Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Sunny teases Kyuhyun and Seohyun in a group photo" plus 24 more

"Sunny teases Kyuhyun and Seohyun in a group photo" plus 24 more

Sunny teases Kyuhyun and Seohyun in a group photo

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 07:00 AM PST

SNSD's Sunny watched the Moon That Embraces The Sun musical with fellow members Sooyoung and Jessica. The girls went to support their maknae Seohyun and labelmate Super Junior's Kyuhyun.

She wrote, "Watched #MoonThatEmbracesTheSun~~~heeya... It's very impressive..... Should it be Hyun that embraces Kyu? keke out of the people here I have to be the fastest to upload hekhek!!! kekekekeke maknaengs are great♡"

In the photo, Kyuhyun and Seohyun, who both appear in the musical and act alongside each other are on the far end of the frame separated by Sunny, Sooyoung and Jessica. Sunny seems like teasing Seohyun as she poses to give a hug with the girls in between.

Member Jessica also uploads another photo.

BTOB release audio previews from 'Beep Beep' album

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 06:30 AM PST

BTOB are releasing teasers one after another before their anticipated comeback on Februaru 17.

The group release the audio previews for their tracks, 'Is This The End','Hello', 'Hello Mello', and 'Melody' through their official Youtube channel. The short clip reveals a group photo of the boys along with the snippets of the songs.

The 2nd has sweet melody for a mellow ballad which has a lyrics of telling someone not to go. The boys showcase their emotional and powerful vocals in this one. On the other hand, the track 'Hello' has a light feeling on it, with a cheerful melody which can be uplifting to anyone listening to it. 'Hello Mello' offers the raps and bright mood with lively upbeat music. Lastly, 'Melody' showcases the members' emotional vocals accompanied by piano.

Liking their tracks so far? Listen below:

Bangtan Boys release 'Boy In Luv' MV

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 05:56 AM PST

Bangtan Boys melt girls's hearts with the release of their MV for comeback song 'Boy In Luv'.

The tough and good looking guys showcase their acting skills showing how a typical guy falls in love. The boys didn't show their sweet and gentle acts toward the girl they love but it's enough to make you feel how sincere they are.

With their impressive vocals, rapping skills and flawless choreography, ARMIES would definitely fall in love with this song.Watch below:

Meanwhile, BTS' 2nd mini album 'Skool Luv Affair' will be released on February 12.

EXO reveal the action packed CF making for 'Crunky' chocolate

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 05:45 AM PST

EXO members are the models for chocolate brand 'Crunky' and several promotional CFs have been released. However, wonder how they turned the chocolate CF into an action filled one?

The making film of their CF reveals nothing but EXO members in action. From the sketch into stunts, the members perfectly executed the acts adding their natural charisma into it.

Even the making film is impressive. Watch below:

Stellar snap their hips in R19 MV teaser for 'Marionette'

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 04:51 AM PST

Stellar are joining the hype of sexy girl group comebacks as they release their R19 MV teaser for comeback song 'Marionette'.

The girls wear revealing clothes emphasizing their snapping hips for sexy moves from their choreography rating it 19+.

Stellar is experimenting with their concepts and versatility with their new sexy and mature image. Watch the MV teaser for Marionette below:

The song will be released on February 12. Their comeback stage will be held at M!Countdown stage on the following day.

Girl's Day perform Twinkle Twinkle on MTV The Show

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 04:36 AM PST

Girl's Day bring back memories with their latest performance on MTV The Show.

The girls performed their previous hit song "Twinkle Twinkle" on the show and showed off their cuteness.

Watch their performance below

Changmin and Moon Ga Young are lovely together from the set of 'Mimi'

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 04:35 AM PST

TVXQ's Changmin and actress Moon Ga Young have their photos taken together from the set of MNET's upcoming ghost romance mini drama 'Mimi'.

The two leading actors are lovely together while promoting their drama. In the photo, they are inside a bus and sitting next to each other. They are making cute poses and V signs. Another BTS photo shows Changmin in a serious mode reading his script.

'Mimi' is about a webtoon artist played by Changmin who will search for his love after losing some of his memories. He will have a double role in this drama, as an adult and high school student. It will premiere on February 21 at 11PM KST.

2NE1 to hold 19+ 'AON AFTER PARTY'

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 03:35 AM PST

2NE1 will hold a special after party for fans, but it will be 19+.

On February 11th, YG Entertainment uploaded a new poster about "AON 2NE1 AFTER PARTY" on their official blog.

On March 1st and 2nd, 2NE1 will kick off their 2nd world tour with 2 concerts in Seoul, and the party will take place right after the concerts end on both days at club THEA in Gangnam at 10pm kst.

Not only that, global directors Travis Payne , Stacy Walker and also the live band in the concert will also join in this special party, and bring more excitement to everyone that attends.

EXO' Suho and Baekhyun to have a special performance on Inkigayo

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 02:25 AM PST

On February 10th, according to Inkigayo PD Kim Ju Hyung, Suho and Baekhyun will have a special performance on Inkigayo this week.

Suho and Baekhyun were confirmed to be the new MCs for Inkigayo along with Lee Yoo Bi and Kwanghee, but due to overseas schedule, they will start doing it on February 16th.

Previously for first day MC-ing, Lee Yoo Bi performed "Let It Go" for her special stage, so this time many fans are also expecting for a great performance since both Suho and Baekhyun are known for having great vocal skills.

Remember to tune in Inkigayo this week at 3:40pm kst.

C-Clown want 'Justice' in new MV teaser

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 01:05 AM PST

C-Clown reveal MV teaser for comeback!

The title of C-Clown's new title song is "Justice", the boys show off the strong choreography of their new song in the MV teaser attached below.

Have a look at it.

Meanwhile, C-Clown's will release the full MV on 13th February.

SISTAR's Hyolyn flaunts her curvy figure for First Soju

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 12:11 AM PST

SISTAR's Hyolyn reveals new CF for First Soju.

She appears in a mini dress and shows off her dancing ability in her new CF.

Watch the different version of CFs below

Happy birthday to HISTORY's Dokyun

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 12:00 AM PST

Birth Name: Na Do Kyun
Stage Name: Dokyun
Birthday: February 11, 1991
Label: LOEN tree
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @_nadokyun

Happy birthday to ZE:A's Dongjun

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 10:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Kim Dong Jun
Stage Name: Dongjun
Birthday: February 11, 1992
Label: Star Empire
Group: ZE:A / ZE:A-FIVE
Position: Maknae, Main Vocalist
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies/Specialties: Health, soccer, apparatus gymnastics, giving his hyungs a scary look and kicking his hyungs awake

Boyfriend greet DKPOPNEWS' readers

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 10:13 PM PST

Charismatic boy group Boyfriend sent a heartwarming video message to DKPOPNEWS' readers.

The boys will perform in US next month, have a look at their video message below.

For more information, refer to the links below:

Jazzy Group US Fb page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazzy-Group-US/369773259800702?ref=hl

Chicago ticket agent - http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/

Dallas ticket agent - http://www.axs.com/

Happy birthday to 2PM's Chansung

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 10:00 PM PST

Birth Name: Hwang Chansung
Stage Name: Chansung
Birthday: February 11, 1990
Birth place: Seoul, Korea
Label: JYP ent
Group: 2PM
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood Type: B
Religion: Buddhism

-He speaks fluent Korean, basic Japanese, and basic English

AOA reward themselves with chicken for their 1st win

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 08:30 PM PST

FnC Official Facebook updated a photo of AOA enjoying a chicken party after their 1st win on Inkigayo.

The girls seemed having so much fun as they were eating and posing cutely with the food at the same time. Member Seolhyun who recently had leg injury and can't promote with the group also presented there and shared the happiness with the other members.

AOA achieved their 1st win with "Short Skirt" on Inkigayo on February 9th.

Seohyun cheers for SNSD's comeback, 'Have you listened to it?'

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 07:33 PM PST

SNSD's Seohyun updates her twitter just to make sure you have seen their image teaser video for 'Mr. Mr.'

Along with a pretty selca (probably taken from the MV set), Seohyun wrote, "SNSD's teaser released!! It's  Mr.Mr.~ have you heard it yet??ㅎ if someone hasn't yet, do it now, gogo!♥"

Do you feel her excited? So be sure to listen to it HERE.

K.Will and Mamamoo release MV for 'Peppermint Chocolate' ft. Wheesung

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 07:25 PM PST

Rookie girl group Mamamoo continue to impress with their latest project collaboration 'Some Boy Some Girl' or 'Peppermint Chocolate' with K.Will and Wheesung.

The girl group showcase their talents in this funky upbeat song featuring the two powerful vocals of K.Will and Wheesung. In addition to that, VIXX N and Hongbin also appeared on the MV.

Check it out below:

GOT7 release another dance practice video for 'Girls Girls Girls'

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 07:16 PM PST

GOT7 has more to show off. The boys release another dance practice video for their song 'Girls Girls Girls'.

This time, the video is closer to get the boys moving to their not-so-easy choreography. The synchronization and flawless moves impress fans.

Watch below:

CNBlue release jacket photo and title song's name

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 06:34 PM PST

CNBlue finally unveil the title track of their upcoming 5th mini album which is titled 'Can't Stop'. This is the song that self-written by member Yonghwa and the name of their album as well.

The mini album will include a total of six tracks composed by members themselves. They are going to sing the songs live at their comeback showcase on SBS.

Meanwhile, a selca of Yonghwa was uploaded on their Facebook account with a caption 'Coming soon!'. The photo was apparently taken from their MV shooting wherein Yonghwa is looking neat and handsome in white long-sleeves.

Are you excited for their comeback?

Girls Generation release image teaser video for 'Mr. Mr.'

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 06:29 PM PST

The long wait is finally over. Girls Generation release the first signal of their comeback with their image teaser clip for 'Mr. Mr.'

The teaser offers a peek to SNSD's new concept. The girls are seen looking sophisticated and classy. After one year since 'I Got A Boy' release, the girls are coming back with 'Mr. Mr.' on February 19. The 4th mini album 'Mr. Mr.' will be released on the 24th.

Be on the hook for their succeeding teasers starting today.

Watch below:

Siwon clarifies that his Chinese drama is not a pirated 'The Heirs'

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 06:00 PM PST

Super Junior Siwon speaks up regarding the news about his upcoming Chinese drama which is tagged as 'Chinese adaptation of The Heirs'.

Siwon dismisses it as he wrote on his weibo account, "A lot of people are saying that our drama is a copy of the other (The Heirs). There are even news articles about it :^). Actually, we bought the copyrights long ago, therefore we are currently shooting an original one :^) I hope you can give us more attention than we are receiving now :^)."

Aside from the message, he also uploaded a photo message with 'The Rules to Always Being a Gentleman' on it, apparently showing what is his attitude regarding the news.

The Chinese drama Siwon is currently shooting 'Billion Dollar Heir' has almost the same plot with the hit Korean drama 'The Heirs'. The shooting has begun on late January and this is the first time Siwon talks about it.

The photo might help men out there? Thanks to Siwon!

B.A.P members challenge 'Let It Go'

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 05:39 PM PST

B.A.P members appear in the latest episode of Shim Shim Tapa.

The boys were asked to sing Let It Go individually, check out their singing below.

Who do you think did the best?

AOA's Jimin teaches Ilac the bottom wave dance

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 05:12 PM PST

AOA's Jimin appeared on radio show Shim Shim Tapa and demonstrated the popular bottom wave dance of the group's latest hit song "Miniskirt".

She taught Ilac some main points of the dance in the video.

Watch below

CNBLUE and Shim Eun Kyung spot filming for 'Running Man'

Posted: 10 Feb 2014 04:37 PM PST

CNBLUE and actress Shim Eun Kyung were spotted filming for "Running Man" on February 10th.

Many photos from the filming were shared through SNS showing the cast along with the guest at a local market while doing their missions. Many people gathered at the place as soon as they knew the info about the filming, proving the popularity of the show.

In addition, CNBLUE will make their comeback this February with a new mini album. Shim Eun Kyung recently stared in the movie "Miss Granny" and she was highly praised for her acting skill.

This episode will be broadcast on February 23rd.