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"Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun star in a heartbreaking yet touching 'BeanPole Outdoor' CF" plus 20 more

"Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun star in a heartbreaking yet touching 'BeanPole Outdoor' CF" plus 20 more

Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun star in a heartbreaking yet touching 'BeanPole Outdoor' CF

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 07:00 AM PST

Miss A Suzy and actor Kim Soo Hyun bring you the most heartbreaking and touching CF ever.

The 'BeanPole' couple acts as lovers in the 2-minutes long CF showing their acting skills. The plot follows the lovers having quarrel but make up at the end leaving fans relieved. The story becomes even more dramatic with Suzy's smexy voice in the background.

Watch the MV like 'Wind Breaker' CF of 'BeanPole Outdoor' below:

Here's the making as well:

Yoon Sohee surprises BEAST Doojoon with a kiss on 'Let's Eat'

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 06:00 AM PST

On the upcoming 15th episode of tvN's 'Let's Eat', actress Yoon Sohee gives a surprise kiss to BEAST's Doojoon.

In the still cut released on March 5, Doojoon, who is playing the role of Daeyoung, has his eyes wide open when Sohee, playing the role of  Jinyi, leans and gives him a kiss.

Along with the still cut is a short clip of the kissing scene's BTS showing Doojoon making NGs and talking alot before the kiss. Watch the clip below:

This episode of 'Let's Eat' will be aired on March 6 at 11:00PM KST.

100% release shocking teaser images for 'Heart is Racing' mini album

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 05:30 AM PST

100% are coming back with five and even fiercer members and to commence, they release solo concept photos of the members.

As what their title track says, 100% are going to make you hearts race with their shocking images.

In the photos, the members deal with two faced concept. One half of the photo is the normal face and other hald is a monster-like image with their heavy make up smudged giving a scary atmosphere. Their expressions are even more shocking as they wrinkled their faces.

100% are going to release their 2nd mini album 'Heart is Racing' on March 17. Before that, Hyukjin, Jonghwan, Rockhyun, Chanyong, and Changbum are going to perform their newest song at 'M! Countdown' on the 13th. Check out their solo photos below:

B.A.P. release solo photos of Zelo, Jong Up, & Young Jae for 3rd Japanese single 'No Mercy'

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 05:00 AM PST

B.A.P., who are ready to meet their fans at their 'B.A.P. LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL 2014' concert on March 8-9, find time to excite their Japanese fans with the release of solo concept photos of members Zelo, Jong Up, & Young Jae for their 3rd Japanese single 'No Mercy'.

In the photos, the members are looking good in hip-hop styled patterned outfits which matched the background. They are also wearing heavy make up to show their fierce charisma.

'No Mercy' will be released on April 2 in three versions; Limited Edition, Type A and Type B. Prior to that, the group are going to hold launching events including a live sessions in Fukuoka on April 3, Osaka on April 4, Nagoya on April 5, and Tokyo on April 6.

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CNBlue take home their first 'Can't Stop' win from Show Champion!

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 04:30 AM PST

Just one week after their comeback, CNBlue is gathering the fruit of their labor for 'Can't Stop' comeback's success as they take home their 1st win from Show Champion today.

To commemorate their win, CNBlue uploaded a group photo with their trophy and wrote on their official twitter account, "#CNBlue #CantStop 1st in Show Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone, thanks to all BOICE!!!!!!! We appreciate your support and please give us more more more love and attention in the future♥♥♥♥"

In the photo, the gentlemen are still wearing their performance suits with Yonghwa holding the trophy. Congratulations! Watch their winning moment and performances below:

Changmin drinks alcohol for realistic acting on 'Mimi'

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 04:00 AM PST

A still cut of TVXQ's Changmin from MNET's mini drama 'Mimi' revealed that he drank alcohol for a particular scene.

To get into the scene, Changmin actually consumed alcohol to get his face reddened and pulled off the scene flawlessly without NGs. In the still photo, Changmin's face turned red after drinking a glass of beer in a restaurant.

The scene is where he confessed to a girl in drunken spirit. A representative stated, "He prepared for the scene by drinking real alcohol and pulled it off so stay tuned as this is one of the highlights of the drama."

New venue for Boyfriend First US Showcase

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 02:40 AM PST

Boyfriend First US Showcase will now be held at The Vic Theater, which is only 2.1 miles away from the Riviera and much closer to Downtown Chicago.

The show will now be all seated. The first floor will be for VVIP and VIP ticket holders. Balcony will be for all other ticket tiers.

All VVIP tickets are still all reserved. A special lane will be setup for all VVIP ticket holders to get their newly reassigned seats and enter the venue via the special lane.

The VIC Theater's address is 3145 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago IL 60657.

For more information, please visit or message us on Facebook.

SHINee's Onew proves his status as a Game God

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 02:18 AM PST

On March 3rd, SM Choreographer Shim Jaewon Instagram updated,"This week Jinki's record" and uploaded a long a new photo.

For more information, Jinki is the real name of SHINee's Onew, and the photo was a screencap of a game for phone, so it was assumed that it was from Onew's phone. The text on it said,"National Championship: 5th".

Onew is widely known as the "Game God" in the entertainment industry, as he previously won 1st place in Candypang Celebrity Contest and was rewarded with 10 million won. This time he also shows his skill in a new game as his recent score exceeded 900 million mark.

Meanwhile, Onew was confirmed to join the cast of "Law of The Jungle in Brazil" and will depart next week. Also he is still in talk for new musical by SM C and C "Singin' In The Rain".

Yonghwa reveals to have been asked for his contact by an A-Class girlgroup member

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 12:17 AM PST

In the broadcast of MBC's "Radio Star" on March 5th, CNBLUE members including Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin appear as guests.

During the show, Yonghwa was asked by Kyuhyun,"Have you ever received a confession from an A-Class girl group member?", to this he replied,"It's true that I was once asked for my contact".

Kim Gura then made his comment,"He used to have friends only related to music, he has changed a lot now" which made the whole studio laugh.

In addition, Yonghwa also clarified tho rumours between him and Girls' Generation's Seohyun who used to be his virtual wife on "We Got Married" as "they live in a same villa and ride a same van together", also his relationship rumour with Park Shin Hye, who starred with him in "You're Beautiful" and "Heartstring".

This episode will be broadcast today at 11:15pm.

Rain graces the cover of Harper Bazzar China

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 11:30 PM PST

Along with the album promotion in China, Rain was picked as a cover model for fashion magazine Harper's Bazzar China.

In the pictorials revealed by Harper Bazzar, Rain dressed in colorful suits with flower patterns. He expressed an urban spring look perfectly. According to an inner source, about 1 million copies have been sold already in China.

Previously, Rain was awarded 'Asia Entertainer Grand Prize' at the 2013 BAZAAR Men's Style of the Year Awards in China, proving his popularity as a fashion icon in China.

Beside the pictorials, Rain also told how he became a leading artist in Korea and made a successful return with the album 'Rain Effect' in an interview

More photos and details of the interview can be found on Harper Bazzar China March issue.


Yoo In Na shows her friendship with IU on the set of 'Get it beauty'

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 10:30 PM PST

On February 4th, beauty program 'Get It Beauty' posted a photo of Yoo In Na and IU on the official twitter, drawing much attention.

Actress Yoo In Na and Rainbow's Jaekyung have been chosen as the program's new show hosts, and the first guest on the show is none other than IU. IU is known to be the best friend of Yoo In Na, they showed their friendship many times before and this time, it is no surprise to see IU support her best friend's new work.

IU shared that she always believed Yoo In Na is very suited to this beauty program. "She is an expert in this area and I'm sure the new season of 'Get It Beauty' will be awesome!"

The 1st episode of 'Get It Beauty' with new hosts will air on Onstyle on March 5.


G-dragon vs Himchan, who wore it better?

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 10:00 PM PST

Big Bang's G-Dragon and B.A.P's Himchan appeared at the airport with mysterious style. They covered their heads, their eyes with hats and sunglasses, and especially, they were spotted wearing the coat of same design.

G-Dragon was spotted at Incheon International Airport on Feb 10 to depart to Fukuoka, Japan, while B.A.P's Himchan arrived at the same airport from the Philippines on Feb 14. They both wore the black and white coat from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of Rick Owens with the price is about $2440 to show a cool and delicate look.

Who wore it better?


f(x)'s Victoria shows off her long hair in new selca

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 09:53 PM PST

f(x)'s leader Victoria updated her Weibo with a new photo.

She wrote,"Long time no see my long hair".

She is seen posing cutely to the camera while showing off her long hair.

Fans commented, "Long hair's better","gorgeous leader" and etc.

B2ST Yoseob to leave 'I Live Alone' due to album preparation and musical casting

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 08:00 PM PST

B2ST Yoseob who has been a regular cast in MBC variety program 'I Live Alone' announces his departure on March 5. His last episode will be aired on March 7.

According to his agency, Cube Entertainment, "Yang Yoseob decided to leave and had finished shooting." This is due to their busy overseas schedule in Japan. BEAST is also preparing for their album which will be released in the first half of this year.

Moreover, his busy schedule has gotten busier as Yoseob is confirmed to join the cast of musical 'Full House'. The musical starts to hit the theaters on April 11.

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100% send their last video message as 7 members

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 07:33 PM PST

100% release the last video message as 7 members following the departure of Sanghoon and enlistment of Minwoo.

In the video, the group formally announce their upcoming comeback as five members. The youngest, Sanghoon officially announces his departure from the group to focus more on personal plans. In addition to that, leader Minwoo says his temporary farewell to fans as he will serve in military and ask them to wait for his return.

With Sanghoon leaving the group and Minwoo's enlistment yesterday, 100% is coming back as 5 members with a new album. Their comeback stage will be on March 13 at M!Countdown stage.

TVXQ release 2nd MV for 'Spellbound'

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 07:04 PM PST

TVXQ has more to offer as they release the 2nd version of their 'Spellbound' MV from their repackaged album.

The funky duo continues to daze with their charming looks and addictive moves in this MV version. 

TVXQ are going to conclude their promotions for 'Spellbound' this week. Meanwhile, watch the MV below:

Sunmi sports silver bobbed hair for Grazia pictorial

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 06:47 PM PST

Singer Sunmi has transformed into a modern Milla Jovovich from the 1997 movie 'The Fifth Element'.

Preview photos of her were released showing her latest pictorial. Sunmi wears variety of outfits to lives up the character of American actress Milla Jovovich from 'The Fifth Element'. Sunmi looks sexy and confindent in the cuts.

Check out more of her photos below:

Toheart release MV teaser for 'Delicious'

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 06:22 PM PST

Toheart's Key and Woohyun is gearing for their unit debut by releasing the MV teaser for their song 'Delicious'.

The two pretty boys become retro buddies in their vintage-concept teaser wearing patterned suits. With their upbeat music accompanying Key's rap and Woohyun's high notes, the track suggests retro-pop dance track.

The song will be released on March 10. Watch below:

2NE1 2014 World Tour 'All Or Nothing' In Malaysia

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 09:19 PM PST

2NE1, the No.1 Girl Group in Korea will hold their 2014cworld tour concert "ALL OR NOTHING" in Malaysia on May 24th (Saturday) 2014, 7:30pm at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur, organized by IME Productions.

2NE1, after South Korea, will be visiting 9 countries including Japan and China, meeting fans in 13 cities including Seoul, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Yokohama for their 17 concerts. All eyes are on the girls to see what they've got this time for the international fans.

More expectations build up as it is said the two world-renown directors Travis Payne and Stacy Walker will once again join in on the girls' World Tour. 2NE1 will be showing their individual strengths in this tour compared to last tour, and also a great number of veteran staffs joined him for the tour.

The creative director of 2NE1 world tour is Travis Payne, who directed choreography of Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' tour, and Stacy Walker, who was also another choreography director for Michael Jackson, will be participating. Furthermore, 'Possible' will be participating as the visual contents creator. Gil Smith II, the music director of Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and many other big names, will be leading his fellow band members to collaborate with 2NE1 as well. Thus, 2NE1 will be able to show even more upgraded sound and performance.

IME Production is the lead promoter of 2NE1 2014 World Tour "ALL OR NOTHING" in Malaysia.

Ticket launch will be held on March 9th (Sunday) at Sungei Wang Plaza concourse area from 11:00a.m. till 3:00p.m. First 500 purchaser comes with exclusive giant poster and First 200 tickets comes with Clio make up product.

Online sales will begin on March 9th (Sunday) at 3:00pm via TicketCharge ( .

Ticketcharge ticket hotlines will begin on March 10th (Monday) at 10a.m., please call (603) 92228811 to purchase your ticket.

Outlet sales will begin on March 10th (Monday), please visit TicketCharge office, Speedy music store, Rock Corner music store, Victoria music center, Neway Karaoke outlet and Celcom blue cube outlet.

Tickets for 2NE1 2014 WORLD TOUR "ALL OR NOTHING" IN MALAYSIA are priced at:
• VVIP RM599 (Numbered Seat)
• Rock Zone RM499 (Free Standing)
• RM399 (Numbered Seat)
• RM199 (Free Seating)

For more information, please log on to IME Production official Facebook ( or 2NE1 official Facebook (

4Minute & BTOB reveal BTS video for 'Shoe Marker'

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 05:00 PM PST

4Minute and BTOB collaborate for a photoshoot for Shoe Marker.

The members of both groups pose professionally in the BTS video.

Check out the clip below

Noh Hong Chul to join KBS' pilot talk show 'I'm a Man'

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 04:13 PM PST

As it was previously revealed that Yoo Jae Suk will host KBS' pilot talk show "I'm a Man", now Noh Hong Chul will also join in the program as one of the MCs.

According to the official source, the MC line will have 3-4 people and they may cast actors into the show. They will gather stories from women that they are curious about and then give out their perspectives. It is also expected to have female guests and together they will create a pleasant talk throughout the show.

"I'm a Man" is schedule to replace "Mamma Mia" starting from April 9th at 11pm.