Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Yuri vs. Soyu, same outfit at the same day, who wear it better?" plus 23 more

"Yuri vs. Soyu, same outfit at the same day, who wear it better?" plus 23 more

Yuri vs. Soyu, same outfit at the same day, who wear it better?

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 07:00 AM PST

SNSD's Yuri and SISTAR's Soyu are spotted wearing the same outfit on the same day at different events.

On February 26, SISTAR Soyu attended  'Tory Burch' event while SNSD's Yuri attended the filming for MBC's Radio Star with their respective groups.

It must be a coincidence that their stylists thought of making them wear this outfit at the same time. Both ladies are wearing a sophisticated matching white 3/4 buttoned-blouse and pants accentuated with geometric patterns on the sides.

So, just like what everyone is thinking at the moment, who from these gorgeous ladies wear it better?

Beast Doojoon gives a surprise kiss to Lee Soo Kyung on 'Let's Eat'

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 06:30 AM PST

The kissing scene previews of BEAST's Doojoon and Lee Soo Kyung have been made public.

In the photos, it seems like Koo Dae Young, played by Doojoon surprises Lee Soo Kyung with a passionate kiss while holding her hands. Catch this episode of tVN's "Let's Eat".

As a treat, here's the making of their kissing scene:

SNSD release more candid videos of Yoona, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, and Sooyoung

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 06:46 AM PST

You must have noticed that SNSD are releasing hidden/candid videos since yesterday showing the members in their most natural and casual look.

After Jessica and Sunny, here are Yoona's, Hyoyeon's, and Taeyeon's. Yoona's fans must be delighted to have this 33secs pure self-video of barefaced Yoona. On the other hand, Hyoyeon really likes to party even inside a car, while improvising a disco club set up. Following Jessica, Taeyeon got pranked by being recorded while sleeping in a very difficult position.

Check out the videos below:

Updated with Sooyoung's

Are these videos being released while waiting for Mr. Mr. MV?

Chen shows concern for fans with a selca

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 05:30 AM PST

EXO's Chen writes a short but touching message for his fans through their official website.

On February 27, he left a message which written, "The weather seems becoming warmer!! I think spring is coming~~ Everyone please be careful not to catch colds and flu ^^ It's me Chen Chen"

Along with the short but touching message is a cute selca of him making V sign.

'Toheart' Woohyun & Key play along the seashore in 2nd prologue

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 05:00 AM PST

'Toheart' duo consists of Infinite Woohyun and SHINEe's Key releases 2nd prologue for their upcoming collaboration.

In this clip, the two friends play along the seashore enjoying the sound of waves while having fun. It is accompanied by a lighthearted background music which ligthen up the mood.

'Toheart' is going to debut on March. Are you looking forward for this collaboration? Meanwhile, watch below:

Changmin and Moon Gayoung continue their sweetness in 'The Celebrity'

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 04:30 AM PST

SM's couple TVXQ's Changmin and actress Moon Gayoung have a couple pictorial for 'The Celebrity' magazine's April issue.

The pair continues to make fans squeal for their chemistry as they pose like sweet couple for the pictorial. A preview photo of them leaning to each other and about to kiss brings even more excitement to their fans.

TVXQ's Changmin and Moon Gayoung have been showing their couple acts in MNET's ghost romantic drama 'Mimi' and even appeared together as lovers in SM The Ballad's 'Breath' MV.

Check out the photos below:

2NE1 throw a funny dance party for CL's birthday

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 04:00 AM PST

2NE1's leader CL celebrated her birthday on February 26. Of course, her party wouldn't be completed without her girls' performance.

Therefore, Dara reveals their special dance number through her instagram. She wrote, "Birthday performance for our bday girl CL!!! We love u love u very very much much mwah mwah!!!"

In the short video clip, Minzy, Dara, and Bom are dancing to the tune of 'The Baddest Female' with CL capturing them and signing. We could hear CL laughing in the background obviously having fun.

Watch their short clip below:

Jun Jihyun & 2PM's Taecyeon release new CFs for Nepa

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 03:22 AM PST

Nepa release new CF teases featuring Jun Jihyun and 2PM's Taecyeon.

Check out all the videos below

BESTie say 'Thank You Very Much' on M! Countdown

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 02:43 AM PST

BESTie is back with new song "Thank You Very Much" on M! Countdown.

Enjoy their amazing performance below

Changmin and Moon Ga Young share a romantic pictorial for 'The Celebrity'

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 02:02 AM PST

Changmin and Moon Ga Young were featured in a photoshoot on "The Celebrity" Magazine April issue for the promotion of mini drama "Mimi".

The two portray as an innocent and sweet couple in the mini drama, and now they bring their mutual chemistry on screen into this pictorial. Especially there's a photo in which they got closer for a kiss and made many fans' heart flutter upon seeing it.

"Mimi" is about a famous webtoonist named Han Min Woo who lost the memories of his first love. Changmin plays both the younger and older versions of the main character.

Goo Hye Sun is confirmed to star in SBS' drama 'Angel Eyes'

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 01:07 AM PST

Goo Hye Sun will make her onscreen comeback in a new SBS' drama "Angel Eyes" (temporary title).

Her last work was also an SBS' drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" in 2011. For the drama this time, she will work again with Jun Jin Ryun scriptwriter who also wrote for KBS's hit drama "Boys Over Flower" back in 2009. The director of "Yawang" and "Ghost" - Park Shin Woo PD will be working for this drama.

Goo Hye Sun will play as Yoon Soo Wan who works as 119 EMT(Emergency Medical Technician). She is a passionate worker but she suffers from painful memories of her first love.

"Angel Eyes" will revolve around two lovers that had to separate from each other because of their families, and later they have a reunion after 12 years.

The drama will be broadcast after "The Woman Who Married Three Times" ends.

Happy birthday to Code-V's Sangwoo

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 11:30 PM PST

Full name: Nam Sang Woo (남상우)
Group: Code-V
Position: Lead/Main Vocalist
Born: February 27, 1986
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Fluent languages: English, Japanese
Twitter: @Sangwoosang

- He has a powerful voice and often does the most ad-libbing
- He worked with SG Wannabe's Lee Seok Hoon and Blue wind soul
- He studied English in London and is also good at Japanese

Happy birthday to M.I.B's Sims

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 10:30 PM PST

Stage Name: SIMS
Birth Name: Sim Jong Su
Birthday: February 27, 1991 
Label: Jungle entertainment
Group: M.I.B
Position: Rapper, Maknae
Height: 185 cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Writing rap lyrics, watching movies
Specialties: Rapping, writing lyrics
Instagram: @sims9102
Twitter: @SIMS9102

Happy birthday to Teen Top's Ricky

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 10:00 PM PST

Stage Name: Ricky
Birth Name: Yoo Chang Hyun
Nickname: Lovely Boy
Label: T.O.P Media
Birthday: February 27, 1995
Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height: 172 cm
Hobby: Watching movies and playing the piano
Specialty: Acting
Twitter: @T_Ricky_T

-His older brother is AlphaBAT's E:psilon 

Rain Vol. 6 - Rain Effect

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 08:30 PM PST

This review of Rain Vol. 6 - Rain Effect is sponsored by Yesasia

The king of KPop made his comeback with 6th album Rain Effect.

He promoted 2 title tracks including 30Sexy and La Song for his comeback and La Song became one of the most successful track in January among fans worldwide.

Some photos of his album below:

Purchase the album here

A Pink's Naeun shows off her red hot lips for Peripera CF

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 08:20 PM PST

A Pink's Naeun shows off her red hot lips in the new CF of Peripera.

She shows off her kissable lips and promote the cosmetic brand.

Watch the CFs below

Orange Caramel release clip from their album production for 'Catallena'

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 07:27 PM PST

Orange Caramel are taking you behind the album planning and preparation for their upcoming 3rd single 'Catallena'.

So here's another clip showing what happened during the the album production.

In the clip, the girls are busy discussing their concept along with their recruited 'Catallena' who is gagman Kim Dae Sung who wore the outfit form the teaser photo. Watch below:

'Catallena' will be released online on March 12 and the CD will be on racks on the following day

1PS raise expectation with the MV teaser for 'Because I'm Your Girl'

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 07:14 PM PST

Debuting 4-member girl group 1PS, release the MV teaser for their debut single 'Because I'm Your Girl'.

The short clip impresses with the girls's charms and individuality, epsecially member Yoonseo, who shows her ballerina skills. Along with an intense musical piece and orchestra, the girl group raises expectation.

Watch their MV teaser below:

SNSD release poster image for 'Mr. Mr'

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 06:57 PM PST

While enjoying the new tracks from SNSD's 4th mini album 'Mr. Mr.' , don't forget to get a copy of the album today, 27th, once it's released offline.

Therefore, SNSD release a group photo. This photo will be the poster that you will get when yu purchase the album. The ladies have turned into fashionable nurses and surgeons inside a hospital. The packaging includes a photobook and 1 random sticker.

Meanwhile, the MV is expected to be released today, so stay tuned and the girls' comeback performance will be on Mnet's M!Countdown on March 6.

NELL release MV for 'Four Times Around the Sun'

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 06:34 PM PST

Nell release the MV for their 'Newton's Apple' title track "Four Times Around the Sun".

In the MV, the four members are captured in each dim-lighted small room while singing the song. The song tells the story of four year without forgetting a lover from the past. Nell pulled off their emotion and vocals which result into a heartbreaking song.

Watch their MV below:

SNSD hidden camera reveals Sunny's endless eating routine

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 05:57 PM PST

If you had fun yesterday with Sunny taking video of Jessica while sleeping, seem the former got her revenge.

A footage of SNSD members casually hanging out in their dorm revealed Sunny's endless eating while watching TV. Aside from her, it also captured Yoona who seemed to have trouble choosing which training pants to wear. They were later joined by Tiffany.

The clip is fast forwared but Sunny didn't even budge in her eating. Shall we expect other members' hidden camera from 'SNSD NOW'? Watch Sunny's first below:

Lee Minho postpones all overseas schedule to focus more on movie filming

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 05:21 PM PST

On February 26th, Lee Minho's agency said,"Lee Minho will stop his Asia Tour with the last concert in Yokohama next month","For now he will focus more on the shooting of "Gangnam Blues""

The agency also said,"We have received many offers to have oversea performances, and we know that many companies open some travel packages called "Lee Minho's Concert" to attract customers but for now he will only focus on his movie project so please pay attention to these cases especially foreign fans"

In addition, after finishing the filming, Lee Minho will continue with his oversea promotion in the later half of the year.

"Gangnam Blues" is an action movie and its theme will be about Gangnam District in the 1970s.

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung flaunts her slender legs for Double.M

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 04:55 PM PST

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung models for fashion brand Double.M.

She flaunts her slender legs and poses elegantly for the fashion brand, check out the video below

Lee Bo Young transforms into a goddess of spring for Harper's Bazaar

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 04:26 PM PST

Harper's Bazaar just unveiled some pictorials of Lee Bo Young from a recent photoshoot.

In one photo, she was dressing in a white long sleeves shirt and long pink dress, which helped to boost her slim and tall figure. In another one, the actress showed off her S line body by wearing a yellow one-piece long dress with white strips, and also the unique feature at the waist caught the attention of many people.

Overall, Lee Bo Young seems to get more beautiful after getting married, she exuded a more elegant and luxury aura. She looks like a heroine who came out of a romantic movie.

In addition, Lee Bo Young's new drama "God's Gift - 14 Days" will start broadcasting on March 3rd.