Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"BoA poses with Im Seulong at Hermes Party, warm friendly shot" plus 22 more

"BoA poses with Im Seulong at Hermes Party, warm friendly shot" plus 22 more

BoA poses with Im Seulong at Hermes Party, warm friendly shot

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 08:11 AM PDT

Singer BoA uploads a photo taken with 2AM's Im Seulong with a caption, "#hermes party with @2among"

The two attended  Hermes Party event and took a photo together showing affectionate and warm pose. BoA is looking gorgeous in her colorful halter dress while Seulong is fashionable in black suit and specs.

Seulong also uploaded a photo in his instagram account with caption, "#hermes#beautiful#BoA#noona".

They are looking good, aren't they?

B1A4 enjoy crunchy chicken in 'Okkudak' CF

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 07:22 AM PDT

B1A4 are seen enjoying some crunchy chicken in the newest 'Okkudak' CF as they prepare for the World Cup.

Wearing red, the adorable boys of B1A4 crushed into kids while watching TV and ended up eating yummy and crispy chicken instead that would surely make you hungry.

Watch below:

Tao falls down and D.O's malfunctioned swing injures two fans at Hongkong concert

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 06:30 AM PDT

At the second day of EXO's 'The Lost Planet Concert' in Hongkong on June 2, unfortunate events happened that resulted to two fans getting injured.

During the concert, Tao accidentally fell down in a square hole and members hurried to catch him but it's too late. Fortunately, Tao immediately came up again and told everyone, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

Another unfortunate event happened during one of their performances when D.O.'s floating swing malfunctioned and landed directly to fans below, resulting to two fans getting injured.

In regards to this, SM official told TV Daily, "The members are safe and the show ended well without them getting any injuries. However, the stage equipment malfunctioned injuring two fans from the audience. They are now being taken care of at the hospital. The members didn't know but upon hearing the news, Suho and D.O go to visit the hospital as EXO's representatives to give message of recovery."

Watch the video below:

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

Photo of young Goo Hara and Yoon Doo Joon during JYP audition 7 years ago revealed

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 06:25 AM PDT

A photo of JYP finalist back in 2007 is exclusively obtained by StarNews on June 3, revealing popular idols nowadays.

The photo was taken during the JYP Audition in 2007 showing the finalists' 1st appearances. In the photo, we could see the young Goo Hara (16) who is now a member of popular girl group KARA. In addition to that, Yoon Doo Joon (19) was also included, who is now a member of BEAST, one of the hottest boy groups.

Aside from Goo Hara (yellow) and Yoon Doo Joon (blue), other idols who are now known from their respective groups were there, like EvoL's Hayana (red), Berry Good's Nayeon (green), F-ve Dolls' Seo Eun Gyo (white), and 15&'s Baek YeLin (violet).

It's nice to see these young people have become successful now.

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net
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Jessica throws a photo as she carries baby Krystal

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 05:30 AM PDT

SNSD Jessica shares a very adorable picture of Jung sisters' childhood through her weibo account while reminding everyone to watch the premiere of their reality show.

She wrote, "Don't forget to watch our new On Style show "Jessica & Krystal" tonight and support us every Tuesday at 23:05! You're the best[Heart]"

In the photo, young Jessica is carrying baby Krystal in her tiny arms while proudly showing her sister to the camera. This is just a tease of what you can expect from their reality show, so don't forget to watch through OnStyle.

Infinite Woohyun involves in a traffic accident; resting at home

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 04:50 AM PDT

Infinite Woohyun is reported to have been involved in a traffic accident because of a slippery road due to the rainy weather after finishing filming for the upcoming KBS2 teen drama 'High School'.

According to his agency, Woolim Entertainment, "After finishing his filming schedule for a drama, the car slipped because of the slippery road." Fortunately, there's no serious injuries. They continued, "Woohyun immediately went to hospital for check up and there's no record of injuries so he headed to dorm to rest."

Fans have expressed anxiousness as Woohyun recently hurt his shoulder during MBC's "Idol Futsal World Cup", but the agency assures that all his schedules are still going on as planned and if such incidents happen, they are going to send him for treatment as soon as possible.

Don't have to worry Infinite fans!

EXO' D.O and Suho visit fans who were injured from their concert in Hong Kong

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 03:25 AM PDT

It was reported that D.O and Suho made their visit to the fans who got injured from EXO concert in Hong Kong.

According to SM Entertainment, during "EXO from EXOPlanet #1 – The Lost Planet in Hong Kong" on June 2nd, during a performance in which some members were sitting on hammocks hanging up in the air, a malfunction happened to D.O's hammock which led it crash into the audience section and 2 fans were injured because of that.

Immediately after the concert, the 2 fans were taken to the hospital to receive treatment. In particular, D.O and Suho went to visit them on behalf of the group. Both of them were impressed by the boys' behavior and later posted their thankful messages on SNS.

Regarding this issue, SM Entertainment, Dream Maker which was in charge of the concert production and also Media Asia, apologized for the accident and promised that they will take full responsibility of the treatment costs.

Actor Lee Ji Hoon to sign with Keyeast Entertainment

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 02:26 AM PDT

"School 2013" Lee Ji Hoon will likely to be in the same agency as Bae Yong Joon, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hyun Joong.

Previously there was a report saying that Lee Ji Hoon has signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast Entertainment, but Lee Ji Hoon's representative later said that he's still positively considering it, nothing has been decided yet.

Lee Ji Hoon has risen as an potential actor after made it debut in KBS' "School 2013". He also stared in " You're The Best Lee Soon Shin" and also MBC's "Golden Rainbow"

'Mr.Mr' is chosen as one of '25 Best Songs of 2014' by Time Magazine

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 01:32 AM PDT

Girls' Generation was listed in the U.S Time Magazine's "25 Best Songs of 2014".

According to Time Magazine on June 2nd (local time), "Mr.Mr" which is the title track in Girls' Generation's 4th mini album was chosen as one of the 25 best songs of 2014 so far. In particular, Girls' Generation is the only artist in Asia to have their name on the list along side with other worldwide artists such as Micheal Jackson, Mariah Carey, Rita Ora...

Time Magazine wrote, "Fans of K-pop juggernaut Girls' Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) won't be disappointed by their latest dance-friendly single, and the addition of a scratchy electronic bass line and a hint of darkness should even attract listeners who don't dig their usual bubblegum sound. -Lily Rothman"

Girls' Generation was also chosen by the magazine and stayed in the top 5 of "TIME's Top 10 of Songs of 2013' with "I Got A Boy".

Meanwhile, the girls are currently doing their "GIRLS' GENERATION ~LOVE&PEACE~ Japan 3rd Tour 2014".

Happy birthday to 2EYES' Daeun

Posted: 03 Jun 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Birth Name: Jung Da Eun
Stage Name: Daeun
Birthday: June 3, 1994
Label: Sidus HQ
Group: 2EYES
Position: Main Vocalist
Instagram: @ekdms158

-She is friend with EXO's Sehun

Happy birthday to M.Pire's T.O

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 11:30 PM PDT

Stage name: T.O (티오)
Real name: Go Hyun Woo (고현우)
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1992
Group: T.O
Position: main vocal
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: O

- Former trainee at B2M entertainment
- Named B2ST as a role model, more specifically member Yoseob
- Was named the funniest member in M.Pire by the other members

Happy birthday to F-ve Dolls' Seunghee

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Birth Name: Cho Seung Hee
Stage Name: Seunghee
Birthday: June 3, 1991
Label: Core Contents Media
Group: F-ve Dolls
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 165 cm
Joined Group: July 2013
Instagram: @seunghee_cho

Park Shin Hye releases CF for Vegemil Baby Food

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 10:42 PM PDT

Park Shin Hye releases new CF to promote Vegemil Baby food, check out the CF below:

Sooyoung uploads pre-debut photos with her friend Marina-chan from Route 0

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 09:00 PM PDT

Sooyoung is reminiscing as she uploads photos with her friend Marina Takahashi from Route 0, a duo group she was a member of in Japan.

She uploaded the photos on her instagram account where she wrote, "Marina-chan are you doing well? I want to see you. Do you have an SNS account?" 

Sooyoung and Marina in the photos are looking friendly during their Route O days. She must be missing her friend a lot. Aren't they cute?

EXID's Junghwa shows off her sexy figure for Prinkles

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 08:23 PM PDT

EXID's Junghwa is getting much attention with her sexy figure during the photoshoot for Prinkles.

She poses sexily for the Vitamin C drink in the BTS video, check out her slim figure below:

MBLAQ G.O. sings OST 'Tomorrow Might Not Come' for 'Doctor Stranger'

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 08:21 PM PDT

MBLAQ member G.O. lends his emotional and soulful vocals for the SBS drama 'Doctor Stranger'.

The song is called 'Tomorrow Might Not Come' and plays as the background music during the romantic love stories of the main cast.

Listen to this ballad below:

B.A.P release MV for 'Where Are You? What Are You Doing?'

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 08:10 PM PDT

B.A.P is trying out a new image in their  4th Single <Unplugged 2014> and it's very transparent in the MV of their song 'Where Are You? What Are You Doing?'

The boys are being carefree and romantic along the streets of London while being playful. The song is very refreshing and fun to listen to. Enjoy both the song and MV below:

Do you like this concept?

AOA to comeback with a new Brave Brothers song 'Bob Cut' on 19th

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 07:40 PM PDT

FNC Entertainment confirms AOA's comeback announcing a new song by Brave Brothers as the group's comeback single.

AOA is coming back with 'Bob Cut' on June 19. It is going to be the second song by Brave Brother after their successful single 'Miniskirt'.  

Are the girls going for a bob cut look this time?

Orange Caramel Single Album Vol. 3 - Catallena

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 07:35 PM PDT

Orange Caramel once again attracted much attention with their unique concert and adorable dance steps.

The girls transformed into 'sushi' in the MV of title track Catallena, the girls promoted their title track with unique outfits on music shows too, this album is definitely a great collection for Orange Caramel's fans.

Check out the photos of the album below:

Crayon Pop's dongsaeng group Bob Girls to release debut single on June 10

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 07:17 PM PDT

A new group photo is also released today showing the quartet in cute white and red outfit with Mickey Mouse ear headbands. The girls are displaying cute and lively expressions.

Their debut single album includes two songs; 'No Way' and 'Why'. The title track 'No Way' is an addictive dance track with acoustic guitar and electric piano sounds. The song is a work of 17Holic with Eun Jong Tae.

Bob Girls' debut single album 'No Way' will be released on June 10.

Hyolyn shows off her sexy waves at the MATE Tea CF event

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 06:11 PM PDT

SISTAR's Hyolyn shows off her sexy waves at the CF event of MATE Tea, check out her sexy dance below:

EXO release new CF for Nature Republic

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 05:53 PM PDT

EXO reveal new CF for cosmetic brand Nature republic.

Check out the CF below as the members show off their crystal clear skin in the CF below:

After School's Raina and San E to release a new duet in June

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 05:18 PM PDT

Raina and San E will work together for a new duet.

On June 2nd, Pledis Entertainment announced,"Raina and San E are going to release a love song together this month".

According to an official source, because of the two's personal acquaintance with each other so they decided to work with each other for this duet. They are also going to promote the song on various music programs.

San E previously released new OST "What's Wrong With Me?" for SBS's "You're Surrounded". Raina is also actively promoting "Catallena" with Orange Caramel.