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"Shin Hye Sung says Shinhwa members once had a naked dance battle" plus 22 more

"Shin Hye Sung says Shinhwa members once had a naked dance battle" plus 22 more

Shin Hye Sung says Shinhwa members once had a naked dance battle

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 08:15 AM PDT

Shin Hye Sung recently guested on jTBC's 19+ talk show "Witch Hunt" and shared some of the untold story of Shinhwa in the past.

During the show on May 30th, Sung Si Kyung asked,"I heard that when you used to stay in the dorm together you didn't wear any clothes and you guys know about each other's bodies very well".

To this Shin Hye Sung replied,"We once had a dance battle and all the members were naked","It's not just a normal dance battle but we also did break dance. There was a person who even wore a helmet then he did the head spin", which made everyone burst in laughter over his story.

Yoo Se Yoon commented,"Then wasn't it like a helicopter?" while raising his arm and made it look like the helocopter rotor and made everyone laugh with his gag joke.

Tablo says he would feel grateful if Haru dates someone like G-Dragon in the future

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 06:47 AM PDT

Tablo wants Haru to date someone like G-Dragon in the future.

During the broadcast of MBC's "Tablo's Dreaming Radio" on May 31st, he mentioned his daughter Haru and said,"My daughter really likes G-Dragon".

He continued,"When Haru has a boyfriend, no matter who it is I would be very heartbroken", showing his concern as a father towards his daughter.

Tablo then added,"Even though I would be sad but I think the man she dates should be like G-Dragon, then I would be very thankful for that"

Nichkhun and Tiffanty spot going on a trip together

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 05:46 AM PDT

It seems that Nichkhun and Tiffany are having some quality time with each other.

On June 1st, an online community forum uploaded a photo with a title "Nichkhun and Tiffany secret trip to Malibu" and it has become a hot topic.

In the photo, the two were spotted sitting outside at a restaurant in a resort. Nichkhun was wearing a fedora and a sunglasses while Tiffany was sitting beside him and looking at the menu.

Nichkhun and Tiffany confirmed their relationship and has gone public with it since early April.

Nana says she can date someone who is 15 years older than her

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 04:45 AM PDT

Age is not a matter to Nana.

In the broadcast of SBS' "Roommate" on June 1st, Hong Soo Hyun confessed that she once dated a male celebrity in the past but they only lasted for 3 years.

Hong Soo Hyun then asked Nana if she prefers dating younger boys, to this she answered,"To me age doesn't matter", Hong Soo Hyun then said,"15 years older? even 20 years", Nana said it's ok and added,"I'm fine with 4 years younger, as long as he's an adult"

'Big Man' cast sits down on 'Entertainment Relay'

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 04:00 AM PDT

On the May 31st episode of 'Entertainment Relay,' the main cast of 'Big Man,' which includes Choi Daniel, Kang Ji Hwan, and Lee Da Hee, sit down for an interview revealing their thoughts about their drinking and kissing scenes.

Kang Ji Hwan revealed that the recent interview of Lee Da Hee has incorrect details. He clarified, "I watched the interview myself and she said that she drank three cups of soju. But I gave her one bottle. But she's still steady." He also shared that he felt jealous when he saw Lee Da Hee kissing Choi Daniel.

Lee Da Hee was asked on what was the scent of Kang Ji Hwan's mouth. She commented, "Ice cool." However, when she was asked to choose who kisses better, Lee Da Hee was dumbfounded.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: KBSEntertain

Amanda Seyfried wants to go back in South Korea

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 03:30 AM PDT

On the May 31st episode of 'Entertainment Relay,' American actress Amanda Seyfried was interviewed for the promotions of her new movie, 'A Million Ways to Die in the West.'

During her interview, Amanda revealed her top beauty secret and her memories of South Korea. 

Amanda advised to put red lipstick on to look beautiful. She reiterated that even without mascara is okay. She also shared that she loves drinking Korean branded corn tea, and that she has a jewelry box that was given to her when she arrived in South Korea.

Before the video ends, Amanda tried to say 'I'll be back soon' in Korean. 

Check her out below:

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SOURCE: KBSEntertain

f(x) members are complete!

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 03:00 AM PDT

f(x)'s Victoria uploaded photos on her Weibo account featuring the complete members of f(x)

Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal posed wackily on the four photos. It was reported that f(x) are preparing for their new album which  will be released sometime around this summer.

Are you excited to see them altogether again?

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SOURCE: f(x)'s Victoria Weibo

Super Junior's Yesung tells the love story of SUJU & E.L.F

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 02:30 AM PDT

Super Junior's Yesung uploaded the photo above on his Instagram account.

The photo tells silently the love story between Super Junior and their fans E.L.F. Two hands are having a pinky promise with a text saying "I said I'd never let you go...and I never did."

That post drew lots of reactions and comments from their avid international E.L.Fs making the vow stronger.

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No BTS footage of EXO's concert for 'Roommate' viewers

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 02:00 AM PDT

It was announced that 'Roommate' won't be able to release any BTS photos and videos of EXO's recently held concert.

EXO held their solo concert in Seoul from May 23rd to 25th, and some of the fellow 'Roommate' of EXO's Chayeol were able to witness that momentous event for the well-loved KPop idol group. Unfortunately, EXO's fans and 'Roommate' viewers can't have the chance to see the photos and videos. 

'Roommate' PD reasoned out. "Those who attended EXO's concert went there for private reason and not for broadcast. Their moments were recorded, but won't be revealed for public view."

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Haru shows cute photos on her IG

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 01:30 AM PDT


Haru, Tablo's daughter, has her own Instagram which captured more than 80,000 followers already.

On her IG, Haru showed her cuteness and youthfulness which are radiating electronically. The pictures above showed the innocence  and candidness of this cute girl. 

Haru's happiness is felt on her beach photo, her hunger is seen on the second photo, and the last two showed Epik High's Mithra Jin carrying Haru.

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'Roommate' Song Gayeon becomes the #1 on search engine

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 01:00 AM PDT

'Roommate' Song Gayeon uploaded on her Facebook the photo above revealing her toned abs.

That photo got the attention of the netizens and didn't contain themselves not to talk about it which made 'Song Gayeon' reached the top of the search engine.

She wrote an optimistic caption for the photo, "Nice! Don't let anybody else be down. I'll just rise up higher. At the Road FC Suh Doowon Gym."

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SOURCE: Sports World

Berry Good Profile

Posted: 01 Jun 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Group name: Berry Good (베리굿)
Label: Asia Bridge Content
Debut date: May 22, 2014
Debut song: Love letter


Real name: Yoo Taeha (유태하)
DOB: October 5, 1995
Position : Leader
Height: 164cm
Weight: 43kg 
Blood Type: A 
Hobbies: watching movies, reading 
Skills: dancing, singing 

Stage Name : Jelly
Real name: Kim Nayeon (김나연)
DOB: May 15, 1996
Height: 161cm
Weight: 42kg 
Blood type: B 
Hobbies: Watching movies, lyrics 
Skills: dancing, singing, rap 

Real name: Jung Ira (정이라)
Position : Rapper 
DOB: April 10, 1995
Height: 163cm
Weight: 44kg 
Blood Type: O 
Hobbies: watching movies, mountaineering
Specialty: vocal, simulated smoke

Real name: Kim Subin (김수빈)
Position : Rapper
DOB: September 4, 1994
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg 
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Watching movies, lyrics 
Specialties: dance, yoga, cooking, nail art 

Stage Name : Gowoon (고운) 
Real name: Moon Yoo Jung (문유정) 
Position: maknae
DOB: December, 28 1998
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg 
Blood Type: O 
Hobbies: writing lyrics and music 
Specialties: English, Songs

Their debut track:

Jiyeon to become new MC of MTV The show

Posted: 31 May 2014 11:30 PM PDT

T-ara's Jiyeon will replace KARA's Seungyeon and Gyuri as the new MC of SBS music program, MTV the show: All about kpop.

'The Show' is the famous music program showing all about kpop news, songs, interviews and performances, which help fans know more about their idols. Jiyeon shared her thought, "I take charge of MC of music program again after Music Core. I am still nervous but I will try my best".

Jiyeon has just returned as a solo singer with 'One Minute and One Second', her first appearance as the MC of 'The Show' will be on June 3rd.


Happy birthday to Double A's Woosang

Posted: 31 May 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Birth Name: Woo Sang Soo
Stage Name: Woosang
Birthday: June 1, 1990
Label: Wellmade Star M
Group: AA (Double A)
Position: Vocalist, Leader
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Blood Type: AB
Twitter: @AAWooSang

CL visits Dara on radio show 'Volume Up'

Posted: 31 May 2014 09:00 PM PDT

2NE1's Dara uploaded three photos of her while she's in the set of Yoo In Na's radio show 'Volume Up.'

Yoo In Na is busy filming her Chinese film 'Wedding Bible,' thus Dara started her role as a special DJ on KBS Cool FM's 'Volume Up' on May 26th and will end on June 1st. 

CL showed her support for Dara as she visited her on the set. Catch the photos here.

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2PM's Chansung and Liu Yan 1st date preview

Posted: 31 May 2014 08:30 PM PDT

2PM's Chansung and Chinese actress Liu Yan are getting to know each other on China's reality dating program 'If You Love.' 

'If You Love' includes Miss A's Fei and Chinese actors Sun Jian, Zhang Li and Taiwanese model Sunny Wang.

Watch the preview below:

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'Triangle' Episode 9 preview

Posted: 31 May 2014 08:00 PM PDT

MBC's 'Triangle' is top-billed by Lee Bum Soo, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong, and ZE:A's Im Siwan.

The story revolves on the three brothers played by Lee Bum Soo as the eldest named Jang Dong-soo, Jaejoong as Jang Dong-chul is the middle brother, and the youngest is Siwan's character named as Jang Dong-woo. The three were unfortunately separated when they were young after their parents were killed in an accident. After twenty years, they met again without knowing their connection with each other.

Jang Dong-soo (Lee Bum-soo) became a detective just like his father, and is searching for his two younger siblings. Jang Dong-chul (Kim Jaejoong) became a leader of a gang and uses Heo Young-dal as his other name. Jang Dong-woo (Im Siwan) has no memory of his biological family, but was adopted by a wealthy chaebol family, so he uses the name Yoon Yang-ha.

'Triangle' airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST.
Watch its Episode 9 preview:

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Han Soo Ji lends voice for 'Angel Eyes' songs

Posted: 31 May 2014 07:30 PM PDT

Due to insistent public demand, the music team of SBS' weekend drama 'Angel Eyes' released its OST songs.

The opening title track entitled 'Angel Eyes' and another song 'Beautiful Sad,' were not planned to be out initially. However, the viewers of the drama were requesting for its release. 

CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) artist Han Soo Ji lent her voice for these two songs:

Listen below:

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BTS photos of CL for Glacéau Vitamin Water

Posted: 31 May 2014 07:00 PM PDT

YG posted the BTS photos of CL on her CF shooting for Glacéau Vitamin Water.

The photos captured stolen shots of CL which showed her seriousness is her craft, yet didn't forget to show her natural bubbly self.

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ZE:A’s Kwanghee & Siwan spent time with Bom, Minzy & Lee Hi

Posted: 31 May 2014 06:30 PM PDT

ZE:A's Kwanghee uploaded a photo on his Instagram that received lots of reaction from netizens.

On the photo, Kwanghee was with his fellow member Siwan, 2NE1's member Bom and Minzy, and Lee Hi. All posed cutely with the famous Korean peace sign. It's noticeable that they were enjoying their food together.

It's not new anymore that ZE:A's Kwanghee and Siwan are friends with the 2NE1 ladies, but it was new to see Lee Hi bonding with them.

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SOURCE: Newsen

Song Seungheon wants to do the same rated R scene from 'Obsessed' with an internationally well-known model

Posted: 31 May 2014 06:00 PM PDT

Song Seungheon had a rated R scene on his recently released movie entitled 'Obsessed.' But despite its rating and some South Korean's conservative point of view, it still reached a million views eleven days after its release.

On the talk showcase for the movie, Song Seungheon was asked who he would want to do the same rated R scene with. He answered straight-forwardly, Miranda Kerr.

'Obsessed' was released on May 14th. It is an erotic thriller film written and directed by Kim Dae-woo. The movie is about two committed persons having an illegal passionate affair in a military camp in 1969. Song Seung Heon plays the lead role as Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong. Other cast members include Im Ji-yeon as Jong Ga-heun, Jo Yeo-jeong as Lee Sook-jin, Jin-pyeong's wife, On Joo-wan as Kyung Woo-jin, Ga-heun's husband, Yoo Hae-jin as Im, music listening room owner, Jeon Hye-jin, Jung Won-joong, Uhm Tae-gu, Kim Hye-na and Bae Seong-woo.

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Roy Kim and Suzy to be narrators for XTM's 'Connection 2014'

Posted: 31 May 2014 05:55 PM PDT

Roy Kim and Suzy will lend their sweet voices for a new dating project which is co-produced by OnStyle and XTM called "Connection 2014".

"Connection 2014" will have a different concept from all the dating shows that you have watched before as they will let the two parties meet and keep in touch with each other through photos and letter without directly meeting each other. Both Roy Kim and Suzy will act as storytellers and show their reactions as well as their own perspectives from the same situations.

This show will run for 4 episodes and will start on June 13th.

Check out the first teaser below.

'K-Pop Star Season 4' to start its preliminary round on June 1st + first broadcast is in November

Posted: 31 May 2014 05:25 PM PDT

SBS' "K-Pop Star" will comeback with Season 4 this November.

On May 31st, SBS announced that they will open the first preliminary round on June 1st and it requires all the contestants to call in through a particular number.

The show has successfully finished the previous 3 seasons and it also discovered many talents such as Lee Hi, Park Ji Min, Akdong Musician, Bernard Park, Kwon Jin Ah... so many people are very excited upon the news that the show will make its comeback later this year.

A rep from the production team said,"We're also having much concern for this season","We have always tried to add a new theme and new stories into each season so for this season we will try to show something new"

"K-Pop Star Season 4" will hold its preliminary rounds in United States, Europe, Oceania and Asia in July. In Korea it will start on August 16th in Guangzhu, August 23rd in Busan, August 30th and 31st in Seoul, Daegu on September 13th and September 20th will be in Seoul again.

Submitting application through phone will be from June 1st to September 19th. The show will start its first broadcast in mid-November.