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"2NE1's Sandara poses with Tablo's daughter Haru" plus 23 more

"2NE1's Sandara poses with Tablo's daughter Haru" plus 23 more

2NE1's Sandara poses with Tablo's daughter Haru

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 07:37 AM PDT

2NE1's Sandara updates her Twitter with a lovely photo.

She is seen posing with Tablo's daughter Haru in the photo above. She writes, "Haru Dara!!! ♥ Our pretty Haru with auntie Dara ^.^"

Fans commented, "two superstars pose together", "so adorable" and etc.

Hyun Bin thinks Han Ji Min is the prettiest actress

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 06:35 AM PDT

Hyun Bin was featured in "Guerilla Date" segment in the broadcast of KBS' "Entertainment Weekly" on April 12th.

The MC asked him while they were on the street,"Among all the female actresses that you have worked with, who is the most beautiful?", to this Hyun Bin answered it's Han Ji Min, who is his co-statred in the new movie "The King's Wrath".

Hyun Bin has attracted much attention as his back muscle were shown in the trailer of "The King's Wrath", he said,"But now my back muscles return to their humble condition", and made everyone laugh with his funny statement.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin's new movie "The King's Wrath" will be premiered on April 30th.

Tiffany and Nichkhun spotted dating at Disneyland in USA?

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 06:41 AM PDT

On April 13th, a photo of Tiffany and Nichkhun at Disneyland USA was spread through SNS and many online community forums.

In the photo, Nichkhun was wearing a red t-shirt while Tiffany was covering herself in a white hoodie, and both of them were wearing glasses.

2PM went to USA to attend L.A KPop Festival on April 12th(local time) and it was later revealed that Tiffany also went there. It seems the two spent a little of their free time to meet each other.

Tiffany and Nichkhun just went public with their relationship recently and have received may positive feedback and supports from everyone.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

Akdong Musician's '200%' making film unleashed!

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 04:00 AM PDT

Akdong Musician revealed the making film of the music video of the title track of their debut album, 'PLAY.'

The making film of '200%' shows the behind-the-scene cuts which feature the cute and funny portrayal of Akdong Musician's Soo-Hyun as a stalker.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Akdong Musician (AKMU)

Pascol reveals MV for 'Merry Black Day'

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 03:30 AM PDT

Pascol's music video of their latest song 'Merry Black Day' was released on April 10th.

The song is a commemoration of the unique holiday in South Korea in which there's a tradition of eating a bowl of jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce) with your other single friends. It is celebrated every April 14th.

Watch below:

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A-Prince reveals 'Kiss Scene' BTS video

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 03:00 AM PDT

A-Prince uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel.

The video features the behind-the-scene cuts of their latest music video for 'Kiss Scene.'

Watch below:

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SOURCE: A-Prince Official

B.A.P spotted at Incheon Airport, to kick off 'B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR'

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 02:30 AM PDT

B.A.P were seen at Incheon Airport on their stylish apparel. They were leaving Korea to kick off their new tour,  'B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR.'

They are going to perform on countries that they didn't visited yet like United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA (New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

It is expected that B.A.P will entertain approximately 100,000 fans during their tour.

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SOURCE: Star News

Girls' Generation's Soo Young takes a photo with Daniel Henney

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 02:00 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Soo Young snapped a photo with actor Daniel Henney which was captured during a store opening ceremony in Gangnam District in Seoul. 

Soo Young uploaded the photo above on her Instagram with a caption saying, "He was amazing. with Daniel Henney."

On the photo, Soo Young is wearing a flower patterned dress, while Daniel is handsome with his casual striped black and red coat.

Girls' Generation recently wrapped up promotion of their 4th mini-album, and Daniel Henney is part in an American drama 'AGATHA.'

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SOURCE: Star News

Girl's Day receives the 'Cable TV Star' award!

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 01:30 AM PDT

Girl's Day won the 'Cable TV Star' award on the recently ended '2014 Cable TV Awards' held at Jeju International Convention Center.

On April 10th, Girl's Day was bestowed the award in recognition of their successful and well-received appearances on various cable TV channel programs. They said, "This is like we're dreaming. Thank you very much for giving us this honor. We are promising to do our best always."

Also, MBC Music received 'Channel Design' award.

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SOURCE: Star News

FT Island's Lee Hongki & Yang Jin Seok give message as 'Bride of the Century' ends

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 01:00 AM PDT

The two stars from the recently ended drama 'Bride of the Century' gave their message.

FT Island's Lee Hongki said, "I'd like to give my deepest apology for the shooting delay due to my injury. Thank you very much for all of the staff members who guided me from start until end."

Yang Jin Seok stated, "It's hard for me to believe that this drama has ended, and I can't help myself not to cry. I spent my time amazingly with wonderful people. They gave me memories to keep."

'Bride of the Century' aired its last episode on April 12th.

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SOURCE: Star News

Happy birthday to C-REAL''s Effie

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Stage Name: Effie
Birth Name: Lee Ji Hoon
Birthday: April 13, 1994
Company: NAP entertainment
Group: C-REAL
Position: Vocalist
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: A

Happy birthday to EvoL's Say

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 11:37 PM PDT

Stage Name: Say
Birth Name: Kwon So Hee
Birthday: April 13th, 1993
Label:: Stardom entertainment
Group: EvoL
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Height: 170 cm
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @supekarts
Twitter: @supeKarts

Happy birthday to Sunny Hill's Misung

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 11:06 PM PDT

Birth Name: Lee Mi Sung
Stage Name: Misung
Birthday: April 13, 1986
Company: LOEN entertainment
Group: Sunny Hill
Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Twitter: @misung_hill

2NE1 swags on their 1st ever concert in China!

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 09:00 PM PDT

2NE1 finished their first ever China concert with a bang as part of their 'ALL OR NOTHING' world tour.

The concert was held on April 11th in Shanghai. It was opened with a performance of 'CRUSH.' They also sang 'FIRE,' 'CLAP,' 'PRETTY BOY,' the acoustic version of 'If I Were You,' and the unplugged version of 'COME BACK HOME' and 'I Miss You.'

2NE1 is in Osaka, Japan, and they are participating in 'YG Family Concert' at Kyosera Dome on started yesterday (April 12th) until today (April 13th).

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SOURCE: Star News

What makes 'Three Days' atypical?

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 08:30 PM PDT

'Three Days' is not the usual Korean drama on the block.

Let's know why:

1. It has no shortcuts. The usual Korean drama tries to extend the length of the episode to garner higher ratings by short cuts. But, 'Three Days' is using its 60 minutes all the way.

2. It has no scandals. This drama is focused neither on the typical male and female protagonist's love story nor on a father and son relationship. It highlights on each character and on the situation of the story.

3. It has no PPL (product placement). It doesn't involve unnecessary PPLs because the writer gives more important to the quality of the drama and not on the profit which makes the heads of the marketing department ache."

'Three Days' airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM.

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SOURCE: Star News

Rainbow Blaxx Special Album - RB BLAXX

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 08:17 PM PDT

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 Rainbow debuted a special subunit Rainbow Blaxx in January which attracted much attention with their stylish and sexy performance.

The group consists of Jaekyung, Woori, Seungah and Hyunyoung had a successful run of promotion with debut song "Cha Cha", check out the photos of their album below:

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BEAST roars on 'Show Time - Burning the BEAST' 1st episode

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 08:00 PM PDT

After EXO, BEAST is the next group that is featured on MBC Every1's reality program, 'Show Time.'

'Show Time - Burning the BEAST' was premiered on April 10th. The first episode showed that each of the six members visited different places that have special spot on their heart. At one point on the show, they were gathered at a cafe where they talked about the stuffs they will show and the things that their fans might not know about them.

'Show Time - Burning the Beast' will have 12 episodes, and it airs every Thursday at 6 PM.

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SOURCE: Star News

Two-Thousand WON's Kim Il Do gives explanation for 'I Hate Seoul'

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 07:30 PM PDT

Two-Thousand WON held a showcase for their first mini album release.

One of the members, Kim Il Do, talked about their album's title track, 'I Hate Seoul.' He explained that the lyrics is about the bad break up he had. He said, "Examiner Park Jin Young thinks that the lyrics doesn't seem natural. However, the song is based on my experience, so I am confident that these will be felt by the fans."

Two-Thousand WON joined SBS 'K-Pop Star Season 2,' and they managed to be on TOP 4.

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SOURCE: Star News

KARA’s Hara Goo and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain pose together in an event

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 07:00 PM PDT

KARA's Goo Hara uploaded the photo above on her Twitter.

On the photo, Goo Hara posed with Brown Eyed Girls' Gain and a DJ at the 'DEFAYE BLACK' launching event on April 11th , and it is captioned with "with Brown Eyed Girls' Gain unni. Koongjjak-Koongjjak!". 

Goo Hara is wearing a leopard printed dress, while Gain attended with her all-black outfit on.

Seungyeon, Gyuri, and Hara were the only KARA members left after Nicole and Jiyoung withdrew from the group. It was reported that they are preparing to comeback second half of next year. 

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SOURCE: Star News

TROY's Kanto and Miss $'s Kang Minhee pose for a couple photo shoot

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 06:30 PM PDT

Brand New Music revealed photos of TROY's Kanto and Miss $'s Kang Minhee.

Kanto and Kang Minhee were together again to pose for a couple photo shoot which will be seen fully and officially on April 15th. 

Brand New Music said, "Kanto and Kang Minhee were acquaintances since their trainee days, and they treat each other as siblings as they are the youngest ones in their own group. They don't just monitor each others' promotion, but really take care of each other."

The two have already worked together like on 'Ladies' Night,' 'Sun and Moon,' and  'Take my Phone Away.'

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Wassup to perform at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards'

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 06:00 PM PDT

Wassup is going to perform with the professional basketball players at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards' which will end the basketball season.

Wassup will perform 'Nom Nom Nom' with the basketball players like Doo Kyungmin, Park Jaehyun, Han Hobin, Kim Sangyu, Chang Minguk, Jeon Sunghyun, Lee Jaedo, and many more.

The agency of Wassup said, "Expect a very fantastic performance from Wassup and the players. We are hoping for your love and support for their preparation and performance though they only have short practice time."

'2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards' will be held on April 14th at Jamsil Student Gymnasium.

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Ailee poses sweetly in the BTS video for OranC

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 05:47 PM PDT

Ailee poses adorably in the BTS video of OranC.

Check out the video below:

Suzy slips and falls hard on miss A's Beijing Tour

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 05:36 PM PDT

miss A performed in Beijing yesterday and had some great time with their Chinese fans.

Suzy slipped and fell during her special solo stage. She performed Frozen's OST Let It Go during the concert, when she was walking up the stairs, she slipped and took a hard fall.

Fans were totally impressed with her professionalism as she got back to her feet to complete her performance without any mistake.

Below is the fancam of the incident, hopefully this won't cause her any serious injury.

Busker Busker's Jang Bum Joon and actress Song Ji Soo tie the know today + wedding photos revealed

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 05:17 PM PDT

It was revealed that Jang Bum Joon and Song Ji Soo held a private wedding on today April 12th.

The wedding ceremony was taken place at wedding hall "The Laville" in Samsung-dong, Gangnam, Seoul at 5pm kst. It was said that only family members and close friends of the bride and the groom were invited, also the wedding anthem was revealed to be Busker Busker's "Cherry Blossom Ending".

Congratulation to the newly wed!