Monday, April 28, 2014

"Jun.K releases short PV for 'Love & Hate'" plus 19 more

"Jun.K releases short PV for 'Love & Hate'" plus 19 more

Jun.K releases short PV for 'Love & Hate'

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 08:40 AM PDT

2PM's Jun.K is gearing for his solo debut in Japan with the album 'Love & Hate'.

Prior to this, the idol released the short PV of his title track. Jun.K is looking good and hot in the PV with a retro concept with unique elements showing the distinct side of him.

He is going to debut in Japan on May 14 and will hold solo tour starting on May 8-9 in Osaka. Are you ready?

Heechul orders actor Jang Gwang around in new teaser for 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit'

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 07:51 AM PDT

Seems like the characters are getting more and more amusing in every teaser releases.

In the newest teaser of the upcoming tvN comedy drama 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit', the elite and youngest detective, Park Jeong Woo (Heechul) is shown ordering the strong grandpa Jeon Kang Suk (Jang Gwang) around by asking him to make a coffee for him.

Seemed annoyed, he spits into his coffee and provide gag to it. What will happen to these characters? Are you excited to watch this drama? Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' premieres on May 2 at 9:50PM KST.

miss A's Suzy dances in the club for MLB

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 07:22 AM PDT

MLB reveals the BTS video of miss A's Suzy for its summer collection.

Check out the video below as Suzy dances while posing in a club for the popular brand

MBC releases action-filled and intense teaser for 'Triangle'

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 07:21 AM PDT

While you got to know the main cast of the upcoming MBC drama 'Triangle' from its first teaser, MBC releases second teaser packed with action and intense scenes that you would anticipate.

The three brothers Lee Bum Soo (Jang Dong Soo), Kim Jaejoong (Heo Young Dal), and Im Siwan (Yoon Yang Ha) are shown in their different and distinct characters. Lee Bum Soo as an investigator while Siwan and Jaejoong playing in casino and the latter running around in boxers.

'Triangle' is going to air every Monday & Tuesday starting on May 5 following Empress Qi. Watch the teaser below:

Yoon Si Yoon quietly enlists in the Marine Corps today

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 06:14 AM PDT

Actor Yoon Si Yoon was reported to begin his military service today.

On April 28th, according to his agency, Yoon Si Yoon enlisted in the Marine Corps at the boot camp in Pohang at 1:50pm kst. He will train for 7 weeks then he will start serving his active duty for 2 years in the corps.

Because the whole nation is still mourning over the Sewol tragedy, and in order to not disturb other soldiers with his enlistment, Yoon Si Yoon asked the agency to not let the press know about it and decided to begin his duty quietly.

We will wait for you to come back safely and healthy Yoon Si Yoon.

Hyuna is a chic spring girl in Tokyo

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 05:00 AM PDT

CECI reveals the pictorial of Hyuna taken from Tokyo, Japan for its May issue.

Hyuna is looking chic and sexy in her various spring outdoor outfits. She strolled around the streets of Tokyo and enjoyed the cherry blossom trees.

Wearing floral dresses, cropped tops, denims and skirts, accessorized by sunglasses and sling bags, Hyuna shows her simple yet attractive feminine side. Check out more of her photos below:

Lee Soo Man donates 1 billion won to the Korean Red Cross for Sewol tragedy

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 03:54 AM PDT

Following Yang Hyun Suk, Lee Soo Man also comes out with his own donation.

On April 28th, Korean Red Cross revealed that Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment donated 500 million won each which made it a a total of 1 billion won for all the victims and their families of the Sewol tragedy.

Lee Soo Man said,"I have a son and a daughter, and also a parent to our artists as we have shared hopes and lived our dreams together. Because of the incident, those victims didn't have a chance to realize and achieve their dreams and also for their families, my heart aches when I think about it. Also in order to share the pain of those families, I will continue to find a way so that I will be able to help as much as I can"

Kim Jong Kook, Kim Byung Man, Uee, writer Kim Eun Sook donate for Sewol tragedy

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 02:48 AM PDT

More and more celebrities are coming out with their own donations.

On April 28th, Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association revealed that they received donations from Kim Jong Kook, Kim Byung Man, After School's Uee and writer Kim Eun Sook.

Writer Kim Eun Sook whose works are "Secret Garden","Gentleman's Dignity","The Heirs"...donated 20 million won this morning, while the production company Hwa and Dam Pictures donated 30 million wons anonymously on April 21st. Kim Byung Man also donated 30 million won on 21st quietly until the news came out today.

Followed by is Kim Jong Kook with 50 million won as his donation while Uee is 30 million won. They all asked for the money to be used for the rescue relief and for all victims' families.

Lee Hwi Jae donates 100 million won under his family's name for Sewol victims

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 01:44 AM PDT

On April 28th, an official rep from the Community Chest of Korea revealed that Lee Hwi Jae donated 100 million won not only under the name of himself but also his wife Moon Jung Won and his twins Seo Jun and Seo Eon on 26th.

In particularly he did it quietly that his agency didn't know about it until the articles came out. According to the rep, he made a called to the community and said,"As a citizen of our country and as a parent, my heart hurts a lot. Especially as a father who is raising children, I'm very worried about the 5-year-old girl and the 8-year-old boy' futures. The accident mush have cause them a big shock"

He also asked to use the money for relief effort and also for all the on-site necessities of the victims' families..

Actress Kim Hee Sun joins The yellow ribbon campaign

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 12:00 AM PDT

On April 26, actress Kim Hee Sun changed the profile picture on her official Facebook into an image of yellow ribbon, joined in the yellow ribbon campaign.

A yellow ribbon symbolizes the wait for a loved one to return and was used during WWII as friends and families waited for the soldiers to return home. The yellow ribbon campaign show Korean's hopes for the missing students in the ferry to return. 

With the phrase "One small act for a big miracle", the campaign wants to unite everyone's hopeful hearts to make a real miracle.


Jaekyung vs Kang Sora, who wore it better?

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Recently. actress Kang Sora has taken a beautiful photoshoot with bnt international website, in which she wore a similar top with Rainbow's Jaekyung.

Rainbow's Jae Kyung wore this sexy top in the teaser photo for Rainbow's 'Sunshine' release. This black and white top is from Stylenanda new collection and both of them show off their attractive and classical look in black and white photos.

Jaekyung mixed the top with jeans to show off a chic look while Kang Sora used a flashy skirt to present a feminine style.

Who has better mixture?


f(x)'s Victoria is a beautiful model for Singles

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 10:24 PM PDT

 f(x)'s leader Victoria graces the May issue of Singles Magazine.

She garners much attention with her slender legs and stylish fashion in her latest photoshoot, check out for more photos below:

Girl's Day are gorgeous May ladies for Cosmopolitan

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 09:00 PM PDT

Girl's Day are the pretty queens of Cosmopolitan's May issue.

The girls stunned with their nude make up and uniformed spring-colored eye shadows which reflect their youthful and feminine beauties.

Carrying the concept of 2014 S/S collection,the girls also posed wearing cropped and denim tops and trendy make ups. Check out more photos below:

Aoora releases 2nd solo single 'Vanilla Sky'

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 08:22 PM PDT

Double A's Aoora is back with a new solo single 'Vanilla Sky' featuring Hoik. The track is an electronic dance song which will get you in the carefree mood with its soothing piano keys.

On March 28, Aoora released his solo debut single 'Body Party' showing his mature transformation. What does he have for us this time?

Support him by purchasing his song [MelOn]

100% serenade fans in their MV for 'Phone'

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 07:58 PM PDT

100% gift their fans with an MV for their song 'Phone' which is included in their latest album 'Bang The Bush'.

The MV shows some behind the scenes of their MV for 'Beat' and interactive moments with theirs fans at their fanmeetings. The song is a mellow track which expresses their emotional vocals.

Meanwhile, the group is currently active with 5 members after Sanghoon withdrew due to personal reason and leader Minwoo enlisted in military on March 4.

Watch below:

Yoona is dazzling in new InnisFree summer CF

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 07:30 PM PDT

SNSD's Yoona shows her radiant skin once again for InnisFree's newest CF for its product 'Long Wear Cushion' a matte finished foundation.

In the CF, Yoona strolls around being all carefree and relax while displaying her proud skin under the bright sky without worrying about the summer heat.

Check out her CF below:

Heechul and Puff kiss cozily for their wedding pictorial

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 07:07 PM PDT

Global We Got Married couple Heechul and Puff amaze viewers with their first kiss during their wedding pictorial in the latest episode.

The couple flattered each other with their looks and romantic wedding pictorial setting. Especially Heechul, who is surprised to see his wife in beautiful dresses. At the set as well, the couple shared their cozy first kisses. They were both surprised when they are told to kiss for real but gotten comfortable along the kiss.

Fans commented, "Wow! That was fast progression but applause to them.","No awkwardness at all.","Heechul is a vampire.","Puff is so pretty and sexy." and so on.

Have you watched it?

Akdong Musician won this week's Inkigayo

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 06:15 PM PDT

Talented duo Akdong Musician is the winner on "Inkigayo" for 2 consecutive weeks.

On April 27th, through SBS' "Inkigayo" official site, Akdong Musician's "200%" remains its no.1 position from last week. Following is HIGH4 ft IU's "Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossom" while APink's "Mr.Chu" stays as no.3.

Due to the Sewol tragedy, "Inkigayo" has been cancelled broadcast for 2 weeks. The show is planning to make its return next week on May 4th.

Movie 'Professional Mr.Baek' starring Yeo Jin Goo and Yoon Si Yoon is a box office's failure

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 05:47 PM PDT

Even Yeo Jin Goo and Yoon Si Yoon can't save "Professional Mr.Baek" from suffering failure at the box office.

The movie was reported to achieve only 37.909 viewers after almost 1 month at all the theater, which is much more lower than the expected number at the beginning and also ranks last among all the movies which were premiered at the same time.

Previously both the actors promised that if the movie reached 5 million viewers they would dance to a girl group's song. It seems we won't be able to see it soon.

"Professional Mr.Baek" was filmed back in 2011 but due to some inconveniences it's finally released after 3 years. It's a story about Baek Se Jin(Yoon Si Yoon) who is a former professional golfer. He got into an accident and the aftershock made him no longer able to speak. One year later he was invited to teach golf at an elementary school which is on the blink of being shut down on a small island. He had to teach six students including the school's troublemaker Lee Byung Joo(Yeo Jin Goo) in order for them to win the golf tournament so that they could save the school.

Girls' Generation's 'Europa' was used as a BGM in a football match

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 05:48 PM PDT

Girls' Generation's global status is proven once again as their song was used for a football match.

On April 26th, the match between Tottenham Hotspurs and Stoke City in the Europa League was broadcast live through SBS Sport. After the game ended, Girls' Generation's "Europa" was inserted as the BGM. Immediately after the broadcast, "Girls' Generation Europa" was seen as the top keyword on various real-time seach sites and has attracted much attention from netizens.

"Europa" is one of the tracks in "Mr.Mr" mini album which was released on February 24th.