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"Kikwang confesses that he finds IU's manager really handsome" plus 24 more

"Kikwang confesses that he finds IU's manager really handsome" plus 24 more

Kikwang confesses that he finds IU's manager really handsome

Posted: 17 May 2014 08:42 AM PDT

Kikwang didn't mention about IU but her manager.

In the broadcast of jTBC's "Witch Hunt" on May 16th, Kikwang guested on the show and was asked by the MC,"Whom do you feel attractive these days?", to this he answered,"IU's manager is really handsome. I have a good impression on him"

Then Shin Dong Yup jokingly asked,"Are you really on that side?" which made Kikwang said,"It's not like that. He just seems really cool"

Sung Si Kyung also shared an old story,"When IU was still a rookie, she went to my concert. I asked her,"You like oppa or Nichkhun?".Then she chose me and said,"I don't like handsome men". My fans didn't know if they should laugh or cry about it", which made everyone laugh over his embarrassing experience.

'Running Man' to return with another super power special episode

Posted: 17 May 2014 08:21 AM PDT

The super power special was known as one of the best episode on "Running Man". Now the show is going to bring it back again but this time it has been upgraded to another level.

This episode will return you to some of the old special episodes in the past and in particular, the members' fomrer super powers will be switched among each other and for those ones that didn't win in the past, they will have a chance to try to achieve the victory once again.

Especially Gary and Song Ji Hyo,who are considered as the two strongest members, are expected to rewrite the history from the old episodes. According to the preview from the last episode, Song Ji Hyo will obtain the "LOL LOL" super power which was previous belonged to Gary and also helped him to become the winner from the Survival Special episode. Will it be useful and help her win this time?

Don't miss this episode on this Sunday May 18th at 6:10pm kst.

Check out the preview video below

Seo Taiji is likely to sign with Wellmade Yedang for his upcoming concert production

Posted: 17 May 2014 08:04 AM PDT

It seems Seo Taiji will hold hands with Wellmade Yedang to work on his upcoming solo concert.

On May 16th, Seo Taiji Company revealed that it's true they chose to work with Wellmade Yedang but the contract is currently in the final coordination, as soon as everything is cleared up they will release the official announcement.

It was also said said the reason why Seo Taiji chose Wellmade Yedang because of his long time friendship with CEO Go Jae Hyung who was the former PD of MBC 'Music Core' and also directed Seo Taiji & Boys "I Know" MV.

Meanwhile, Seo Taiji will release his 9th album in the second half of this year.

2NE1 to release 'Gotta Be You' MV on May 21

Posted: 17 May 2014 07:10 AM PDT

2NE1 is going to release "Gotta Be You" MV to commemorate their upcoming 5th anniversary.

In the afternoon of May 17th, YG Entertainment uploaded a new poster of 2NE1 on its official blog and according to the infor on the picture, "Gotta Be You" MV will be released at 9am kst on May 21st.

In addition, 2NE1 will stop at Manila for a concert in their world tour "All or Nothing" on May 17th which is also their anniversary date.

140517 EXO-K won first place with 'Overdose' on Music Core

Posted: 17 May 2014 06:21 AM PDT

EXO-K performed their new song Overdose on Music Core, check out their performance below as they won first place with their new title track on the show.

G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung share a cute photo from a wedding ceremony

Posted: 17 May 2014 06:17 AM PDT

They are probably the cutest wedding guests ever.

G-Dragon updated his Instagram on 17th,"The wedding guests" and uploaded a long a new photo which featured G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung. They all were wearing suit and lookinh intimate together while showing different expression.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is expected to make a comeback this summer with a new album.

2NE1 meets fans prior to concert

Posted: 17 May 2014 04:00 AM PDT

Prior to their concert today at Mall of Asia Arena at 8:00 PM PST, 2NE1 met their humongous fans in a mall.

The video was opened with a deafening scream from the Filipino Blackjacks. All fans wanted to come close to the four gorgeous and talented ladies. Some even fainted due to the unbelievable number of fans.

On the interview, Dara said, "I'm so much thankful to all Pinoy fans for their support... Their reactions are too overwhelming. They even cried. That's so cute." CL shared that they're very happy to be in the Philippines, to be able to visit the places where Dara used to go and to meet Dara's Pinoy friends and fans.

Dara admitted that she has no boyfriend, but she gave hints to anyone who wants to win the heart of this beautiful lady. She said, "I want faithful, cute. A person whose only love is me."

Dara gave her advice as well to aspiring artists who want to be like her. She said that they need to be confident, unique and persistent with their dreams

Watch below:

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SOURCE: ABS CBN News YouTube Channel

Fly to the Sky sells out tickets for the 3-day concert in June

Posted: 17 May 2014 03:30 AM PDT

Fly to the Sky's Brian Joo posted a status on his Facebook account thanking all their fans for supporting their comeback showcase.

He wrote, "Feeling so blessed, cause I just got word that our concert for all 3 days, sold out within 10 mins of online sale release… Thank you all so much!"

Their concert will be held on June 6th, 7th and 8th. Prior to that, they will release their 9th studio album entitled 'Continuum' on May 20th.

Fly to the Sky is composed of pure South Korean Hwanhee and Korean American Brian Joo.

Meanwhile be teased with 'You You You' video teaser:

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SOURCE: Brian Joo Facebook

2NE1's Dara dances with Pinoy Big Brother housemates (Video 2)

Posted: 17 May 2014 03:00 AM PDT

As she exited the confession room, 2NE1's Dara met the surprised 18 housemates.

All housemates had the chance to be taught K-Pop moves from one member of the internationally well-known K-Pop girl group 2NE1. Dara had a chit-chat with them and she shared some of their famous dance craze.

In return, the housemates showcased the 'krung-krung' inside them, and performed in front of Dara. One of the two youngest housemates named Loisa said, "It's a huge opportunity to be able to perform in front of a very popular person Kuya."

On the video, you can see Dara's genuine smile. Watch the video here.

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SOURCE: Pinoy Big Brother

CROSS GENE unveils video teaser of their 1st movie

Posted: 17 May 2014 02:30 AM PDT

On May 12th, CROSS GENE released a video teaser of their upcoming debut movie entitled 'ZEDD.'

On the video, they boys are fighting against zombies to save the world. The movie is directed by a Japanese director Teppei Nakamura. It was filmed in Los Angeles, California last February 2013.

'ZEDD' is expected to be released in fall.

Be teased below:

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2NE1's Dara talks to 'Kuya' of Pinoy Big Brother (Video 1)

Posted: 17 May 2014 02:00 AM PDT

2NE1's Dara visited again the most famous house in the Philippines 'bahay ni Kuya' (Big Brother's house) on May 15th.

She visited the house in 2006 in which she and comedian Jason Gainza (former housemate) had a task to get four eggs from the housemates without the latter knowing their existence. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and got the punishment of having a sleep over inside the house. They could exit the house when they could convince the housemates to give them two eggs. And they did.

Dara was invited again by 'Kuya' (Big Brother) to enter his house, but now to have a short visit only. She was in the confession room at first, and she talked to 'Kuya.'

On the video, Dara was wondering where 'Kuya' is. Kuya said, "I'm just here, just in front of you." Dara replied, "Hmm, I don't see you." Kuya answered, "You're still a joker." Dara said, "Hmm, not really. I'm still the same---krung krung."

'Krung krung' is a Filipino colloquial word for crazy. This is not used to degrade the person, but this is a positive term for persons who are over jolly and are willing to do crazy acts just to entertain others. That's why Dara got her tag as the one and only 'Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas.'

Dara expressed that she's a little bit nervous saying, "...because the housemates are new, I don't know them and their personalities. Do they like me or not?" Kuya assured the K-Pop star that his housemates are kind, and that they will welcome her with open arms.

Dara look around the room with amusement saying, "It was 7-8 years ago when I first entered here. This room is nice. I hope this will be mine." Kuya offered saying, "Do you want me to ship this to you?" Dara said humorously, "Okay. I might stay here (in the house) forever. That can't be, we have shows."

Kuya asked Dara on how many countries they still need to visit, and she replied saying Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and hoping more countries soon.

Dara's visit to PBB house trended number one both in the Philippines and worldwide. #SANDARAinPBBALLIN

Watch the video here.

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SOURCE: Pinoy Big Brother

Brazilian band Fresno features EXO on a video taken from 2013 MTV EMA

Posted: 17 May 2014 01:30 AM PDT

On May 11th, Brazilian band 'Fresno' uploaded a video of their journey at 2013 MTV EMA on their YouTube channel.

The video featured a clip showing the vocalist of the band named Lucas approached EXO's Kris, who is currently having a big controversy, and Suho. The two met the other band members also.

See the clip at 16:36.

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SOURCE: Fresno YouTube Channel

2NE1 sings Dara's signature Filipino song 'In or Out'

Posted: 17 May 2014 01:00 AM PDT

2NE1 is in the Philippines for their 'ALL OR NOTHING 2014 2NE1 World Tour' today at Mall of Asia Arena at 8:00 PM.

After their concert, Dara told that she will be bringing her fellow members to different tourist spots, will let them taste Filipino foods, will go to the beach and will try water sports.

Dara said, "I miss ABS-CBN of course, I miss my friends, our fans and sinigang na hipon (shrimp sour soup)." 

2NE1 also sang Dara's most loved OPM (Original Pilipino Music) song 'In or Out' which is based on her journey on Star Circle Quest.

The interview ended up with them saying, "Mahal ko kayo." 

Watch below:

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SOURCE: ABS CBN News YouTube Channel

G.O.D's concert tickets sold out in 30 minutes

Posted: 17 May 2014 12:00 AM PDT

On May 16, it was revealed that all 30 thousand tickets of G.O.D's upcoming concert were sold out in 30 minutes. 

G.O.D's concert ticket started pre-ordering at 2pm on May 16 through Interpark, Yes24 and Auction Ticket. After a while, all sites' server were crushed and down because of the massive access at the same time, proving that 'G.O.D power' never disappear.

G.O.D members shared, "After the tickets were all sold out, we still receive requests from the fans about ticket." 

G.O.D is holding 15th anniversary concert 'GOD 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert' on July 12 and 13 at Jamsil Playground.


Rookie group Bay.B reveals their debut MV, 'Quecera Cera'

Posted: 16 May 2014 11:00 PM PDT

On May 14, KT music revealed the debut MV of new trio girl group Bay.B, "Quecera Cera" as well as their first album, 'May.'

These girls impressed audience with their strong vocals, beautiful looks and a mature music genre that have a mix of retro, jazzy style.

Check out the MV below:


Jung Woo Sung denies the rumoured of him dating a non-celebrity woman

Posted: 16 May 2014 10:42 PM PDT

Jung Woo Sung assured that he's still single at the moment

Previously on May 16th, Jung Woo Sung was reported to have dated a non-celebrity woman in her 30s for a few months. She was said to have lived abroad for several years and she didn't know about Jung Woo Sung as an actor. She started developing feeling for Jung Woo Sung because of his charm and he also feels the same towards her.

A rep from Red Brick House said,"This is the first time that we heard about this news. Jung Woo Sung is currently busy filming for his new movie so it's difficult to check about it with him". Later the agency confirmed that Jung Woo Sung isn't dating someone at the moment, and they didn't know where the rumour came from

Jung Woo Sung is currently filming for movie "Madam Bluff".

Jessica & Krystal reality show to be broadcast on June 3rd

Posted: 16 May 2014 09:43 PM PDT

Jungsis' reality show finally confirmed its broadcast date.

On May 15th, cable channel OnStyle officially announced that "Jessica & Krystal" reality show will be broadcast on June 3rd at 11pm kst. The show was originally planned to be on air on May 6th but due to some schedule conflict the date was delayed.

In addition, OnStyle released another teaser prior to the broadcast. Jessica and Krystal have made their fans anticipate to watch the show as they showed off various expressions and also their affection for each other in the video.

Check out for the video below

2NE1's Dara says 'I'm still the same Sandara' (Video 3)

Posted: 16 May 2014 09:00 PM PDT

On her live interview on ABS-CBN's weeknight 15-minute talk show 'Aquino and Abunda Tonight' last May 14th, 2NE1's Dara shared a lot about herself.

On the last video, Boy Abunda asked on what fans can expect on their concert later at Mall of Asia Arena. Dara flaunts their 2nd studio album 'CRUSH' with its title track 'Come Back Home.' Unfortunately, the album is not yet available in the Philippines.

Kris Aquino noticed Dara's odd magnet earrings, and she requested to try it. Dara removed one unhesitatingly. Even Boy Abunda wore it. And they talked briefly about the unique K-Pop fashion style.

Boy Abunda reminisced Dara's shy and fearful days in Star Circle Quest, and asked her on how she transformed into a young powerful lady. Dara replied, "I feel that there's nothing that changed in me. I'm still the same Sandara. I just became stronger on stage (performance) because that's our music."

At the end of the video, Boy and Kris praised Dara's acts of gratefulness to her second home--- the Philippines.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: ABS-CBN Online YouTube Channel

Hip Hop artist MC Mong to return after 4 years

Posted: 16 May 2014 08:30 PM PDT

After four years of hiatus, hip hop artist MC Mong is returning under Wellmade Yedang Entertainment.

MC Mong became out of the music limelight when he faced an allegation of avoidance of military draft through intentional extraction of healthy teeth. He was cleared from the speculation, but still punished for deliberately delaying enlistment on false grounds.

MC Mong will be working for his comeback album under DreamT Entertainment (parent company is Wellmade Yedang). The album is expected to be released later this 2014.

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SOURCE: Yonhap News

2NE1's Dara shares hardships while on training years (Video 2)

Posted: 16 May 2014 08:00 PM PDT

On her live interview on ABS-CBN's weeknight 15-minute talk show 'Aquino and Abunda Tonight' last May 14th, 2NE1's Dara shared a lot about herself.

On the second video, Dara disclosed what she needed to experience before becoming one of the most famous K-Pop idols. She told that she underwent intensive series of training like voice, dance, acting, and gym lessons for two years. Kris Aquino asked if she got paid in training, she answered honestly, "Ahm No. I really had hardships then." During her training years, Dara used her savings that she earned from working as a star in the Philippines.

When asked how rich she is, she replied, "I'm not that rich yet." As a follow up question, she's asked if she's comfortable with her worldwide fame. She answered straight-forward, "Yes (I'm comfortable) because I'm used to this since ten years ago."

Kris asked, "Do you have friends here in the Philippines that you are able to maintain?" Dara said yes, "My SCQ friends and I have new friends like Ryan Bang (Korean host of It's Showtime)."

On her Twitter, Dara posted tweets mentioning her old and new friends:

On this video, Boy Abunda revealed that Dara requested to be interviewed in Filipino.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: ABS-CBN Online YouTube Channel, @krungy21

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa spends quality time with Chinese fans

Posted: 16 May 2014 07:30 PM PDT

CNBLUE's Yonghwa left for Shanghai, China to attend a launching event of a cosmetic product.

On May 14th, Yonghwa appeared on the event which his fans had the opportunity to mingle with him up-close and personal. To catch the hearts of his supporters, he introduced himself in Chinese. And because the event is not that big, the fans had this rare chance to play games and photo-op with Yonghwa.

Also, Yonghwa talked about the upcoming CNBLUE's China tour, '2014 CNBLUE Can't Stop LIVE.' He promised that the whole group will give their best to present the most unforgettable concert for their Chinese fans. 

Be ready for CNBLUE on June 15th.

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SOURCE: Oh My News

2NE1's Dara shares current relationship status (Video 1)

Posted: 16 May 2014 07:00 PM PDT

On her live interview on ABS-CBN's weeknight 15-minute talk show 'Aquino and Abunda Tonight' last May 14th, 2NE1's Dara shared a lot about herself.

On the first video, she was welcomed by the hosts, Boy Abunda (one of her mentors on Star Circle Quest) and Kris Aquino (Presidential sister). Particularly, Kris Aquino praised Dara's fashion sense saying she's fabulous.The two expressed how they are proud of Dara seeing her everywhere as endorsers of cosmetic brands and being dubbed as the most beautiful Korean of 2013. When asked what she felt, Dara humbly said, "Of course I'm so happy and so touched with the fans (support)."

Boy Abunda asked her, "What's the secret of your beauty?" She replied shyly, "There's none. Maybe the love of fans and being joyful."

Kris Aquino interrupted with this question, "Do you have boyfriend?" Dara said, "There's none yet." Kris asked intriguingly, "So that means, there's someone coming?" The three laughed when Dara answered, "Let's hope there is hahaha." Dara is turning 30 (international age) November this year, maybe it's time for her to meet her one and only.

Boy Abunda changed the topic with a question, "What do you do when you miss the Philippines?" Dara disclosed that she watches DVD of Filipino movies, and her latest favorite is 'This Guy's In Love with You, Mare' top-billed by her new friend actor-host Vice Ganda, actor and her friend Luis Manzano and actress Toni Gonzaga.

One funny moment was when Dara was promoting their 'ALL OR NOTHING 2014 2NE1 World Tour' at Mall of Asia Arena today (May 17th) at 8:00 PM, something (a fly or mosquito) flew in front of her. Boy Abunda said jokingly, "It's missing you too."

Watch the first video below:

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Woollim Entertainment unleashes tracklist of Infinite's 2nd album 'Season 2' + album preview video

Posted: 16 May 2014 06:30 PM PDT

On May 15th, Woollim Entertainment released the tracklist of the 2nd studio album of Infinite entitled 'Season 2.'

All in all, 'Season 2' has 13 songs including 'Last Romeo' as their title track, which its MV teaser was released on May 13th, and songs from their units like 'Alone' by Infinite H and 'Going Crazy' by Infinite F. Also, the album has two solo songs from Woohyun ('When I Close My Eyes') and Sungkyu ('Light').

Prior to the release and promotional activities for 'Season 2' on May 21st, Infinite will be holding a showcase  entitled '1.2.3' Japan on May 19th, in Taiwan on May 20th and in South Korea on May 21st.
Watch the album preview below:

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2NE1's Dara gets a message from Filipino ex-boyfriend Joseph Bitangcol

Posted: 16 May 2014 06:00 PM PDT

On the May 14th taping of ABS-CBN's Sunday night show 'Gandang Gabi Vice' (Good Evening Vice), 2NE1's Dara was surprised by her Star Circle Quest batch mates including actress Melissa Ricks, actor Joross Gamboa and her former boyfriend actor Joseph Bitangcol.

When Joseph Bitangcol was interviewed by Push at the backstage, he expressed that he's happy seeing her former flame for three years before Dara flew back to Korea in 2007. He said "I'm happy especially that I'm also with our other SCQ friends. She's still the same, she's still good in speaking Tagalog and you can really feel her love for the Philippines."

When he's asked if he feels awkward talking to Dara again, he answered, "No awkwardness because before she became what (perhaps K-Pop star)...we've seen each other so many times so w e're okay. We just feel awkward in sharing stories. but we're friends."

Joseph gave his final message to Dara saying, "More blessings to come and I hope that she won't change because that's what (referring to her bubbly personality) her Filipinos fans loved about her and more success." Dara is dubbed as the 'Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas' because of her crazy but entertaining acts.

On her Twitter, Dara didn't forget to thank Filipino Blackjacks who went at the studio to show their unwavering support. She said, "Thank you so much #blackjackPH and #daralingPH for your support!!! The ones who were not able to enter the studio yesterday (showing the photo)"

Watch the very special episode of 'Gandang Gabi Vice' with 2NE1's Dara on May 18th at 9:15 PM PST. Meanwhile, be teased below:

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SOURCE: push.abs-cbn.comPhoto- Noel Orsal, ABS-CBN Online YouTube Channel, @krungy21

A Pink release new CF for G9 Mobile Shopping

Posted: 16 May 2014 05:30 PM PDT

A Pink release new CF for G9 Mobile Shopping.

Check out their adorable expressions in the CF below: