Name: Jongup
Nickname: Dance Shindong
Bunny: Green
Birthday: February 6, 1995
Birth place: Seoul, Korea
Company: TS entertainment
Group: B.A.P
Position: Sub-Vocalist & Main Dancer
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @m_jup
Twitter: @bap_jongup

-He was featured in SECRET's MV's "Starlight Moonlight" and "Shy Boy"
-He was featured in Bang&Zelo's MV "Never Give Up"

Happy birthday to TVXQ's Yunho

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 10:03 PM PST

Stage Name: U-Know
Real Name: Jung YunHo (정윤호)
Chinese name: Zhang Yun Hao
Position: Vocal (Baritone); Leader
Company: SM entertainment
Birthday: February 6, 1986
Birth place : Jun Nam
Education: 3rd year university student
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, sports and composing music
Special Ability: Singing and dancing
Religion: Christianity
Family Members: father, mother, younger sister
Music type: Hip-hop, R&B and Soul
Ideal girl: girl that takes responsibilities, stand up for what they thought/said/and their actions.
Future plans: becoming international star, want to try being a director and acting.

TVXQ's Yunho,'I was shocked seeing Changmin cried for the first time'

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 08:38 PM PST

Yunho made a surprised visit to Changmin on KBS' "Our Neightborhood Arts and Physical Education".

The episode which was broadcast on February 4th was the final basketball battle between the celebrity team and Seoul Team. On that day, it was said that Yunho canceled all his schedule and went on the show to support Changmin. His sudden appearance not only surprised the cast but also Changmin.

Yunho said,"We have been together as TVXQ for so long but this is the first time that I saw him putting in so much effort like that. And I was shocked seeing him cried for the first time"

Upon Yunho's affection towards himself, Changmin jokingly said,"I'm having too much burden that I feel goosebumps"

GLAM become the new faces of NIVEA

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 08:00 PM PST

International skin care brand NIVEA has chosen girl group GLAM as their newest advertising models for their product Nivea Lip Care Lip Butter with concept 'Always together in new beginning'.

Beiersdorf Nivea's marketing manager explained why they chose GLAM, "With their pure and sexy approach during the advertisement shooting, we expect that girl group GLAM would be able to appeal to young women as the new models for the No.1 skincare brand."

It was also revealed that producer Bang Si Hyuk also produced a 'Nivea Moisturizing Song' for GLAM to sing during the promotions.

Meanwhile, GLAM recently released digital single 'Give It To U' as their sweet present for fans this Valentine's Day.

GAIN releases MV for 'Truth or Dare'

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 07:17 PM PST

GAIN is ready to reveal the deepest revelations about herself in the release of her MV 'Truth or Dare'.

The 7-minute long MV is filmed like a documentary with special appearances from IU, Yoon Jong Shin, BEG, Jo Kwon, Taiwanese superstar Show Luo, JTBC 'Witch Hunt's Ji Woong, and many more.

Watch below:

GP Basic release MV for 'Pika-Burnjuck'

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 07:07 PM PST

GP Basic are going to give you rest from sexy girl groups as they release the MV for their 7th single 'Pika-Burnjuck'.

The five girls come back as hip hop warrior on the MV, wearing black uniforms from the 1980s. With a 'trap hip hop' genre, the music emphasized on drum's beat and bass guitar sounds showing the unique style of GP Basic.

GP Basic who underwent two years of intense practice are ready to show you their mature side and versatility. Watch below:

4-minute's Gayoon pre-debut photos surface, jaw surgery?

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 06:40 PM PST

4-minute's Heo Gayoon's pre-debut photos surfaced online in community boards titled "Heo Gayoon debut photos, falling cheeks".

In a post wherein they've complied her early pre-debut days, Gayoon was seen looking innocent and young eating in a restaurant, classroom, and taking selcas in her room.

However, netizens noticed the little change in her jawline throughout the photos. She seemed like have had chubby cheeks when she was younger than her pictures nowadays, where she looks pretty with her v-line.

Netizens throw contradicting comments such as, "I didn't expect she did it. Her jaw is so perfect now.","Definitely not a surgery. She's so young and looked chubby but because of diet, she got thinner jaw now.","The difference of her jaw is really obvious.","She has been pretty ever since." and so on.

What do you think? Check more photos below:

Yoona reveals her new dyed hair, preparing for comeback?

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 05:58 PM PST

SNSD's Yoona has changed her hair color to black, raising assumptions that it's a hint for their comeback.

On February 5, Yoona attended the after party of their successful drama 'Prime Minister & I' in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. In the event, Yoona revealed her new hair color. Fans assumed that it's part of the preparation for their pending comeback.

On the 4th, SM representative revealed, "Yoona finished all the last shooting on 3rd and after the last episode on 5th, she is going to focus on SNSD's upcoming album."

Are you anticipating their comeback? Meanwhile, how does she look in black hair? Check out the photos below:

Gain reveals concept photos for 'Truth or Dare'

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 05:09 PM PST

Gain reveals the concept photos of her upcoming hit song 'Truth or Dare'.

The photos were shared on her company's official Twitter and Facebook page. As expected, Gain shows off her sexiness in red and black outfits.

Fans commented,"She's sexy","Totally anticipating her comeback" and etc.

Do you anticipate her comeback?

B.A.P to hold a special concert 'B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL 2014'

Posted: 05 Feb 2014 04:57 PM PST

To commemorate the release of their 1st album, B.A.P will hold a special concert for fans.

On February 5th, TS Entertainment revealed,"On March 8th and 9th at SK Olympic Stadium, "B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL 2014" will be held". The ticketing will start at 8pm kst tonight through Interpark.

B.A.P recently released their 1st full length album "First Sensibility" on February 3rd and it is said that the boys will also perform the songs in this album at their concert, and causing many fans excited over the news.

Also a poster for the concert was revealed. A spaceship with a text "SEOUL ATTACK!!" can be seen in the picture, it seems the group will continue their alien concept for this concert.