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"Girls' Generation to appear on The Return of Superman" plus 23 more

"Girls' Generation to appear on The Return of Superman" plus 23 more

Girls' Generation to appear on The Return of Superman

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 08:31 AM PDT

Girls' Generation will make a special appearance in the upcoming episode of The Return of Superman.

Wonder how will Sarang react to their appearance?

Check out the preview below while waiting for this episode to air.

Park Se Young was surprised at Wooyoung's sudden intimate action

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 06:49 AM PDT

In the broadcast of MBC's "We Got Married" on March 22, Wooyoung and Park Se Young had a cozy movie session together in their bedroom.

But the movie seemed to make Park Se Young sleepy, to this Wooyoung offered to give her a shoulder massage which made her praise him,"It's like a machine".

Later while watching the movie, Wooyoung suddenly put Park Se Young's head to rely on his shoulder, but it took her only a few seconds and she lifted her head up.

Park Se Young said in her interview,"His sudden action startled me. I didn't know what I should react to it at that short moment"

Wooyoung also shared his thought,"I also wondered what would happen if I did it, but then I got embarrassed by Se Young","I got dumped", and made everyone laugh over his statement.

Park Se Young then explained,"It's not like I rejected it, but because it was too sudden so I was a little shy"

2NE1 takes a cute group shot with WINNER

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 05:20 AM PDT

2NE1 showed their close relationship with their 8 years juniors WINNER at backstage.

On March 23, Dara tweeted,"After Hongkong concert, together with out cute WINNER dongsaengs!!! Let's have fun for the rest of the tour too!!!" and uploaded a long a new photo.

Both the groups made various poses and facial expressions towards the camera, attracting fans with their charm.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will have hold their AON concert in Shanghai on April 11.

LEDApple's Hanbyul breaks short hiatus on Instagram

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 04:00 AM PDT

LEDApple's Hanbyul went back on Instagram after a very short hiatus.

LEDApple held their European tour and due to that Hanbyul didn't have time to update his fans. When he came back, he uploaded the photo above and wrote a caption saying, "Long time no see long time no see~ 롱타임노씨 롱타임노씨."

Definitely, his fans missed him a lot.

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MTV Iggy says, '...match made in virtual heaven in “Come Back Home'

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 03:30 AM PDT

MTV Iggy released its official statement on 2NE1's music video for one of its latest songs, 'Come Back Home.'

It wrote, "R&B, reggae, and electropop are a match made in virtual heaven in "Come Back Home," one of two lead singles off 2NE1's second album, CRUSH. Lyrics about waiting for a love to return are given new meaning through the track's sci-fi MV plot about reality vs. fantasy. Listen carefully — the MV also features a snippet of "Come Back Home" unplugged!"

In case that you are not still able to watch the MV, it's just below:

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Duble Sidekick revealed that Girl’s Day’s 'Something' is 1st offered to SISTAR's Hyorin

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 03:00 AM PDT

Park Janggeun from the producer unit Duble Sidekick unleashed the story behind the success of Girl's Day's 'Something.'

He revealed that 'Something' is originally offered to SISTAR's Hyorin, but she declined it. She reasoned out as it being not compatible with her taste and for her solo album. 

When the song became a huge hit,  Duble Sidekick humorously said that they were scolded by Hyorin.

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Choi Jin Hyuk reveals the MV of 'The Scent of a Flower'

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 02:30 AM PDT

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk from the drama 'Emergency Couple' lent his voice for an OST.

Choi Jin Hyuk sang 'The Scent of a Flower,' and on March 21st, its music video was uploaded on CJ E&M Music YouTube channel. The MV used clips from the drama that suited in every part of the lyrics of the song.

Choi Jin Hyuk is starred with  Song Ji Hyo.

Watch below:

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Super Junior-M and Boyfriend grace cover for Sparkling Magazine April issue

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 02:00 AM PDT

Super Junior-M and Boyfriend are featured on the covers of Sparkling Magazine.

On March 22nd, Sparkling Magazine revealed the covers for their Spring 2014 issue. These issues will be available at KPOP and Culture Fest's KPOPCOSPLAYCON4 and in stores this April.

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IU's Press Conference in Hong Kong!

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 07:31 AM PDT

On March 22, "IU Modern Times Showcase in Hong Kong" press conference was held at Tuen Mun Trend Plaza in Hong Kong organised by SecretGarden Entertainment, LOEN and Smilesproductions.

This was the first time, IU attended a press conference at a shopping mall in Hong Kong. More than a thousand of IU's fans waited there since early morning. IU was surprised to see so many fans today, so IU decided to express her gratitude by having a group photo with them.

There were 20 lucky fans selected to receive autographs from IU on the stage. Moreover, IU's fans in Hong Kong also prepared her a cake and flowers to wish her all the best for tomorrow first IU showcase in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned with Daily K Pop News, our team in HK will cover IU showcase on 23rd March 2014.

Reported by Fanurs and Bryan

Jang Geun Suk shares thoughts on his career on 'Marie Claire' special edition

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 01:30 AM PDT

The Asian Prince Jang Geun Suk is featured on 'Marie Claire' magazine special edition.

On his pictorial, Jang Geun Suk showed how natural he is when he's just wearing casual apparels. On his interview, he shared that he wants to be an actor for a long time.

He said, "...I want to be an actor for a long time, and that will depend on what I choose to do. I can never say that everything I choose will be in favor of me, but I believe those with thorns and little bit of pain shine more than those that seem perfect and beautiful."

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SOURCE: Hancinema

f(x)'s Victoria to join 'Running Man' Chinese version?

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 01:19 AM PDT

It was confirmed that there will be "Running Man" Chinese version and the show will be broadcast in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Chinese version will much likely the same as the Korean version, in which it will also has a fixed cast and there will be famous guests to be invited on the show. The filming places will be all landmarks in major cities in China.

Currently Jackie Chan's son - Jaycee Chan is confirmed to be one of the fixed cast members, actor Huangbo and f(x)'s Victoria are consider to join the show. Especially if Victoria decides to join, her role will be like Song Ji Hyo as she will be the only female member.

A representative said,"For the Chinese version of "Running Man", we will co-operate with the production team from SBS. You can expect it to have the same atmosphere as the original show"

Lee Min Ho discloses something about his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 01:00 AM PDT

Lee Min Ho is featured on '@star1' magazine April edition.

On his pictorial and interview, Lee Min Ho shared something about the his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye on the very successful 'The Heirs.'

He said, "There were lots of scenes in 'The Heirs' that needed the both of us to show our romantic side. It's not that we were shy, we just had to go through a lot of concentration because the expressions were very diverse. During the warehouse scene, I remember the staff was looking at us, but hiding behind the doors. Park Shin Hye is so passionate in her craft. She always does her best. When I cracked jokes on her, she received those well. I had a great time working with her."

The April issue of '@star1' magazine was released on March 20th.

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SOURCE: Star News

SNSD's Yuri vs Apink's Namjoo, who wore it better?

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Recently, Apink has revealed their teaser photos for comeback and Namjoo was spotted wearing the shirt of same design with SNSD's Yuri.

The top with black and white stripes was first worn by Yuri for SNSD 2014 Calendar. It is from LUCKY CHOUETTE with the price is about $211. Both Yuri and Namjoo mixed the top with black skirts to present the lovely and classic style.

Who wore it better?


F.I.X Profile

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 11:30 PM PDT

Group name: F.I.X (픽스)
Stands For: Four Immaculate Xtraodinaries
Entertainment Company: The Groove Entertainment
Debut date: January 3, 2012
Debut song: Please don't say
Fan Club: Polaris


Stage name: Nuri (누리)
Full Name: Pae Nu Ri (패누리)
Born: November 20, 1983
Height: 176cm
Weight: 68KG (149 Pounds)
Blood Type: O
Position: Rapper

Stage name: Oh Song (오송)
Born: March 22, 1988
Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Vocalist

Stage name: Jungwook (정욱)
Full Name: Kim Jung Wook (김정욱)
Born: July 29, 1989
Height: 173cm
Weight: 57kg
Blood Type: O
Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Their debut track:

Happy birthday to M.I.B's Kangnam

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: Kangnam
Birth Name: Namekawa Yasuo
Birthday: March 23, 1987
Label: Jungle entertainment
Group: M.I.B
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Composing, Web surfing, snowboarding, sports, movies, vocal exercises
Specialties: English, guitar, piano
Instagram: @kangkangnam
Twitter: @Kangnam11

- He is half-Japanese & half-Korean

Orange Caramel’s Nana lands 2nd on TC Candler's 100 list of Most Beautiful Faces of 2013!

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 09:00 PM PDT

Many Koreans made it on TC Candler's 100 list of Most Beautiful Faces of 2013.

Orange Caramel's Nana landed on the highest spot for the Koreans. She ranked second to the winner, Marion Cotillard.

The others who made on the list were:

9. Taeyeon
14. Suzy Bae
20. Jessica Jung
24. Song Hye-kyo
34. Go Ara
39. IU
43. Gianna Jun
63. Lizzy
66. Sooyoung
71. Yoona
75. Jaekyung
82. E-Young
94. Woori

Watch below:

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SOURCE: TC Candler

Dynamic Duo as Korea's representative for 'One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide'

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 08:30 PM PDT

Dynamic Duo is Korea's representative for 'One Mic' festival.

Dynamic Duo was invited to attend the first 'One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide' to be held from March 25th until April 13th at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. They will perform on the Millennium Stage in John F. Kennedy Center.

According to a representative from Amoeba Culture, "It is our pleasure and honor to be invited to attend an event on the motherland of Hip-Hop."

Nas and Russel Simons, American Hip-Hop legends, will participate in the event. Nas, in particular, will stage a collaboration performance with America's National Symphony Orchestra.

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SOURCE: Star News

AOA's Cho-A & Sul Hyun ooze with sexiness on 'ESQUIRE' April issue

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 08:00 PM PDT

AOA is featured on 'ESQUIRE' magazine April edition.

On the photo which was released by their agency, FNC Entertainment, AOA's Cho-A & Sul Hyun flaunted their elegant sexiness while wearing see-through tops and white shorts. It was said that the girls of AOA impressed the staff members of the magazine with their beauty and hotness.

The whole pictorial and interview with the girls of AOA is in the April issue of 'ESQUIRE.' 

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SOURCE: Star News

MYNAME threw a surprise party on Gunwoo's bday

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 07:30 PM PDT

MYNAME surprised leader Gunwoo on his birthday.
On the recently uploaded episode of 'MYNAME Life Theater,' the boys of MYNAME threw a birthday surprise for Gunwoo, who celebrated it on January 30th. He turned 25 years old (international age).
Watch below:

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Lee Min Ho to tour malls while in PH

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 07:00 PM PDT

K-Pop international actor and model, Lee Min Ho is in the Philippines for the third time.

On March 21st, after just a few hours upon his arrival, he had a huge fan meet at the SMART Araneta Coliseum where he spent a great time with his fully-supportive Filipino Minoz. 

Meanwhile, on March 23rd, Lee Min Ho will be seen in three different malls. He will be at Ayala Trinoma at 3:00 pm, will be followed at Ayala Glorietta at 5:00 pm and the last will be at SM Mall of Asia at 6:30 pm.

Lee Min Ho is in the Philippines for the clothing brand he's endorsing.

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Kangta & BoA as creative directors of SM Entertainment

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 06:30 PM PDT

Kangta and BoA play a big role in SM Entertainment now.

On March 21st, they were appointed as the creative directors of SM Entertainment. They will participate in different business plans and will share their expertise and experience that they earned from their worldwide activities.

With their inclusion, it is expected to boost up SM Entertainment's current success.

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SOURCE: Star News

C-Clown, the 3rd ambassador of a mental health center

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 06:00 PM PDT

After being the ambassador of Seoul's 'Safe-Return Home Program,' C-Clown is chosen once again to be an ambassador for a mental health center.

On March 20th, C-Clown became the third ambassador for Daejeon Metropolitan Mental Health Center, in which C-Clown will be known as the 'Happy Virus' of the center.

They became the ambassador of the mental health center because of their latest title song, 'Justice,' which voices out bullied. C-Clown also held a 'C-Clown Hotline' to lend their ears for your problems. The fans can call the cell phone number mentioned in their title song.

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SOURCE: Newsis

140322 Girls' Generation won first place on Music Core

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 05:40 PM PDT

Girls' Generation won first place on Music Core with their hit song "Mr.Mr".

Check out their hot performance below:

Like this performance?

Soyou X Junggi Go perform 'All For You' at Music Travel Yesterday

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 04:51 PM PDT

Soyou and Junggi Go sing the popular OST song from Reply 1997 'All For You' on Music Travel Yesterday.

Check out their performance on the show, are you impressed?