Friday, March 7, 2014

"EXO D.O. changes his name to Do Kyungsoo" plus 23 more

"EXO D.O. changes his name to Do Kyungsoo" plus 23 more

EXO D.O. changes his name to Do Kyungsoo

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 07:00 AM PST

EXO member D.O. decided to change his name to Do Kyungsoo. In a recent video of SBS' It's Alright My Love', D.O.'s name appeared as Doo Kyungsoo.

Prior to this SM Entertainment explained, "Although he introduced himself as D.O. for the movie 'Cart', starting today, he will use his actor's name Do Kyungsoo whenever he does acting."

So, don't be confused when you see actor Do Kyungsoo's name instead of stage name D.O.

G-Dragon demonstrates how to be blown by the wind

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 06:30 AM PST

G-Dragon is literally blown by the wind. 

In a video post he uploaded on his instagram account, Bigbang's G-Dragon played with the wind, letting his body be blown away.

He even captioned, "I had an affair (It was windy) in Jeju Island". Apparently, he was trying to use the title of the song from Infinity Challenge 'I Had An Affair' instead on its literal translation."

Fans are amused with his appearance in the video being lame and letting himself be blown away. They commented, "Oppa be strong! Fight the wind.","Oppa don't let it blow you away.","You look like a child" an so on.

G-Dragon in in Jeju to film for G-Market. Watch it for yourself:

Jun.K's 1st Japanese solo mini album sells out

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 06:00 AM PST

Upon announcing that 2PM Jun.K's will release first Japanese solo mini album ,fans rushed over to pre order 'Love & Hate' which is set to be released on May 14.

Japanese music stores run out of the album's copies 3 hours after the news was announced proving Jun.K's huge impact to Japanese market. Fans uploaded some screencap showing that it was sold out in various websites.

Fans are upset and hoping for them to restock more. They commented, "Wow! Sold out already? Can't they wait?", "I want to have it too!","I was about to pre order mine, what happened?"

Key shares photo taken from SHINee's concert rehearsal

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 05:30 AM PST

SHINee is really preparing hard for their upcoming 'SHINee World III' which will kick off in Seoul on March 8-9.

To give you a sneak peek from their concert preparations, here's Key's selca taken from their rehearsal.

He tweeted the photo on his instagram and wrote, "During rehearsal, a good rehearsal". In the photo, Key is wearing an eyeglasses with a mask on. On the background, we could see his fellow members and their back up dancers.

Are you ready for their concert?

Heechul reveals SNSD refilm their MV & he's anticipating Orange Caramel's comeback

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 05:00 AM PST

Super Junior Heechul is on it again. On March 6th episode of JTBC's 'Ssul Jeon', Heo Ji Woong talked about his disbelief about SNSD MV's lost data, in which Heechul second-handed.

Heechul explained, "Honestly, it doesn't make sense that they lost the MV's data. If you film an MV, the director's opinion and the SM staff's opinion are present. They will both deliberate . But nobody knows if there's really a problem or none with the data file. When I asked SNSD, they told me that they had to film it again, and in fact they are on the way to filming. Apparently, you need three sleepless days to film," suggesting how tiring it was for the girls.

Heechul continued his unbiased when he expressed his opinions regarding SNSD and 2NE1, "SNSD and 2NE1 are having their comeback but I'm anticipating Orange Caramel's comeback which really stands out."

Do you have the same thoughts as Heechul?

Toheart release eyecandy previews from photo jacket album

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 04:30 AM PST

Toheart please their awaiting fans with eyecandy photos which came from the highlight medley that was previously released.

The photo were collage according to the track they are shown displaying Woohyun and Key's various charms. From being cute and charismatic gentlemen.

Toheart's first album will be released on 10th while their comeback stage would be at M!Countdown on 13th. Meanwhile, check out the photos released through their instagram account below:

Big Bang release official videos from Japanese Dome Tour 2013-2014

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 04:00 AM PST

Big Bang let you relive the moments of their awesome performances from their Japanese Dome Tour 2013-2014.

The live concert performances were uploaded to their official Youtube channel. You could watch the members' solo and group stages and reminisce about the show.

Watch the videos below:

140307 Soyou & Junggi Go won first place on Music Bank

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 03:28 AM PST

The amazing duo made it again!

SISTAR's Soyou and Junggi Go won first place on Music Bank once again with Some, check out their winning speech below

Girls' Generation perform with 'Mr.Mr.' on Music Bank

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 02:55 AM PST

Girls' Generation made a hot comeback on Music Bank with Mr.Mr.

Check out their performance below

Lee Kwang Soo is in talk to star in SBS' new drama 'It's Ok, It's Love'

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 01:26 AM PST

On March 7th, King Kong Entertainment said,"Lee Kwang Soo received the offer to star in "It's Ok, It's Love", but it hasn't been confirmed yet. He is currently positively considering it".

According to an official from SBS, Kwang Soo will play the role of Park Su Kwang, and he is not a normal person but a guy who suffers from Tourette syndrome which cause the person to have sudden, repitive and non rhythmic movements.

"It's Ok, It's Love" is written by Noh Hee Kyung and directed by Kim Kyu Tae, the same production team of "That Winter The Wind Blows". Aside from Gong Hyo Jin, EXO's D.O and Sung Dong Il are recently cast, it will be interesting to see Kwang Soo acting along with them.

The drama is scheduled to be broadcast in July.

Song Ji Hyo talks about Gary's cameo in 'Emergency Couple'

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 12:16 AM PST

"Monday Couple" fans sure still remember Gary's special appearance in Song Ji Hyo's drama "Emergency Couple" and recently the actress shared some of her thoughts about it.

On March 6th, tvN's drama "Emegercy Couple" had an open press interview at their filming set. Song Ji Hyo said,"When we were having a meal with the PD, we all thought that it would be funny to have Gary cameo in the drama, so I called and told him about the offer and he gladly accepted it immediately"

She also added,"He was very nervous. He told me he practiced for his lines a lot and even his adlibs. Because we have been together for 4 years on "Running Man" so we can work well with each other","The reaction for Gary oppa's appearance was good so it helped a lot for the drama".

Gary appeared in episode 6 in which he played as a replacement driver for Oh Jin Hee(Song Ji Hyo) because she was drunk.

Happy birthday to V.O.S's Hyunjun

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 11:30 PM PST

Name : Choi Hyun Joon (최현준)
Real name : Choi Hyun Joon
Birthdate : March 7, 1981
Group: V.O.S
Height: 179 cm
Weight : 63 kg
School: MyungJi JeonMun University
Blood type : A
Family: Mom + Dad + Big brother
Fave singers: Boyz Ⅱ Men, Joe, Eric Benet, Stevie Wonder, Westlife
Hobbies: Singing and rapping, watching movies, playing basketball and piano, snowboarding...

Happy birthday to BTOB's Hyunsik

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 10:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Lim Hyun Sik
Stage Name: Hyunsik
Birthday: March 7, 1992 
Label: Cube entertainment
Group: BTOB
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Specialties: Vocal, Composition, Lyrics, Guitar, Piano

Happy birthday to FT Island's Jong Hoon

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 10:00 PM PST

Birth Name: Choi Jong Hoon
Stage Name: Jonghun
Nickname: Sexy Jonghun
Birthday: March 7, 1990
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Label: FNC Music
Band: FT Island
Position: Leader, Guitarist, Piano & Bassist
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: A
Talents: Piano
Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing the Internet
Instruments: Guitar, Piano, and Bass
Twitter: @FtGtJH

-He was a cast member of the second season of The Romantic & Idol

Orange Caramel release teaser video for Catallena

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 09:29 PM PST

Orange Caramel reveal the MV teaser of their upcoming hit song titled "Catallena".

Watch the video below.

Do you like the sushi concept?

SNSD is happy to promote alongside 2NE1

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 08:00 PM PST

SNSD reveal their sincere feelings about promoting at the same time with 2NE1.

In an interview backstage with Star News at M!Countdown on March 6, SNSD expressed, "We released the teasers and comeback  date but it got postponed so we are sorry to our fans. We feel bad that we weren't able to show you our new song as quick as possible."

SNSD's 4th mini album 'Mr. Mr' was supposed to be released on 19th along with the music video and comeback stage was supposed to be performed on the 20th at M!Countdown. However, the music video encountered some data lost and got delayed thus releasing it later. The album was released on 24th instead. "We released it late but we are satisfied with the result."

When talked about the overlapping promotions with 2NE1, the girls sincerely responded that they don't mind it at all. Besides, Taeyeon said, "Because we have different color, we don't really care about it. It's fun to promote along with them and other good sunbaenims and hoobaes. I hope our fans would have fun and love it too."

Meanwhile, SNSD won 1st place yesterday at M!Countdown.

Girl's Day explores femininity in BNT photoshoot

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 07:30 PM PST

Cute. Sexy. Sporty. Nerdy.
Girl's Day members can be all like that and they showed it on their recent pictorial for BNT.

Photos of the girls from the pictorial were made public revealing the various charms behind their pretty faces. The girls prove their versatility by exploring different styles and image. Members tried sexy charms to sophisticated. They even sport nerdy look, cute, and casual appeal.

Check out the photos below:

Toheart release highlight medley of their 1st album

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 07:00 PM PST

Toheart release the highlight medley of their unit album 'Delicious' revealing the new sound and concept of their music.
Aside from the preview audios, you'll get to see additional concept photos of Woohyun and Key.

The first album includes a total of 6 tracks including Intro, Delicious (title song), Maze, You're My Lady, Tell Me Why, and Start." It will be released on March 10 and the duo are set to have their debut stage on March 13 at M!Countdown.

Listen below:

4-minute start countdown for 5th mini album '4MINUTE WORLD'

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 03:00 AM PST

Since 4Minute announced their upcoming comeback, fans are getting excited for the information to be released.

Today, the girls start their countdown and reveals the title of their 5th mini album '4MINUTE WORLD' along with the date of it's release.

Their 5th mini album will be released on March 17. So expect the girls to provide you more details until then. Are you excited?

FT Island release PV teaser for 'Mitaiken Future'

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 06:05 PM PST

FT Island is having a comeback in Japan with the announcement of their 13th single 'Mitaiken Future'.

The PV teaser is released today to give you a preview of what concept are they going to show you this time around.Once again, FT Island showcase their vocal prowess in this upbeat sonf with some creative glow in the dark effects that you would surely enjoy.

'Mitaiken Future' is going to be released on April 2. Meanwhile, watch the PV teaser below:

Eider releases new pictorials of Lee Minho for 2014 S/S Collection

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 05:56 PM PST

Eider recently released new outdoor pictorials of Lee Minho in New Zealand for its 2014 S/S Collection.

The actor showed various poses and also expressed different charm for each pictorial. He easily transformed from a sporty man with his charismatic facial expression to a friendly neighbor-next-door boy with his sunshine smile and handsome appearance.

According to the staff from the photoshoot, Lee Minho always joked with everyone during break times and he sometimes even made some naughty expressions. Even though he was required to do some heavy actions like running or hiking, but he showed no sign of exhaustion and always flashed his bright smile, which gained much praise from everyone on set.

In addition, Lee Minho will start filming the movie "Gangnam Blues" in April.

Music Core reveals 400th episode preview

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 05:08 PM PST

Music Core will air its 400th episode on this Saturday.

Many popular idols such as Girls' Generation, TVXQ, CN Blue, SISTAR, Sunmi and etc will perform on the show.

Check out the preview below

'3 Days' achieves 11.9% in rating for the first episode

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 04:30 PM PST

SBS' new drama "3 Days" had a smooth start with a high rating for the first episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode which was broadcast on March 5th was reported to achieve 11.9% in rating (national standard).

It seems the drama inherited the popularity effect from previous drama "You Who Came From The Stars" as its first episode recorded 15.6% in rating. Meanwhile KBS2's "Inspiring Generation" ranked 1st among the dramas in the same time period as it had 12% in rating for the latest episode.

In the first episode, Han Tae Kyung (Park Yoochun) discovered something suspicious about the President's missing while investigating the death of his father in a car accident.

AOA release CF for mobile game Tigyuk Tagyuk

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 03:42 PM PST

AOA reveal new CF for mobile game Tigyuk Tagyuk.

The girls transform into some really cool female characters in the CF.

Watch the video below