Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Mad Clown releases MV teaser for Without You featuring Hyolyn" plus 22 more

"Mad Clown releases MV teaser for Without You featuring Hyolyn" plus 22 more

Mad Clown releases MV teaser for Without You featuring Hyolyn

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 08:05 AM PDT

Mad Clown announces his comeback with the MV teaser of his upcoming song Without You.

SISTAR's leader Hyolyn is featured in his new song, watch the teaser below

CNBlue release BTS from 'Can't Stop' recording

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 08:00 AM PDT

CNBlue release a clip of them recording their instruments for latest single 'Can't Stop'.

The band members are seen monitoring each other while holding their respective instruments showing their ear and eye for music. The members seem having fun checking each other while giving opinion boasting their team work.

Watch it below:

Park Shin Hye is a lovely lotus flower fairy in new Mamonde CF

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 07:00 AM PDT

Mamonde cast a spell and actress Park Shin Hye transformed into a lovely Lotus flower fairy on their latest CF.

Mamonde's new model Park Shin Hye is beaming with natural and fresh beauty in Mamonde's Lotus micro-cleansing foam CF. Together with her 'Flower Boy Next Door' co-star Ko Gyung-Pyo, a lovely and dreamy CF has been plotted.

The actress/singer, who recently released her single 'Arm Pillow', also sings the CF song and  charms with her cute dance and lively appearance from the fairy-tale like CF.

Watch below and be enchanted with her beauty.

Teen Top Chunji sings in recording studio for TINT's 'Wolves Don't Know'

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 06:30 AM PDT

Teen Top Chunji is said to have participated in TINT's new single 'Wolves Don't Know'. However, Chunji fans weren't able to see Chunji or hear his voice in TINT's MV.

It turns out that Chunji sings in the album version of the song and a video of him recoding in a studio was released by GH Entertainment.

If you have the album, you can hear his sweet voice but then again, check out his video below:

'Jung sisters' Jessica and Krystal to star in their reality show 'Cover Girl'

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 05:44 AM PDT

Popular Jung sisters, SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal are going to have their own reality show titled 'Cover Girl' which will premiere in May.

In the afternoon of April 1st, cable channel OnStyle revealed that Jessica and Krystal's reality program 'Cover Girl' is being produced.

One official said, "Jessica and Krystal's sisters' life, which has never been published is going to be public." He added that the sisters' extraordinary fashion sense will be unveiled. Audience could expect to see a picture of their public life which is very far from their gorgeous appearances on stage. They are going to reveal their daily routine and display their special friendship between sisters.

'Cover Girl' premieres on May 6 and can be watched through cable channel OnStyle.

Superstar K4's Eddy Kim releases debut MV teaser for '2 Years Apart'

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 05:20 AM PDT

Mystic89's artist Eddy Kim releases the MV teaser for his debut single '2 Years Apart'.

With his talent and various charms exposed when he was a finalist in Superstar K4, Eddy Kim is ready to restart his singing career with leveled up skills under former Superstar K4 judge Yoon Jong Shin's agency, Mystic89.

His debut single '2 Years Apart' is an acoustic RnB track which showcases his vocal versatility and guitar skills. His debut mini album will be released on April 11 but anticipate his title song '2 Years Apart' on April 3 through online music portals.

Check out the MV teaser below:

Seohyun and Jessica offer some warmth with ice cream

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 05:00 AM PDT

SNSD's Seohyun and Jessica are already feeling the summer and warmed themselves with some ice cream.

Of course, they wouldn't let their fans not to get a share, so the two girls shared a photo and Jessica wrote, "It's getting warm. How about some ice cream?".

In the photo, Seohyun and Jessica are posing together while making cute faces while holding their chocolate-coated ice popsicles. They do make you crave for one at the moment, don't they?

Simon D to feature in Jay Park's upcoming digital single 'Metronome'

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 04:33 AM PDT

Simon D will join force with Jay Park and release a digital single called "Metronome" on April 11th.

Supreme Team announced their disbandment back in July, 2013 and unlike E-Sen, it takes 9 months for Simon D to release some new music again. Simon D later joined in Jay Park's independent hip hop label AOMG in March, 2014 as co-CEO.

In addition, Mnet will broadcast a new documentary show called "4 Kinds of Show" on April 15th. The show will be about real life activities of artists from AOMG.

NS Yoon-G performs 'Yasisi' on MTV The Show

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 03:53 AM PDT

NS Yoon-G made a hot comeback on MTV The Show with Yasisi, check out her hot performance below:

After School's Nana shows off her crystal clear skin for DHC Korea

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 02:40 AM PDT

After School's Nana shows off her crystal clear skin for DHC Korea

Check out the video below:

SHINee's Key talks about the cause of the scar on his eyebrow

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 01:24 AM PDT

Key and Woohyun appeared as guests on KBS' "Crisis Escape Number 1" on March 31st.

During the show, Kim Jong Kook asked,"Have you experienced any dangerous moment?", to this Key answered,"When I was a kid there was once time I got hurt while I was playing with a flower pot. The corner of my eye was bleeding so much and I almost became blind" then he pointed to the scar on his right's eyebrow.

Jang Yun Jung looked at his scar and said,"It really lost so much blood". But Key surprised everyone by continued saying,"But the wound turned out to be cool, so I just left it there"

Wheesung to comeback in May

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 12:30 AM PDT

On March 31st, a representative of YMC Entertainment stated that Wheesung is coming back with a new album in May. 
He added, "Wheesung is currently working on his new album, the title track will be written by Kim Do Hoon, who wrote 'Incurable Disease' and 'With me', the album is almost getting completed"

Wheesung started his military service in November, 2011, and got discharged in August, 2013. He appeared on channel JTBC's 'Hidden Singer' back in December last year, and people are excited to see him back to music stage.

Be ready to his new album promotion in May.


Royal Pirates's Moon and other celebrities fly to New York for a new TV show

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 11:30 PM PDT

On April 1st, the cast and crew of SBS's new variety show 'Law of the City' were spotted at the airport while leaving for New York for their first mission.

'Law of the City'
is SBS's second 'Law' series following the first one 'Law of the Jungle' in which the casts deal with cultural experience while traveling to unfamiliar cities all around the world. The show will also directed by PD Lee Jee Won and is expected to bring a new kind of humor with many new faces.

'Law of the City', starring Jung Kyung Ho, Royal Pirates' Moon, Baek Jin Hee, Kim Sung Soo, and Lee Chun Hee, is set to premiere in April.


Happy birthday to DMTN's Donglim

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Birth Name: Lee Dong Lim
Stage Name: Donglim
Birthday: April 1, 1990
Label: Monkey Funch entertainment
Group: DMTN
Position: Vocalist
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies/Specialties: Watching movies, dancing
Instagram: @leedonglim

Park Shin Hye wants 'Arm Pillow' with Digital Single release

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 09:54 PM PDT

Park Shin Hye showcases her lovely vocal in new digital single "Arm Pillow".

Listen to the song below:

Girls' Generation sings Cheap Creeper for Make Your Move OST

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 09:42 PM PDT

Girls' Generation sing for BoA's movie Make Your Move.

Check out the short preview of the song below:

CNBlue's Jungshin and Orange Caramel's Lizzy are the new MCs of SBS' 'The Show'

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 06:00 AM PDT

[Updated with photos from 'The Show'] CNBlue's Lee Jungshin and Orange Caramel's Lizzy are going to charm the viewers of SBS MTV's music program 'The Show' as the new special MCs starting today.

The two charming MCs are going to start on April's Fool's Day special episode of 'The Show'. Expectations on the new MC pair is rising alongside hot comebacks and performances in the industry this S/S season.

Don't miss their April Fool's Day special with new MCs Jungshin and Lizzy by watching 'The Show' on SBSfunE at 6PMKST.

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Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

Teen Top release the 1st episode preview of 'Teen Top's Never Stop in Guam'

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 08:17 PM PDT

On March 10, Teen Top headed to Guam to film their own reality show 'Teen Top's Never Stop in Guam'.

The preview of their 1st episode is released today featuring their witty member Niel. The boys are seen playing on the cruise and being loud themselves. Starting on April 5, fans can witness Teen Top boys touring and enjoying their vacation in Guam, thus revealing their candid and vivid daily lives.

The first episode of 'Teen Top's Never Stop in Guam' premieres on April 5 at 11PM through Y-Star.
Check out the preview below:

NS Yoonji releases MV for 'Yasisi'

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 08:00 PM PDT

NS Yoonji finally release the MV for her comeback single 'Yasisi' from her 3rd mini album 'The Way 2'.

We've seen her RnB feels and glamorous body from the previous MV teasers and we apparently get to experience the change in her latest track which is different from her usual pop songs.

Check out the MV below:

Akdong Musician release debut MV teaser for 'Play'

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 07:38 PM PDT

AKMU (Akdong Musician) release the very first MV teaser for their debut single 'Play'.

After announcing their debut date to be on April 7, fans are agitated to pull the days so the talented duo constantly release some teasers for their debut.

The MV teaser shows the sibling playing in the woods with some enchanting feels and music as the background. Are you excited for their debut? Check out their MV teaser for 'Play' below:

EXO to hold comeback showcase with mini album on April 15

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 07:08 PM PDT

SM Entertainment announces a surprise comeback for EXO on April 15 with a mini album along with teaser photos.

Prior to this, EXO is holding their comeback showcase 'EXO Comeback Show' at Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium on April 15. SM Entertainment said, "EXO will commence their major promotions for new mini album at the comeback show, including the launching of Samsung's Galaxy smartphone music service 'Samsung Music'. Together with SM Entertainment, the two global brands are expected to conduct a large scale promotion which will gain interest from the fans around the globe."

EXO-K and EXO-M are going to promote respectively through this mini album both in Korea and China. They are going to hold 'EXO Comeback Show' tour and Samsung Music users may apply to attend the event and get a chance to be chosen through lottery from April 1-9.

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Hyuna reveals BTS video for Mystic Fighter photoshoot

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 06:07 PM PDT

Hyuna models for popular game Mystic Fighter.

She poses professionally in the BTS video during the photoshoot, watch it below:

A Pink's Eunji & Namjoo sing Mr. Chu on Hello Counselor

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 05:34 PM PDT

A Pink's Eunji and Namjoo guested on Hello Counselor aired yesterday.

The girls sing a short preview of their new song Mr.Chu on the show, check out the video below