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"Jessica and Tomomi Itano share cute photos together" plus 20 more

"Jessica and Tomomi Itano share cute photos together" plus 20 more

Jessica and Tomomi Itano share cute photos together

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 07:19 AM PDT

Jessica and Tomomi Itano proved their close friendship through recent photos.

On July 11th, Jessica updated her Weibo,"Thank u for coming Tomomi. See u soon" and uploaded a new photo with Japanese singer Tomomi Itano who was once a member of idol group AKB48.

The photo showed Jessica and Tomomi staying close together and flashed their bright smiles towards the camera. Also Tomomi was seen holding Girls' Generation's lightstick as she went to watch their concert in Tokyo on the 11th.

Tomomi Itano also uploaded some photos on her Twitter and wrote,"My girl Jessica", showing their close friendship with each other.

Heechul and Guo Xue Fu share their final selca together

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 05:47 AM PDT

Heechul shared a final photo with his virtual wife Xue Fu.

On July 12th, he posted on his Instagram,"Thank you Xue Fu~ a kind and cute girl. Next time I should go to Taiwan" and uploaded a photo he took with Xue Fu which showed them staring at the camera with lovely expressions.

In addition, Heechul and Guo Xue Fu will bid their goodbye with each other on 'We Got Married Global Edition' on today's episode on July 12th.

JJCC uploads MV shooting of upcoming song 'Bing Bing Bing'

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 05:07 AM PDT

JJCC uploaded a video of the filming of the music video of their upcoming song 'Bing Bing Bing.'

The video showed a sneak peek of their choreography, but they didn't use the song. JJCC will be coming back with a song by Duble Sidekick

Watch below:

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Comedian Jung Hyung Don and rapper Defconn to pre-release a song 'Park You'

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 04:33 AM PDT

Comedian Jung Hyung Don and rapper Defconn revealed a teaser for a their upcoming song entitled 'ParkYou.'

It's a pre-release song from their mini album that is set to release in August. 'Park You' will be released on July 14th.

Watch below:

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Bangtan Boys to have a reality show 'BTS’s American Hustle Life'

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 03:46 AM PDT

American hip hop legend Warren G uploaded the photo above on his Instagram.

The photo showed him with the KPop male group Bangtan Boys (BTS). The photo was captioned with "Me and my South Korea homies #BTS"

Another hip hop legend Coolio uploaded a photo with Bangtan Boys saying,"Last week chillin with the @BTS_twt homies. Shout out all the Korean fans! #BangtanBoys #kpop"

Recently, it was announced that BTS will be having a reality show that will be produced by CJ E&M. It will be entitled 'BTS's American Hustle Life.'

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Kim Hyun Joong uploads making film of 'Beauty Beauty'

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 03:23 AM PDT

Recently, Kim Hyun Joong dropped the music video for his comeback track 'Beauty Beauty' from his new mini album 'Timing'.

Now, a very short making film video was uploaded.

The song is a bit groovy and funky showing Kim Hyun Joong chasing a girl. His mini album is consists of five tracks including a pre-release one 'His Habit'.

Watch below:

Making Film

Music Video

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AOA reaches 700th day

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 02:10 AM PDT

Recently, AOA celebrated their 700th day since they debuted.

On their official Twitter account, the photo above was uploaded with caption saying, "Hello, it's Yuna everybody!!! What day would it be today??? Hehe it's #AOA's 700th day since our debut >.< To all our fans who've been here throughout the 700 days, I love you and keep being with us forever~~<3"

AOA debuted in July 2012 with 'Angel's Story.'

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SOURCE: @Official_AOA

G.NA's fans plan in celebration of her 4th year anniversary

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 01:33 AM PDT

G.NA's fans are preparing for the celebration of her 4th anniversary since she debuted in 2010.

The photo above instructed all the supporters of G.NA to be awake and trend this #4everwithGNA on July 15th at 00:00 KST.

G.NA or Gina Jane Choi in real life is a Canadian singer and songwriter based in South Korea. She is currently under Cube Entertainment. She released her debut mini-album, 'Draw G's First Breath,' on July 14, 2010.

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SOURCE: @Mikio_Kazuki

African-American singer Darnaa makes a tribute song for Sewol tragedy victims (teaser & making film)

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 01:00 AM PDT

African-American singer Darnaa released a teaser and making film of her tribute song for the Sewol tragedy victims.

Darnaa arrived in Seoul on May 22nd. Since that time, she is collaborating with South Korea's top K-Pop artists, and performed at different events. As she arrived in Seoul just more than a month after the tragedy, she saw and felt the effect of it.

Darnaa made a song entitled 'Yellow Ribbon' featuring Z.HERA to honor the victims. She is the first African-American singer to release a song in SoKor.

Watch below:


Making Film

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Dickpunks Profile

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Band name: Dickpunks (딕펑스)
Genre: Rock
Form: 2006
Debut: February 1, 2010
Label: TNC Company
Debut song: Viva Youth

- They ranked 2nd place on MNET "Superstar K Season 4" (2012)


Name: Kim Taehyung (김태현)
Position: Vocal
Birthday: March 11, 1987
Nationality: Korean

Name: Kim Hyunwoo (김현우)
Position: Keyboard
Birthday Nov 6, 1987
Nationality: Korean

Name: Kim Jaehyung (김재흥)
Position: Bass
Birthday Sept 24, 1987
Nationality: Korean

Name: Park Garam (박가람)
Position: Drums
Birthday: Jan 25, 1988
Nationality: Korean

Their latest track (ft. 4minute Jiyoon):

Top 10 KPop Female Solo Singers

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 12:16 AM PDT

Our loyal Facebook fans answered to our latest question on our official fanpage regarding their favorite female solo singers, we have collected their opinions and here comes our fans' choices:

1. Ailee
Popular songs: I Will Show You, Singing Got Better, U and I

2. BoA
Popular Songs: No.1, The Shadow, Hurricane Venus

3.Son Dambi
Popular Songs: Saturday Night, Crazy, Queen, Dripping Tears

4. GNa
Popular Songs: Black and White, Oops, Pretty Lingerie, Top Girl

5. Hyuna
Popular Songs: Bubble Pop, Change, Ice Cream

6. Lee Hyori
Popular Songs: Bad Girls, U Go Girl, Mr. Big, 10 Minutes, Miss Korea

7. IU
Popular Songs: Good Day, You and I, Red Shoes, Marshmallow 

8. Juniel
Popular Songs: Stupid, Bad Man, Pretty Boy

9. Lee Hi
Popular Songs: 1234, Rose, It's Over

10. NS Yoonji
Popular Songs: Just Dance, Yasisi, If You Love Me, Miss You Again

Who else do you think deserve to be in the list?

*Photos arrange randomly regardless of popularity of the artists

Happy birthday to Roh Jihoon

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 11:30 PM PDT

Name: Roh Ji Hoon (노지훈)
Other name: Noh Jihoon
Date Of Birth: July 12, 1990
Birth place: Incheon, Korea
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Blood type: AB
Occupation: singer, dancer
Hobbies: Singing & composing
Company: Cube Entertainment 
Debut year: Nov 7, 2012

- He is a former contestant of MBC's 'Birth of a Great Star'
- He made an appearance in the music video for "Love Virus", sung by BtoB's Eunkwang and Yoo Sungeun

Happy birthday to Crayon Pop's ChoA and Way

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 11:00 PM PDT

(ChoA and Way are identical twins)

Stage name: Choa
Birth name: Heo Min Jin
Birthday: July 12, 1990 
Height: 163cm
Position: Main Vocalist
Blood type: A
Zodiac sign: Cancer

- She is the older of the twins
- She has said that she has a small mole on her right cheek which helps distinguish her from Way.

Stage name: Way
Birth name: Heo Min Seon
Birthday: July 12, 1990
Height: 163cm
Position: vocal, Main Rapper
Blood type: A
Zodiac sign: Cancer

- She was the last member to join Crayon Pop. 

Lee Hyori cuts her hair

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 09:00 PM PDT

Lee Hyori uploaded the photo above on her personal Twitter.

The photo showed that she cut her hair and wrote, "I cut my hair~ It feels much cooler." Hyori's hair used to be long, but now it suits the hot weather of summer, but still with good style with its wavy curls.

Meanwhile, Hyori returned through a new SBS variety program 'Magic Eye' which airs every Tuesday at 11:15 PM (KST).

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2PM's Junho's interview on 'Oricon Style'

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 08:30 PM PDT

2PM's Junho revealed his more mature side as an artist on Oricon Style interview.

Junho has released his second mini album 'FEEL.' In this album, Junho participated in the preparation from the start to its end. 

Read his interview and revelations here

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'Real Men' cast tries speaking Filipino

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 08:00 PM PDT

MBC's 'Real Men' cast including ZE:A's Hyungsik, Super Junior M's Henry, actor Kim Soo Ro, singer K.Will, Chung Jung-myung, Park Hyung-sik, Seo Kyung-suk, Park Gun-hyung, and Australian Sam Hammington went in Tacloban on May 5th, and stayed for six days.

They joined Korea's Araw Unit (Sun Unit) in helping the victims of ST Haiyan. Particularly, they visited Mohon Elementary School in Tanauan, Leyte to rebuild their classrooms.

Before going in the Philippines, they tried to speak Tagalog using the lines of Tagalized Korean drama. The video says, "Now here are the Korean superstars who are really taking Filipino lessons seriously. They are the lead cast on 'Real Man' of MBC, one of the most famous reality shows in South Korea and most watched online by the Filipino. They needed to speak in Tagalog because they went in Tacloban for six days as military volunteers. Henry Lau of Super Junior-M was really affected of what he saw in Tacloban. Despite of the situation of the victims of Yolanda (ST Haiyan), fans were still able to dance for them. They tried to speak Tagalog using the lines from the Tagalized Korean dramas."

The Korea's Araw Unit ('araw' literally means sun, and figuratively means hope) is part of the country's humanitarian assistance efforts. To mention a few from their help, the unit has rehabilitated ten elementary schools, five public facilities and one hospital in Tacloban, Leyte; rendered medical services; and granted scholarships.

The Philippines is the country where they did their first-ever overseas shoot. However, they left a mark that will be forever treasured by the Filipinos.
Watch below:

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JYJ's Yoochun to show other side of him on 'Happy Camp'

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 07:30 PM PDT

JYJ's Yoochun filmed an episode for China's long-running variety show 'Happy Camp.'

In this episode, Yoochun will show his witty and funny side. Yoochun didn't show any hesitation to do all the challenges presented to him. Watch another preview here.

This episode with Yoochun will be aired on July 12th at 21:00 - 23:00 KST.

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FT Island's Lee Hongki's schedule for musical 'Vampire'

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 07:00 PM PDT

Upcoming musical entitled 'Vampire' is set to premiere in August.

FT Island's Lee Hongki will play as Count Dracula. He is scheduled to perform on August 10, 11, 12, 19 and 20.  

Catch 'Vampire' at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Japan from August 10th to August 27th.

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Rookie girl duo LODIA debuts with self-composed song 'I Got a Feeling'

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 06:30 PM PDT

New female duo LODIA debuted with their own composition, 'I Got a Feeling.'

It was written, composed and arranged by Elena and Effy, the two equally gorgeous and sexy ladies of LODIA. Aside from the showcase of their talent, TASTIX (a famous electronic musician in France) added some spice with a remix. David Hachour (director of mastering for electronic DJ artist David Guetta) participated also by handling the mastering. 

To be updated with LODIA's latest songs and activities, like their official Facebook fanpage here.

Listen to 'I Got a Feeling:'

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Ailee and 2LSON's English lyrics for 'I'm In Love'

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 06:00 PM PDT

Recently, Ailee and 2LSON released the music video of their own rendition of the 2011 song 'I'm in Love.'

For their international fans to be able to understand and appreciate more the song, it is translated for their benefit.

Here's the English lyrics:

I'm falling in love
Do you know?
I think of you every day
I want to be with you

From some point on
You became my everything
I can't live a day without you

I know that nothing lasts forever
But I want to believe that this won't change

If you like me, if you love me
Let me know, tell me please baby
I'll only think of you

Oh I'll tell you (love you)
My life has changed
Do you feel the same way?

Bye-Bye sadness, Hello my love
Stay by my side
It's so amazing to be in love

It had already started
Love is not a coincidence
Love is fate

If you like me, if you love me
Let me know, tell me please baby
I'll only think of you

Oh I'll tell you (love you)
My life has changed
Do you feel the same way?

Bye-Bye sadness, Hello my love
Stay by my side
It's so amazing to be in love

Oh baby, even if hardships come
I'll always be by your side, believe
Swear you my love, love

Oh tell me (oh ye)
Love is the same
I will love inside of you

Bye-Bye sadness, Hello my love
I will always be there
It's so amazing to be in love
Watch the MV below:

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AOA's Mina to star as lead role in SBS 'Modern Farmer'

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 05:23 PM PDT

AOA's Mina has a high chance to become the protagonist in SBS' upcoming drama "Modern Farmer".

According to official broadcasters from SBS on July 11th, Mina has been casted for the lead female role in "Modern Farmer" and will join FT Island's Hongki, N.Flying's Kim Jae Hyun, Lee Shin Un and Park Min Woo in the cast.

In response to the news, FnC Entertainment said it's true that Mina participated in the audition for the role but as of now she's still waiting for the final result so nothing has been confirmed yet.

Mina already proved her acting through many projects such as KBS' "Pubety Medley" and "Wonderful Days" as well as tvN's "Flower Grandpa Investigative Team".

"Modern Farmer" will broadcast its first episode on October 18th at 8:45pm kst.