Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Say Yes come back with 2nd mini album and MV for 'Get Out'" plus 22 more

"Say Yes come back with 2nd mini album and MV for 'Get Out'" plus 22 more

Say Yes come back with 2nd mini album and MV for 'Get Out'

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 08:00 AM PDT

5-member boy group Say Yes make their comeback with the release of their 2nd mini album 'Say Yes' and MV for 'Get Out'.

The innocent boys that we've known when they debut become bad and troublesome guys in their change of image-comeback for new single 'Get Out'.

In the music video filmed in the Philippines, the boys have gotten themselves tattoos and were seen clubbing, gambling, and even fighting over girls thus making the MV rated-19.

Check out their new MV below:

D-LITE releases jacket photos for new Japanese album 'D'slove'

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 07:15 AM PDT

Daesung or D-Lite is going to release a new Japanese album "D'slove" on July 16 and excites fans with the jacket photos and tracklist of it.

The album includes a total of 10 songs including 'Rainy Rainy', and two songs which co-member G-Dragon penned "Look at me, Gwisun" and "Shut Up".

It is also evident that D-Lite participated in the production of his upcoming album by composing most of the tracks giving fans mroe personalized album this time. "D'slove" will be released in 5 versions; A 【CD+DVD+GOODS】-DELUXE EDITION-, B 【CD+DVD】, C 【CD Only】, D 【PLAYBUTTON】, and E 【MUSIC CARD】.

Taeyeon receives full body guard protection upon departure at Gimpo Airport

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 07:08 AM PDT

SNSD members arrive this afternoon at Gimpo International Airport to depart for Japan.

However, media feast on Taeyeon being specially protected by more bodyguards compared to the other members assuming that the dating issue hasn't come down.

Taeyeon is seen wearing white longsleeves and leather black pants. She is noticeably bowing and covering her face on her way to the departure area.

Meanwhile, SNSD are going to hold their 'JAPAN 3rd TOUR 2014' on June 29.

Pink BnN reveal its members + release date

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 06:45 AM PDT

APink's subunit Pink BnN finally make clear that 'BnN' stands for 'Bomi n Namjoo' making it the duo subunit.

A photo of Bomi and Namjoo is released through APink's Facebook account along with the notice date of their single release which will be on June 27.

An audio teaser was released yesterday allowing fans to get a preview of their sweet voices. Are you looking forward to this duo?

SM to sponsor '2014 Incheon Asian Para Games' and reveals new company logo

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 06:24 AM PDT

SM Entertainment will be sponsoring the upcoming '2014 Incheon Asian Para Games' and reveals their new company logo.

On June 25, SM announced that the company and its stars are going to participate in promoting the Asian Para Games, which happens every four years for athletes with disabilities that will participate in the event.

Asian Para Games commenced in China in 2010 and it has been decided that the 2nd 'Asian Para Games' be held in Incheon, South Korea this year. The logo of SM has been placed as the major sponsor of the event but a day after, a new logo has been placed.

Aside from the usual initials of 'SM', the big company announced that they are going to use the new pink logo 'SMTOWN' starting from the '2014 Incheon Asian Para Games'.

Do you like the new logo?

FIESTAR members open twitter accounts!

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 05:41 AM PDT

With their nearing comeback, the girls of Fiestar start interacting and reaching more to their global fans by opening their own Twitter accounts.

You can now tweet your favorite Fiestar member by following their twitter accounts @FIESTAR__Jei , @FIESTAR__Linzy , @FIESTAR__Caolu , @FIESTAR__Hyemi , and  @FIESTAR__Yezi.

Meanwhile, FIESTAR is going to release their digital single 'One More' on July 2.

100% Jonghwan serenades with his cover of IU's remake song 'Meaning Of You'

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 05:30 AM PDT

Upon the announcement of 100% upcoming summer album 'Sunkiss' which will be released on July 7, fans couldn't wait for more.

In response, a video of member Jong Hwan doing his cover of IU's remake song 'Meaning of You' originally sung by Sanulrim is uploaded as a part of 'Real 100% Season 2'.

Strumming his guitar, Jong Hwan serenades fans with his sweet and emotional vocals. Watch below:

2PM Chansung and Miss A Fei pair up for a sexy pictorial

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 04:53 AM PDT

2PM Chansung and Miss A Fei are sizzling sexy couple for the July issue of Singles magazine.

The two idols show their chemistry as a hot couple in the neutral-themed pictorial. In the photos, Chansung is seen topless with Fei wearing a white large longsleeves giving off a seductive look.

In the other photo, both are looking intense in black outfits. Do you like their chemistry?

Chanyeol to be the narrator for this week's 'Roommate'

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 03:41 AM PDT

Chanyeol will be the 9th member to narrate "Roommate".

According to SBS, Chanyeol started his recording today on June 26th. An official said,"Chanyeol's low-pitched voice which has charmed many women' hearts will be unveiled through the broadcast of "Roommate" on June 29th at 4:15pm kst".

Chanyeol has showcased his entertainment sense as well as his artistic skill through every ep of "Roommate" so far. Even though he has a 24 years of age gap with his roommate Shin Sung Woo but his extraordinary sociability has attracted much attention. Many people are anticipating to listen to his own version of narration on the upcoming episode of "Roommate".

Girl's Day sold out the tickets for first solo concert 'Summer Party' in 1 minute

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 02:49 AM PDT

Girl's Day proves their status as one of the trending girl group by having their upcoming concert' tickets sold out in just a short time.

On June 26th, according to DreamT Entertainment, the ticketing for Girl's Day's first solo concert "Summer Party" was opened at 4pm kst through Interpark on June 26th and after just 1 minute, all the tickets have been sold out.

"Summer Party" will be Girl's Day's first solo concert to commemorate their 4th anniversary this July. It will take place on July 13th at UNIQLO AX Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. The girls will perform all of their previous hits such as "Twinkle Twinkle", "Oh My God", "Don't Forget me", "Something", "Expectation", "Female President"... In particular, some of the songs from their new mini album this summer will also be unveiled at this concert.

All the proceeds from the concert will be donated to Plan Korea to support children who are in difficulties.

Hyomin releases 15+ and 19+ rating teaser videos for 'Nice Body'

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 01:47 AM PDT

Hyomin has unveiled 2 new colorful teaser videos for her upcoming debut track "Nice Body".

In the 15+ rating video, we get to see a snippet of the MV's storyline as Hyomin will make a drastic transformation to get a "nice body". For the 19+ rating teaser, it seems like a behind-the-scene video with the addition of some scenes in which she will dance to the choreography of the song.

In addition, Hyomin's debut mini album will be released on July 2nd. Meanwhile, check out the 2 teaser videos below.

Which member does Soyou think will marry first in SISTAR?

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 12:30 AM PDT

On June 24, on the latest episode of 1 vs 100 aired on KBS channel, Sistar member Soyou made an appearance and answered some questions from the host.

She was asked in her opinion, which Sistar member would marry first. She replied, "Among the SISTAR members, I think the youngest, Dasom, will be the first to marry. I think she'll go first without concerning much. Bora also said she wanted to get married quickly, so she is next. Hyorin and I have more career ambitions, but in the end, I think I'll be the last one."

When being asked about her ideal type, she chose actor Gong Yoo and Lee Jae Hoon and revealed, "It doesn't matter how much older he is as long as we can communicate and don't feel the age gap. However, he must be younger than my mom.", making the studio full of laughter.


Happy birthday to WASSUP's Sujin

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 11:30 PM PDT

Birth Name: Bang Su Jin
Stage Name: Sujin
Birthday: June 26, 1996
Label: Mafia Record
Position: Vocalist
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: @bbang_su

Happy birthday to 15&'s Baek Yerin

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: Yerin
Birth Name: Baek Ye Rin
Birthday: June 26, 1997
Label: JYP entertainment
Group: 15&
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @yerinb
Twitter: @yerinbaek

-She trained under JYP for 4 years

4minute HyunA to have solo comeback in July

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 09:00 PM PDT

4-minute member HyunA is confirmed to have her solo comeback this July by releasing a summer album.

The latest solo release from HyunA was her 2nd mini album 'Melting' with the hit single 'Ice Cream' released on October, 2012. After almost 2 years, Cube says that this time fans can anticipate HyunA's candid charms.

Are you excited for HyunA's return?

K.Will returns with 'One Fine day' album and MV for 'Day 1' ft Soyu & Park Minwoo

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 08:40 PM PDT

The balladeer K.Will finally returns with his 5th mini album 'One Fine Day' along with the full MV for his title track 'Day 1' featuring the appearances of SISTAR Soyu and 'Roommate' Park Min Woo.

The track has a soft and warm melody which tells about a student (Park Min Woo) who seeks advice how to get the girl (Soyu) he likes. K.Will makes appearances as a radio DJ who is Minwoo's love adviser on the MV.

The light yet fun story and K.Will's beautiful voice with flawless high notes make the song awesome to listen to. Watch below:

2BIC release MV for 'Walk Backward'

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 08:22 PM PDT

2BIC releases the title song 'Walk Backward' from their 2nd mini repackaged album following 'Love Game'.

The track is a traditional mellow with RnB style which is a work of hitmaker Cho Young Su and Wheesung. It plots the heartbreaking story of a man who can't move on from a break up of the girl he loves.

Watch below:

HALO debut with album '38 Degrees' + MV for 'Fever'

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 08:13 PM PDT

Rookie boy group Halo finally debut with the release of their debut single album '38 Degrees' along with the MV for their song 'Fever'.

The summer is going to be hotter with their debut. Watch below:

Hyomin releases R-15 MV teaser for 'Nice Body'

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 07:24 PM PDT

Hyomin's R-15 version MV teaserfor 'Nice Body' is upoaded today through dispatch's Youtube channel.

The short clip shows fat Hyomin eating snacks while holding a barbie doll then a sexy Hyomin enjoying her nice body wearing sexy outfits.

Aside from this, Hyomin is going to release an R-19 MV teaser which is going to be sexier.

Jung Joon Young releases MV for 'Teenager'

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 07:01 PM PDT

Jung Joon Young releases the MV for his comeback single 'Teenager' ahead of the release of his 2nd mini album.

The music video is very entertaining as well as Joon Young's deep voice which matches the whole atmosphere. Joon Young is seen getting bored and tired of his office work and there's a transition of him playing in front of a crowd enjoying the stage.

His 2nd mini album 'Teenager' will be release at 12noon today. Meanwhile watch the MV below:

Girls' Generation's Yoona shows off her feminine charm in the BTS photos for Innisfree

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 06:46 PM PDT

Girls' Generation's Yoona reveals the BTS photos for cosmetic brand Innisfree.

Check out the BTS photos below as she charms with her beauty during the photoshoot.

GOT7 reveal the making of 'A' MV filmed in Malaysia

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 05:55 PM PDT

GOT7 filmed their latest MV 'A' in Malaysia, check out the making of the MV below:

SHINee's Key to appear in jTBC's 'Crime Scene'

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 05:08 PM PDT

Key will be the next idol to guest in jTBC's "Crime Scene".

According to jTBC, Key participated in the recording of the show today on June 25th. He said,"I usually enjoys detective stories. This is my first time joining in a mysterious game so I'm feeling very nervous. I've had much entertainment experiences but since "Crime Scene" will be a different approach so I'm worrying about it a lot. I would like to become the first guest that successfully catch the "criminal"".

Previously Super Junior-M's Henry,CNBLUE's Minhyuk, Infinite's Sunggyu also appeared as guests on the show.

This episode featuring Key will be broadcast on July 5th at 11pm kst.